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Found 5 results

  1. In 2013 I went in to my gasto dr. after continued abdominal pain. He did a Celiac panel b/c I requested it. I had tried a 3 day gluten-free diet prior to my test. My results were: tTg IGA 35U/ml ref 0-15 The dr did not read my test result before doing an endoscopy. All I know is I feel better without gluten so I live gluten-free but i just want to know what these tesults mean
  2. Hello, I'm just a little confused with my test results and whether they're actually indicative of possible celiac, so any advice is really appreciated. For background, I've had digestive problems for as long as I can remember. When I was a baby, I had difficulty gaining weight, threw up formula constantly, and was pretty colicky. As a teenager, I had embarrassing stomach cramps and abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating (this was really bad and really noisy at times). Those problems have persisted into adulthood (I'm 31). Furthermore, I'm deficient in several vitamins, including b12 and D, and I've tested high for bilirubin before. I've had clay-colored stools, persistent diarrhea (especially in the morning), and my stools regularly float. I've also had neurological problems, including episodes of nystagmus, double vision, headaches that last for weeks, shooting nerve pain on the side of my face with minor temporary hearing loss, and numbness/tingling in hands, not to mention frequent fatigue (usually in the afternoon) and slurred speech and memory/articulation problems. Although an MS specialist identified several signs, others neurologists didn't see those signs (ophthalmologists didn't either), and I've had two negative MRIs. So no idea what's going on there. I've also had problems with my lady parts, specifically polycystic ovaries. In June, I had a weird stomach issue. I had relatively severe abdominal pain in my lower right side plus severe nausea and decreased appetite. I almost went to the hospital thinking it was my appendix, but the pain never worsened, so I didn't go. Bad nausea persisted for about two weeks, though, and it took about a week for the abdominal pain to completely go away. A few months later I started having episodes that would start with abdominal pain around my bellybutton and end with diarrhea (the oh-my-god-I'm-dying type). For about a week after the pain, I'd get severe nausea, body aches and chills, and a low-grade fever. I had about three of these episodes before I screw it and went to a gastroenterologist. The gastroenterologist mentioned celiac, among inflammatory conditions, and ordered a blood test and a colonoscopy and endoscopy. A nurse from his office called to say that I had a slightly abnormal celiac panel, with my "antigliadin IGG levels signaling a weak positive." I looked at the actual results, though, and I can't figure anything out. It seems like the only test I had a weak positive for is the one that's not even recommended for testing celiac anymore because it's not sensitive. So, while they say it's an abnormal panel, I'm thinking I should dismiss the positive altogether. Then again, I don't really know what the heck is going on with these tests. Here's what they read: IGA IMMUNOGLOBULIN 203 (range 81-463) DEAMIDATED GLIADIN IGA (0.0-19.9) 6.5 DEAMIDATED GLIADIN IGG (0.0-19.9) 3.0 ANTIGLIADIN IGA 0.0-19.9 (0.0-19.9) 5.8 ANTIGLIADIN IGG 0.0-19.9 (0.0-19.9) 21.1 (only positive result) TISSUE TRANSGLUT.IGA (0.0-19.9) 5.6 TISSUE TRANSGLUT.IGA 0.0-19.9 1.9 My guess is that these tests don't reveal that I likely have celiac, which is disappointing because so many of those old symptoms (even the neurological ones) could be explained by celiac. But I also know there's a protocol to testing for celiac, and I have no idea if that protocol was used here. The gastroenterologist wants to do a biopsy, which I'm all for, but I also want to go into that endoscopy realistically and not have high expectations. Any advice or opinions about this test would help a lot to acclimate me and give me a better idea of the results and what to expect for the biopsy.
  3. Hello all, Thank you for providing a space to chat and gain support. I am hoping to learn more before my endoscopy which is this coming Wednesday. I just received my bloodwork results. I do not have them in hand, but the gastro doctor called to inform me they were positive. He stated my celiac panel number was "163", he said he's seen higher and anything over 15 was a positive for him. Which number is this, the tTg? I would be relieved to finally get a firm diagnosis and start towards feeling better. I've always been health conscious and the diet does not worry me. I just want to feel better someday! I also deal with severe anxiety and am in CBT. My CBT therapist has been so helpful! So that anxiety has me jumping down rabbit holes that they will find something even worse. Thanks again and hello.
  4. Hi......I am once again being tested through bloodwork and was told to eat gluten for 48 hours prior...is this correct?
  5. I just got back my test results and this is what they said: Gliadin AB, Iga (GLIAD IGA) - 1 units (0-19 being negative) TISS TRANSGL IGA (TTG IGA) - 1 Units (0-19 being negative) IMMUNOGLOBULIN A - 19 mg/dl (68-378 being normal) So, while my immunoglobulin level is really low/deficient, are my other test levels low enough to assume that I'm still negative or does having 19 mg/dl of IgA mean that those two other tests are basically useless? I guess the logical part of my brain says that even with a low IgA level my scores would have been higher than 1 units. I'd greatly appreciate any input has regarding this. My GI doctor is very helpful and seems very current in his knowledge of Celiac testing, but I won't see him for a couple weeks and am slightly mentally tortured wondering if I can read anymore into this testing. I know that he wants me to get the IgG testing (I think that was what he called it). But I'm wondering if that is just a precaution or if these tests are invalid because of my being IgA deficient. Thanks in advance for any information you can share! Ryan