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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, I’m new to this group. I’ve been gluten free for a year now with celiac. I’m very careful at home, but find I get diarrhea every time I eat out. Recently we moved and I’ve been having a severe flare up. I’m experiencing what I think is brain fog, dizziness, vertigo, to the point that it’s affecting my everyday functioning-similar to when I’ve forgotten to take my medication for a few days. I’ve been on generic Zoloft for years without issue, but I recently read that a reader found that a flare up prevented the absorption of medication. Has anyone ever heard of this? Am I just experiencing brain fog?? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advance. Nicole
  2. This small study suggests that taking probiotics may contribute to brain fogginess and bloating. While it may be good to keep the large intestine (colon) populated with healthy bacteria, taking probiotics in patients with impaired gastrointestinal mobility (e.g. diabetes, celiac disease) may contribute to issues like SIBO where the bacteria may populate in the small intestine instead. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-08-probiotic-link-brain-fogginess-severe.html Talk to your doctor about taking a probiotic. Consider modifying your diet to include foods that can help populate the large intestine (e.g. fermented foods), instead of taking a supplement.
  3. I was diagnosed celiac approx. 5 years ago and have been eating gluten-free. My 15 yr old son was just diagnosed 6 months ago and has been doing well with his gluten-free diet. We are both suffering from exhaustion and he feels brain fogginess at times. I have had problems with b12, low iron and ferritin levels, but the seems to be “normal” and I’m still exhausted to the point I can’t keep up with my family, need naps throughout the day, etc. My son is the same. He’s going to have to pull out of sports until we resolve our problems. Can anyone offer some help or suggestions? Thank you.
  4. My 8yo daughter has been doing the gluten challenge for almost a month now. There is one thing I've noticed has been getting worse and to the point she has to leave her classroom to go for a walk to get away from the noise or needs to wear sound cancelling headphones. She says she can't concentrate with all the noise. Her brother also has autism and he stims, and repeats words or sounds over and over again. She seems to get super anxious and begs him to stop. I asked her if the noise was hurting her ears and she said no. She said it's like her brain is all jumbled. Does that sound like something brain fog would do? I have tried to google brain fog to get a better understanding of what it might feel like but I'm not sure.
  5. So I posted back in early February2017 about having some extreme brain fog, light headed, vision problems amongst other symptoms. I thought it was because I had started a strict gluten-free diet again (after eating carelessly for a couple months and being a celiac) and was possibly have gluten withdrawals or even cross contamination some how in my diet. I literally went to 3 different MD’s and even my Optometrist. And they all told me I needed to eat more and get better “quality” sleep. After a year of strict sleeping/eating schedules the symptoms never went away and it felt like this constant drunk state of going about my day. Finally I switched to a Holistic Doctor (I think that’s what type of Doctor he is). Anyways after the first appointment he pretty much knew what I had and sent my home with two take home tests. One for SIBO, the other for Adrenal Fatigue. I tested positive for both with extremely solid results. I always told myself I’d come back on this forum to share my info if I ever figured out what was wrong with me because no one seemed to know exactly what was going on and looked at me like I was some crazy lady making up stuff. I am one week on the Rx. and already feel so much better. My ability to communicate and focus in conversations is much better. I literally felt buzzed when talking before and it took way too much effort to really even stay on topic with people. And even if I did stay on topic I couldn’t remember hardly what was discussed. As of right now my vision is still slightly off, even though my optometrist said I have perfect vision. It’s more so like the room has a hard time catching up with itself when I redirect my focus. But my energy is up and I can only assume my results will keep getting better with each passing day. I hope this helps someone who’s trying to figure out what’s going on with themselves.
