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Found 11 results

  1. (Photo links at end) Hey guys, Please bare with me as my journey has been a long one. Im looking for advice on if I should push my pediatrician to get my baby tested for celiac disease. I have a long history of celiacs in my family (my mom, aunt, uncle, and grandmother are all confirmed to have celiac and possibly family before that who werent diagnosed but had similar problems- doctors didnt really know about it then). Anyways, so my 1 year old baby (born Oct. 2017) has had a TERRIBLE, ITCHY rash since mid October/ November. When I initially brought him in they though it was a fever rash. Then it progressively got worse and started oozing. They then diagnosed him with impetigo (not sure if spelling right). He did a treatment of that with no results. He then got a bacteria biopsy (nothing showed but they still treated him for the other strain of impetigoin in case). Still no results. I was sent to a dermatologist where they weren't sure but treated him for scabies and some -itis (inflammatory) disease. Again nothing. I come back and they say they think it is this rare skin condition in babies called EPF (infatile eosinophilio folliculitis). They have never personally seen a case though. They say there is nothing they can do for him and it will go away on its own but it can take months to years. So at this point I have spent an arm and a leg on trying to figure out what is wrong with my baby and come back with a can do nothing. I mentioned to both my pediatrician and dermatologist that my family has a strong history of celiac disease and they blew me off and said he is too young. I had my aunt come down and visit recently though and she had dermatitis herpediformes before being diagnosed with celiac and thought it has a similar appearance. The rash usually starts out by looking like a bug bite. Just a pink lump and it has a much larger red circle around it. Next stage it starts oozing and blistering. Then my son usually scratches it so next stage is scabbing. (I try to put anti-itch cream and lotion but it only helps so much). I have attached 1 photo. What do you guys think? (Also the file size you can add is so small it wont let me attach photos, so let me know if the link works). https://photos.app.goo.gl/EwTg9xk3xw6Fdm5q6 (the not as scabby spots are new and will turn into the really bad looking ones) https://photos.app.goo.gl/DTrBmFqVKn3QWrnk6 (close up of some of the really itchy ones) https://photos.app.goo.gl/rXBKynD8YZrZtcHP8 (example of how some blister - I think they might all before he gets at them but not sure). Thank you guys for any feedback! -A concerned mom
  2. Hey everyone! My mom, brother, and I all have Celiac Disease, so of course I'm keeping an eye out for symptoms in my son. He's 10 months old and is really starting to eat a lot of table food. I haven't been restricting gluten because I know if he does have Celiac, it won't be able to be diagnosed if he hasn't had any gluten in his diet. Anyways.. a couple of weeks ago he got a rash on his back (little red spots, a little raised) and I noticed a spot that looked like eczema on his booty. The way my brother reacts to gluten is eczema, so that is what immediately came to mind. I took him to the doctor and mentioned my concerns and he said not to worry about Celiac Disease yet and gave me some hydrocortisone cream for the rash. It has been about 2 weeks and the rash isn't red, but it is still bumpy on his back and the spot on his butt has seemed to get worse. He is a happy baby, doesn't seem to have tummy issues, and has gained weight fine (a little on the skinny side, but not concerning). My question is... when did you start to notice symptoms in your child and what were they? Should I insist on testing even though his pediatrician doesn't think we need to worry about it yet? Thanks in advance!
  3. So my 7 month daughter is having issues with corn. I have Celiac and am nursing so she has never even been in contact with gluten. I read today during some research that corn can sometimes cause the same symptoms as gluten in a Celiac patient. If you have experienced with this please leave a comment with your symptoms. Diarrhea, upset stomach, rashes, vomiting? I want to see if there could be a possible correlation as I feel like my daughter is immunosuppressed but the allergist claims it is not an immune response to the corn. Anyone that has experience with their own children I would love to hear from you.
