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Found 12 results

  1. It is an unusual question - as most of the discussions I have read are around "acne" clearing up once you go gluten free. I was diagnosed with Celiac in July, and since then I have been gluten free. Major change in my diet includes having Sorghum/Millet regularly along with rice instead of wheat. Since the change, i have started having these acne - which i had never had before in my 30 years! My skin feels oily (which was dry before) and these red acne pop up across my face, shoulders, back Has anyone else faced this? Any reason why going gluten free (and Lactose free) are leading to these?
  2. Okay. Long story short - I've had itching blisters coming and going for at least 10 years, I'm 27 now. When I was 23 I got diagnosed with an autoimmune kidney disease. Ever since then I've been very careful with my diet and avoiding, but not completely cutting out gluten. I've had stomach problems since I was a kid. Had acne since I was 14. Diagnosed with PCO. Always feeling tired. Can eat tons of food and never gaining any weight. Recently I found out I am anemic, Ferritin was 7 (range is 10-70 I think) I was also deficient in D-vitamin. They took transglutaminas tests but it was negative. I started eating gluten again in February, and my blisters and ezcema like rashes came back quite quickly. I know a gastroenterologist and told him about my low iron, my blisters etc. And he immediately said that it sounds like celiac disease. He scheduled a gastroscopy (they go in with a camera through the mouth and take biopsies from the small intestine) that I did today. The doctor took 3 biopsies and said that it looked like the villi was flattened. He also said that I could start a gluten free diet if I wanted to before the test results comes back. I'm just confused right now... shouldn't they do a skin biopsy on my blisters as well? I read about ppl having DH who do that and get diagnosed that way. how can the blood tests be negative and the biopsy not? if i go on a non gluten diet now, my blisters and rashes will go away which is good ofc, but then if the biopsy come back negative, they can't do a skin biopsy? It would make so much sense to me if I'm celiac. Therefore I'm scared the biopsy wont show anything since I've been going on and off gluten for years. Although the doctor said it looked like I am celiac? And the blisters can't be anything else than DH!! And the low iron and everything. Ugh. I just want the results now... And know for sure.
  3. Hello! As of writing this I'm a 15 year-old sophomore in high school going through mild acne. My acne started at the beginning of this school year and I began to realize it was picking up gradually. Eventually I decided to make a change. Ive been gluten free, organic foods since about the 7th grade, but no until this year I looked into taking my diet more seriously. As of right now, my daily diet consists of this. Breakfast: Eggs with bacon, Bread & butter. Good amounts of water. Lunch: Salad (chicken breast and lettuce), homemade natuaral applesauce, and egg salad sandwich. Plenty of water. Dinner: Varies often: Brown rice with chicken, steak or meats in general. Banana (usually one daily), homemade natuaral applesauce, homemade natural jello. Keep in mind all the foods mentioned are gluten free and organic. I've also tried many products, trying them weeks at a time, all which haven't worked and at the moment I'm trying the proactiv solution. (Twice a day, everyday) It hasn't made my face better overall, and it hasn't made it look horribly worse. Im kind of stuck in between on the product portion. Don't know what to do or what to try. I should mention I play sports everyday (in between of the AM & PM Proactiv Routines) and sweat normally. Not too much, not too little. Ive been doing all these treatments for about 2 months, and my face hasn't been getting better. Just looking for someone in my shoes to help me out with this. It's very stressful and as a sophomore in high school taking various AP classes it only builds up more. Just looking for help and suggestions from anyone!! Thank you so much to anyone who can give some help.
  4. Ever since going Gluten Free due to Celiac's diagnosis in 2013, I have had really bad acne. I never had acne growing up and now that I'm 30, I have massing breakouts all over my chest, upper back, neck (to include hairline), and my face. I look like I have the chicken pox! They don't itch, but nothing sounds like HD. Before I try to miss work (I just started a new job) to go to the dr to attempt a referral to a dermatologist, does anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions? My face is super dry now too, whereas I never had issues before!!!!
  5. Hi! I was hoping some of you might be able to tell me if my symptoms seem like good reason to be tested for celiac disease... I actually asked my doctor to test me (years ago) and she told me she would not test me because the test is expensive... However, I am now desperate to figure out how to manage my health issues and am willing to find a doctor that WILL test me if my symptoms seem to point to celiac...Here they are: I have been diagnosed with all of the following over the last 12 years (I am 22 years old, and have always been a healthy weight/slightly underweight, and quite active): Irritable Bowel Syndrome Fibromyalgia Anorexia (started when I was 10, I have been mostly recovered since I was 14) Depression Anxiety Panic Attacks Horrible mood swings (from suicidal to totally fine in a matter of minutes) Chronic constipation and bloating Acne HOWEVER, no one in my family has been diagnosed with celiac....am I wrong to think I have it??
  6. sun.moon.run

