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  1. Though I've been having Multi Grain Cheerios 3-5 times a week since celiac diagnosis in July with no issues, this info is enough to make me steer clear for now.
  2. TrainInVain

    Ore ida

    I've had the Golden Fries, Fast Food Style Fries, Crinkle Cut and Hash Browns from Ore Ida with no issues. I also lightly toast Schar Chibatta buns for hamburgers or cheeseburgers. They are kinda small but they seem to hold together...
  3. I got diagnosed with Celiac 2.5 months ago. I dreaded having the colonoscopy and the prep for it is horrible, but you will feel much better and have peace of mind after you get it out of the way. The GI I saw put me to sleep and I don't...
  4. I think it depends on what issue you are using for, what other conditions you may have, and what medications you are taking. I was told by a doctor that any NSAID like Advil may cause stomache issues.
  5. Is seeing a different Primary Care or GI an option with your insurance?
  6. TrainInVain

    Newbie Gluten Intolerance help..

    I think he means what the range is for each result. It would say something like 0-3 is normal 4-9 weak positive >10 positive or along those lines. Labs all have their own ranges.
  7. TrainInVain

    Ortega diced green chili’s

    I don't think they are gluten free. I shop at Winco and they put a little pink gluten free tag next to price tags, and I don't recall any Ortega products being gluten free. They aren't 100% accurate but when I googled Ortega's chili's Smart...
  8. I've read you should have separate nonstick pots and pans, and separate plastic and wooden utensils. #5 https://www.verywellfit.com/make-your-kitchen-gluten-free-563069
  9. I had anesthesia and had both the endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. The option for anesthesia may not be available depending on your doctor and where you have it done though. I only remember the doctor asking me to lift up my head...
  10. I'm 48 and was diagnosed with Celiac a month ago, after biopsy and blood test. I dreaded the colonoscopy and the preparation is as bad as they say, but you will likely be glad you did once its over. They removed a precancerous polyp during...
  11. Looking at their website, it doesn't look like they are gluten free. When you sort by gluten free all the Meijer brand frozen foods disappear. They have some Tyson certified gluten free and True Goodness is gluten free but not certified...
  12. Looks like number 7 got cut off, says, "more than 3,000 years in," and then ends with no punctuation. Typo on #6, "he" should be "the" GI tract.
  13. TrainInVain

    Amy’s Frozen Meals

    Thanks, I found some Evol dinners at Walmart and tried the Chicken Enchiladas. Thumbs up.
  14. TrainInVain

    Amy’s Frozen Meals

    Hi, I'm new and would appreciate hearing what other brands are good.
  15. I'm also newly diagnosed and have had some major back pains for years. I had to be persistent with Doctors about getting necessary x-rays and then MRI that showed the problems. Only one of the issues I think might be Celiac related. I have...