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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening everyone, thanks for reading this post. A bit of background about me... I’ve had problems for around 20 years, but everything got really bad around the time I got pregnant 8 years ago. I started getting things like bloating, my small intestines move my tummy up and down, excessive wind, abdominal pain, migraines up to 5 days a week, balance problems, feeling/being sick, depressive, anxiety, acne, itchy blister like rash on feet, hands and face, heartburn, joint paint in hips and back so bad I often can’t stand up for long or can’t stand up straight. I have tingles in my hands and feet and legs. I have a shooting nerve pain from my head/neck down my arm. Heart goes fast & heart palpitations, I can swell up. Struggle breathing. Constipation and diarrhoea. Mucus in stools. Tinnitus. Stomach aches. Brain fog. Tired. The list goes on. Last year I couldn’t take anymore and as I was fed up with feeling so sick all the time. The NHS told me I was lactose intolerant, but I never felt better, so I paid to see a Dietitian, who is incredible. She told me to give up dairy and soya and I instantly started feeling better. She said I had an dairy and soya allergy. Fast forward 10 months and I still had the underlying problems with wind, bad abdominal pain, bloating, acne, blistery itchy rashes, (my face was completely out of control with this strange red/blistery rash) migraines just ones a week (I feel I am blessed in comparison to what I was), heartburn, stomach aches, stomach moves up and down, balance problems, tingles in my hands and feet, stabbing nerve pain from neck to arm, tinnitus, joint problems, mucus, depression, heart palpitations, sleep problems, feeling too hot or too cold. I have recently been told I have SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth). I have been on the low FODMAP fruit and veg diet, which did nothing. By pure accident I took out wheat from my diet and suddenly realised I was feeling better, so my dietitian told me to go gluten free, which I did for 5 weeks. My skin had never been so clear. My face looked different. Stomach stopped bloating, wind improved, the inflammation from my back ache/hip joints improved, but the hip pain is still there, depression lifted, heart palpitations gone, felt so energetic and happy, heart burn and balance problems gone. I then decided to go back on wheat as I want to get tested for celiac, which I am on the waiting list for. I am in the UK, so it could be a very long wait. I have now been gradually reintroducing it for 3 weeks. Going back on gluten, everything has come back, except my wind and abdominal pain isn’t as severe (not everyday anyway, but maybe every other day). My balance seems better. But everything else is there, acne, itchy rash, terrible joint pain (I have just had an X-ray to test for osteoporosis and am having bloods to test vitamin levels and for arthritis), mucus in stools, sometimes they float, I have this weird thing where I can see my small and feel intestines moving about. I have videos of my stomach doing the Mexican wave, it’s like I am pregnant. I’m irritable and depressed, heart palpitations back, feel tired, heart burn back, urgency for toilet back, tingling in hands and feet never disappeared. Because my stomach doesn’t seem quite so severe, I started wondering if my dairy and soya allergy may have disappeared. I’ve had a tiny bit of Clover butter and been ok. Now I can’t decide whether to try other things. I am also being tested for inflammatory bowel disease as I had blood in my stools at times along with the mucus. I think that will be negative though. I’ve had 20 years of feeling rubbish, eliminating this that and the other during the course. Could 5 weeks of gluten free have cured my SIBO, dairy and soya allergy and gluten problem? I want to know what experiences you had if you accident had gluten or tried reintroducing it. Was it a slow downhill process or instant and what were your symptoms? Was it all GI or other symptoms? I read that everyone is different, but I’d rather hear from real people. I don’t want to obviously have an endoscopy/bloods if I don’t need to, but I also don’t want to continue not knowing. My brother has similar problems and I have also watched my mum have problems over the years (although she wouldn’t say anything). My little girl who has just turned 5 always makes me think as she’s always got such a pot belly. She’s tiny, always been very skinny, with a pot belly. She has soooo much wind all the time. She always needs the loo, but often it’s wind and her stools can be quite explosive. Thank you in advance for reading this, I really appreciate any advice.
  2. There was a documentary on netflix I watch I believe it was called "corn nation" something about corn. The guy showed how they have added the wheat gean to the corn as a way to make bugs not want to eat the corn.. He goes on to show an underground bunker where government has 1000's of varieties of corn stored in jars.. He asked the one in charge she said they new they (GMO companies) were modifying the gean or gen ( can't spell today) and they were protecting the original in case it made it uneatable and might pollinate other crops killing off corn.. He then went on talking about how even corn is feed to cattle because so many farmers started growing it.. That explains the dairy reactions too
  3. Okay, so I am 28. I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at 6 months old and struggled to maintain weight and stay out of the hospital all my life. At 26 I went in for a endoscopy to look at my angry pancreas and found out I had Celiacs. I went gluten-free and saw some symptom improvement and then after two years and a wicked struggle with reactive arthritis I figured out I was having the same reactions to dairy that I was gluten. I also eliminated soy at this time because it seemed to irritate me too. Now, folks with CF routinely take prescription strength pancreatic enzymes because our pancreas doesn't produce them, (pancreatic insufficiency). I felt this masked my Celiacs symptoms, possibly for years. These enzymes periodically need to be increased as a CF person ages but the main reason I'm posting this is 1.) If you have Celiacs and aren't improving even with eliminating other foods you should get tested for CF. Yes, some docs still say "Oh that's a disease usually diagnosed as a child." but the oldest person to be diagnosed with CF was in her 60's and the vitamin deficiencies and stomach issues as well as other health problems are the same for CF as they are Celiacs. 2.) Since going Gluten-Dairy-Soy free I've not had a normal BM and I was wondering if anyone had repeat endoscopies that showed healing or gave them any insight cause I'm considering that. At first after eliminating the dairy and soy I felt a little better but I was having several normal BMs a day. Now I'm either not going or going too much. If I go to my CF docs they will say it's probably my Celiacs issues because they know nothing about Celiacs and they don't really want to make it their problem because God forbid they earn the money my insurance company pays them, or they'll just go to their old stand by and raise my enzymes which could cause all sorts off issues (imagine a bunch of enzymes designed to break down food running out of food in your tummy to nom- they turn to your stomach lining and it's painful.) So If anyone has any tips or tricks here that might help me get back to regular again let me know. I've done the elimination diet and tomatoes and potatoes are thankfully my friends and fruits and veggies are nice to me as well, I avoid Quinoa and stick to rice and potatoes for my starches. Anyone tried Cultrel or something like that?
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