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Found 35 results

  1. Please help, I am 30.All my life from childhood I had upset stomach pain and cramps.As a child was frequently treated for giardia and still had cramps.As a child so strange I had bumps with water on skin.Not redness nothing else.Just bumps filled with water all over my body.Later I never had these.But in my early teens I started with fatigue anxiety.Then extreme fatigue.Hair fallen.Eyebrow loss over a few years to nonexistent eyebrow.Always low iron even with supplementing.Low vitamin D3.Low calcium and magnesium.Gastrointestinal for a few months now I have cramps daily.Diarheea almost daily.Treated for parasites and giradia.nothing changed. OTHER symptoms. Bone pain.Spinal pain.Headache.Eye floaters.Done MRI and eye exams nothing all clear Low iron again at blood work. Low exercise tolerance. So bloated I seem like pregnant in 9 months even !!!if i lost weight the last three months Itchiness all over body but no bumps just redness Itchiness extreme on the scalp. Petechiae small red spots all over my body this is for years now. Tried gluten free even though in my country very hard to keep up with this. Only for few days then gave up and tried again and so on. Did some blood work but only 2 antobodies and not IGa and Igg judt one of them.Negative.this was two years ago. I don't know what to do. Oh and mouth ulcers. And have gas i am afraid because i can hardly control because i am extremely bloated. I am desperate. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I have some questions that I hope to get some answers to. First of all, I am not diagnosed and have not been tested for celiac. Only bloodtest I have taken that's relevant is Ferritin and Iron. I'm not anemic, but both my levels are on the lower range of normal (Ferritin 20-25 and Iron 9 and Iron binding capacity a bit over the normal range). My first question is if this is normal in celiacs, or would the Ferritin and Iron be lower if I was celiac? I eat meat and vegetables and my periods are normal. Second Question is related to abdominal pain. I have these IBS related pains (cramping before going to the bathroom) sometimes and also some bloating and stuff. But sometimes I get this lower abdominal pain that is different, it's much much worse when I press my stomach in or touch it. It almost feel normal when I sit still in one position, but when i lean forward, touch it or press it in, it's really bad. Does anyone else with celiac relate to this kind of abdominal pain? The reason I'm asking these questions is because I'm wondering if I should get tested for celiac. I've had symptoms for a while now, and I want to suggest different blood tests to my doctor. I have a feeling I should get tested for something autoimmune. There are already three different Autoimmune diseases in my mother's family (grandmother with psoriasis, cousin with diabetes, mother with ulcerus colitis), and I've been having diffuse symptoms for a while now, like abdominal pain, diarrhea, muscle/bone pain, some joint pain, muscles falling asleep, some tingling, anxiety, neck pain, fever feeling without fever, chills, fatigue (especially after lunch), bad hangovers etc etc. The list is long. So I'm just trying to get some answers so I can be more clear with my doc. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm a 23 years old male and I've been suffering from severe reactions to gluten for about 5 years. My symptoms immediately after eating gluten (proportional to the amount ingested) are: Heart palpitations. Strong anxiety. High blood pressure. Belly bloating and strong indigestion. Strong water retention (depending on the amount ingested, anywhere from 4-6kg), seen on the scale in a day approx. Lots of energy, probably due to the high blood pressure or anxiety. Insomnia. Inability to rest. Whenever I eat gluten, I feel very energized and euphoric (and somehow very motivated to work and do stuff, and focused), but these comes with anxiety, heart palpitations, restlesness, bloating, etc. The problem is, I have done a gluten free diet for 3-4 months and my digestive issues, anxiety, etc were immediately and totally relieved, however, I got back to eating gluten because I was feeling very depressed, unable to enjoy any activity, very low mood, very strong brain fog, extreme fatigue, low sex drive, I had really low blood pressure and I was VERY hungry. I was never satisfied by any amount of food and I was gaining lots of weight, plus I felt very depressed all along. Whenever I eat some gluten (e.g. 1-2 slices of bread), I get instantly energized but the anxiety is strong and I retain many kilograms of water (alongside the big swelling of my lower abdomen), which makes me look quite fatter without actually eating more. What do you suggest I can do? It seems like a gluten free diet is not viable, and, after sticking to it for almost 4 months, I had to give it up as I was severely depressed, always hungry and tired, and could not keep going on with my daily life anymore. I feel like there's nothing I can do to feel completely good, since either eating gluten or going gluten free has its own set of side-effects. (Eating gluten keeps me mentally sane and going gluten free does not) Last, it seems that gluten-containing products, mostly bread and cookies, are the only thing that can reduce my hunger and make me feel full and energized. Note: I have done blood tests for celiac disease and got negative, but it was after I was 2 months into the gluten free diet so the doctor told me it might be a false negative. Any thoughts and help you can offer is greatly appreciated, I am very desperate about this. Thank you.