  6. Soy destroys my life entirely. I know what has soy and what does not, by touch taste or smell. I can tell if it contains soy in a few seconds. Being soy free is a acquired lifestyle. Everything I eat, I make from scratch, candy, chocolate,cookies, crackers,chips, flavored drinks. I do no t wear deodorant, can't. Cant drink most sodas, most contain soy now. Handshakes are a thing of the past after shaking a hand of a doctor and getting a soy contact, must have used moisturizers (vitamin E) manufactured from soy. All my meds are compounded. My neosporin is one my most expensive drugs, on 7$ tube runs me $80 compounded. My Ibuprofen 200mlg $1 a pill. pain meds a ton more. Going to a store, any store is adventurous. The air fresheners contain soy. makes a bad day for me real quick. I've left stores in a hurry due to the soy contact that overcomes me. Today, I'm looking into air mask so I can go into stores with out risking a soy contact, also finding gloves are hard. most of the easy fit gloves contain a soy powder. I have a facebook page dedicated to being soy free (Soy Lecithin) crossbones for a pic. My life of becoming soy free was a real adventure. I feel great, until I mistakenly come in contact with it. Soy starts With brain Fog, memory loss, then the panic attacks start. get overwhelming fast. Some days I feel trapped in my own body. Outside is land mines just waiting for me to eat, taste,smell or touch. In the past I would have been fine, but all these regulations has made it easy to have soy in everything manufactured. Its the cheapest thing to use, so was asbestos, maybe one day they will realize what soy does to your brain, as its doing to mine 100 fold. Soy is in almost everything, If you cant make it your self than its in it. My start in going soy free, the day I realized it was soy,soy lecithin killing me slowly. I was suicidal, a few days at best before I realized it was soy. There is no info out there about i. If there is, Soy manufactures have snuffed it out.
  7. Jonathan1987

    Gluten Withdrawls

    Hi everyone, ive finally gone gluten free (after years of tiredness, lack of energy and horrible brain fog after eating pasta or pizza) But, 4 days in and my Brain-Fog is constant and 100x worse then when id eat gluten. Before I'd only be fuzzy and have trouble thinking after eating a big gluten meal, Now since cutting out all gluten I have a persistent brain fog that makes even the most basic of tasks difficult. I feel anxious and emotional. Way worse then I ever felt on gluten. Is this normal? Will it improve? Please any advice welcome.
  8. I feel like I just discovered a way to have access to my brain all day. I figured out that if I eat only protein (eggs, steak, ham, black coffee), I don't get foggy. I wanted to share this with anyone who needs a good day. Let me know if this works for you as well. I think I need my other food groups in the early evening but for now I want to try protein for breakfast and lunch. I took my D,B12,and Multi vitamins and still have a brain. This is a huge breakthrough for me.
  9. I am sensitive even to airborne gluten, including in aerosols, kitchens where an oven is cooking gluten containing food, or has been recently, plaster dust in building materials. I work, but suffer migraine when I have fully ingested gluten and numbness and muscle weakness from smells. Does anyone else experience full-body numbness, or facial or extremities numbness?
  10. I've been struggling with a lot of symptoms for over 7 years now. I've gone on many wild goose chases to get a diagnoses, but I always seem to wind up with negative test results, or an answer that doesn't account for most of my symptoms. Most of my symptoms first started when I was in my sophomore year of high school (I am 23 years old now). I started to experience disassociation, brain fog, and fatigue first, shortly followed by visual snow. I developed tinnitus in both ears around this time also. Since then, none of these symptoms have alleviated; my visual snow and tinnitus have become a constant for me, though they are thankfully relatively easy to ignore. I've experienced headaches commonly throughout my life, but for years now they have become much more frequent. I used to rarely (if ever) experience tension headaches, but now I have tension headaches much more frequently than vascular ones. I also experience (thankfully rare) ocular migraines where I lose portions of my vision for 30 minutes to an hour in both eyes. I've become extremely sensitive to light and stimuli (especially visual and auditory). I've always been sensitive to loud noises and bright colours, but now I can hardly walk through a colourful, fluorescent-lit store without walking out feeling fatigued and in a fog. The enamel on my front teeth has been shot since I was a child, and I've always been prone to canker sores. I have very stubborn dark circles under my eyes, and rough, bumpy skin on my upper arms. My joints feel too stiff and sore for my age, and I have very painful periods (that may skip a month occasionally). My memory is poor, and I struggle with OCD, tourettes, anxiety, and depression. What lead me to look into celiac, however, was the development of gastrointestinal issues. I can't remember when these issues first started-- I think they've been slowly working into my system for years-- but they became much more pronounced over the last year or two. I feel bloated nearly all the time, and frequently have either diarrhea or constipation. I also have acid reflux, as well as frequent abdominal pain