  4. Hello! I am a new mom of a 7 month old baby. At the age of 6 months I began to feed my daughter vegetable based foods and also cereal with wheat, she developed two small dots on her face (one near chin, the other on her cheek.) I thought it was just baby acne since she had had it before.. Little did i know this "acne" would spread. Within a weekend of being on vacation and having limited access to her vegetable based food, I opted to feeding her mostly the cereal. My mistake. The two dots began getting larger and spreading to her cheeks. I began to research to try and find a skin condition that matched hers, the closes thing was Celiac Disease and DH Dermatitis Herpetiformis. I could see the areas being affected were on the back of her neck, cheeks, arms and elbows, and her ankles. It became blistery obviously itchy and uncomfortable. My husband did a DNA test that showed that he carries the genetic trait for Celiac Disease, so I have no doubt thats what it is. I stopped the cereal within immediate realization that she could have a gluten intolerance. Which I suppose I shouldn't have done because thats the only way to find out if they are indeed intolerant. Within a few days of gluten being withheld from her diet her face began to clear up again, but still from time to time will flair back up. (its only been about two weeks.) Is there a chance gluten is still in her system?? I also am breastfeeding, which I have read different things about it passing through the milk. As of now I am trying to keep my gluten intake level at a 0. Is there anyone who knows more information about Celiac in infants and how long a rash will last? or where I can find information for my sweet baby girl? Thank you in advance <3
  5. Celiac.com 05/22/2017 - After their seven-month-old baby died weighing less than 10 pounds, a mother and father in Beveren, Belgium, are standing trial on charges that they starved the child by negligently providing an alternative gluten-free diet, with no medical supervision. The couple, who ran a natural food store, put their son Lucas on an alternative gluten-free, lactose-free diet, which included quinoa milk, despite doctors describing it as unsuitable for developing infants. According to child gastroenterologist Elisabeth De Greef, from the University Hospital of Brussels, feeding quinoa milk and other such foods to infants is absolutely wrong. She says that "These kinds of milk, which you can buy in a supermarket, do not contain the necessary proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are not adjusted to infants and thus unsuitable." Lucas' mother said in a statement that "Lucas had an eating disorder. He got cramps when he was fed with a bottle and his parents tried out alternatives. Oat milk, rice milk, buckwheat milk, semolina milk, quinoa milk." These are all products the couple sold at their store. At the beginning of the trial, public prosecutors blamed the couple for their son's death. Prosecutors claim that the couple made their "own diagnosis that their child was gluten intolerant and had a lactose allergy," without any input from doctors. In fact, prosecutors allege that the couple kept the child away from doctors altogether. "Not a single doctor had a dossier about Lucas and child protection services did not know about them," said the public prosecutor. The infant's diet, said prosecutors, "led to him being less than half the expected weight for a boy his age," at the time of his death in June 6, 2014. An autopsy showed that Lucas' stomach was totally empty at the time of his death. Prosecutors say the parents did not seek medical attention, even when Lucas was gasping for air in the days before he died. When Lucas was in the final throes of starvation, and the parents finally did take action, prosecutors say that they compounded the child's medical crisis by driving to a homeopathic doctor on the other side of the country, instead of going to the nearest hospital. In their defense, Lucas's father, claimed the couple never took Lucas to a doctor "because we never noticed anything unusual." In fact, the parents believed Lucas had an eating problem, says the couple's lawyer. Under questioning, Lucas' tearful mother said that the couple never "wished for the death of our son." She also stated that Lucas ometimes…gained a little weight, sometimes he lost a little." Yet according the public prosecutor the actions by the couple amount to "intentionally denying food" to the boy. For now, the trial in this tragic case continues, with a verdict set for June 14. Read more: Metro.co.uk
  6. Anyone else have a child that clearly was getting gluten through breast milk and very seriously reacting? That's how it all started with us. No one ever suggested I take gluten out of my diet and I had no idea what Celiac even was. It got so bad that my LO stopped eating for days before the doctor finally had me put him on hypoallergenic formula. I get so many comments from doctors like "gluten can't pass through breast milk" to "kids can't get Celiac symptoms until they're much older" which is all clearly untrue. Just wondered if I'm alone over here!
  7. Hi, I am hoping to get some insight. I have a 13 month old daughter who has just been diagnosed with failure to thrive. She was born late and weighed 3.1 kilos. Quite normal. Up until about 7 months she was positing quite often (more then just spit up) and coughing incessantly . I brought her to the drs quite a few times because I was so worried about this dry cough.( 9 months they thought possibly Cystic Fibrosis but luckily thats been ruled out). Her poos were also quite explosive and slimy but I chalked this up to exclusively breastfeeding and her shots. Other than that she was a very content baby. She still is content and happy and meeting her milestones, except for her weight and height. She is the size of an average 7 month old. I exclusively breastfed her until about 7 months until when she managed to pick up a croissant dropped by another child and began teething on it. I decided to give her croissants thereafter along with the normal first baby foods. From that point on, she's stopped growing but that was unnoticed until about 9 months. Anyway, since I'm not gluten sensitive I kept eating gluten and breastfeeding her but I did take her off of gluten. I noticed that her poos thickened a bit sometimes but all the food that she did ingest comes out EXACTLY the way it looked going in. Even in color. I decided to mash half of her food and keep half cut up because she preferred the finger foods and even the mash came out the same color! From 9 months to 12 months I did strictly gluten-free for her and most of the time for myself but she never put on weight! She then was given a handful of cheerios by mistake and 20 minutes after she had a full body rash that lasted a week! (we cannot confirm if its from the wheat because she had tofu (soy) for the first time the night before. She then had the blood test but all came back negative though she was tested for gluten without having gluten....Finally we are currently seeing a paediatric GI specialist and he's asked me and her to stop eating Dairy and Gluten for 6 weeks. He suspects she might be celiac. MY QUESTION: Can my small amounts of eating gluten (4 small random servings a week) create failure to thrive in a celiac baby? As a side note, when I was pregnant with her I could not stomach gluten foods (bread, crackers, pasta, etc - any relation?) Thank you!!
