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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hello, I just started a new vitamin that I need to take. My doctor says that it is gluten free. I called the manufacturer, and they too, said it was gluten-free. However, the last ingredient is "Wheat (germ)" What do you think? Thank you all in advance for your help! Christian STANDARD PROCESS is the name of the company.
  3. I was just wondering if any of you have done it? I've never had the biopsy done. Back in January I was sent for a blood test where the IGG came back very high. I was told to go for the biopsy, but being personally sensitive to the anesthesia, it would be a problem and I decided not to go for it. I went gluten-free immediately after the blood test, and after a month, the DH I had my whole life (20 years!) went away along with the other nasty celiac disease symptoms and after 2 months I started to feel like a new person. However, I would like to go for the Enterolab tests to see if I have any other digestive problems. Has anyone else done it? Christian
  4. Thank you so much! I have so many questions and stuff but like, I don't know where to start or what I should say about myself? These boards seem really cool, and I'm so happy to have found others to talk to. Chrisitan
  5. Hello! My name is Christian, a male from New York City. As I was reading here I realized I'm not really a teenager (I'm 20), but I guess close enough. I've been gluten-free since January and a vegetarian since 2000. Just wanted to say hi to you all...I'll be posting and reading a lot Say hi! Christian
  6. Gliadin IGA Antibody: 7 (0-20 units range) Gliadin IGG Antibody: 100 (0-20 units range) *flag, high* Antitransglutaminase (tTG): 10 (0-20 units range) what does this mean?