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Found 34 results

  1. Hello, This is my first time posting to this board. My daughters were both recently diagnosed with celiac. We are getting used to it. It's so much easier to control on the home front, trickier when we travel. We suspect we've gluttoned our youngest, who seems to have it much more severely, via cross contact a few times. Dish towels, sponges, cutting boards etc. while visiting family. They go to extraordinary lengths to accommodate us food wise, it's the environmental piece that feels insurmountable right now. What are your best travel tips when visiting family or going on vacation when you want to cook in a kitchen? We love to cook, food is a big deal to us. Do you bring your own items? If so, what do you bring? WOuld love to hear how other approach this. Thanks!
  2. Can I be cross contaminationed by purchasing resale items that have come in contact with gluten? Can I properly sanitize a bedding set without destroying the color/fabric? If so, how? I purchased a bedding set through a virtual yard sale, and my husband brought this question up. I've never thought of it in my 6 years as a diagnosed celiac. I couldn't find information about cleansing cloth (fully) from gluten, and I'd like to feel safe before picking the set up. Any info or direction would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Stefani87

    Traveling with celiac

    Traveling with celiac I would like to relate my experience today and then ask for advice on traveling and bringing food along (being prepared). See last paragraph Today we traveled to a new place and meet new people. We had a project to do and then everyone wanted to go to lunch. So I didn’t have an opportunity to research this place before hand - I could’ve used Find Me Gluten Free - but I didn’t. I took a risk. (I know better now) anyways the place we went had gluten-free options so I asked the waitress if I got the gyro without the pita would it be gluten-free. She said yeah. She asked if I wanted fries even though fried in same fryer as other gluten items. I said yes because I’ve done it before without any repercussions. I love fries. So the place seemed pretty knowledgeable about gluten-free food. My food was great! But an hour or so later I was vomiting in the men’s stall at a gas station (all the fries, TMI?) - the woman’s was occupied! I have only recently started vomiting when I have a cc gluten exposure. Ugh! Ok so I know my mistake was getting the fries. Taking a risk. Not double checking the restaurant. Not maybe being more vigilant for my health. I hate being that person at the restaurant who has to make a scene asking all the gluten free questions. Especially in front of new people. So now I know I need to be better prepared. But does that mean not eating out at new places every again? I need advice in how to travel with celiac disease, how to be better prepared for going to a new restaurant. At this point should I just pack my own lunch every time I go somewhere new? My husband (bless his heart) did pack me veggies to eat but I need more than that or I’ll get hangry. Also I am terrible at being that prepared that I could have brought my own lunch along. Also do I eat my own lunch in the restaurant? I can’t do that right plus it would be weird?
  4. Good afternoon, My 5 year old daughter has just received her diagnosis of celiac's disease after a biopsy. I have not met with the gastroenterologist since the diagnosis (apparently next appointment will only be in a few months) and we have been told that we will be contacted for an appointment with a nutritionist in a few weeks. Until then, I am left with a lot of questions. This is day 2 of going gluten free and I am feeling slightly insane. I see bread crumbs everywhere! I am trying to think of all the ways cross contamination can occur and have designated a small isolated section of my counter as the GLUTEN counter, where anything bread related must happen. As I fiddled around making three different lunches to accommodate my 4 small children's particular dietary needs and preferences (the 5 year old with celiac is the eldest, and one of my twin babies has an egg allergy), I thought I would lose my mind. Bread crumbs would travel on my fingers, I worried about transporting toast to a plate near hers, and of course, the dreaded idea of toasting her first ever slice of gluten free bread in the regular toaster. I must have washed my hands 10 times and I had to restrain myself from making her eat at a separate table lest her twin baby sisters started to toss their crusts around. I am making a list of things to buy to use exclusively for gluten-free stuff: I need new wooden cooking instruments, a new nonstick pan, a new toaster... or do I? There is a part of me that wonders if I am succumbing to some kind of collective gluten paranoia. Please don't get upset at me for feeling that way! I just have trouble wrapping my head around the idea that a tiny trace of gluten left in a pan that has been cleaned could really do any damage. I have tried to think of the gluten as a poison. It's not like I would accept "just a wee bit of arsenic" in my children's food. But then again, I am visualizing gluten like a feral cat clawing away at my daughter's gut, and then thinking about the little speck of gluten leaving a tiny pinprick... which doesn't seem so concerning. So how bad is cross contamination REALLY? In your experience, based on your knowledge, based on your opinion. I'm open to your thoughts. But, please understand that at this time, I am NOT considering turning my home into a gluten-free home. I don't want everyone to be deprived because of one person's diagnosis, and quite frankly I can barely imagine how I will finance one person's gluten-free diet, let alone 6! Thanks for your feedback!
