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  1. Thanks so much for your response! Interestingly, I only had elevated DGP IgA too! Nothing else, even on a gluten challenge. I am sooo extremely careful with my eating habits, eating only naturally gluten free foods like vegetables, potatoes, etc. and certified gluten free products. I never eat out because I'm too afraid. I won't even take medicine for fear it's hidden in there! So it was a bit disappointing to still have the increased lymphocytes. Hopefully my body just needs more time to heal. Anyone else with a follow up biopsy?
  2. Hey everyone, Did a gluten challenge and had a biopsy done which showed Marsh 3B/C despite only faintly positive bloodwork. Have since been gluten free for one year. I had a follow up biopsy at the one year mark - no more villi damage, but still increased lymphocytes (inflammation). Lots of reports online seem to indicate Celiac's rarely have complete healing. Have any of you ever had normal biopsies on gluten-free diets? Thanks!
  3. https://www.beyondceliac.org/gluten-free-diet/is-it-gluten-free/liquor/ "Risk of cross contamination" 😓
  4. I had a similar experience. Had one endoscopy on a normal diet which showed increased lymphocytes and no blunting, but tested negative for the TTG and not IgA deficient. However, my deaminated gliadin (see image) was slightly elevated at 27. Doctors don't usually do this blood test, focusing more on TTG. Might want to ask for this. The doctor was dissatisfied and sent me to a Celiac center. They had me do a gluten challenge (since previously I never was much of a bread eater) which was two slices of bread a day at minimum. The endoscopy was then repeated and showed severe dama
  5. Hello everyone, Recently diagnosed and wondering if liquors made from wheat (vodka, gin, etc.) bother you all. I don't have symptoms so no idea whether they are safe or not. I have been avoiding alcohol since my diagnosis. I also have a jar of vodka sauce labelled "gluten free" that I am hesitant to eat since the vodka was most likely wheat-based. Thank you!
  6. Hi everyone, Wondering what your symptoms are when you eat gluten. It's my understanding your intestines heal over time on a gluten-free diet, so do you still have GI symptoms months into a gluten-free diet when you accidentally ingest it or do you experience something else? Especially wondering about those Celiacs who never really had any symptoms to start with, i.e. "Silent Celiacs" like me. It's so tough not knowing if I'm accidentally eating it - I'd almost prefer to have a symptom or two.
  7. Hey everyone! This topic has come up before on the forum, but I wanted to start a new discussion in hopes that it might be more up-to-date. What brand of spices do you all use? I am referring to single ingredient spices, i.e. cumin, garlic powder, cinnamon, etc. I have silent Celiacs so unfortunately I cannot tell if the McCormick's spices I am using are glutening me. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you!! Wonder if frozen fruit poses the same risks... ugh.
  9. Thank you! I do always read labels, but with no symptoms it's hard to tell if the food I eat is cross contaminated. I've heard beans run the risk of that more than other foods. I did email Bush's and they were helpful!
  10. Hello everyone, Do any of you have problems with frozen veggies? Even if they are single ingredient, I am worried about cross contamination. Birds Eye, for example, told me they do not have dedicated lines for their vegetables vs their vegetable/pasta dishes so gluten contamination is a risk. I am asymptomatic so your help is appreciated.
  11. Hey everyone! I am slowing getting the hang of this new diet. Wondering what brands of canned beans or canned vegetables you all use (if any)? Gluten is not listed as an ingredient on the label generally, but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about cross contamination. I have no symptoms when I ingest gluten (what the doc called silent Celiac) so unfortunately I can't rely on my body telling me if canned goods like these are safe. Thank you!
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