  4. This small study suggests that taking probiotics may contribute to brain fogginess and bloating. While it may be good to keep the large intestine (colon) populated with healthy bacteria, taking probiotics in patients with impaired gastrointestinal mobility (e.g. diabetes, celiac disease) may contribute to issues like SIBO where the bacteria may populate in the small intestine instead. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-08-probiotic-link-brain-fogginess-severe.html Talk to your doctor about taking a probiotic. Consider modifying your diet to include foods that can help populate the large intestine (e.g. fermented foods), instead of taking a supplement.
  5. Hi All, I’m new to this whole world of celiac and wondered if you could give me your opinions please?! I have been having on off stomach pains for about the last 5 months. They started to happen once every couple of weeks, then once a week and now literally every other day, sometimes every day. It’s quite a crippling pain that literally bends me over double and nothing gives me any relief. It usually happens within about an hour of eating, but not every time I eat. Along with this I have been constipated for a while and in the last 2-3 weeks on off had a feeling of a big lump in my throat when I try to swallow (I actually thought I was getting tonsillitis until it kept happening and then just goes away!). My stomach is bloated every night also. I am always quite tired, but just put this down to the fact that I find it quite hard to switch off at night and actually get to bed, so don’t get that much sleep, but always feel shattered in the mornings. Anyway, initially they it was thought I had a stomach ulcer (I only told them about the stomach pains as I didn’t think any of the other symptoms were even really symptoms I guess!). They gave me antacid medication, which did nothing. Saw a different doc and told her my other symptoms too and she said it sounds like I could be celiac. This was never even on my radar, so I was really surprised! Everyone I know who’s had it always has diarreah and has lost weight. I’ve not done either and I would have thought my stomach would hurt every time I ate gluten, not just some of the time? Has anyone had intermittent stomach pain and ended up being celiac? I’m waiting on my blood tests, which should be back at the end of the week. TIA x
  6. Hey everyone, I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease in October of 2017. Since then I have been extremely careful with what I eat and always ask the servers at restaurants if something has gluten in it. This weekend, I went out to eat and the waiter gave me a sauce with gluten in it, and he remembered after I ingested almost all of it, that it had flour in it. The next 24 hours were the most painful and excruciating hours of my life, and I would say almost as bad as my contractions when I had my daughter. I went to the ER due to intestinal/stomach cramping so bad that I was screaming in pain and couldn't move. They did all sorts of tests and ultrasounds, xrays, etc.... Because the doctor said that a gluten allergic reaction would not cause this much pain. And again just like my visits before, tests came back negative. Well it's been 4 days since then and the pain is slowly going away. I've read that people have these pains for days on end, just like me.. But has anyone found a solution? If you have, I would love to know what you've found.. Or even if you've experienced this and found something to calm the cramping, bloating, gas pains, and vommiting. I've tried gas-x, hot tea, hot baths, intestinal massages to relieve gas, peptobismal, dyciclomine, heating pad, zofran, and lots of water. Thank you in advance! And I wish you all good health!
  7. Hi I am wondering if anyone knows if potatoes can cause bloating? I ate a lot of potatoes today and my stomach feels like a baloon again. I think I consumed about 8 potatoes. I ate tortillas with potatoes for lunch and a soup with cauliflower and potatoes for dinner. I am about 5,5 months into GFD, still positive bloodwork.
  8. is gas-x peppermint chewable tablets gluten free? i have bad trapped gas and i need to burp and relief the bloating in my stomach!