and discomfort. My diet is very heavy in foods that contain gluten, and I've noticed my gastrointestinal symptoms definitely worsen when I increase my intake of these foods. Just a couple of days ago, a pb&j sandwich and poptart were all that I ate in the evening; I went to sleep with abdominal discomfort, and woke up with much worse discomfort and diarrhea. Each flareup seems to be similarly marked by consuming gluten. I've had a CT scan of my head, several in-depth eye exams, tests for diabetes, iron and vitamin deficiencies, and high blood pressure. I've had an x-ray of my neck and spine, an MRI of my jaw (for TMJD), an EEG-- all came back negative, except for one that determined I have hypothyroidism and the MRI that showed a deformity in the right side of my jaw, neither of which account for most of my symptoms. I also had one single test for celiac (I believe it was the tTG test), which also came back negative. The negative test result I had for celiac has not convinced me that gluten isn't to blame for my issues, however. I feel that too many of my symptoms line up with celiac disease to not at least treat it as a high possibility. I've also read about the possibility of the test I had showing false negatives, which gives me some hope that my negative test result for celiac wasn't just another dead end. I'm not sure where to move from here, however. I truly feel that I have reasonable cause to suspect celiac, but I've also felt that way with many other tests that provided no answers. I wonder, though, if I should pursue more testing for celiac, or just try a gluten-free diet for a few months and see if it improves my symptoms. I am not interested in having an endoscopy; I feel that a positive blood test, or positive results from a gluten-free diet are all I want for answers (plus, sedatives and anesthesia give me wicked anxiety). I guess I'm making this forum for two reasons-- 1. I would like to know if people here that have been formally diagnosed with celiac feel that I have reason to suspect celiac based on my symptoms; 2. I would also like an opinion on trying the diet vs getting a diagnosis prior I'd also love a full list of tests that I should look into if the primary one came back negative Thank you to anyone that reads and/or replies to this, and sorry for how wordy this is ahhh
  11. So i am undiagnosed and have been having severe problems for about 9 months. Ive had stomach problems my whole life. i had a small part of my bowel removed when i was a newborn and had a colostomy bag for 6 months but recovered. I was always active as a child and teen but still had problems, but nothing like this. So now I'm 21 and one day i got really sick in a car and it all started from there! Got very dizzy and wanted to puke. But then i started to have abdominal pain, bloating and bad chest pain. I thought it was a bug and let it pass but it went on for weeks. Then i got constipation and started getting very fatigue and weak. Could barley got to work. One day at work i started having suck bad lower abdominal cramps that they wheeled me out on a cart because i could not walk. I went to the er that night after they went away but since then i have had a lot of symptoms. Mostly lower abdominal pain around my pelvis.( By the way I'm a 22 year old male) . But i have been having bad fatigue, arthritis in my fingers when i wake up, severe abdominal pain that only goes away on occasions, testicular tenderness mostly when I'm constipated, severe stress mostly because of my sickness, bad mouth ulcers, and I'm sure there is a lot of symptoms I'm missing but i have been to doctors and even had a colonoscopy which came back good but I've never been tested for celiac or crohns that i know of. Sometimes i really feel like i dying, the depression had led me to hate everything. I can't really enjoy my wife and kids anymore, can't go out anywhere and have fun because I'm always sick. Im going to see a new family doctor this thursday and try to get some test ran but does anybody have symptoms like me and does this sound like celiac? Help me please i just want my life back. Also i have recently gotten itchy bumps on my hands, wrists and inner forearms and on the right side of my neck( kinda like bug bites all over).
  12. Hi There- So, It's been 3-years since I was diagnosed and unfortunately, It's been all downhill since. Symptoms seem to be multiplying, not abating. Most recently, I was diagnosed with the early stages of hashimotos and prescribed a low dose of tirosint, which has made me feel very spacey, non-functional. I'm wondering if the extreme fog is any indication of pre-diabetes (have had slightly raised blood glucose level, in the 100 - 110 range for sometime) or adrenal (raised ACTH) function? Anyhow, instead of trying to dig a little deeper, my endocrinologist recommended that I see my primary care physician. WTF? Is it so difficult for practitioners to pull-up their sleeves? While I have heard very good things about my endocrinologist, I'm disturbed that he is so willing to punt. This is is all new to me frankly, as up to 3-years ago, I rarely saw a doctor...which is maybe why I'm in this bind in the first place. Anyhow, I have been to numerous specialist, none of whom have been able to provide a top down understanding of what the heck is going on here. They all (maybe understandably) operate within their own little tranche. So, I'm thinking of seeing an integrative/alternative/naturopathic doctor(s)...hoping that they can diagnose and treat what the other practitioners have not. Thoughts?
