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Found 3 results

  1. A little over 2 months ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and began a gluten free diet. Since then my cycle has been really irregular usually it is maybe one day off but the last one was a week late and my most recent is two weeks and counting...? Did this happen to anyone else when they started their new diet?
  2. Hey guys. I'll try to keep it short. I recently had tests done in Denmark and found all my food sensitivities, with the hope of getting better. It's been 5 years adhering a super strict diet. Nothing seemed to work as it should. Let me rewind. A few years back I went on the SCD (simple carbohydrate diet). I was so thin and my weight rushed down every day. I couldn't keep any weight on me no matter how much I ate. Bmi of about 13-14, I was a constant skeleton outfit for halloween. Great for that one day of the year, not the rest ;P After a ton of reading I came across "Breaking The Vicious Cycle", by Elaine Gottschall B.A. She explains why many diseases have carbohydrate issues, and how to solve it. At the time it didn't work. Fast forward. I adher strictly to the food sensitivity chart I got back from DK with all foods I don't react to, but still having digestive issues. Foods seem to go unprocessed. Oddly enough mostly quinoa and such. So the pieces begun to fall to place. I re-read the book, and sure enough it seem that poly and disaccharides can't get absorbed through the lining, feeding the bad bacteria, the bacteria makes mucus which again cover the lining even more, making it impossible to absorb, and creating this endless loop of malabsorbtion. Not only for those foods, but for EVERYTHING i ate in the same meals. So how can we survive without carbos? Easy. Monosaccharides! Bananas, honey and the likes. They can pass through and get absorbed in the small intestines without being broken down. Their low sugar contents makes them ideal for celiacs, so we can eat a whole bunch without getting any issue. Before you go and chow down bananas as a substitute, make sure this is the root cause for you, and also try to do a fast for a day, then eat a ton of fiber with lots of water (add lemon and salt) to clear out your intestines. You don't want bacteria from old food rests gobbling on anything. So I've found some good charts. I prefer the one posted below. They will help aid in digestion. Will report back, but I am 99% certain this will be the nail in the coffin to get my health back as I have already gone up about 20 kg from where I was just two years ago, mostly muscle mass. Besides eating well I take, a lot of supplements that Nordic Labs recommended, yes they are a lab, not doctors. They know their stuff, so if you got the money I highly recommend it, as these tests are brand new and very very precise. If it's too expensive to travel, call them, and get it arranged to send blood samples. I'll answer any questions to the best of my ability. Let me know if anything was unclear.
  3. Currently just over 5 months gluten free with some symptoms getting worse during healing process. Also new symptoms which might be related to rheumatology. Out of curiosity, did anyone else notice symptoms being much worse just before your monthly cycle arrived or also perhaps around the time your body was trying to ovulate? If so, did that get better with time? Did this happen to you after going gluten free? Which kind of symptoms were worse for you during that time?
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