  9. Hello today I'm just back from my gp. Following over 7 years of bloating and looking like I'm pregnant my gp done a series of blood tests one including coeliac. The results came in that I'm not celiac but my iron levels olthough I'm on iron tablets is low. My iron always drops then I'm put on tablets for 3 months then go's back to normal then falls again. I'm also hypothyroid so really at times I just feel Bloo£@ awful. my doctor now wants me to refer me to a gastroenterologist to look into other testing becaus aparrently he can do more for me. He also said that I should go onto a gluten free diet but when I questioned him if this was wise incase it may effect any tests giving a false result he said it will be fine as he's already done the blood tests. He said it's good to go on it because the gastro will ask me to go gluten free at my first visit and this will saves me being sent home to do this and will buy me some time... im a bit confused what I should do now. Do I start a gluten free diet now like my gp has suggested or should I just wait until I've seen a gastroenterologist?? thanks in advance.xx
  10. I am new here and looking for help and answers. Thanks in advance for any help you can give. Despite frequent testing I've not been diagnosed with celiac yet but I do wonder if it's the cause of all my issues. I have myriad life altering symptoms and I'm desperately trying to get to my root cause. I’ve been really quite sick since I was a child, when I had extensive gastric issues, followed by chronic fatigue , a rash and depression as a teenager. I am 41 now and have a number of illnesses, most of them autoimmune: Hashimoto's hypothyroidism Psoriasis Likely autoimmune atrophic gastritis (under investigation) Pernicious anaemia (low B12) Rapid cycling type 1 bipolar disorder with psychosis that hasn't responded to treatment with over 20 different psychiatric drugs Migraine (three a week) Chronic fatigue syndrome Hypertension Fatty liver Metabolic syndrome Familial hypercholesterolemia Obesity Investigated for celiac 3 times but not detected however my gastro did observe that my gut was hugely distended and that my stomach sat forward. I have many other symptoms as yet unattributed: Rash on eyebrows and cheeks, although it is mostly down the sides of my nose and not under my eyes Circular rash on chest Flaky rash on scalp Poor balance Poor positional awareness Clumsiness Weakness and muscle loss Foggy thinking Very poor memory Confusion (sometimes debilitating) Occasional panting / shortness of breath Anxiety and paranoia Persecution complex Restless legs Tachycardia and palpitations Sleep disturbances Debilitating intermittent ankle pain Aches in every joint and muscle Muscle stiffness Mouth ulcers Dry eyes Cold extremities Poor circulation Pins and needles Pain in calf muscles when walking more than 200 yards Total hair loss on lower legs Constipation / diarrhoea Blood in stools Pale complexion Moon face While there are a lot of conditions and symptoms it's the neuropsychiatric issues that have become completely debilitating, to the extent that I've been admitted to a psychiatric hospital 5 times and have not responded to any of the 20 different psychiatric drugs that I've been prescribed. I had to work part time for 4 years until a year ago when I was forced to stop work entirely. I've always been sick since childhood but in the last 5 years it has become unbearable and has cost me everything. The strange thing is there were periods when every symptom has gone into complete remission simultaneously. Looking back this coincides completely with when I go on a low carb diet to lose weight, which I've done five times (the first for weight loss the next 4 to feel well). The same happened again when I went on FODMAP diagnostic diet to try and work out what was causing my gut issues after being told I didn't have coeliac following a negative gut biopsy. In January I started the Autoimmune Protocol diet to try and control the antibodies that had caused Hashimoto's and yet again every symptom disappeared within ten days! I'm currently in complete remission and feeling better than I have in 10 years - I've even gone back to work and my psychiatrist has said she will soon reverse my bipolar diagnosis. The only genuine commonality between the periods on a weight loss diet, FODMAP and the Autoimmune Protocol diet is that all of them are 100% gluten free. I am well enough to actually start researching what's wrong with me (when sick I can't read) and I am trying to establish if the above symptoms could be attributable to coeliac disease. I've read through a number of medical research papers that show that there is a link but these are rare so I would welcome some insight if anyone has experienced similar. I'd love to hear from you. Are there any tests I can ask for (DNA profiling for example)? I had a positive ANA screen (speckled pattern) but this tested negative a week ago since starting the diet and the FODMAP diet result indicated 'wheat sensitivity' diagnosis but nothing more. Due to the severity of my symptoms I will never again eat gluten so any blood test or biopsy will be negative. My doctors are sadly quite clueless.
  11. I have had severe constant bloating for many years. I have diagnosed with celiac diseases about two months ago and have been gluten free since. My skin rashes and constant nausea have improved a little, but the bloating is much worse. Is this because of celiac? If so how long will it take for bloating to settle down? Is it because my stomach is inflamed? My stomach also gets full and bloated easily, but I am Always hungry. I constantly want to eat since I started eating gluten free.
