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Found 11 results

  1. I have had bouts of burning, itching hands accompanied with little blisters for few years. Doc says it "contact dermatitis" and prescribed creams but they never work. They usually will go away after a few days on their own so I stopped even mentioning it to the doc. I also get little pimply blisters in my scalp, usually shortly after I notice the hands flaring up, they are also itchy as well. Also accompanied by a mild itch all over, arms, legs, and backside as well. The symptoms come on fast and are usually cleared up in a day or so. I have never been able to tie them to any particular even or food/drink, nor have I ever really thought about trying until lately. Regarding the hands - when this flares up they will itch and burn so bad I tend to scratch and rub them raw sometimes. It gets unbearable at points. I always have a bit of gas and feel a little bloated, sometimes worse that others (wife will attest to that lol). Was diagnosed with diverticulosis a few years back and have had a bout with diverticulitis (inflamed and needed meds to get it under control). Keep it under control since with fiber supplements daily. I'm always tired, can't lose weight even with dieting and the gastric band I had installed a couple of years ago. Trouble concentrating and holding attention to tasks at hand for years. Never would have thought about putting any of these together in a "pot of symptoms" until my wife read an article on gluten intolerance and celiac's. I am going to make an appointment to see my doc and try to get him to run some test for gluten intolerance but am not really sure what to say to him. I have been reading some posts on here and you all seem like a great group of helpful and informative people.. So any suggestions? Looking forward to some ideas! Tony
  2. ok today is officially one week i've been gluten free and i haven't made any noticeable differences in feeling better. my first question is: how long should i wait to expect changes to occur? am i not giving it enough time? prior to going gluten free one of my issues was constipstion, as well as other health issues usually involving an upset stomach, nausea or an uneasy feeling in my stomach. but since going gluten free i have had a bowel movement different from usual. and today it was more loose and diarrhea like and it is very rarely like that. oh and about half way through the week i got a random rash pop up on one ankle???? advice or suggestions??
  3. I've been having strange health issues for about 8 months, and only after seeing a holistic nutrition expert have I begun to wonder if I have a problem with gluten. Reading studies, articles, and personal accounts has made so many light bulbs go off in my head. I would like to share my situation in the hopes that someone out there can tell me what path I should take for the fastest resolution to this problem. Background: Lifelong digestive issues, off-and-on, incl. diarrhea and constipation but more often painful gas/bloating. Diagnosed with GERD at 29, been on PPIs for 10 years (way too long, I know). Nine months ago, began to experience a strange sensation in my left shin/calf. Sort of like the skin was mildly tingly and more sensitive than normal, like how sheets feel on your legs when you've just shaved them. Accompanied by fatigue, mild digestive distress, brain fog, tiny twitching of muscles here and there, mostly at night and mostly in my legs. Diagnosed with low B12, put on supplements. Should have stayed on them but got off track with them. Symptoms did mostly go away. Within last month, leg sensations back, along with fatigue, brain fog, and minor twitching. Some days I have little itches randomly all over my body. I'll scratch one and it disappears, then one pops up somewhere else, and so on. I have had a lot of other symptoms that I read about in celiac articles at times in the past -- headaches, insomnia, depression, abdominal pains, benign breast lumps, breast tenderness, etc. I think I'm on the right track with this holistic person, who is helping me to wean off the PPIs. I have read there may be a correlation between PPIs/GERD and celiac. She did the zinc deficiency taste test and it was positive. Just started me on some supplements and said we'd work up to other supplements when my tummy is healed from the PPIs. She is the one who mentioned a gluten problem, told me about the possible link with PPIs and that since I'm very fair, blue-eyed, redhead, that may make it more likely that I don't tolerate gluten. I have always thought celiac disease was only manifested in severe digestive problems, and since I have only had moderate digestive problems -- albeit off and on for a very long time -- I never considered the possibility of celiac disease. My mom has bad IBS, but to my knowledge was never tested for celiac. This has been long-winded and I apologize, but since I don't think the holistic person can do a celiac test or order one, where would you all go from here? I don't want to waste a ton of time if this is damaging my body. My GP mentioned MS and wanted to send me to a neurologist, but I feel like it's smarter to explore the diet issue at this stage than wasting a lot of time and money, and scaring myself to death, by going to a neurologist. Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to reply.
  4. So i am undiagnosed and have been having severe problems for about 9 months. Ive had stomach problems my whole life. i had a small part of my bowel removed when i was a newborn and had a colostomy bag for 6 months but recovered. I was always active as a child and teen but still had problems, but nothing like this. So now I'm 21 and one day i got really sick in a car and it all started from there! Got very dizzy and wanted to puke. But then i started to have abdominal pain, bloating and bad chest pain. I thought it was a bug and let it pass but it went on for weeks. Then i got constipation and started getting very fatigue and weak. Could barley got to work. One day at work i started having suck bad lower abdominal cramps that they wheeled me out on a cart because i could not walk. I went to the er that night after they went away but since then i have had a lot of symptoms. Mostly lower abdominal pain around my pelvis.( By the way I'm a 22 year old male) . But i have been having bad fatigue, arthritis in my fingers when i wake up, severe abdominal pain that only goes away on occasions, testicular tenderness mostly when I'm constipated, severe stress mostly because of my sickness, bad mouth ulcers, and I'm sure there is a lot of symptoms I'm missing but i have been to doctors and even had a colonoscopy which came back good but I've never been tested for celiac or crohns that i know of. Sometimes i really feel like i dying, the depression had led me to hate everything. I can't really enjoy my wife and kids anymore, can't go out anywhere and have fun because I'm always sick. Im going to see a new family doctor this thursday and try to get some test ran but does anybody have symptoms like me and does this sound like celiac? Help me please i just want my life back. Also i have recently gotten itchy bumps on my hands, wrists and inner forearms and on the right side of my neck( kinda like bug bites all over).