  5. Hi All, My my family and I just moved to Switzerland from Australia. As an American expat I was very pleased to find out that I could easily order gluten-free Cheerios for my 3 and 5 year old girls for the first time! Well...for the past two weeks my girls have been displaying signs of being glutened. They are now having terrible direahea for the past 2 weeks since I've been feeding them this cereal every other day or so. I've desperately been trying to rule out what is causing this but we are a gluten-free household...Now, I'm just waiting for the poo samples to come back because none of thier kindergarten and play group friends are sick but these test won't reveal gluten poisoning...sadly, I've just stopped the cereal for brekkie. I am am wondering if anyone here has had any problems with the gluten-free Cheerios as of late? Thank you!
  6. Hello everyone! I am wondering if anyone knows if Essie nail polish is gluten free?? I contacted the company but didn't hear back I have also tried googling it but didn't find anything. I am currently getting cross contamination somewhere and have a breakout of DH but can't figure out what is causing it so this is my next test to see if it could be the nail polish. Thank you for any help you can give me!!!
  7. In an effort to find out what I have been eating that is causing my symptoms (migraines, joint pain, brain fog, fatigue, gut pain) I have invested in a Nima tester. Peanut M&M's DID NOT pass the gluten free test! I highly suspect cross contamination as Mars have so many M&M's that contain gluten items like pretzels and cookies. Peanut M&M's are off my safe list of something quick to grab. It also helps to shed light on why my tTg is slightly elevated as I have been eating them as of late. Since I am going with whole foods for awhile to see if that helps resolve my symptoms, peanut M&M's are off my list anyway.
  8. Hi. Either I can't find a good, pure turmeric, or I am cross-reacting with it. Does anyone else have a problem with turmeric? What is a good, pure, not too expensive commercially available brand (in USA)? Thanks.
  9. Hi gang. I'm sure everyone can relate to that wit's end moment with dealing with Celiac and I feel like I'm finally hitting mine. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and through that time have had lots of ups and downs teaching family, friends, partners, loved ones and restaurant staff how to safely make a meal for me (or anyone else with celiac for that matter). I've definitely had moments of feeling like a paranoid freak and like I have to be overly anal about issues, especially in dealing with cross contamination, but typically people have figured it out and we can all have a laugh and share a meal. This has also led me to become rather self conscious about the level to which I have to remind people about my sensitivity and feeling like a nag at times. But again, 15 years worth of boyfriends and others have figured it out without too much of a headache and I've always been grateful for the extra steps being taken to keep me healthy. Until now. I just moved in with my boyfriend of a year and his 13 year old son and it's like a gluten bomb has gone off in the house. I've had a few talks with the BF about keeping things separate but I am still getting sick after almost each meal prepared by him or his son. We've talked about having a clean grill, keeping the cutting board clean, condiments....you guys know the drill. Last night I had to quietly (and awkwardly) ask him to wash his hands after eating a soft pretzel as he was about to prep dinner. It led to a big discussion after and I'm not sure it's really resonating other than he feels terrible (and I somehow got glutened again). On top of all that I just witnessed his son prep a bagel and immediately unload the dishwasher without washing his hands. This sounds like such dumb stuff but we all know it can get us sick, and I've pretty much been getting sick weekly since moving in (whereas I used to get sick 1-2 times a year)..... I guess my questions at this point are.....is this a lost cause? Without making this whole house gluten-free (which I'm not advocating for nor is he prepared to do) how can things like this be prevented (which I already seemingly know the answer to, it's just a matter of getting it to happen)? Do any of you have suggestions on how to have these conversations with confidence and not feel like a total freak in trying to explain how sick you get from a single crumb? Or how to get this across to a 13 year old without sounding like a crazy evil overbearing stepmother? I thought, after 15 years, I really had this dialed but clearly I have been proven wrong. Any and all suggestions welcome, including dumping boyfriend, moving out, tazing anyone who walks in the house with glutenous foods, and just getting over it in general.