  12. I've been struggling with a lot of symptoms for over 7 years now. I've gone on many wild goose chases to get a diagnoses, but I always seem to wind up with negative test results, or an answer that doesn't account for most of my symptoms. Most of my symptoms first started when I was in my sophomore year of high school (I am 23 years old now). I started to experience disassociation, brain fog, and fatigue first, shortly followed by visual snow. I developed tinnitus in both ears around this time also. Since then, none of these symptoms have alleviated; my visual snow and tinnitus have become a constant for me, though they are thankfully relatively easy to ignore. I've experienced headaches commonly throughout my life, but for years now they have become much more frequent. I used to rarely (if ever) experience tension headaches, but now I have tension headaches much more frequently than vascular ones. I also experience (thankfully rare) ocular migraines where I lose portions of my vision for 30 minutes to an hour in both eyes. I've become extremely sensitive to light and stimuli (especially visual and auditory). I've always been sensitive to loud noises and bright colours, but now I can hardly walk through a colourful, fluorescent-lit store without walking out feeling fatigued and in a fog. The enamel on my front teeth has been shot since I was a child, and I've always been prone to canker sores. I have very stubborn dark circles under my eyes, and rough, bumpy skin on my upper arms. My joints feel too stiff and sore for my age, and I have very painful periods (that may skip a month occasionally). My memory is poor, and I struggle with OCD, tourettes, anxiety, and depression. What lead me to look into celiac, however, was the development of gastrointestinal issues. I can't remember when these issues first started-- I think they've been slowly working into my system for years-- but they became much more pronounced over the last year or two. I feel bloated nearly all the time, and frequently have either diarrhea or constipation. I also have acid reflux, as well as frequent abdominal pain and discomfort. My diet is very heavy in foods that contain gluten, and I've noticed my gastrointestinal symptoms definitely worsen when I increase my intake of these foods. Just a couple of days ago, a pb&j sandwich and poptart were all that I ate in the evening; I went to sleep with abdominal discomfort, and woke up with much worse discomfort and diarrhea. Each flareup seems to be similarly marked by consuming gluten. I've had a CT scan of my head, several in-depth eye exams, tests for diabetes, iron and vitamin deficiencies, and high blood pressure. I've had an x-ray of my neck and spine, an MRI of my jaw (for TMJD), an EEG-- all came back negative, except for one that determined I have hypothyroidism and the MRI that showed a deformity in the right side of my jaw, neither of which account for most of my symptoms. I also had one single test for celiac (I believe it was the tTG test), which also came back negative. The negative test result I had for celiac has not convinced me that gluten isn't to blame for my issues, however. I feel that too many of my symptoms line up with celiac disease to not at least treat it as a high possibility. I've also read about the possibility of the test I had showing false negatives, which gives me some hope that my negative test result for celiac wasn't just another dead end. I'm not sure where to move from here, however. I truly feel that I have reasonable cause to suspect celiac, but I've also felt that way with many other tests that provided no answers. I wonder, though, if I should pursue more testing for celiac, or just try a gluten-free diet for a few months and see if it improves my symptoms. I am not interested in having an endoscopy; I feel that a positive blood test, or positive results from a gluten-free diet are all I want for answers (plus, sedatives and anesthesia give me wicked anxiety). I guess I'm making this forum for two reasons-- 1. I would like to know if people here that have been formally diagnosed with celiac feel that I have reason to suspect celiac based on my symptoms; 2. I would also like an opinion on trying the diet vs getting a diagnosis prior I'd also love a full list of tests that I should look into if the primary one came back negative Thank you to anyone that reads and/or replies to this, and sorry for how wordy this is ahhh
  13. So i am undiagnosed and have been having severe problems for about 9 months. Ive had stomach problems my whole life. i had a small part of my bowel removed when i was a newborn and had a colostomy bag for 6 months but recovered. I was always active as a child and teen but still had problems, but nothing like this. So now I'm 21 and one day i got really sick in a car and it all started from there! Got very dizzy and wanted to puke. But then i started to have abdominal pain, bloating and bad chest pain. I thought it was a bug and let it pass but it went on for weeks. Then i got constipation and started getting very fatigue and weak. Could barley got to work. One day at work i started having suck bad lower abdominal cramps that they wheeled me out on a cart because i could not walk. I went to the er that night after they went away but since then i have had a lot of symptoms. Mostly lower abdominal pain around my pelvis.( By the way I'm a 22 year old male) . But i have been having bad fatigue, arthritis in my fingers when i wake up, severe abdominal pain that only goes away on occasions, testicular tenderness mostly when I'm constipated, severe stress mostly because of my sickness, bad mouth ulcers, and I'm sure there is a lot of symptoms I'm missing but i have been to doctors and even had a colonoscopy which came back good but I've never been tested for celiac or crohns that i know of. Sometimes i really feel like i dying, the depression had led me to hate everything. I can't really enjoy my wife and kids anymore, can't go out anywhere and have fun because I'm always sick. Im going to see a new family doctor this thursday and try to get some test ran but does anybody have symptoms like me and does this sound like celiac? Help me please i just want my life back. Also i have recently gotten itchy bumps on my hands, wrists and inner forearms and on the right side of my neck( kinda like bug bites all over).