  13. Five months ago I developed symptoms. I felt a tired, low energy, and in the head not feeling all there. A slight sore throat coming on, the feeling you get when you're *about* to get sick. Problem was, I never really got sick (no cough, no runny nose, no fever) and this "almost sickly / tired / foggy feeling continued." For days. Weeks. Months. I went to the doctor. Tests came back normal for things like thyroid checks, vitamin B12, mono, Epstein-Barr, etc. The only thing was my Vitamin D that was insufficient at 23 (30 is normal). I took Vitamin D pills and now my level is 36. The symptoms continue. Some are less and others are more, but the overall feeling is definitely still there. Over the weeks of taking the pills, I'd feel better for a few days, then worse for a few days. Rinse, repeat. The primary symptom during this whole time is what I call brain fog. I see the term thrown around and I don't know if it's the same as what other people say it is but generally I use brain fog because it feels like my experience is clouded in my head. Like having a layer of cloud in your brain fogging things up. Physically it feels almost like a headache, but not quite. It feels almost like being dizzy, but not quite. It feels like tiredness and extreme exhaustion, but that has lessened in recent months and it feels more like a headache. Sleep doesn't change it. There are no noticeable patterns. Even when it's not severe, I feel like it's "always there," my head never feels fully clear. Seems to come in waves. I might go 3-5 days without a severe episode, then it is severe for 3-5 days. Or it might show up in the middle of a day and continue for the rest of that day. Some symptoms came and went: most notably temperature extremes: night sweats, or feeling very cold and shivering. These were quick episodes and stopped after the first month. They happened maybe less than 5 or 8 times. Maybe it's unrelated. The sore throat died down in recent weeks. But I do consistently get cold extremities, which I never used to get. And dry lips, which I also rarely got and only in the winter. And new symptoms appeared in the first month: weakness / feeling of internal 'wobbliness' in my muscles, particularly in my thighs. Not 24/7 but sometimes, kind of like the cycles from before. It wasn't involuntary movement. But I definitely could feel weakness / wobbliness. This has died down in recent weeks. One night I felt tingling on my hands, but that symptom never returned. MRI results are normal. With the exception of something my neurologist described as something about the white matter that is part of normal aging (I'm in my mid-30s), but can appear in people with migraine headaches. I think I will talk with him again to discuss this further because I do not really understand it, but he assured me the MRI was normal. I felt the 'brain fog' prior to and while getting the MRI (symptoms at medium severity). So here I am today, feeling about the same with brain fog / headaches and pretty much always feeling like something's a bit off, like feeling cloudy. I can still do things, exercise, run, go out with friends. But the brain fog / headaches sometimes really kick in sometimes, it seems like in phases. Then I read about gluten sensitivity. I see symptoms like 'brain fog' and headaches and wonder if it might be related. I do think at times after eating heavy meals the fogginess / extreme tiredness came on. But there are days where I eat gluten in cereal and I don't notice an increase in symptoms. Like I said before it comes in waves. 3 days at a time or half a day or 2 days. It's not like after every meal 30 minutes later I feel it then it goes away. But perhaps it's related to *how much* gluten I eat.. My doctor said he does not think it is a gluten issue, but that I can try going gluten free for a few weeks to see if symptoms improve. I'm currently tracking my symptoms and food intake to see if there's a pattern. So I'm just wondering if anyone else here experiences these symptoms and if you think it might be a gluten issue. Thank you for reading.
