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  1. Hi Aprilh, I saw your post about cilantro, and how you noted the first attempt was not good, but the second was, due to a blocked pathway?

    I am trying to use cilantro as a detox with chlorella for heavy metals, but, to date, I have eaten 4 bouquets of raw cilantro in about 8 or 9 days, and I have a headache with congestion in the head focci and ringing in my ears, which leaves me f...

  2. Instead of the candida diet, maybe try the SCD? It's focus is on healing the gut. I did the candida diet many times and I wished I had known about the SCD then.
  3. I love this! I have high cholestorel too and dr's have given me A LOT of grief about my decision to NOT take statins. I believe there is more to cholestorel than the number. Like underlying inflammation for example. I am getting ready to take a new test called Berkeley Heartlabs. It digs down into the deeper issues of cholestorel heart related stuff to see if you are "at risk". Only 2 docs in my area are ordering this type lab but I believe they will become more common as time goes on.
  4. Hi all....what's going on with not posting?? I rely on people's experiences and have learned so much from them I am sure there are judgemental people on this forum...I have seen it go on. But who cares about them!! I know of a good forum that we could all go to
  5. In high school I actually took a zero on a report to avoid getting up in front of the class....that's how bad it was. I have gotten better since I have been older. I still am not the chatty cathy type...but once I get to know someone I am very open. I do think that my son's issues are food related. And maybe the parasite problems too. The gut imbalance causes the neurotransmitters to be off. I guess that could be one piece of the puzzle. His new pediatrician is a DAN doctor. And when he went in for his last well check...he was so open and talkative with the doctor! It was so unusual. He had never met him in his life which usually leads to the eat poop looks and growls...so now the doctor thinks he's fine. I know he's not autistic but I do want some more testing done and he uses Great Plains Lab and a lot of it can be covered by my insurance.
  6. Kassandra, Thats so great how well you are doing! The emotional stuff must have been having a HUGE impact on your health. Keep up the good work! April
  7. Ok this is totally me! I was VERY shy as a child. And now my little boy can be very shy at times. He's even growled at strangers when they try to talk to him. After going gluten free he actually showed HUGE improvements. On SCD he has come out of his shell even more. When I tested him on "regular" food recently he backtracked a bit. Now his behavior leans towards behavior ADD type reactions. You should have seen his most recent school picture. He is giving the photographer a total eat *poop* look! Its totally because he didn't know him at all. If someone talks to him in the store, he gives them eat *poop* looks too. Its kinda funny but sad too. One time he was climbing on stairs or something at the museum and the lady that worked there told him to get down. He growled so loud, turned red and shook his fist at her....I was so embarrassed! I do think Mercury has an impact on this trait. I'm not shy like when I was a kid but I don't really strike up conversations with people I don't know. And I CANNOT get in front of a crowd and speak!
  8. Rachel, I'm like this too! Not as bad as before...i guess my body is clearing stress hormones more efficiently nowadays. I used to not even be able to get the least amount of stress without having some type reaction. That includes shy moments!! Everyone, I think I stressed my adrenals after moving. The next day I was sore all over and I noticed that when I would bend over and stand back up I would get very dizzy like I could pass out. I am pretty sure this is a sign of adrenal fatique. I don't understand why my adrenals are still messed up. It only really shows up like that if I work out hard or do a lot of strenuous activity.
  9. Hey everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! I have been super busy and seemingly able to keep up. We are moving the office where I work so that has been a lot of work. So far...I haven't crashed! Jin, Sorry to hear about the tough times. I hope you figure out a way to move out on your own soon. Donna, Glad you are feeling a bit better these days. What in the world is floppy intestines? Rachel, What is the link to the yahoo group you are on? I am very interested in learning more about this methylation stuff although it is very complicated. Gotta start somewhere though, right! I think I still have some kind of methylation or detoxification issue. I went to the mountains with some friends and wasn't careful with my wine comsumption. What seems to happen is I can tolerate it at first but then it starts building up in my system and ended up making me very sick the next day. More sick than most people get. It almost feels like detoxification of the alcohol shuts down after a certain point and then it builds up. Or maybe I was thinking it is the sulfites? It's not that I want to go out and drink , but more so figure out this issue for I am sure it affects me in other ways, too. I wouldn't mind having a drink or two on occasion without repercussions! I have the Yasko genetic book on my wish list on Amazon. I am hoping someone will give me a gift card for Chrismas because there are a ton of books i want to read. Sherry, I have gotten side tracked from SCD since this whole move thing. I find that my digestion is getting worse again and I plan on starting over with it when the move is over. My son does very well on it. He tested positive for Blastocystosis Hominis parasite and I thought that *maybe* after some treatment he might be able to tolerate more foods. Well, not so much - at least not yet. The teacher told my daughter the other day that he had a very bad day at school. This was the day after I allowed him to have a little bit of regular bread. It causes him to go totally ADD and he couldn't concentrate at school all day that day. He didn't do any work and had to go to the "thinking chair" a lot. Poor guy! So, he is back strict again. For me, my bloatedness is coming back. I am still doing he yogurt though and taking the kirkman's acidophilus. Carla, Are you still feeling good after your treatments? Have you heard from Kassandra? Maybe she would benefit from your machine..... Paula, I remember you saying your broke out in a rash, but I didn't know you tested for DH. Sorry and not sorry about the diagnosis. Sorry you are a confirmed celiac but glad that you have found some answers and maybe will be able to move forward with healing. Apparently redbridge is not so free from gluten? Are you feeling a bit better emotionally this week? I sent you a pm a few days ago. Not sure if you got it. Tomorrow is the final day of the "big move". Hopefully, things will get back to normal! April
  10. Paula, I was taking about 2000IU but when I took the kids to the dr for their checkups he said to give them 2000IU so I think I could bump my dose up a bit. I used to have the same cortisol problems. The high cortisol at night made me have sleep issues. I took something to suppress the cortisol at night and adrenal support in the morning to help normalize. It worked great. I would definately recommend starting one thing at the time just in case you react - you will know what or which one you react to.
  11. Paula, That test sounds good. What is the name of it? Is your ND wanting you to take it? Paula, Sounds like SCD might be good for you with all you have going on. I'm glad you are getting some testing, though.. Hopefully you will be finding some answers. Happy Belated Birthday Sherry! Hope you are doing okay. Post when you can and let us know whats up.
  12. I just opened that site. That is a great price! I have been looking for coconut cream but could not find anything pure. I am going to order some!
  13. There are some recipes on how to make candies from honey. They sounded very yummy! I think it depends on the person and how upset your system is. Some may be able to get right back in the boat. Others may have to go back to intro... I think you have to play it by ear and see how you feel.
  14. Glad you are doing okay Donna and that the tumor was benign. That's good news!!
  15. Christine, I had a racing heart kind of thing when I had leaky gut and a major candida overgrowth. Of course, like Sherry said, there could be so many other causes. I hope you figure it out! April
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