  10. I am looking for a group of tweens/teens with Celiac for my daughter to join. She is currently 11 yo and diagnosed with Celiac Disease 6 months ago. She is responding very well to the gluten-free lifestyle, but social situations are challenging. It would be terrific for her to have a group of people her age to share experiences, stories and gluten-free-strategies. We live in the Atlanta area.
  11. oregonceliac

    How to order food safely

    Hey everyone, I'm a newly diagnosed celiac and have some social skills issues as well. While I've read other guides for how to order at restaurants, I was wondering if someone could write up specific questions to ask staff that I could use and memorize, as I'm not even sure what questions to be asking or how to phrase them the best (accurately, firmly, yet politely). Without some questions to ask, I tend to fumble my words and my needs don't get met or understood. I'd like to go out to a bar, for example, and I understand what ingredients are and aren't safe but am not sure what questions about cross contamination/shared kitchen use type stuff I should be asking. Would someone be willing to share the script they use for A.) going out to a new restaurant and B.) going to a bar? I would really appreciate the guidance. -G
  12. First, I want to say thanks to the veterans of this site who read through thousands of posts from people like me and take the time to respond you have been there for me in rough times before and I'm bummed that I am back with confusion! I have been on a gluten free diet for 4 years and I occasionally have these rapid gastric dumping issues where I eat a meal and then within 30 minutes I am running to the bathroom for an urgent diarrhea evacuation (that's basically vomit because its all the food i just ate completely undigested). I have had no stomach surgeries or gastric bypass- none of that. I also off and on have phases where i am nauseous and nothing sounds good. My metabolism has always been high but i get so frustrated trying to find something that 1. is gluten free, 2. sounds appetizing enough to eat and 3. is semi healthy! I crave stuff like pizza and nachos. Anyways- sometimes just 30-60 minutes after eating i am hungry again! Sick of eating!!! I saw my doctor yesterday and she wants me to try dairy free for 30 days. I die. I eat dairy all the time- greek full fat yogurt and cheese are a staple in my diet for protein and calcium- I don't drink much milk so I don't see how if I eat dairy every day this causes intermittent dumping? I am depressed just thinking about doing DF and gluten-free (sorry to those who already do it I admire your strength) i am having a hard enough time just being gluten-free. SOOO my question is from y'all's experience: Is this gastric dumping/urgent evacuation caused by cross contamination of gluten? ( I have a 16 month old that eats gluten so this may be increasing my exposure) Or do you think this could really be lactose intolerance? Also my immune system has been s$#& this fall and I already had hand foot mouth and now a KILLER cold. That is all- thanks for any input!! -lj
  13. Hi, I gave up gluten five years ago and have gradually been learning how to avoid cross contamination. Five months ago I started to get gluten reactions back to back and have only twice made it through two weeks without an obvious gluten reaction. I haven't been able to tolerate gluten free bread for a couple of years and recently went grain free which I believe helps. However, I have still been getting glutened up to twice a week. For instance, from airborne gluten (driving through a wheat field that was being harvested and walking past the air vent of an industrial sized bakery) and last night I got sick from cooking in my oven which had had a pizza cooked in it by my family - a rookie error, I know. I have finally got an agreement that my family won't use the oven for gluten and won't eat bread in the house, just cereal but this last one was the straw that broke the camel's back. I am losing hope that I will get a chance to heal. I live a few doors away from a Papa John's and on the other side is a pub kitchen. I just CANNOT face eating any more because I spend all day cooking from scratch vegetables, fruit, meat (I react to beans/eggs/soy and need to do a dairy challenge) but I am CONSTANTLY ill. I am even scared today to breath outside my house because of the Papa John! I have a young baby to care for and it's sunny outside but I am too weak, tired and depressed to do anything. Is there any hope for a (potentially) super sensitive. P.S. I am not diagnosed as I didn't know about celiac or NCGS etc when I gave it up. I am working with a dietician who very much approved of the range of nutrients I was getting, understands gluten etc. She wants us to find a way to get a kind of diagnosis and I am grateful but I know that I am on my own really because I have to be able to manage my environment. Have any super sensitives managed to go for any length of time without being glutened?
