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  1. I was. Referred to a dietitian but she noticed before I had my biopsy I wasn't on gluten long enough so has given me the option of going back on gluten and having another biopsy or a gene test so opted for genes test so now waiting
  2. What happens if your not in the us with genetic testing
  3. How do you get the HLADQ2/DQ8 genetic test done ?
  4. Can someone tell me how they do the HLA DQ2/DQ8 genetic test
  5. Doctor referred me to a dietitian they now want me to go on a gluten diet and have another biopsy or have a genetic blood test I said I can't go on a gluten diet it makes me feel so sick so I opted for blood test .do you have it done at...
  6. Yes but I haven't been diagnosed the doctor has put on my records gluten intolerant
  7. I brought it all wrapped up from Sainsbury's it was free range
  8. Does anybody have trouble with chicken I did was up all night feeling sick
  9. Does anybody know how long to see a dietitian on the nhs
  10. Feeling a lot better this week more energy thankyou for all help .must of eaten something with wheat in as had a bad night Thursday . doctor has referred me to a dietitian does any body know how long you have to wait to see dietitian on...
  11. Feeling a lot better this week more energy thankyou for all help
  12. Can't wait to get gluten free things today can't put up with another night like last night
  13. Thankyou for all your help
  14. What then get another blood test will I have to be on gluten for that or just get tested