  14. Hello-- I've been gluten free for almost 3 years ago up till about a week and a half ago. I'm trying to figure out whether to continue eating gluten to be officially tested. I originally went gluten free after 3 years of antibiotics for lyme disease. I had heard that stopping gluten products might stop my symptoms and after going gluten free my symptoms did stop. The problem is, I'm not sure if my symptoms were actually lyme disease or caused by celiac. My main symptoms with lyme (when I was not on antibiotics) were extreme fatigue, lots of brain fog, anxiety and rage, and all over disseminated body pain, electric shock like feelings running down my legs and muscle tics. My doc always said my symptoms were atypical of lyme, but since the antibiotics were helping he kept me on them. Whenever I got off the antibiotics, symptoms would resume (thus the lengthy course of antibiotics). In 2011/2012 my lyme doc stopped taking medical insurance, and I was starting to get worried about all those antibiotics. I discovered that some chronic lyme sufferers went off the gluten and managed to remain symptom free. I went gluten free and my symptoms gradually stopped and so did a lifetime of a bloated belly. In the beginning, I would often accidentally glutenize myself and be hit quickly with almost a full day of utter exhaustion, brain fog, irritation and all over body pain. This made me very serious about never eating gluten. Gradually, I stopped accidentally glutening myself and have felt very healthy. However, as anyone who tries to stay gluten free knows, 3 years of not eating at restaurants and packing my own food everyday grows tedious and sometimes almost oppressive. A year ago, I tried two pieces of pizza to see if I’d been gluten free long enough—I spent the next day in such a brain fog that I almost felt drunk. So, I resumed the gluten free diet. About a week and a half ago, I was at a work function at a fancy schmancy restaurant and hadn’t eaten enough food ahead of time, and I finally broke and had a gorgeous piece of French bread. I didn’t immediately explode as I thought I might. I woke up the next day brain intact, so I ate some more gluten products the next day. My mouth felt awesome. In fact, I felt awesome till about 2 days later. Brain fog has resumed, and I just feel spacy. The all over disseminated body pain has begun again…the exhaustion is creeping back. Does this sound like celiac? Should I continue to the gluten challenge? Different websites state different amounts of time we have to ingest gluten… I see one study that states I’d have to eat it for almost 12 weeks! And then another which says 75% of celiacs will test positive after only two! Thank you for your feedback—my main wonder is if this all over disseminated pain and fogginess sounds like celiac. It only comes when I’ve eaten food containing gluten…
  15. Hello Dear Community! My name is Peter, and I'm nearly 20 years old. Here's my celiac story (please forgive me for the grammar mistakes, my mind isn't that clear at the moment and English is not my main language). First of all I would like to state that I'm not a heavy alcohol drinker (drinking once a month maybe), I don't do drugs, don't drink energy drinks (maybe really rarely). I avoid junk food. I don't even drink fizzy soft drinks. I drink a lot of water, and I eat healthy. At least that's what I thought. At the end of December 2014 I had some light diarrhea. Nothing too serious for real. Then it was lasting for more than a week and I instantly went to see a doctor. I had taken some antibiotics which didn't work obviously. I took blood, urine and stool tests, everything came back negative to any viruses / bacterial infections. My problem was still there, and some others came with it. The first new symptom was that my stomach would hurt all day. The second one was the most scary symptom I have ever crossed in my entire life: brain fog. My brain fog, fatigue, lack of concentration actually showed up under one day. Poof, it's there. It didn't take days to come up, it just appeared. It's like I'm being drunk. Can't focus on anything properly, and it's really bad. All my problems still persist until this very day (except for the stomach ache, it's got better a bit). Yesterday my doctor sent me to take an appointment to the gastroenterologist, I'll try to take one as soon as possible. Also I have an appointment next week friday to an ultrasound examination in the stomach area. My grandma has celiac as well and she got really deeply into this topic so she really knows a lot about it. She said that all my symptoms led to celiacs even though I didn't take any tests for it so far. She also brought me some gluten-free bread, gluten-free flour, amaranth, buckwheat, rice-flour and vitamins, etc. I'm gluten and lactose free for 2 days now. I'm on a lactose-gluten-meat free diet. All my symptoms are still here. There's one I want to get rid the most, which is the brain fog. I would literally do anything to feel normal in the head again. I have started taking vitamin complexes, antioxidants and some eastern mushroom extract capsule (more info below). Here are my daily intakes of them: Vitamin Complex Mushroom Complex Liposomal Vitamin C - 600 mg E-complex - no idea, not much, it's in a form of oil Vitamin D3 (liquid extract) - 25 mcg Pineapple and Papaya enzymes I am planning to take some more B12 (currently I'm taking 2.25 mcg). Should I change something in that? Should I add something to it? I am also planning to go completely grain free and start some exercises such as running. I don't quite care about diarrhea, or stomach problems. The main thing I'm focusing on right at this moment is the brain, the clarity of my mind. It's really really really important to me right now as I'll have final exams in May, and I'm planning to go to university in September. I just can't be defocused or careless now. Please, if any of you have any advice for me don't keep it for yourselves, share it with me! Thank you!
