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Found 5 results

  1. I am a 23-year-old male that has a life long rare anaphylactic allergy to dairy but other than that am in shape and based on doctors analysis "healthy." This all started a year and a half ago or so, throughout the experience people had told me I could be celiac but I never really considered it. So a couple years back I developed this issue that caused inconsistent intestinal pain, inconsistent bowel movements (mostly diarrhea) and most uncommon a sore what I now believe to be "lymph node" in my groin. At first, I thought it was just intestinal issues, I was going through my third year of college and had just gone through a couple years of crazy partying and thought it was maybe coming back to bite me in the behind. I had a period for the next six months where it lasted but was inconsistent, the lymph node would feel better after bowel movements and things were okay. I was starting my first job and kind of put it aside for a bit. About 8 months ago now, the pain in my lymph node turned to swelling in my groin and left testi (the side with the affected lymph node). It then starts when I got erections that it would cause a pain in my testi, almost like a pulling feeling and would eventually lead to myself having to stop any activity in that area do to pain. It was inconsistent, but it was definitely there ever 1-3 days and flared up very bad at times. the bowel movement issues and uncomfortable stomach feeling continued to get more chronic (I had other weird signs too, uncalled for fatigue, severe rashes, breathing issues). After months of tests for hernias, infections or other issues through blood, urine stool nothing was coming back. I finally went to see a very decorated allergist who is a legitimate doctor allergist, with degrees. She says I could be a celiac again, so before going for tests I stop eating gluten completely. Two days later my testi and groin swelling disappears, now 12 days later it is still gone, hasn't come back and this is not in my head everything feels SO loose, not even one sign or incident. My energy feels great, however, I did suffer from a rash and the stomach and inconsistent bowel movement issues are still somewhat there (although getting VERY better every day). I had a colonoscopy done a few days ago and I have nothing serious (crohns, colitis etc) but for the bio results to come back, it takes weeks (the bio tests can show signs pointing to celiac). I am now paranoid it's some weird form of IBS or something, but the swelling in my groin, testi and lymph node pain, rashes and fatigue doesn't make sense for IBS and there is NO DOUBT that many of them have essentially disappeared since stopping gluten. I am just wondering if anyone knows if it is common for it to take some time for the stomach/bowel symptoms to clear up and if what I have sounds like a potential form of celiac? My body has always been very strange with food allergies (hence my dairy allergy), oh and I have completely stopped drinking for essentially over 6 months so that isn't an issue (sorry about the length).
  2. I know this is an old thread but I thought I would add my recent experiences. I am diagnosed coeliac (sorry UK spelling!) I am a 42 year old endurance athlete. I would consider myself very fit and I have a very low resting heart rate. I am 5ft10" and 10.7 stone. I have never smoked, I drink alcohol very rarely, I have never taken any drugs other than those given by my doctor. In April 2017 I had to attend my local accident and emergency department with a very painful swollen leg (no apparent reason) I was seen by a doctor who then took my blood thinking it could be a DVT but considering my stats he thought it VERY unlikely. My D-Dimer results came back high at 1280. I was placed on blood thinning drugs and two weeks later all was fine. November 2017 similar scenario, D-Dimer blood result of 490 but this time no blood thinning drugs as my new doctor thinks it's just a phlebitis. The clot started just under my knee then mysteriously overnight the pain went away two days later my ankle swelled up (HUGE) for about a week then moved to my ankle near the ball joint and now a week later it is heading back up my calf and is staying there for a while. I have a huge lump in my leg and it's slowly making its way north and making my whole leg feel funny especially my upper thigh (similar sensation to muscle fatigue but really sore and annoying) but I am now getting occasional groin pain Dr insists it's Phlebitis?! I'm finding more and more links of healthy Coeliacs getting DVT/clots and I am wondering if anyone else has any updates.