  14. Hello, I'm new to this super-sensitive situation. I am not celiac (or at least I never had the biopsy because my antibodies were negative), but I went gluten-free about 12 years ago and it made huge differences in my health. I had been suffering from continual infections for many years, and after going gluten-free the infections resolved as well as many other symptoms that I hadn't even realized were signs of illness (heartburn, constipation, fatigue, weight gain). For many years things went really well, but a few years ago I noticed that the symptoms were starting to sneak back up on me. I tried eliminating all kinds of things, even going grain free for a while, but no luck. I did find a shampoo that had wheat oil in it and felt somewhat better after getting rid of that, but the symptoms were not completely gone. Finally I realized maybe it was in my vitamins so I stopped all of them and finally felt better! Everything I was taking said "gluten free" on the label but when I contacted the company (Jamieson) they said their facilities were not gluten-free and there could be cross contamination. This was the first I became aware of the possibility that I could maybe be that sensitive. And now I seem to be reacting to EVERYTHING!! In the past 6 to 9 months I have gone through months of what I thought might be fibromyalgia but after reading about Dr. Fasano's Gluten Contamination Elimination Diet I tried that, and have been feeling much better again! It's really HARD to do it over the long term, though (and I'm a really good cook, and a dietitian by trade!) so I'm trying to figure out which processed foods are safe to add back. I am gradually checking with manufacturers about food products again, and adding things back one at a time but only after I've confirmed that they are made in a wheat free facility and are not likely to be grown with wheat. Flare ups last for about 3-4 days, so it's hard to trace back everything I ate in that time. This weekend, I had a big flare up and I can't figure out why. Today (Tuesday) is the first day I'm feeling better so it likely happened on Friday or Saturday. I was at a wedding on Saturday but brought all my own food. The only things I ate at the wedding were some vegetables off a pre-packaged veggie tray from Costco! The only other place I could imagine was on Thursday when I ate lunch at a picnic table with some colleagues and was sitting "downwind" from my friend who was eating a sandwich. It's scary how paranoid this condition makes you! My hubby has gone gluten-free with me; we've basically eliminated wheat from the kitchen; I'm using tinfoil on our bbq (can't afford a new one) in case there are any stray crumbs there; we had a potluck on the weekend and I asked people to bring raw ingredients so I could cook everything here; we are invited out to dinner tomorrow and I'm bringing my own food, etc. etc. etc. I'm hopeful because I'm feeling better but also daunted by the prospect of eating this way forever. I wonder if it's possible that that long term exposure to trace amounts of gluten in my vitamin supplement could have hypersensitized my system and that things might improve again as time goes by...? Any thoughts? I am happy to have found this forum. I will look forward to reading more of your posts.
  15. Hi, my 9 yo daughter has celiac. At Mexican restaurants or burrito shops, I'd like to order her a quesadilla on corn tortillas. I am concerned about cross-contamination from the the quesadilla being cooked on the same grill as flour tortillas. What do other people do? Does it help to ask to clean the grill? Other food items apply too, like grilled fish.
