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  1. Ms. A

    Week 7 of gluten-free

    Just like tracking the growth of a baby, I am now upping my tracking unit from days to weeks. I have learned a lot in this short time! The best thing we've done as a family is do gluten-free dinners. The cross-contamination in a family of five can drive me nutty, so it's best for me to stick to gluten...
  2. Ms. A

    Day 9 of gluten-free

    The restaurant did not have a gluten-free menu. I am quickly realizing that having to educate others on what gluten is and what cross-contamination is are both not worth eating out. However, I have found the "Find Me gluten-free" app that has worked great on the few occasions when I was in a situation...
  3. Ms. A

    Day 9 of gluten-free

    I'm progressing nicely, but still hitting bumps along the way. Last night I went to a Japanese steakhouse and thought I made great choices until it dawned on me this morning that imitation crabmeat has wheat in it as a binder. I also tried a bite of seaweed salad and enjoyed every flavor until I...
  4. Ms. A

    Day 7 of gluten-free

    Here I am a week into this lifestyle change and hoping I am on the right track. In general my digestive system feels better, but I seem to be constantly finding gluten hidden in things I wouldn't think of. Yesterday's discovery happened while reading the ingredients to an Italian dressing packet...
  5. Ms. A

    Day 2 of gluten-free

    A couple of weeks ago I received confirmation of what I had suspected for quite some time... I have celiac disease. Feeling that wheat doesn't digest well is different then knowing that it doesn't digest well. The formal confirmation is still sinking in... At first I was resistant and continued...