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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I hope someone here has had similar symptoms and can share their experiences with me. I am a 31 year old female. I am 3 months post-diagnosis and have been fully gluten free for 4 months. We are not sure how long I went undiagnosed. I had mild digestive and psychological issues begin in high school but severe symptoms did not start until last fall after the birth of my third baby. After months of hell I finally was diagnosed and went to a gastro who found that I also had mildly elevated pancreatic enzymes and a low functioning gallbladder. I am taking ursodiol and creon to aid in digestion, and if I don't take them I have a return of symptoms. Now the gastro is talking about taking out the gallbladder (even with no stones or pain) and wants to do another endoscopy procedure to take a closer look at the pancreas. Any one else have issues with these and have them resolve on a gluten-free diet? Or am I looking at medical intervention?
  2. Hello, I had surgery to remove the bladder 3 months ago, and when I turned 40 days of surgery began to feel thoracic pain. The doctor requested the tests IgG gliadin antibody, IgA, IgG endomysial all positivized. It is possible that these antibodies suffer change immediately after surgery gallbladder but non-celiac patient is? As if my body was to rebalance after surgery?
  3. It turns out that I have a very large gallstone (think golf ball sized). I know it's been there for over a year because it was spotted on a CT scan that was done in January 2015 as well as one that was done two weeks ago. As far as I know, I've never had a gallbladder attack. (I'm guessing I would know if I had.) One of my friends suggested that maybe I'd be able to reintroduce the gluten and dairy that I currently have to avoid if I had my gallbladder removed. I thought that seemed doubtful, but I decided to see what I could find online about that topic. I found one article about a woman who was able to go back to eating gluten after gallbladder removal, but by far the majority of the articles all seemed to mention that there is a link between celiac and gallbladder disease. I have, so far, not seen any of the research that backs that. I'm kind of terrible at online searches, so I am willing to assume there really have been studies. It brings up a few questions for me: 1) Some of the articles seemed to indicate that gallbladder disease without stones was more likely in a celiac patient. Does the association only apply to gallbladder disease without stones? 2) My sensitivity to gluten is odd because the only real symptom I've ever pinpointed was gluten ataxia, and gluten ataxia is generally more associated with celiac, which I have never tested positive for. Is the combination of gallstones and gluten ataxia enough to point to it being actual celiac rather than gluten sensitivity? (I realize that, for practical purposes, the answer to this question shouldn't matter. I can't help wondering though.) 3) Does anyone know if it's possible to get rid of a large stone without having to have the gallbladder removed? I'd kind of like to avoid surgery if possible. 4) If I do have to have the gallbladder removed, do I need to be concerned about not absorbing fat soluble vitamins? I've read things that say a person doesn't *need* a gallbladder, but the people I've talked to who've had it removed all seem to have issues from not having one.
  4. I just found out that I have a 1.3 cm gallstone. The natural health nurse said I should not do a cleanse to try to remove it. It would get stuck since it is too big and possibly rupture the whole gallbladder. No surgery has been recommended (as of yet) by the GI doctor, but she has more tests to run. I think she may want to discover what all needs doing first. I am not having pain or recognized symptoms of gallbladder problems. I have heard that sometimes they can break gallbladder stones without surgery. Has anyone had that done? I want to keep all of my body parts if I can. They are wonderfully designed. Other related questions: Are celiac and gallbladder problems linked? Both my Mom and Dad had theirs removed and many if not all of my grandparents. Also, Am interested if people had theirs removed pre or post diagnosis and anything about gallbladders. Dee
  5. Sudden symptoms that arose last fall...SUPER bloating, like I look pregnant again after eating, and really bad constant heartburn. Tried the tums, otc heartburn stuff, nothing helped. I'm on a heavier prescription for that now, but I have osteoporosis in my family and do not want to take it : ( Symptoms I have had most of my life...heartburn once in while, constipation, migraines, diarrhea, fuzzy brain, serious enough anxiety that I have previously been on meds, and it's been really bad again lately, psoriasis (head). I did get the "celiac panel" blood test just last week which came back negative. I do see on here that I may need more tests...but I have to find out what exactly was on that panel. I stopped eating gluten around xmas and did feel better. It was hard though and I eventually went back to it for the last 2.5 months or so thinking that wasn't my issue. I did just start again and am off my heartburn med for now, with no issues. This month I was finally diagnosed with Biliary Diskenesia, basically my gallbladder empties just barely. My hida scan came back with 6% functionality. I thought all these stomach issues were symptoms of that. The second opinion I went to to talk about surgery, insists they are not related. The first doc thought they were maybe related. So that puts me back to square one with all the stomach issues. My gallbladder doesn't hurt so I'm keeping it for now unless it starts hurting. But if I thought it would help with the stomach issues I would so take that sucker out! Any thoughts from you all? I thought I read something about many people with gluten/celiac issues having gallbladder issues too. I guess I just want an answer...which I'm starting to realize I may never get and I may just have to be zen about that! I'm trying : ) Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  6. About ten years ago I developed an ache and dull pressure in the right side of my abdomen after taking probiotics for a couple of weeks. It was accompanied by cholestasis-clay colored stools. I lived with it and about six years ago finally got a CT scan, which only showed mild gallbladder inflammation. About four years ago I went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet four two months, and within that time I stopped getting the ache and the cholestasis cleared up, only to return slightly within the last year after going back to a bad diet which included wheat (I'm gluten intolerant) and occasional dairy (I'm also casein and whey intolerant). Although it had returned slightly, it wasn't anything alarming and I just shrugged it off. Two weeks ago I had a large bowl of white rice and black eyed peas, and my right side began aching badly to the point that I could feel it somewhat in my back, along with increased cholestasis. It was only rice and peas, no butter or any additional fat. This began a pattern that I can't seem to figure out. It seems that most starch, possibly all grains, are causing my right side to feel swollen and bloated. Sometimes I can feel it all the way down around the inside of my right hip bone. I seem to be okay with potatoes and sweet potatoes for the most part, although sweet potatoes do give me diarrhea sometimes. For the past few days I've been trying to do the GAPS diet, but I can't tolerate the broth so I'm having to skip that part and just eat meat. Animal fat doesn't seem to cause the abdominal swelling, although last night it seemed that a pork country rib did cause it. All the meat I'm eating does seem to be making feel unwell though, as if my body is rejecting it. Another problem I have is that I can't tolerate probiotics or fermented foods. It seems that I'm in a catch 22; eat starch and I get the abdominal swelling, or eat mostly meat and feel terrible all day long. Fruit doesn't seem to cause swelling, but I'm hypoglycemic and can't eat too much of it in one day, which is also the reason I can't live on potatoes and sweet potatoes. Have any of you had an experience like this? Can any of you offer any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has tried it? It keeps getting mentioned all over the internet, wherever I go. I was wondering if anyone had experience with it for long durations or if it has helped anyone at all? I am having gallbladder problems and diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Now my GI doctor is telling me, "Well, could be Chron's as indicated by your blood work. But your biopsy was normal." Or it could be IBS, if everything comes back negative. However, I was tested positive for Celiac. I have no idea what is going on at this point, but I do know that this diet keeps getting mentioned in relation to my gallbladder, Celiac, IBS, and other research. Thanks for your help.