  16. Hi, I've posted on here before and everyone's input was definitely helpful so I thought I'd do it again. I'm 22 and I was diagnosed with celiac via an endoscopy biopsy a year ago. After a couple of months of going gluten free, I was feeling really great and, dare I say, pretty close to being back to "normal." So from about January to July I was feeling well, other than once or twice when I was accidentally glutened. However, around July this past summer, I started having stomach problems again, including cramps, diarrhea, bloating and heartburn (which I never had heartburn until I got celiac). These symptoms are milder than when I had undiagnosed celiac, occurring 1 to 3 times a week, rather than almost every day like before. But still, they are pretty similar symptoms. I take immodium and bentyl pretty regularly, maybe overuse of the meds is messing me up. I got another round of labs done about 2 months ago, and everything came back normal. Thinking it might be another food allergy, I visited an allergist and they did skin tests and did not find anything. I am not having any histamine reactions, either, but I never really have from the get go. Of course, the allergist said that he could not really do much testing, otherwise, as blood work would not detect anything food related. He pretty much advised to take foods out of my diet to see how I'm feeling and try to narrow it down. As careful as I am, I know there is a risk of cross contamination. However, I didn't think I was THAT sensitive, as back in the winter I accidentally drank a sip of regular beer thinking it was my own, and felt fine the net day. So I figured that a teeny tiny amount did not really affect me. I am slightly frustrated in that I was feeling really well and out of nowhere I started slipping back again. I have read articles that say that a celiac's stomach is never fully healed, but they always seem gimmicky and promote a really specific diet. I am skeptical when reading things like, "gluten free diets alone don't work." But, I can't deny that I am still having issues. I am definitely willing to alter my diet in terms of eating more clean, but realistically I don't think I could ever go 100% clean. I eat pretty well already but, like everyone, I enjoy junk food once in a while and love dining out once a month or so. At this point, the next step is for me to go back to the gastro, but I wanted to see if I was maybe missing something or not thinking about something else that may be causing this. Basically I am wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to this and if it was due to diet, or maybe another related gastrointestinal disorder. I am also not sure about which foods to test out removing from my diet. I went dairy free for a while and I was still having the same issues. Has anyone had their sensitivity increase after being gluten free for a few months? Is there a factor I could be neglecting to take into consideration? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  17. Well, I'm new to the forum- and thankful to have found it! I wanted to be able to share my story with someone who would understand, as my family of origin doesn't really understand or "get it." (I do have a supportive husband, but he doesn't really understand it fully, either.) Well, where to start? I've just finished a rough 14 days of constant diarrhea when I ate anything. I'm talking about ever 15 minutes I was in the bathroom- around the clock- for the first 9 days, and then finally it subsided a bit and while I was still dealing with the bathroom issues, they weren't as frequent. At the same time a lovely rash showed up and I had horrible bloating and cramping. It was miserable. I finally figured out that I had been glutened; I don't know how or where as we keep our entire home gluten free, but it had happened. It was awful. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Thinking about it, my stomach is gurgling and churning. Yuck. It happened right after a really high stress situation - some acute stress, and some a bit more prolonged, but it all coincided. During this most recent episode, I went to our chiropractor for an adjustment, allergy testing, and some supplements to get me through the horrible ordeal. (I am a natural healing practitioner and utilize these methods first and foremost for myself/my family.) He specializes in nutrition, and I asked him based on the testing if he saw anything unusual or that raised red flags. His response was that I really should never have gluten containing anything again, and that I most likely will need to avoid dairy for a long while while I am healing. I asked him about celiac testing, and his response was that if I wanted to put my body through being on gluten for 12 weeks, I would then be able to go and be tested, but that it likely wasn't worth it based on this most recent exposure. I grabbed my supplements and headed home. I have wrestled with his words for a few days. I have been gluten free for 6 weeks, and on a low-fodmap diet because it was assumed I was dealing with IBS issues. Something about the finality of being gluten free forever was difficult for me to digest. But it made sense. I have had issues with gluten my whole life, but they were either ignored. explained away, or they were not connected to celiac disease by medical professionals, or holistic professionals. My