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  1. Hi there! I hope this helps you. I have Celiac disease and DH for 15 years now. I am 65. I was on a very strict "gluten free" diet for years and kept having setbacks. (That's what I call them). I had daily migraine headaches, terrible rash, muscular pain, joint pain, loss of balance...
  2. Hi there...I have DH and Celiac disease...for over 15 years now. As we know, Celiac disease is an autoimmune disease. I was on a very strict gluten free diet but kept getting setbacks, (rash, muscular pain, joint pain, migraines, loss of balance). Keep in mind now, gluten is one type of...
  3. Oh I totally agree with you! Biopsies sometimes come back negative...I have researched...and I decided not to have a biopsy because I will get so sick if I eat gluten and that's what they require before the biopsy. I agree with you not wanting to subject your daughter to that. I would keep...
  4. Hi there...Not sure...I have had to go through the same process trying to figure out how I got zapped with gluten...and it's no fun. Here's a question...are you being careful with other products that have gluten, such as shampoo, hair color, body wash, toothpaste, make up, and things like that...
  5. Hi there, I have had DH for years now...was very careful with my food...made sure it was gluten-free. Here's the thing...I kept having outbreaks of the rash & blisters...then realized my body wash had gluten! My hair color and shampoo also had gluten...everything has to be checked when...