  16. Hi everyone. I'm a new poster here. I'm glad I found this place. I have not been officially diagnosed with a gluten intolerance. The last time I brought up testing with a doctor she informed me they don't do food testing, and it's highly unlikely I will find a place that will diagnose me with having an intolerance (?). So, I figured I know my body best, and I'll just eliminate wheat. I noticed about two years ago I was feeling dizzy, and nauseous. I had a headache all the time, and I couldn't concentrate. Pin that with sinus pain and pressure nonstop. I read about giving up wheat, so I tried. Fast forward to today, I decided last week it would be okay to have breaded food (Wednesday), 6 donuts (Wednesday-Friday) plus toast for breakfast on Sunday. As of today, I'm really feeling down in the dumps. It's been this way since about Tuesday. Zero motivation, brain fog, struggling to concentrate and stay motivated at work. The other night I was watching a TV show about people buying homes, and I seriously got emotional over this abandoned house that nobody seemed to care about anymore. I'm short tempered, and I get easily annoyed with my partner. As far as sleep goes, I can't. I wake up during the night, and usually use an OTC sleep aid to fall asleep. How long will it take for this to pass? I haven't had gluten since Sunday, I'm hoping I can feel normal soon again. I feel like I'm walking around in a fog, with zero direction and zero motivation. But, it's a double-edged sword, because when I feel that way emotionally, all I crave is bread/sweets. Any advice would be appreciated, just so I can feel like I'm not alone feeling this way. I am 100% committed to becoming more careful about my food choices. I cannot continue to live this way. Thanks so much. Lynn
  17. Few things: This is my first post so, Hi! I have only been dealing with all this stuff for a short time, was confirmed Celiac July 9th, been gluten-free for less than a month (started gluten-free after my EGD on June 25th). My brain fog is pretty terrible right now and I am sorry if this is as much of a hot mess as it feels like to me. I know there are threads about changing symptoms after being gluten-free for a while, but I am having a heck of a time finding them, so my apologies if the answers I seek are they I was unable to find them. Up to this point I have not had obvious Digestive symptoms (Cramps, bloating, Diarrhea) Alrighty, Sister-in-Law is getting married tomorrow rehearsal was today and we all went to a Mexican place for dinner. Long story short I got gluttened cause I didn't stick to my guns and not order food, and my mother-in-law was starting to spaz out that I wasn't going to be able to eat anything. Ultimately my fault, I really knew better, and did it anyway. Maybe now they will be more aware of what is going on and not make things harder for me if I don't order anything. So this is the second time since going gluten-free that I have been gluttened, the first time was only a few days after starting and my symptoms were pretty much what I was used to. This time things are very different, a lot of the same stuff is there: Brain Fog (did not miss that let me tell you!), irritability, joint pain, attention issues, super tired, and a rocking headache. Then there are some new things: I keep coughing for no reason (maybe unrelated but not sure), and stomach pain, like muscle pain not really what I expect cramps to feel like. Kind of like someone punched me in the stomach a couple times. Oh and my skin is super itchy. The stomach pain started about the time the food was probably hitting my small intestine from what we (me and the hubs) can tell. I know this stuff is different for everyone but does this ring bells for anyone else? Thank you all so much, this forum has been SUPER helpful for me so far even though I haven't posted before now.
  18. I went to the hospital last week after collapsing, the whole room was spinning, my legs weak and could barely move them, and had a panic attack out of fear of what was going on. The dr without examining me explained that it was sinus pressure and vertigo as I always feel pressure in my head between my eyes whenever I have these spells. There are times that my muscles involuntarily twitch and I can hardly see straight. I have the worst brain fog that I almost feel outside of my body. This has always given me anxiety attacks because it frightens me. I went to a neurologist a year ago just said they were migraines. I thought I was having seizures so I got an EEG and an MRI. Came back ok. I have been under a lot of stress going through a divorce with a 2 yr old and 1 yr old doing everything on my own for over a yr. The next day after going to the hospital I had instant oatmeal the same thing I had before I went to the hospital. I experienced the exact same thing. I tried it again the following morning and had the same exact symptoms. I have always known that what I feel correlates with what I ate but I never really payed attention or ever even thought it could be some type of allergy or sensitivity to gluten. After researching gluten intolerance I feel a lot of the neurological symptoms and not as bad as the intestinal problems. This seems to be getting worse for me and I am curious to see if anyone has these same reactions to gluten. I am getting tested in a week so hopefully I can get some answers because I don't know how much longer I can take this.