chiropractor (and now I) believes it started when I was a little girl: I had my tonsils removed at age 3 because I got strep at least 8 times a year, I had nasty diaper rashes often- but my mother refused to believe that I was reacting to foods; when I was a teenager I had horrible candida in my intestines and gut, I craved breads and pastas but would either be horrible constipated or have diarrhea; as a young adult I dealt with some pretty intense monthly cycles - they were either awful or non-existant, and my candida continued to rear its ugly head into my college years/into my graduate studies; when I was married and we had our first baby, I started to only eat whole wheat or sprouted wheat- and my blood pressure was sky high, but my doctors continued to tell me that whole grain wheat was good for me and that it was better than not eating wheat. I started to get a rash somewhat regularly on my body, and developed "chicken skin" on my arms from a vitamin deficiency- later that year, I saw a natural healing practitioner who said that my on-going depression and awful mood swings were likely caused by wheat but she didn't want to diagnose me yet, she just wanted me to go gluten free to see how I felt. Well, I was scared and panicked and did it for 2 days before I went back to eating whole wheat. I should have listened to her then! After out first was born, we miscarried 6 babied in 3 years. I was devastated. I thought I was broken, and no one had answers for me- except that maybe it was PCOS or maybe it was because we were following a vegan diet. I started to ponder more about what she had said a few years prior and felt it might be time to go gluten free. So, I went "gluten light"- mostly gluten free but I still made (and ate) whole wheat sourdough bread, sourdough muffins, sourdough cinnamon rolls, etc. for another year or so. I tried eating Einkorn, because I was told that people with gluten issues could tolerate it better than regular wheat. We eventually conceived again and my sweet baby girl was born a year ago. I was gluten free (with very few exceptions) during her pregnancy, and after she was born I ended up having to cut out gluten because I was breastfeeding and she would have horrible reactions whenever I would nurse her and I had eaten wheat. She was diagnosed as failure to thrive while I was still eating gluten and they ran so many tests I felt dizzy doing to every specialist they had us running off to. Her celiac panel came back positive but they wouldn't diagnose her without a biopsy and her ingesting wheat on her own for 3-6 months. I couldn't risk it with her- she was just too tiny and below the bottom 3% for growth. So gluten free is was. And I was really good about it, except for cross contamination after she started thriving again. She had gained enough weight that I thought it was okay to start eating gluten again- and being lax about cross contamination. (I swear, it is like a drug sometimes! But what is harder is that I have fond memories of my mothers homemade bread being made and rising and then eating it warm with honey and butter- and giving up having those memories with my own children was more difficult.) Finally, something clicked 6 weeks ago- well, 8 at this point. I was having constipation and diarrhea off and on, candida flare ups (which happened all along, but have gotten progressively worse with the more gluten I ate), and I was tired of feeling so tired and sick all the time. I hated being "that" mom- the sick one who couldn't ever do anything with her kids or family or friends without being wiped out for days afterward. So, I stopped eating gluten. Our house became a ZERO tolerance for gluten zone, and I started to heal. I felt nourished and not constantly hungry all the time- even after eating a meal. My sinus issues stopped. My tummy troubles stopped. My cycles that I have had were normal... and on and on and on. Then, the gluten-ing happened. (Probably from eating out at a restaurant that wasn't so good about cross contamination.) And my chiropractor meeting happened. And the rash, and all of the other things. Bottom line: I don't have an official diagnosis with a stamp of approval from a licensed physician. But I do have my chiro's assessment, and I have my own body's proof. Oh- and my birth family (I am adopted) gave me my family medical history-- that is another piece to this puzzle. Both my birth parents have bowel issues- constipation, diarrhea, bloating (she has been asked when she is due with her baby almost monthly for as long as I have known her-- for 20 years). I've been gluten free for 8 weeks now, and finally feel like I have my life back again- minus the little cross contamination crisis 2 weeks ago. So two questions- is going back to gluten worth the official diagnosis for you? and How do you handle family members who think that this is just a fad and all in your head/made up? My family thinks that this is all crazy and that there is no possible way this could come on so suddenly. It's a bit toxic to be around them sometimes because of the side comments that are made, or being reminded how awful gluten free food tastes/how terrible the texture is from them, or being told that something can't really be bread (or cake or pie, etc.) because it isn't made with wheat flour. I would love to hear you share your stories and thoughts, if you are willing to share.
