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  1. I've been getting gluten intolerance/celiac symptoms and I was so certain it was from gluten and whenever I cut out gluten I feel better . I had my blood tested (I was eating gluten at the time) and i just got a call that it come back clear ,today is a bad day all around as I had been incredibly careful what I ate but have had dirrahea today .I cant seem to go more than 3 days in a row having normal stools then I'm back to where I started. I know this sounds stupid but I was hoping with everything it came back positive as I'm absolutely terrified that its something more serious like cancer. I'm 35 and am pretty healthy (or so I thought ) I'm not bloated all the time my stomach is flat in the morning but it for sure seems food that is causing the issue .I don't really eat dairy . It may be worth knowing that both my grandma and mother suffer with occasional "poop problems" such as dirrehea , Could we all have the same illness that hasn't been diagnosed? Can people suffer from loose bowels with no real cause ? My poop sometimes floats I've read that can be due to an intolerance but I just don't know what 😕 I'm not really sure why I'm posting here giving the fact my test come back negative but I'm absolutely beside myself over what else it could be . Any advice ,suggestions or guidance will be very much appreciated
  2. Hi there, I went to the doctors yesterday and my doctor told me it's highly possible I could be celiac and is putting me in for tests . Sorry if this is TMI but I've noticed I sometimes have floating poop (typically after a bout of dirrehea ) which also normally has some undigested food in it. I've read this can be a symptom of celiac and can mean your body isn't absorbing nutrients properly. Is this something that goes away once stop eating gluten and /or is there anything else I can do to help my body absorb the nutrients I need .
  3. Hi there, I have a doctors appointment tommorow so I'm not looking for any diagnosis of course but just opinions Can symptoms worsen over time? For years now I've had bouts of being incredibly gassy occasionally or getting trapped wind ,occasional direhea and my stomach looked slightly bloated , I never really put too much thought in to it . A few years ago I realized I was getting bloated after eating bread etc again didn't put too much thought in to it . But recently I've been having looser stools and needing to go more frequently (I've gone from a one BM a day to around 3 ,and its always generally in the mornings). I was being incredibly careful with what I was eating for around a week and BMS went back to normal I looked less gloated,then yesterday evening I was over a friends house and without really thinking about it I ate some bread .once I got home I had a loose stool ,looked 6 months pregnant and then this morning I'm not as bloated but still slightly and had thin stools. My question is could my symptoms worsened over time? As in the past it seems to be incredibly mild and have since worsened? Of course I haven't been diagnosed and it may not even be celiac but in my opinion its something food related and the only thing I can really pin point it to is gluten. I also get brain fog sometimes or swollen feet these are two things I've never really considered being a symptom of anything until I read they can be celiac symptoms