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  1. I don't think Gluten affects the smell in the intestines that much. I think the combinations of food you eat are more likely affect the smell. Are you eating fruits on an empty stomach. Are you combining meat with bread? Also, I think you should consider having some blood/stool/glucose tests to see if you have a virus/bacteria in your intestines. Bacteria LIKE Helicobacter and Giardia can create unpleasant symptoms. I had such viruses once and I had the worst symptoms ever (including pain and smell). I wish no one this thing.
  2. Constipation and Bloating are symptoms and not causes. I think bloating appears after constipation. As for gluten.. i don`t think constipation and gluten are related. The intestines usually assimilate the foods we eat and eliminates the waste. If you think food is the problem, it may be useful to have some medical examination (urine, stool and blood tests). In this way, you can see if you have some bacteria / viruses in your intestines that causes constipation. This can be a major cause for bot constipation and bloating. Fermenting foods often cause constipation and long episodes of bloating. For example, fruits and carbonated water. Especially when you eat fruits after a meal.
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