  3. Wow there's so much on this page I can relate to! Thanks! For as long as I can remember I've had IBS and unknowingly till recently (I'm 24) maybe prostatitis or interstitial cystitis, as I have no real diagnosis yet. For my whole life I have suffered intolerable pains and diarrhea randomly (mostly in the mornings) I would be in class or on a buss or out and it would strike me, this nasty sour pain in my lower gut making me run to the nearest bathroom if I had the opportunity. In my teen years when I learned about masturbation, I found that sometimes if I ejaculated and then went to the bathroom #2 and, then #1, I would have a very intense flare up giving me a painful burning from my anus through to my urethra. I would need to lay down or sit in a stiff position for a little while before it would go away, usually 10 minutes, and then I was okay until the next flare up. Sometimes a few times a year I'd say. As I got older it only really bothered me when I had diarrhea and then would pee after, and only then would I get another intense flare up. Only a few times have I had the flare up happen when I ejaculate then pee, and usually only in the morning (99% of the time). This last year I have been having the increasingly difficult problem of having really bad gas every morning waking me up, very uncomfortable, and then I would have to go to the bathroom which would normally be diarrhea yet I would still be constipated and gassy. I started taking Metamucil to try to regulate my self, which was probably the worst mistake of my life. after a month of taking this felt like my entire body was in intense discomfort. My torso felt like it was replaced by just pain. A quick side note, I also was always adjusting my crotch when I was sitting down (almost always) cause it never felt like it was in a comfortable position, it always hurt after sitting for a bit, especially with tight briefs on. I honestly just thought this was because I have large testicles and sitting was restricting them but this may also have been an early sign of prostatitis. I stopped taking it and got a lot better, but never really recovered. I kept having to spend hours a day on the toilet constipated, having gassy diarrhea, I was always bloated, never feeling completely empty after my movements and just generally feeling uncomfortable in my bowels almost all the time, unless I didn't eat. Ha! I win! Okay but seriously, at first I noticed after I ate that I would get these random shooting subtle pains like I was peeing a bit but like I was peeing just air (painful air) for a split second then it was gone. There wasn't actually anything there, no discharge, I was confused. I also started to develop what felt like a really bad bladder infection. I almost went to a clinic one night cause it was so bad , I was up to pee every 20 mins, but ended up not doing so cause I was sure it was linked to my bowel problems. My bowels and bladder eventually got so bad and uncomfortable I went to see a doctor who ordered me a colonoscopy. They found nothing and suggested I might be celiac which I'm currently waiting results for. Since that suggestion (a few days now) I've been gluten free. Now, the first day off of gluten I felt PHENOMENAL! I didn't have to pee all day, I think I peed twice or 3 times all day without even thinking about it, I had a few bowel movements that weren't uncomfortable, I felt like a new person. However, the next day even after being very sure not to consume gluten I was still felling my old symptoms back, more specifically bladder problems and a new pelvic pain yesterday as well as my penis /penis head feeling cold (perhaps poor circulation from enlarged prostate?). Today the peeing is better but I still have uncomfortable and odd shooting pains randomly through my urethra (usually just when I'm walking around) and my anus or rather the spot between my testicles and anus feels sore, and I'm experiencing some minor groin discomfort. It seems I am improving a very little bit every day and I hope it keeps up, I'll start taking my prostatitis meds too and see if that helps, it must right? The side effects don't sound fun though. Hope this helps someone, thanks for your time.
  4. Hi all, I will endeavour to make a long story short... Platelets 66 (Marked Thrombocytopenia) (Reference range 150-400) Slightly low white cells History of test results that show mild liver damage (and my father has this also) As a child: Easy bruising, leg pains, underweight, ulcers in mouth, recurrent tonsilits, cold sores Teenager/Young adult: Severe difficulties with menstruation (pain, heavy bleeding), recurrent cystitis (often), thrush (often), panic attacks, reflux, diarrhoea, periods of difficulty swallowing (mid-late twenties), marked sensitivity to cold, sore neck at base of skull (still persists), excessive hair shedding, moodiness/depression 30s/till now (44yo): depression persists, memory problems, cognition problems, especially finding words, difficulty concentrating on anything, constipation, recurrent miscarriage, sore glands in neck, urinary frequency, sore jaw, facial pain, itchy rash on scalp (doctor said excema), itchy (insanely) groin but with no rash has not responded to anti-fungals, nor topical steroids (the latter brings relief, but it comes back), tested negative for syphilis, occasional small fluid filled blisters on hands, especially after dust exposure (very itchy), also recently got a blister near my elbow, general itchiness all over, diagnosed with Pleurisy/Costochondritis/Tietze Syndrome at different times; from what I can