  19. I couldn't decide what seemed like that best category was.. even though I'm technically pre-diagnosis.. I'm already in the steps to recovering because gluten is clearly an issue for me. I'm on a gluten free diet per doctor's suggestion. I'm 17, I suspect that I have celiac or at least gluten intolerance. I began homeschooling two years ago due to being so sickly. We didn't know why I had such a wide array of symptoms. My blood test for celiac came back negative and we have yet to hear about the intolerance. I'm still not convinced that I don't have celiac though. Right now I absolutely cannot think. I've been on a gluten free diet for less than a week because my doctor suggested that I try it. I'm certainly not 100% gluten free due because I still use the same toaster as the rest of my family and things like that. There's a chance that I may have eaten a microscopic amount of gluten because I was eating raisins and some other things that were not specifically labeled as gluten free this morning. I have school work to do, I have to write an english paper, I have to do my math work and my tutor is coming later. I'm SO exhausted. I can't even bring myself to think. I just sat there staring at a blank document forever with my head spinning. Now, I'm lying down for a nap until my tutor gets here in an hour.. my mother is mad at me because I haven't gotten ANY work done in the past four weeks because I've been feeling so unwell. My stomach issues have begun to resolve since starting to eat gluten free.. and the brain fog has even lifted... This morning though, I must have had something I shouldn't have. I'm getting a headache and I feel like I'm in a complete fog. How am I supposed to handle this. It's not my fault that I feel this way, I TRIED to work but I can't. I can't even focus on the things that I actually want to do like drawing or playing the guitar. How am I supposed to resolve this before my tutor gets here? How am I supposed to make my mother understand? I'm not being lazy. Does anyone else here ever get a brain fog so bad that they simply cannot work/do school/etc.?
  20. If anyone could help or advise I would be eternally grateful, access to information is extremely limited in the UK and from what I am increasingly discovering doctors from GP’s to specialists are pretty clueless. I originally posted my symptoms on here three months ago. Background, I was slowly recovering from the diagnosis of Coeliac Disease in March, I’d just enjoyed a fantastic weekend with my girlfriend when I was randomly hit by a huge bout of anxiety that took me off my feet. Never had a history of anxiety, had no reason to be hit by it. Symptoms that have followed include: Anxiety that is worse in the mornings, fade in the afternoon and die off after 6pm – dizziness, confusion, displacement – acid feelings in my legs, jelly arms, intercostal pain in ribs and numb limbs. It’s like ground hog day every day and this has been my life for the last 12 weeks. I have had every test imaginable Vitamins, brain scan etc and the only resulting factor is cortisol levels are too high – I have been tested for Cushings and that doesn’t appear to be conclusive. The doctors have advised taking anti anxiety meds to curb the problem but I refuse to take them as I know its not the root of the problem. I dose out on Kalms (over the counter herbal remedy) each day just to take the edge of the feelings. I am aware there are links between Coeliac and anxiety, I would be interested if anyone has experienced the same symptoms and recovered? I have taken the following to date which has had little to no success: Vitamins B, C, D – other complex vits like Berroca. I have just started taking Magnesium but a little too early to say whether this has worked or not. Any help or advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks Chris
  21. I accidentally ate something w/ cross contamination yesterday (only cooked from home) and started having symptoms in the early evening. My typical headache, then brain fog, extreme fatigue and feeling weak, chills & body aches. ' My breathing is quite shallow and I've used my emergency inhaler quite a few times in the past 24 hours because I feel as though I cannot breath deeply enough. It is not an asthma attack, but still uncomfortable all the same. I was dx as asthma as a kid but it doesn't bother me too much. Has anyone else experienced this when you've been 'glutened'? I'm not 100% if it is asthma, or just the extreme fatigue...its like I don't have the strength to fully fill my lungs Thanks
  22. Greetings All: I wish this were a feel-good post... I was diagnosed with classic celiac disease 3-years ago and have felt progressively worse ever since. My symptoms prior to diagnosis were mostly neuro-related. I was reasonably fatigued most days, found it exceptionally difficult to focus on anything that didn't interest me, had anxiety and a somewhat sensitive stomach. I also had silent GERD. In comparison to today, I'd take that symptom profile any day of the week! Now, most days are marred by bad brain fog, which sometimes blows off in the mid-afternoon or just sticks around all day. This has been exceptionally debilitating. I also am experiencing a level of fatigue unlike anything I ever experienced in the past, a much more sensitive stomach and inconsistent bowl movements. Sadly, these symptoms are consistent with a pre-diagnosis...not post-diagnosis. I am somewhat at a loss. A recent follow-up endoscopy and colonoscopy provided no answers. The results indicated that my villi are healing and there were no mentioned signs of