  14. Ok this is going to be a lot of symptoms, but here it goes. I got diagnosed with Celiacs at the end of December 2015. I went 100% gluten free and felt initially a lot better bc I wasn't sick with nausea and vomiting on the regular. I also had to get iron infusions to get my blood levels back to normal. It's now end of March. I haven't changed my diet much besides eliminating gluten, if anything I eat healthier...but I have always eaten healthy. I have gained 10lbs! What in the world?! Even pre-Celiacs before I was sick I never gained weight easily my entire life...so this seems crazy to me. Also my bowel habits drastically changed and I am irregular or if I am regular it's not a lot of poop (sorry TMI). I also have never had back acne before and got that, is this related to my diet change? I still get bloating and stomach cramps in the evenings ALOT. I initially felt better, but now I don't feel good just different symptoms than before my diagnosis. I have been trying to eat clean and add probiotics to be diet, drink Kombucha, I even made bone broth trying to heal my gut in the initial process of going gluten free. I also just started working out again. Anyone else struggle with this a couple months after diagnosis and going gluten free? I dunno what else to do.
  15. hello- I'm looking for help here! For the past 15 months my now 5 yr old has suffered from severe abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea . It has gotten so severe in the past few months he has been hospitalized 3x needing an NG tube and rectal tube to decompress his intestines from all the air. At first we thought it was a constipation issue but he only ever had loose foul smelling stools.at his last hoapital discharge I was instructed to insert a rectal tube every 6 hours and flush with saline to keep his bowels from distending with air! We did that for 3 months straight?! What torture for my poor boy. And X-rays confirmed there was no blockage. He has had test after test , X-rays, MRI,CT, EGD and biopsy twice , colonoscopy, ultrasounds and even cystic fibrosis testing. Only thing that has shown up in blood work is anemia and elevated c-r protein. His GI dr is stumped ( even after conferring with colleagues cannot figure this out) and says she has never seen a kid so severe, even with celiac( although he has tested negative) . Now here's the interesting thing- I. Put him on a gluten-free diet after the testing was all done and within 2 weeks he started having somewhat formed BMs on his own with no laxatives or suppositories . His bloating disappeared and his behavior improved ( he is also mildly autistic) . So even though the dr was doubtful gluten could be a problem she is saying maybe it's an intolerance. Anyone have a kiddo with such a severe non- celiac intolerance?
  16. This is my story. If anyone could give me ideas, put in input, ANYTHING, it would be greatly appreactiated. I'm running out of hope. Bear with me, I know it's long but I just need to get this out to people who understand. My symptoms started December 7th 2013. They appeared out of the blue. One day I felt so blissfully healthy and the next day I was in horrible pain. It was like waking up into my new life. I'm only 17. Every day I'm suffering so badly from the constipation, the BLOATING, the gas, the pain. Nothing seems to help. December 27th I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after bloodwork and a biopsy and was told that because my intestines were in pretty good shape considering, I would start to feel better almost instantly after going gluten free. That was 4 months ago and I don't feel any better in any little way! I'm not only gluten free, but dairy free and even grain free. I'm on an (almost) paleo diet and have been for 2 months with no change. I was told by doctor after doctor to just "give it time, you'll get better soon" until one day I was told "You have ibs and there's no cure." I'm so depressed because of this horrible illness! I was taken out of school to be homeschooled, I rarely go out, I don't go a day without crying. I'm not myself anymore. I used to have so much life... I used to have what I thought a perfect body (Yes, I was cocky.) Yea, that's gone now. I've lost so much weight I look sickly, but my stomach is constantly bloated. I used to have such a flat stomach and now I look 6 months pregnant even when I don't eat a single thing! Summer is coming up but it won't be any summer for me. I'm trying to figure out something else it can be, something else I can do. I refuse to believe this is the start of my new life. It appeared so upbrupty and for a reason! It was the Celiac Disease. So why am I not healing whatsoever? I'm not still eating gluten. I even got a bloodtest to be sure. I've been taking Rifxain for 2 weeks to see if it's SIBO but surprise, surprise there's still NO change. Before I found out I had Celiac Disease and became crazy about health and nutrition, I was the kind of person who ate ice crea every single day. I'd have doritos for breakfast and remained 100 pounds no matter what. I didn't even need to exercize. Now I do everyday but nothing helps. I look and feel like a whale. And not only is it ugly but it's painful. I used to do a lot of recreational drugs and drink a lot. I used to eat and act like someoe who's SO unhealthy but my body seemed perfectly healthy. I now have an extremely healthy diet and haven't even sipped a glass of wine in 4 months. But I feel and look horrible. It was supposed to be over at Gluten free. I feel WORSE than I did before. I'm on so many different supplements. Fish oil, L-Glutamine, Digestive Advantage Constipation Formula, Acidophilus probiotics, and I take digestive enzymes with every meal. What more can I do? What can make this all go away? If this is supposed to be the rest of my life I don't want to live. Is it ibs? Refractory Celiac? It doesn't make any sense!!!
