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Found 8 results

  1. I am looking for an option for my son's classroom. They have in his 504 plan that each student will clean off his/her desk with a wipe after any eating in the classroom. I have to provide the wipes to the school. I realize that most cleaning wipes will not fully clean gluten off of desks but it will at least clean crumbs/etc off. Any suggestions on what type of wipes to buy. They are 4th graders so I am trying to find something that is easy, cost effective but doesn't have a ton of chemicals.
  2. KelleyJoL1804

    Washing my countertops

    My college aged daughter has been recently diagnosed with celiac's. We are relieved to have an answer after so much suffering. And we love it when she comes home. So, please don't misunderstand. Trying to keep half my kitchen gluten free is driving me nuts! We are a larger family with 3 kids in college. We can't afford to go completely gluten free. And she is home only for 3 months of summer and Christmas break. I feel guilty for complaining, but it's a lot of work. I know bleach does nothing to de-nature the protein, but can I wash stuff with hydrochloric acid between uses? That should break down and at least partially digest the gluten? Then I wouldn't have to do so many repeated washings of the same surface? Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, my boyfriend has Celiac's, and therefore we have separate toasters (his for gluten-free bread, mine for gluten bread). The other day, I made a slight mistake: I put one slice of gluten bread in his toaster. I didn't toast it (realized the mistake right away and took the slice out, so there shouldn't be incrusted crumbs everywhere inside), but it did definitely go in the bread slot. Is there a way to clean the toaster so that he can keep using it, or should we just get a new one? I am sort of hoping that by using the toaster on gluten-free bread several times, maybe whatever gluten is on the toaster will "stick to" the gluten-free bread, and that the toaster will then be usable again; or something of the kind. Thanks!
  4. George Macdonald


    Hi! My name is George. I am 13 years of age and I am struggling with a problem. I was diagnosed with celiac about 6 months ago after having stomachs and short stature. I love this new diet now that I am starting to develop muscles. The good things end there. I hate seeing all my friends eat sandwiches, cake, cookies, pizza etc. I also have been dealing with delayed puberty. Is this linked with celiac? Should I tell my parents? Should I see an endocrinologist? Please help me. -George P.S. An adult didn't write this I am just very educated.
  5. So a friend is bringing me some home made vanilla ice cream. She is using organic milk so there is no corn contamination from vitamin D fortification. But she just mentioned that she has used a recipe in the past that had flour in it. So my question is, can an ice cream maker that has had flour in it ever be cleaned well enough to prevent CC? I won't turn the ice cream down and hurt her feelings, but if it isn't safe I'll be giving it away later. (She's bringing it to my shop where I have no freezer so I'll be running home with it as soon as she brings it, while a friend watches the shop for a few minutes.) But if it IS safe it'll be a great treat.
  6. Hello, not sure if this is the proper place to post this question however, I just moved into a new home and do not know what has been cooked in this oven. I assume it should be cleaned really well to avoid any contamination. Is this a true statement? If yes, any suggesstions on what kind of oven cleaner might be a good one? I have been sick the past couple of days, one I know I was glutenned from something (not sure what) and today upset stomach. Granted, there is a stomach flu going around town, but my only thought might be the oven in this new house has crumbs, flour, wheat, etc lingering around. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  7. I am moving in with my boyfriend and I need some advice. He is a gluten eater but is going to go gluten and soy free for me as I am very sensitive. I have celiac as well as a soy allergy. Well when I moved into my current apartment I spent almost a week straight cleaning and recleaning the kitchen and dishwasher, oven etc to try to sanitize it as best as humanly possible to reduce my chances of cross contamination. So what I would like to know is: 1. what are the best ways to absolutely scrub the living hell out of the kitchen that was full of gluten so it's safe for me? 2. best way to really clean the dishwasher? When I lived with my parents I was constantly very ill from cross contamination from the dishwasher, so is there a cleaner or something I can run through there to really strip it of anything dangerous to me? What about the silverware rack if it has nicks and cuts from knives? The one in my current apartment was like that so I completely tossed it so I wouldn't even have the risk. But I would hate to do that to him if I could just deep bleach it or something. I just want to get everything as safe as I possibly can because CC is something that really hits me and I cannot afford to live with that.
  8. I am a foodservice chef in a small Midwestern college, and serving our student with gluten intolerance is a huge priority for us. We will soon be opening a new facility that features a lot of made to order items, especially in our Asian wok area. We intend to have saute pans specifically designated for non-gluten cooking. Are there steps that must be taken when washing these pans? Could we possibly cross contaminate our pans by washing them with pans that have had pasta cooked in them? By the way, it is a three step process where they are scrubbed in one sink, rinsed in another, and then sanitized in a third sink. Any help that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.