  18. Our household is gluten free, with the exception of hubby drinking regular beer. I've been gluten-free for about 1.5 years so I'm still sorting out how sensitive I am - and at this point, I think I have reacted to things like CC on deli meat from slicer (actual meat was gluten-free), accidental sip of 'real beer', etc. I think I was recently CC'd by kissing my husband after he drank beer - is that crazy? Also wondering if glasses might be 'contaminated.' Wondering if anyone has experience with this. He's been so supportive giving up wheat / gluten, etc. but he is a beer lover so I don't want to have to tell him that he can't drink beer in the house. Thanks!
  19. I've only just recently started my gluten free diet, and it's been pretty good so far. It's amazing how much better I feel! However.. I live with two people who still eat gluten. It hasn't been too big of a deal, as long as I make sure everything is clean and whatnot. The one thing that I didn't really think about though, is the microwave. I made some frozen french fries (decided to be lazy and use the microwave rather than the oven) last night and felt a bit sick afterwards and had really bad heartburn. I assumed that it was just something else I ate though.. I ended up making some more fries today (in the microwave again) and felt the same afterwards. And I've had heartburn all day today. The microwave wasn't cleaned before I used it, and I know that someone else used it that day to make pasta or something. Is it possible that it made me sick? Although, I don't usually get heartburn after eating gluten.. So it makes me think that it could be something else.. or maybe I'm just over reacting.. Help?
  20. Quick recap--- 4/5 years ago my doctor had me stop eating gluten. I felt great 3 months later. This is when we did my gluten tests. all came back high normal, but normal. So my doc said that I had a sensitivity. I took this to mean that I could just eat less gluten or stop when I felt bad etc... Well I have been having some very major symptoms lately; Feeling like I worked out (muscle pain etc..) when I did nothing Major abdominal pains Heartburn/re flux 24/7 that nothing helped These were the three most worrisome. I am seeing a new GP but she has access to all my records. In about 5 minutes she listened to me, looked through my records , saw my weight gain, and said " stop eating gluten or you will die." She basically said that because I was tested without eating gluten for so long, My numbers indicated strongly for Celiacs. I could redo them of listen to my body. I do not need more testing, I believe! I have gone gluten-free completely for 5 days. This does not mean I went carb, or bread free. I love to bake. We just bought all new pans and bowls etc.. and I bought many flours, downloaded so many recipes I have a binder and off I went. I have lost 4 lbs. I hope that trend continues since I am 5'4" and 180 lbs. Enough back story. I am seriously PARANOID about the CC. How far do we have to go? The family will be gluten-free at home completely (part of the baking spree is hubby and son are BREAD<ROLL eaters) At work I see crumbs from the day shifters on the desk, keyboards etc... I have stuffed myself in a back room closet to avoid. I wont put my food on the break room table, in the fridge etc.... for fear the crumbs will contaminate my food. I drag a rolling mini cooler with my food and drink into work ( to the chuckles of many). I went to a friends house and there were so many crumbs on the counters etc... I literally had to leave from the panic ( I wasn't even eating) Am I going crazy? Is this level of fear normal? will It subside? One last question---- How safe can my gluten-free flour be sitting on the shelf right next to the Bad flour? MY Kitchen table is wood topped, Do I have to get rid of it from past contamination?
