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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. Yesterday I ate many mini b&w cakes and I'm feeling awful. I'm taking seroquel (an anyipsychotic) and it increases hunger. On top of this, I'm doing psych drug withdrawal and am having a hard time. It's been more than two years since I was glutened... I have sensitivity, not celiac but I'm feeling horrible. I'mtrying increase in probiotics, magnesium and water but I might actually feel worse due to herkserheimer reaction. Please help!!!
  2. Hi! I want to start this off by saying I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong part of the forum. I'm new to this website. Also...this may be long (and tmi but I've noticed that's not a problem on this forum, ha). My apologies. I decided to visit my doctor in January of this year, 10 months ago, for stomach problems. For almost three months up until that point I was having many problems with my stomach. Constant stomach aches, constant indigestion, headaches, brain fog, diarrhea....you name it. The worst was the diarrhea. I've been prone to anal fissures since I was little so you can imagine how that made me feel, but that's a whole other story. Anyways, I did a poop test, blood tests and was sent home with medication for indigestion. A week later, I got a call saying I was tested positive for celiac disease. Now, I was out on a waiting list for a specialist for SIX weeks. During that time, I put myself off gluten. I HAD too. I was done being sick and hurting myself. When I finally let with the specialist, she gave me a lot of green flags. First, even after telling her my problem was DIARRHEA she gave me medication for constipation. Uh...ok. Second, she told me I had to go back on gluten until it was time for me to get the endoscopy. Even after I sat there for twenty minutes with my mom beside me (I'm 18) and cried and cried and cried about how frustrated I was, she showed no remorse in telling me I had to get back on gluten for the test to work properly. So, I did what she told me. I started off slow and only fed my body little bits of gluten at first and got sick. I ate half of a sandwich and got sick for TWO days. The second red flag was when I tried to get a hold of them for TWO weeks and no reply. Finally, when I did get on the phone with them, she said it was necessary for me to digest gluten because they need to know whether it was celiac or IBS. Even if it was IBS my trigger food would be gluten. Anyways, I ended up calling off the endoscopy. They were evening dodgy and seemed like they didn't give a crap about me. I wanted to explain that just to let you guys know that the only testing I've had done for celiac was the blood test. I haven't gotten official confirmation from it but I would be surprised if that's not what it was. I've had stomach problems my whole life, I've had juvenile arthritis in my left knee, I have suffered from iritis and optic neuritis which again, is a whole other ordeal. Actually, I suffered from the optic neuritis a few months before my stomach got really bad. And then again after I was first diagnosed. Wow, it's been a hard year and a half. Ok, back story over. Sorry if that was unnecessary and confusing. I just wanted to get out my journey so far. It's been about nine months now and I'm still suffering. The initial sickness DEFINITELY improved. There was a few months where I felt amazing and I didn't have a pain in the world after going gluten free but I feel like it's all tumbling around me. I still get glutened FREQUENTLY. I got glutened today for the second time in one week and it's the worst thing. I feel sick, broken, frustrated. It feels like I'm never going to get better. Constant migraines, stomach aches, diarrhea....everything that makes me anxious. Let's talk about poop for a second. Green, acidic poop. It hurts!!! Sorry if this is gross but i feel like this is important. My anxiety is through the roof and I feel lost. I don't feel healthy. I don't feel like an eighteen year old girl should. I'm naturally skinny and I can't afford to lose any more weight. I've been 110 lbs since I was 12 and I'm now in between 103-105 lbs. I live with family but it's very hard to bring this up with them. They are the ones that buy my food since I am currently in nursing school and we have a deal. If I'm in school, they buy my food. Thanks guys!! gluten-free food is expensive enough, I don't know what else to do. This is so long and I am rambling. I'm so sorry. Anybody have tips?
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