figure these are pretty much the same, after epidural I had marked numbness/difficulty standing or walking, asthma, diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse, then second doctor said I did not have this, fatigue in upper arms and upper legs in particular, off balance/stumbing, shortness of breath, numbness/tingling in hands and feet, burning sensation in feet, recurrent miscarriage, very frequent infections, unusually long time to wake from surgery, and crashing blood pressure after every surgery, very Low BP in general, Extreme Lethargy, Sinusitis, Bowel Issues, Bloating, Headaches, Bruising, Aches/Pains, Dental problems, I have adverse reaction to dairy - lots of grumbling in particular. Surgeries: Tonsilectomy. Endoscopy/Colonoscopy - Colon infection a week later resulted in haemorrhage and hospital for 6 days. (no biopsies were taken as the scopes were a check due to family history of cancers), Ganglion removal (two surgeries), D & C - miscarriages Due to the Thrombocytopenia I have been on doses of up to 25mg of Prednisone. It brought about a good recovery of platelets (now 198), the dilemma is that the doctor has advised that it will bring false negative results for Celiac Testing. I did a 5 day gluten-free test, and on the fourth and fifth days, I noticed great improvement in how I felt. I went straight back onto gluten for the blood testing. Bloods were taken yesterday for both genetics and screening. Today the Hematologist told me that I need to stay on Prednisone long term (They have tapered me back to 10mg). It now seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place: Prednisone will bring about a false negative on Celiac screening, but eating gluten is quite likely causing the Thrombocytopenia. No other cause can be found, and I have had a Bone Marrow Biopsy, Full Body Bone Scan, Brain and Full Spinal MRI, countless blood tests; including for Lupus, Leukemia etc. I have had ANA, ESR and all the rest, with nothing to show for those. I am thinking that it is pointless to continue eating gluten if the prednisone is going to mask any opportunity for the doctors to be able to find anything on biopsy. In addition, I have been eating a "low" gluten diet for years which I am told will also make diagnosis more difficult. I have been reading as much as I can about this, but I am quite the novice, and I am hoping for some opinions from those of you who know much more. Is the blood test likely to be skewed by the amounts of prednisone I have been on? A few other things: We live in Australia. Our family ancestry is Celtic, English, Northern European. Both of my two sons are showing signs of gluten problems. Master 9 has yellowed teeth, leg pains, ADHD, Learning Difficulties, Dyslexia, ODD, Sensory Integration Disorder, a history of diarrhea, urgency, dairy intolerance amongst other things. Master 7 has a constantly bloated stomach, recently complaining of pain in stomach and having nausea with occasional vomiting. Lately he seems tired and grumpy. They were both tested yesterday for Celiac. Both are on a full gluten diet, and will remain so at least while we wait for the blood results (should be Tues/Wed) Interestingly, my husband (2nd marriage, and not the boy's biological father) is underweight, and has started itching like crazy and having pains in the stomach since we increased gluten for the blood testing - so we got him tested too. I am tired of being useless to my family, being laid up in bed, feeling like death warmed up, with no energy to get out of my own way. Your thoughts on the likelyhood that I do actually have Celiac, or Non-Celiac gluten intolerance would be appreciated. I can't stop trying to guess which one, but I am certain I at least have one of them. Seems likely that we are all sensitive to gluten in some way. I would also appreciate any thoughts on whether Prednisone does mask blood results and Biopsy results. Thank you
  5. Hello and welcome You've found a good site and maybe you've found your answers too. Your symptoms could all be explained by celiac, for example, take your pick: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/search/?q=sore groin&start_after=any It would also explain your lifelong dairy issues, fatigue, rashes, 'IBS' etc etc. It's like the chameleon of conditions! This won't detect celiac. Normally you would have an endoscopy (probe down your throat) to check the small intestine for damage. In fact, although your allergist sounds like they were on the right track for suspecting celiac, they should also really have told you to stay on gluten until tests could confirm or exclude it. Sadly you need to be eating gluten regularly for the tests to work. Yes and Yes! No-one here can diagnose you but you really do sound as if your on the right track. Your next step has to be to see your doctor and ask to confirm or exclude celiac. Here's some reading for you so you can go in prepared. Here's some more: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/announcement/3-frequently-asked-questions-about-celiac-disease/ The good news is that in time all your symptoms could resolve on a strict gluten free diet, although it could take a few months or longer for some things to resolve. The bad news is if you want the diagnosis you may have to get back on gluten and suffer a little longer. Don't be fobbed off, you have a very strong case. Best of luck! ps, Cyclinglady's just beaten me to it! Listen to her and the others here, they helped me a lot, hope you get all the help you need here too.

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