  17. Hello, I'd love a little advice/information from people who probably know more about this than I do. Sorry for the slightly long post... I am 32 and female. The only real health problem I have had is endometriosis, which was diagnosed and treated in 2002 and I have had no real problems with since. I am generally very healthy. Last year, in May 2014, in began having some abdominal tenderness just above my belly button if the area was pressed (usually by my toddler's rather enthusiastic hugs!) and left-sided discomfort (waist level) at my back sort of radiating round to the side. I also felt quite full after eating only a little. My GP ordered an ultrasound, which was normal, and a whole range of blood tests, also all normal. Things continued and in September, my GP ordered a coeliac screen which came back positive. My tTGA was 15.3 (normal range 0-6.9) and endomysial antibodies were positive. At the end of November I had an endoscopy and biopsy (4 samples were taken), which came back negative for coeliac disease. In December I started experiencing problems with upper abdominal bloating and also constipation (sorry if tmi, but I could actually go four or five times a day, but just a couple of very tiny little pellets). I also began feeling lightheaded after eating and, with the exception of feeling hungry, felt so much better if I didn't eat or drink at all. So my GP repeated the coeliac screen to see if the first test was an anomaly. This time my tTGA was 35.7 (normal range 0-6.9) and endomysial antibodies were positive. My gastroenterologist (who discharged me back to my GP after the normal biopsy) said I categorically do not have coeliac disease because of the negative biopsy and to continue as normal (with no guidance as to what was causing or would help my current symptoms). My GP agrees that I don't have coeliac disease. So, my question: is there anything else that can cause a positive result on a tTGA blood test other than coeliac disease? My GP and the gastroenterologist both said false positives can occur. My GP suggested I trial a gluten-free diet, but I'm concerned this is a very strict diet and unneccesary if I don't have coeliac disease and will delay/prevent an accurate diagnosis if I do. I have a two year old son, so if I do have coeliac diease, I understand he should be tested? I don't know where to go with this now. Prior to all this starting last year, I had never even heard of coeliac disease. I also don't know if these blood tests are clouding the issue of what is actually causing my symptoms if they really are just false positives... I would really appreciate any advice or insight... Many thanks in advance!
  18. So after being strict paleo for almost 6 months after my celiac diagnosis with no relief, I finally found my answer I took a breath test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth today and it cmd out very, very positive. The doctor was able to tell me it was positive not even half way through the test! There's a very large amount of methane, which explains my severe bloating, gas, and constipation that's been worsening every day since going gluten free. I was so happy to have an answer I burst into tears, while simultaneously cracking up and hugging the nurse who told me it was positive (whom I'd just met that hour…) Needless to say, this was the best news I've ever heard. I finally get to have a life again! I'll get to go out, eat normal amounts of food, wear tighter clothes again without having to worry about my swollen gut showing lol. I'm pretty much ecstatic!!!(: Now my questions are….well, what do I do now? Is there anyone else who experienced this? Not getting better after going gluten free then finding out SIBO's the culprit? My doctor prescribed me Rifaximin twice a day for 10 days and then Neomycin twice a day for another 10 days afterwards. But she also mentioned that a large amount of methane as opposed to hydrogen in the intestine is harder to treat and less common /: (with my luck) This scares me and makes me feel like I should be extra careful. Is there anything else to do to kill off the bacteria? What probiotics would be good for helping to treat sibo? I already take Acidophilus but is there one that would work better? WHat about diet? I know the bacteria feeds of sugar and carbs? What sort of diet it recommended when treating SIBO, if there is any? And most importantly.. did this simple fix, the antibiotic, cure your ongoing symptoms? I feel like in a way it's too good to be true. I've been living in unbearable constant pain from the time I wake up till I go to bed for so long I feel like I've grown accustomed to it! Could this really be the end? Support is desperately needed here. Thanks everyone!
