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  1. https://www.beyondceliac.org/gluten-free-diet/is-it-gluten-free/liquor/ "Risk of cross contamination" 😓 ...
  2. RoseMG

    Getting a DX

    I had a similar experience. Had one endoscopy on a normal diet which showed increased lymphocytes and no blunting...
  3. Hello everyone, Recently diagnosed and wondering if liquors made from wheat (vodka, gin, etc.) bother you all. I...
  4. Hi everyone, Wondering what your symptoms are when you eat gluten. It's my understanding your intestines heal over...
  5. Hey everyone! This topic has come up before on the forum, but I wanted to start a new discussion in hopes that it...
  6. RoseMG

    Frozen Vegetables

    Thank you!! Wonder if frozen fruit poses the same risks... ugh.
  7. Thank you! I do always read labels, but with no symptoms it's hard to tell if the food I eat is cross contaminated. I...
  8. Ok, thanks! Do you use canned beans by any chance?
  9. Hello everyone, Do any of you have problems with frozen veggies? Even if they are single ingredient, I am worried...
  10. Hey everyone! I am slowing getting the hang of this new diet. Wondering what brands of canned beans or canned vegetables...