  21. My friend invited me over for breakfast, but completely forgot about my diet and was making French Toast. No matter, I brought gluten-free pancake mix and breakfast sausages. Is making my own gluten free food in a french toast environment enough to make me sick? We did share a spatula that was supposedly washed, but maybe it was just rinsed. I wasn't paying attention at the moment. Alternatively, is my gluten-free food making me sick? Seems like I do better not eating things labeled "gluten free". Background: Lactose intolerant at 19. Thought I had leaky gut in my 20's. MD told me I had IBS in my 30's. Had a mysterious problem swallowing this past summer, and pain in my ear. New MD said, I had an ear infection, and my throat was fine. I was also having reflux. Ten days and minus six pounds later. My MD didn't have an answer. I suggested Celiac. My IGA panel was normal, so no scope was warranted. I was on a low gluten diet at the time, mostly because bread and past was making me gag. I have Vit D deficiency (new that) and border line low Iron (MCV). MD suggested a gluten-free diet. I avoided all grains at first, just because I was too sick to cook. I felt great, Eczema went away, Keritosis Pilars got smooth, no digestive symptoms. I ate raw broccoli, carrots and cauliflower for days and didn't have any noticeable gas. Imagine that! Early on, I ate a handful of goldfish crackers at work by mistake. It seemed like a score, such a giant bag. I grabbed a cup to snack on them later at my desk. Two hours after consumption, I thought I was going to explode. After the following three days of bloat, I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach. Not sure where to go from here. The diet is a challenge to learn. Advice? Thoughts? Comments?
  22. I have been gluten free for 6 years now and was doing really well until I got a bad glutening about 6 months ago. Since then I have gotten better only to get sick over and over again. I would get sick for about a week then feel better for about a week and get sick again! This has been happening for months now. I went to my wellness dr and he suspected I have a soy allergy now so I have been avoiding soy for a week but I'm sick again! I have been eating some processed foods but I always make sure it is certified gluten free and I check for soy now too. I don't think it's cross contamination, I'm pretty good about that. I also wonder if it is my anxiety. I get bad anxiety when glutened and since I have been sick so much I've been have lots of anxiety. Do you think my anxiety is causing my diarrhea? I'm just so sick of being sick now and miss the days I felt healthy and happy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on what I should do? How many of you developed a soy allergy years after tolerating soy ? For now I'm going to eat clean, no processed food, and talk to my shrink about upping my anxiety meds.
  23. Hi there! Has anyone ever had a problem with frozen fruit? I haven't , but I have been buying the expensive, organic, packaged in Canada fruit. In my store, there are mangoes and durian packaged in the Philippines and Thailand, respectively. I really want to try this fruit but I'm nervous. Has anyone ever had a gluten reaction to frozen fruit?
  24. Hi all, wondering if anyone else experiences fatigue / foggy feeling that comes and goes after you've been contaminated. I generally start symptoms about 24H after ingestion (GI, headache, chills, body aches, fatigue, brain fog) and I usually stay in bed or on the couch sleeping it off. If its minor, I'll often feel okay the next morning, but then I feel crappy around lunch again. Sometimes this happens for days at a time. Can fatigue and symptoms come and go like that? Thanks very much!
  25. Hi everyone, A few years back my doctor told me that he believed I might have Celiac disease and to start trying to remove gluten from my life. A month ago he confirmed that I have Celiacs. He also told me to remove processed sugar from diiet because it doesn't help with the disease So now I am trying to figure out this new lifestyle and I have all sorts of questions that I need help with. Food wise: It is very hard to find gluten-free foods that don't have sugar in them. How do you tell the difference between good sugar and bad sugars? I understand the difference between natural and not, but some products seem to be all-natural, but have a high sugar count. Does that make sense? I pretty much eat on bananas all day because they are the easiest thing to grab and go with my busy lifestyle. Does anyone have any tips on things that stay well and can be eaten quickly [like in a minute or less]? Depression: I have been suffereing depression for a few years now as well. Has anyone experienced their depression improving after removing the gluten completely or does it get worse? I finally had mine under control and now I feel depressed everyday. Does it get better? Fatigue/Forgettfulness/ Lack of caring: I am constantly tired and just not there anymore. I forget things like not other; I also have frequent blackouts where I don't remember what exactly I was doing. I also have lost interest in a lot of things. I don't know whether this is the disease or something else. Beauty Products: I know they say to avoid gluten in beauty products. Does anyone have any brands they can recommend? From supermarket brands to salon products, I would like to get a grasp on what i can use. Lip Balm in particular because I"m a chapstick addict. Cross-contamination: How worried should I be about this? I suppose those are the questions I can think of right now. Besides that, does it get better?