  19. Hello everyone! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac's about 2 weeks ago after FINALLY finding a doctor who's more into treating causes and healing my body instead of just stopping into the room for 5 minutes and giving me some random medication. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 15 (am now 24) and my new doctor thinks it may even have been the wrong diagnosis and that this whole time, it could have been a severe gluten allergy causing all my issues. I just had a couple of questions, and I would love any help/encouragement/answers because it's been a very stressful and hard time and I'm at the end of my rope. 1) I've been eating gluten free for about 3 weeks now and I'm noticing that my stomach is "harder" somehow. I guess you could call it bloating, but my stomach doesn't seem "puffier" per se - it just feels tougher and sticks out more (and it's noticeable because I'm pretty thin). I would have thought that my stomach would ben flattening since going gluten free. Does it just take a long time? 2) I've had a lot of shortness of breath and a hard time breathing. It feels like I can never get enough air and I'm always trying to purposefully yawn to get more air in my systems. I've also had a little pain in my upper right side, around my ribs, when I try to breathe in deeply. Has anyone experienced anything like that? 3) Anxiety: I started getting HORRIBLE anxiety attacks about 4 months ago. It's pretty much developed into constant panic and anxiety attacks and. Always feeling depressed, anxiety, moody, worried, and scared for no reason at all. I've always been an extremely happy, optimistic, outgoing person, so it's been really hard for me. I thought that going gluten free would help me immediately, but it's been an extremely slow process and the anxiety and fear is still pretty consistent. Is it normal that it could take me a longer time to start feeling less anxious? I don't want to take any medications for it and am trying to fix my gut instead - but I need to know that it's going to work eventually and be worth it, because I feel like I'm drowning in my own head sometimes. So, lots of questions, but everyone on these forums seems very helpful and encouraging, and I really just need some reassurance! Thank you!!!
  20. Hello! I've been browsing your forum and I've found a lot of the other discussions very helpful. My situation is that I have a 6 year old daughter who I think has food allergies or intolerances, but her doctor isn't concerned with the symptoms she has and doesn't want to refer us for further testing. I specifically wonder about celiac disease, but also about food allergies. I'll try to keep this brief! The symptoms she has that worry me are frequent abdominal pain, bloating, frequent very smelly gas, weak tooth enamel, rashes and general itchy skin, and bad body odour. She also sometimes throws up when she has tummy aches, but her bowel movements are pretty normal. The pain is in the centre of her stomach just above the belly button and sometimes to the left of that area. Just today she told me at breakfast time that she had a tummy ache, but didn't seem upset by it so I sent her to school as normal. When I picked her up in the afternoon she was crouched on the ground crying and her teacher said that she'd complained of a tummy ache after lunch, then it had seemed to go away, but got worse late in the afternoon just before the end of school. I don't think she was constipated (which is what our doctor always suggests when I ask about stomach pain, even though Sofie has BMs every day). She often has a rounded tummy. Sometimes the tummy aches are accompanied by vomiting, but not very often. She did have an episode like that last weekend. We've never been able to tie it to a specific food that she has eaten. When I took Sofie to the doctor about pain + vomiting, she said it was likely a virus, but none of the rest of us got sick (and stomach flu almost always ends up getting passed around our family when we do get it). Sofie has had a lot of dental work, including several root canals and crowns and many cavities. I have 2 other children (one older, one younger) and neither has had any dental problems. I actually started wondering about celiac when I was trying to figure out why her tooth enamel was so weak. I looked it up online and one of the first things that came up was celiac disease. She sometimes complains about itchy skin and used to get bouts of hives for no apparent reason though that hasn't happened much in the last year. She gets a red, bumpy rash on her cheeks sometimes which the doctor thought was eczema, but I'm not convinced because my 8 year old has eczema all over his legs and it looks very different. What else was there? Oh, the body odour. Last year Sofie suddenly started to smell like a teenager. She was only 5 though. It is mostly under her arms and it's a really strong smell. I eventually had to start using a natural deodorant, which does help, but isn't she just too young for this? Her doctor said it's normal in a minority of kids. The only thing she was concerned about was premature puberty, but she has no other signs of that. She also has bad breath quite a lot despite always brushing and flossing (we're very careful about that because of her dental problems). What Sofie DOESN'T have is any problems with growth (height and weight are both 85th percentile right now), only occasionally gets diarrhea, doesn't seem constipated... I have an autoimmune disease myself (I have something similar to lupus called UCTD and also Psoriatic