    Face flushing

    Does anyone know if my dull skin - prone to closed comedones is related to a histamine intolerance (based on their experience perhaps). I have Coeliacs which puts me at risk of other food intolerances. On a day to day basis, being a veggie, I eat a lot of tomatoes and yesterday I made a (granted kind of wierd) lunch including nori sushi and loads of tomatoes all wrapped up. then again thinking back now, I also ate some engevita yeast. But I eat tomatoes all the time and my skin is usually scattered with teeny bumps. In this case, my face immediately went warm and red, my skin prickled on my left cheek and when I went to look at why - a spot sort of immediately rose up! The other time I have experienced a similar reaction is when I ate waaay too much Engevita nutritional yeast and I got a rash on my face and belly. In addition I randomly get these red rash bumps on my elbows but never often enough to take notice. I very rarely eat the yeast so I doubt its whats is effecting my face skin. I do know what eating a lot of it does to me though in terms of that all over rash - lesson learned on being greedy. Does this mean I am allergic to something? I have a tendency to over eat certain foods in phases. I gave myself Coeliacs by really becoming addicted to gluten - cereal, breadsticks you name it. My skin is so dull and dehydrated looking even though im only 23. I know my gut is unhealthy and damaged but apart from going gluten free I don't know how else to heal it. Aloe Vera? Probiotics? Prebiotics? Any advice or similar experiences relating to Coeliacs/ histamines and skin greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello I'm new on this site and haven't been to the doctor yet to get tested for celiac disease. But I have a question for you: Do any of you get (something that to me looks like) acne on your skin when you use a product (for example shampoo, conditioner, skin care etc.) that contains gluten? I used a shampoo for 10 years (it had Behenoyl PG-Trimonium Chloride) and had acne on my back because of it. After that I switched to a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner because I thought that the sulfates might be the reason for my break out. It wasn't. The new conditioner broke me out too (it contained hydrolyzed wheat protein). I can't find something else the products had in common except for gluten. I got interested in no poo shampoo and stopped using shampoo's from the store. The skin on my back got clear within two months by using literally nothing. I still have acne on my face and is about to switch out all my products to more natural alternatives that I know my skin likes. Have any of you experienced something like that? Because I'm thinking that maybe my acne isn't "acne" but just sort of looks like it.
  8. I got my dermatology consult that I had been wanting for YEARS. I have had troublesome acne on my jawline, neck, shoulders and back for as long as I can remember. I also have a very itchy, flaky scalp. The diagnosis was pitysporum folliculitis. No wonder my antibacterial treatments were not working! I am now on oral ketoconazole once weekly for 3 months. Supposedly this will solve my acne woes and I'll be good as new. Has anyone else experienced this condition and had it resolve? I'm hoping I can finally have clear skin at 28 years old.
  9. Hi. I'm quite new with Celiac, about 3.5 months gluten-free. The problem is I don't feel a lot better... 1. I have constipation. 2. I have pain in my lower stomach (abdomen?), especially after I eat. 3. I have acne. Also I wanteed to ask if before everytime I eat I need to wash the plate and cutlery with water to make sure it's not glutened. Any ideas? Hope you can help me. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new here. I don't have Celiac disease but I'm pretty sure I am gluten intolerant. My stomach pains go away when I eliminate gluten. I've done some on and off gluten-free diet over the past few months. I've recently been on a strict gluten-free diet for a couple weeks now. I've been tested for arthritis which came back negative. However, I do have inflammation in the body and is slowly getting worse (I'm only 32 so my tests results shouldn't be that of a 50 year old). I have recently been experiencing acne (sometimes cystic) on the face, scalp, chest and back for many months. It seems to get worse when I eat gluten foods or it could be coincidental. Does anyone know if this is related to being gluten intolerant or something else? Or perhaps I need to give my body more time to heal?
  11. Hi everyone, I was diagnosed as being 'gluten sensitive' (whatever that means) about 5 months ago when a doctor finally realized my 'malabsorption' of magnesium and other vitamins was causing my life long (23 years) migraine disorder. After months of taking a 3x the regular dose of vitamins just to stay alive - a doc finally made the gluten connection. Now I can stop spending all my money on vitamins! Anyways, I started a strict gluten-free diet almost a month ago, and after an initial 2 week period in which I felt INCREDIBLE - I feel like I'm hitting some serious detox symptoms. I missed a period completely (has never happened before, and it's back now - not pregnant), I broke out in RIDICULOUS acne on my face, back and chest (I've always had mild acne.. but it now worse than it has EVER been) and I've been ridiculously hungry and cranky. I ate more in two weeks than I ever had in my LIFE. I feel like the symptoms are starting to let up a bit now - but they hit their real peek about 1.5 months into being gluten free. My period is back, and most of the acne is starting to scab over.. but man I wanted to hide underground things got so bad.. So, this is plea in hopes that my experience isn't totally abnormal - perhaps there is some light at the end of this tunnel?? is this going to get better ? Any advice or experience would be appreciated. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Reading this forum has been a lifesaver for me overall. **also, since going gluten-free and being able to slightly lower the vitamin dose - I am still migraine free! So that is one good thing. (and by migraine disorder, I mean it was so bad I was considered disabled until this year.. A MIRACLE)
  12. So, I am still trying to figure out what's behind this latest round of food sensitivities. I just ended my 9 days without eggs and 7 days without dairy or corn. None of this seemed to improve the recent breakouts on my face (covering my whole face, been going on for several weeks now). I'm starting to wonder if it might be a reaction to sufites -- I've seen some threads on this site mentioning it, and it could explain why I seem to be reacting to foods that don't necessarily group neatly into categories like dairy, corn, soy, etc. I'm pretty sure I've had reactions to vinegar (balsamic and white wine), red wine, Enjoy life bars with dried fruit in them, hard-boiled eggs and homemade gluten-free baked goods that contain eggs. The main thing is the little acne-like bumps all over my face, but I also have a kind of oral allergic response reaction and my face feels kind of tight and itchy and sometimes my face and ears get red/hot. But it's not hives or extreme symptoms like those I get with my walnut allergy. It could be worse, but I'll be glad to figure this out! It's gonna be a challenge, but I think I'll try eliminating sulfites this next week and see if that does any better. (Already excluding nightshades, tree nuts, and raw celery -- and gluten, of course.)