  8. Hello! I am the mom to five kids. The oldest son and daughter were diagnosed with celiac at the same time at age 9 and 7, though they both had been suffering for years (my son worse). The two younger ones were tested, then 6 and 4 and neither test positive and neither have symptoms. Both kids are great without gluten at the moment, and the other two kids don't have all that much gluten but are exposed to it readily and are also fine. There is no family incidence of it, but my husband and I must have the genetic component in there somewhere. We also have a baby, now 15 months old (12 months-ish adjusted) with food allergies, which none of the other children have. She was dx'd with a peanut allergy at 9 months and a dairy allergy at 12 months. She was failure to thrive pretty much since birth, but officially around 8 months. She was a preemie born at 27 weeks after IUGR, so she was frankly destined to be small. Seems to be doing very well with her diet at the moment and is finally gaining weight again, but we are told that she will likely have more allergies crop up when she is tested again at 18 months. Thus far her main symptoms for her allergies have been skin rash/exzema and general grumpiness/colic, as well as some concerning enlarged lymph nodes. Around 5 months while she was exclusively breast fed, I started an elimination diet due to the rash, but it didn't help. As her rashes got worse and the lymph nodes got more enlarged, allergy testing was suggested and we got the ball rolling with the peanut dx and dropped the breast milk entirely... to a milk based formula, which led to the dairy dx. Never had her tested for celiac, as we were told it wouldn't be until age 2 or 3 at least where she would be able to be diagnosed. We introduced gluten to her diet at 9 months/6ish months adjusted because I know that in order to be diagnosed she has to have had gluten in her. She has yet to have what I think are the more classic celiac symptoms -- various tommy troubles. Even on gluten, her rash is essentially gone except for some dry skin and she is no longer spotty and scratchy. But because of the food issues already, and the familial incidence, we want to get her tested as soon as it would be realiable. Should we wait for symptoms or should we test sooner rather than later? With no symptoms, even if she will develop Celiac, will she be able to be tested for it now? Maybe wait until 18 months with the rest of her allergy tests? Thoughts, celiac parents?
  9. Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and joined to hopefully get answers. Ok so my son just turned one a month ago and soon after he started to get diarrhea. It progressed from just loose to yellow mucous several times a day. It has been over 2 wks now. He has been to the er 3 times, his pcp and a gi specialist. They all are throwing different things out there but are not fully listening to me. There are too many personal opinions on this. I started to worry greatly after a week when his diarrhea got worse instead of better. Of couse the first diagnose was a visus! Which is doctors answers for everything. I knew this was not it simply because no other symptoms, fever, fatigue,nothing. Second time in ER different hospital next day I made them do a stool sample. It came back with c. diff, but they said my pedi would have to retest because false pos. in infants. My pedi repeated the stool test. Still waiting. I have gotten things like... Too much juice, too much milk, Neither the case. My issue is he recently started eating more table foods, but he only likes to eat dry food like crackers. I noticed he would have loose stool after eating alot of it especially grahm crackers. I told them this but they act like it is impossible for toddler to be celiac? They told me to just keep his diet the same. He is starting to be weak from all the b.movements. He has no other symptoms but the bm's and tummy aches. I also had to convince doctors to test for parasites they act like there is no such thing! It is just strange that it started after eating crackers. Crackers, and goldfish are the only new foods in his diet. I stopped wheat abount 5 days ago if it is this how long for symptoms to dissapate? (Sorry for long post) TIA
  10. Hi Im new to all of this first off so any bit of info will be extremely helpful! Our baby girl started falling off the charts around nine months and just two weeks ago at her one year apt was marked as failure to thrive! her dr order a CBC and a celiacs test...her test came back positive! We are waiting to see a GI dr. Some of my questions are how accurte are these blood tests on babies? Her test results on her Tiss transglutam AB, IgG was a 16.1 on a scale of anything above a 6 is positive..is that a really high positive??? My second big question is what should I expect at the GI Dr? Will they do further tests? What types of questions should I be asking?? Sorry im just so lost and want to help my baby girl
  11. I had a cross-contamination exposure last night. It wasn't a bad one but I have a sour stomach today but no diarrhea. The only thing is Im breastfeeding my three week old. Should I use pumped milk for a day or two? How long if so? Will he be alright if I keep nursing him? Ive been nursing him since the exposure last night. Ive been trying to down a bunch of water to help. I don't have too much pumped reserved. And since its sunday my allergist is closed.
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