Arthritis, which are both autoimmune). We have Hashimoto's and type 1 diabetes in our family too, but no one with celiac. I had the blood test for celiac run because many of my AI disease symptoms could be celiac symptoms as well: neuropathy, muscle and joint pain, GERD, diarrhea, migraines, other bowel issues (like fissures), fatigue, low ferritin, etc. But the test was negative. Sorry this is so long! What I really wanted to ask was: Do you think I should push harder for a GI referral and an allergist referral? Could my daughter's symptoms be consistent with celiac? I know that there are other allergies/intolerances that could account for them too. I was interested in doing a trial of an anti-inflammatory diet for myself to see if it improved my own disease symptoms. I would remove dairy, gluten, and refined sugar. I thought maybe the whole family would do it together as Sofie has these issues and my 8 year old has eczema and frequent ear infections which I've heard may improve on a gluten and dairy free diet. He also has Asperger's and I know that it's quite common for parents to say that some of the issues that come along with that improve when gluten and casein are removed. My husband and youngest child have no medical issues, but they're willing to come along for the ride because it would be easier for the rest of us. I do know that testing wouldn't be accurate if gluten was already out of our diets, so I'm just wondering whether to push for testing first. Thanks so much for any feedback or thoughts! Torontomom
  21. Hi there, First post from me. I have been gluten-free for about four years now, I am also lactose intolerant and incredibly carful. But I just can't get it right, to be honest I could burst into tears just thinking about it and typing. I have spent more time feeling unwell than well for all my gluten-free time and the year I spent being diagnosed. I feel heavy, like my stomach is made of lead, I feel constantly bloated to the point that I am uncomfortable to leave the house, I feel so low and I don't know how to be any more compliant. My reactions last around two weeks and I feel emotional and depressed every time, I exercise a lot and training is really important to me so every time that I feel bloated (my whole body swells and I retain water under my skin everywhere) I just can't cope with it. The doctors don't help, I have been tested for everything and I don't know which way to turn, I just need to feel well!!!! and for my belly to feel normal again! Any help, advise, suggestions greatly appreciated as I want to feel well more than anything, Thank you, Imari
  22. Hi everyone--just joined the community I've been on a strict gluten-free diet since October (my diagnosis), but I still have a huge bloated belly. It looks very strange on me because I have a small frame, and it makes me look like I'm about 7 months pregnant. I have also cut out oats, dairy (been vegan for 2 years), and most recently nuts. I already had probiotics in the Vega1 shake I drink each morning, but last week I also added a probiotic supplement as well. Does anyone have any advice on how to shrink down the gluten baby belly? Is it possible--(aka does it just take time)? It's just been 6 months since I've cut out gluten entirely, so I had hoped it would be gone by now. Thank you all in advance
  23. Hi all, Just looking for a bit of knowledge and/or confirmation from you experienced folks! I've had a lifelong reaction to garlic, but didn't realise I was actually intolerant to garlic until I was mid teens. I then didn't realise that all of the onion family affect me very badly until I was 27! By this point my symptoms (extreme bloating, acid reflux, mouth ulcers, abdominal pain, IBS) were near constant, my reaction to the onion family had gotten worse and worse over time. I had also developed GERD so then had to exclude a whole array of other foods from my diet. (tomatoes, peppers, alcohol, citrus or anything acidic, etc) I have a family history of gallbladder problems, IBS and Crohn's disease. Although neither of these things are strongly suspected in me. I've had numerous blood tests for a variety of things, including calprotectin (negative) and the blood test for celiacs (also negative). I am not anaemic either. I was on Omaprazole for 12 months (worked a bit) and Ranitidine for 6 months (Not very good at all...) After waiting 18 months!!! I finally had a gastroscopy yesterday... Apparently after 17hrs fasting my stomach was sloshing full of acid. My oesophagus is normal, my stomach looked normal, my stomach biopsy showed me as negative for H. pylori. The nurse then took a look at my duodenum before taking two biopsies, she immediately noted that it was smooth and afterwards gave me a gluten free diet sheet and told me that she thinks I am an asymptomatic celiac and my other intolerances would likely clear up over time if I go gluten free... Soooo... sound familiar to anyone? I felt immediately scared that I would have to struggle to eat even more than ever before. But a colleague said this morning that I'd be swapping a relatively rare digestive problem for one that is almost "mainstream" and catered for. Not sure how to feel basically.
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    i have a question.. ive been diagnosed 14 years 14 years gluten-free i just started having a new symptom been to 16 drs. noone knows but looked on this forum and it appears it could be strictures??? could i have more information on them can they be inflamed from certain foods then feel fine for a month? im so confused thanks