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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Anyone In Utah?

    hey, i've tried the chocolate one, i bought it at reams across teh street from the place...
  3. Anyone In Utah?

    Everyone try out Pudding on the Rice in Provo! Sooooo good! Also try out the Old Spaghetti...
  4. Anyone In Utah?

    hey guys, i haven't been on here in a long time, with moving and everything. i'm living...
  5. Anyone In Utah?

    hey guys, Yep it's been a while sinse I've said anything in here, just poked my head...
  6. Could it be a hiatal hernia? I have one of those, and it sounds like what I have. It...
  7. Anyone In Utah?

    I got this email as well. I wish I could go. I'm in classes until ten though. Hope you...
  8. Anyone In Utah?

    The SLC GIG meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm at the hospital on 1200 E and...
  9. Anyone In Utah?

    I'm right by the jail, if you remember wheret that is. I don't want to put my address...
  10. Anyone In Utah?

    Am I the only one who went to the SLC GIG meeting tonight? It was fun, they made waffle...
  11. I have pretty serious asthma. Before I went gluten free earlier this year I kept getting...
  12. Anyone In Utah?

    I actually live in WVC, and attend a University of Utah single's ward in SLC. I would...
  13. Anyone In Utah?

    good to know i can still go on a mission!! wonderful news! i missed the baking bread...
  14. Anyone In Utah?

    the only reason i asked about your mission is because i'm planning on going on one in a...
  15. Anyone In Utah?

    medicine! and you? planning on getting my degree in medical lab science (blood test...
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