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  1. I too am a "silent celiac" at least I thought. I did have pretty significant villi damage on biopsy and found out I have osteoporosis so while my GI issues were not apparent sounds like my body was really reacting inside. I got diagnosed this summer and like you "think" I am doing ok and find myself...
  2. I was diagnosed via biopsy and blood test that I have Celiacs, apparently silent as I did not notice any symptoms. Well I have gone cold turkey off all gluten have been eating very healthy, but I have gained 7 pounds since I have started (about 6 weeks)! Has anyone else noticed this? I was not...
  3. Thanks for the great comments, I am chronically anemic so I guess that was a sign but it never bothered me, Dr. informed me. I guess I am lucky I don't have worse symptoms-as I said, I have not even been in to see the Doctor yet will talk on Thursday but have immediately stopped Gluten......never...
  4. Good Morning, I just got diagnosed with Celiac's have not even met with my Dr. he just sent me an email and said he would call on Thursday. I have no symptoms whatsoever I was tested because I had a colonoscopy in which they did a biopsy because of "villous blunting and intraepithelial lymphocytes...