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  1. I appreciate all your replies, your stories and thorough information offered. Thank you. The priorities for me: - Wait for the abdominal discomfort (and anxiety that is tied in with it) to settle. I've had some good bowel movements yesterday and today. Hubby suggested that I might have...
  2. Thank you for your helpful replies. I've lost a lot of weight over the past three months. Note, I've been eating mostly whole foods. But my calorie intake surely dropped. My weight was fine and still is within healthy limits (bmi 20.7), but I don't want to lose more as this is the lowest weight...
  3. I did decide to contact my GP this morning. He referred me to a dietician.
  4. Thank you for your careful reply. I am seeing a therapist. So far I have avoided medication, but I'm wondering if I shouldn't give it a try after all... My GP encouraged me to try the diet change when I suggested it. I don't think no appetite is normal either. I lost some weight...
  5. Hi all, I'll post this here as I don't want to pollute the celiac forums. You see I went gluten free and dairy free to find relief from anxiety. I am not very careful about cross contamination with bread crumbs and the like, although I do use clean knives and such to cook. Since...
  6. Hello all, First off, this forum and site is really informative, thank you for sharing. The stories here have helped me decide to go gluten free for at least 8 weeks to see if my symptoms could be due to gluten. I also cut out sugar a few days back at advice of my doctor, because sugar can...