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  1. Hi Aprilh, I saw your post about cilantro, and how you noted the first attempt was not good, but the second was, due to a blocked pathway?

    I am trying to use cilantro as a detox with chlorella for heavy metals, but, to date, I have eaten 4 bouquets of raw cilantro in about 8 or 9 days, and I have a headache with congestion in the head focci and ringing in my ears, which leaves me f...

  2. Hi everyone! Good info on the enzymes Rachel. I just wanted to add, that even if you are Celiac and have to adhere to a Strict gluten free diet, you may still benefit from enzymes in general. Some people have been so sick for so long that going gluten free does not always mean an immediate...
  3. Seems like I clearly remember Unclezack stating several times the length of his illness that started at age 5 but was undiagnosed for many many years until after that. That he and his wife enjoyed eating out on Friday nights up until his diagnosis and then he became so sensitive to cross contamination...
  4. It is the board's responsibility to protect us from sneaky advertising, but personally, I would like to be responsible for researching and making my own choices by hearing accounts of others - good and bad - on a particular product or idea. I don't want to be "protected" because others might be...
  5. It is my understanding that villous atrophy and leaky gut can be caused by other situations other than celiac disease. I re-read the entire page on Enzymedica just to see if I am missing something....I think that by starting off in the very first paragraph . I personally don't see what...
  6. Wow! I am bumfuzzled at this thread! I just read it from beginning to end and am in complete disbelief! I just wanted to say that I agree 100% with Rachel. I also think that anyone out there still experiencing major reactions to gluten due to cc could still have underlying issues...
  7. Nope - none of my dr's ever recommended probiotics for me (except my naturopath of course). They only recommended antibiotics which started the decline of my health. Thank you for these links Rachel. I will forward on to my friend whose child is dealing with some of these issues. I...
  8. You may find that some of his other allergies clear once you deal with the gluten/wheat (not sure of the difference at this point) I too have the same problem with my son. I am suspecting he has celiac, but since he is in daycare, it is very hard to control the diet. I already have him on a dairy...