gastritis, crohns, ibs, gerd, etc. The only anomaly that I am currently managing is a sluggish thyroid, which my endocrinologist described as early onset hashimotos. I am currently taking tirosint, which I have been on for approximately a month. I also begrudgingly take achipex (ppi) for the gerd and Adderall for attention/energy. I would say the meds have provided some relief, but I have a long way to go before I can approximate anything resembling normalcy. I'd rather not be taking any meds, none of which I took prior to the celiac diagnosis. I have had numerous allergen tests and tested slightly positive to certain airborn allergens and a whole bunch of foods. The food test was conducted by alletess shortly after diagnosis, but my GI doc dismissed the results. I'm wondering, now 3-years later, if I should have the test done again and closely adhere to the recommended foods/rotation, etc. I never knowingly consume gluten, but do occasionally consume other common allergens...soy/egg/lactose/nuts. Since my malaise/pain is constant, it's been very difficult to associate symptoms with specific foods...if that's even the problem. I'm not sure how long it takes for the full benefits of tirosint to kick-in, but I'd love it if these issues were mostly/all thyroid related. As for vitamin/mineral deficiencies, I take a daily multivitamin, plant-based enzymes with most meals and a near-daily regimen of probiotics. Recent blood tests indicated that I am extremely low in iron and also am not absorbing iron well, but because of my stomach/thyroid issues was discouraged from taking an iron supplement. I suspect that my gut still has a long way to go, is constantly inflamed for some reason and needs a buddy. Does the above resonate with anyone? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm all ears. Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone, I've read a lot of the posts related to brain fog, and have found a lot of great info. However, I haven't found much related to ways in which to speed up recovery from it. I've listed below what I found: do you know additional ways? Here's what I've found in the other posts: - Get nutrient levels checked, especially: vitamins B and D, calcium, magnesium. Take supplements as needed. - Get seratonin and neurotransmitter levels checked - Take probiotics - Ensure there's absolutely no gluten cross-contamination Here are things I've picked up or figured out myself: - Identify foods other than gluten which set off the "brain fog" response - Identify foods labelled "gluten-free" which have ingredients you know to be ok for you, but which set off a reaction anyway (my guess is this is due to manufacturing processes - Mary's Gone Crackers is one food which fits this criteria for me). Anything else? I've been particularly looking for programs designed to aid memory recovery and general brain function recovery from a temporary "cognitive decline", but haven't found anything good yet. That said, I haven't been able to fandangle my way into a neurologist's office to ask an expert, either. Does anyone know of differences in recommended brain fog recovery aids for non-celiac gluten sensitivity versus celiac disease? Thank you!!
  24. Hi all, My first post here. First, I tested negative for Celiac Disease. I do think, however, that I am sensitive to gluten nonetheless. I have little to no G.I. symptoms. All of my symptoms are neurologically based. The main ones are... -Horrible brain fog (this is the main symptom) -Occasional migraine-like headaches -Fatigue -Dysautonomia (chronic orthostatic hypotension) -Loss of hunger (when its really bad) -Dizziness I've decided to start on an elimination diet and eat plain rice for a week or so. Then hopefully I'll see some improvement. I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has experienced a similar set of symptoms and could tell me their story. I'm wondering if this is 100% curable and how long it might take to get appreciably better. Thanks for your time and consideration.
  25. AZGirl

    Help Please

    I am confused and hoping someone can help me understand what is going on. I was diagnosed and undiagnosed several times 2 years ago; tested due to stomach, malnutrion, BRAIN FOG, etc... issues. In September of 2011 I went gluten free and stayed that way for a full year. I worked hard to be careful, but felt I was constantly getting accidentally contaminated because stomach symptoms would occur. I can't remember how my brain fog was affected (heavy sigh). One day my stomach issues resolved. I can remember the moment it happened, the nauseau just went away after about 9 months. I continued to be gluten free until October of 2012. For some reason, I decided to go back to eating gluten and was not suffering stomach issues, which were my most debilitating symptom. This indicated to me that I didn't have Celiac. I then started having very severe brain fog and my nose started running that day and has never stopped. The brain fog this time was intense and impacting all areas of my life. I decided to go gluten free to see if that has an affect. Brain fog has improved dramatically, but I am dealing with all kinds of new symptoms now that I am gluten free like: rashes, huge blisters in my mouth, acne, and weak immune system. My question is why now am I getting all these weird side effects? Is it because my system is clean and getting guttened causes this? Is it because I'm detoxing from going gluten free? I am so confused. I am not sure if gluten free is the correct course of action with all the side effects. Any experience in this area would be so appreciated.