  5. Hi all, I am having stomach pain since 3 months which is undiagnosed until now, first the stomach pain was in the lower left quadrant, now its in the upper stoamach left side and middle, the portion of stomach where it pains, is also sore to touch, i have gas and burping also. Did anyone with gluten intolerance had the same symptoms? I am planning to start a gluten free diet to see the results, how long should I eat glutenfree to know if i have gluten intolerance? my endoscopy only showed gastritis. none of the medicines have helped me till now. appreciate your replies. I am mother to a 6 month old and this stomach pain is really killing me. Please help!
  6. I think I've been glutened...but I'm not sure. I've been feeling better daily until today. Had the big D after a week and a half without. Stomach cramping, achy joints, fuzzy head. Awful...tired...etc. I ate out for the first time on Saturday...felt fine then, Sunday and yesterday. Then today it's awful. Could it take this long? I've looked at everything else I've eaten and prepared myself and I don't see anything. Thanks
  7. I am 15 and was diagnosed with celiac disease about a month ago. I am pretty sure I am not eating gluten for about half a month now except maybe for those under 20 ppm little bits. I have gas almost every day but it varies on the intensity and lately it has decreased. Sooo, my question is: is the gas because i am super sensitive to gluten and because I eat those little bits and they add up to give me gas or is it just because my villi haven't healed a lot and that is the cause??? I really don't know so any help would be greatly appreciated if maybe someone had this same situation? Also if I do a blood test for antibodies and the results come back close to the norm then does it prove that my villi are healing and I am gluten free?
  8. Ok, well I'm new to all this. I've been looking in to Celiac due to a whole range of symptoms: Chronic constipation [i've gone more than 21 days without going-had problems for at least 14 years] Vomiting [As a kid I had a 'nervous stomach' and threw up a lot randomly but never had a fever or ongoing sickness. Still do it now sometimes.] Hypothyroidism [i asked my endo about testing for my antibodies but she said she was pretty sure they'd come back positive anyway so I pretty much have Hashimoto's – not as concrete as I'd like but...] Horrible gas and bloating [i've been keeping an eye on symptoms and food and last night my stomach went from 24.5 inches to 29 inches. Very uncomfortable. I also happen to burp and they are bad. It's embarrassing and nothing helps much.] Vitamin D deficiency and borderline calcium [This was awhile back but I've been bad about taking vitamins...and I take a lot.] Diaherra [i don't think I have a motility issue but I did have a ten day period about 3 months ago. It was bad and nothing would stop it.] horrible fatigue, tons of cavities, nausea, vomiting-occasionally undigested food, back pain, acid reflux, PCOS, anxiety, depression, brain fog, panic attacks, dry skin and nails that crack and bleed, super pale skin, always cold, dizziness/car sickness/vertigo So, now that you know all my symptoms, and if you're still reading...I finally went to the gastro for the first time today. I think there was some miscommunication by language barriers but he did have me do a blood test. I think it was the full celiac work up...maybe? He's also having me do an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, an xray this Thursday, and he said something about doing a marker test. Before all of this though he gave me a sheet and told me to follow a low-fiber diet. But it looks almost completely gluten free. If the blood test comes back negative like it does a the time I do the endoscopy there could be nothing there to see. Not even sure if he'd still be looking for Celiac if the blood test was negative. Thanks for reading this book. I guess my question is: "According to my symptoms, does this sound like celiac? Furthermore, how much did you have to fight for a diagnosis?"
  9. Hi everyone, I have heard before that Celiac disease can make one lactose intolerant over time due to intestinal damage. I have never been lactose intolerant, at least with symptoms, when I was younger (I am now 20) but now I can't eat even a single slice of cheese without getting either lots of gas, acid reflux or even cramping and diarrhea. I feel the effects of eating dairy instantaneously. Yet if I were to just eat a product containing gluten, such as a slice of bread, I get no symptoms at all. If my lactose intolerance is caused by damage from Celiac's, shouldn't I also feel symptoms from the gluten as well? How can I feel just the lactose intolerance but nothing from the gluten? Thanks!
  10. Have any of you tried this and has it helped? I have read such conflicting information about it. I feel that it would be very difficult for me to follow but at this point I'm willing to try anything. I know that I am gluten free and free of cross contamination. I am not having any of the brain fog symptoms or other symptoms that I get and my antibody levels are almost at zero. However, I am struggling so much with continued bloating, gas, horrible heartburn, stomach pains, and constipation that lasts 7-10 days before one miserable long morning of it all finally coming out. Over and over. These symptoms have all been getting worse over the past 6 months (been gluten free for almost two years) and I wonder if its just my really poor processed food diet and cleaning it up a bit will help or if I need to do something really drastic like the SCD diet. Any thoughts? * A side note, I have spent the past two years eliminating and testing other intolerances. I eliminated eggs which I absolutely cannot have. I eliminated peanuts but it now seems that the symptoms I thought were being caused by peanuts are back full force even though I have avoided them like the plague. I don't seem to have any different reaction whether I eat dairy or not but the only dairy I eat is cheddar cheese. I have been fully tested for food allergies and have no reactions to any. I believe I eat too much sugar. I am underweight and struggling daily with my self image and self esteem because I feel that I will never be able to gain weight and I fear giving up the few things that I feel are KEEPING some weight on me (gluten free pastas, soda, candy, potatoes).
  11. I've been suffering with tummy troubles for about 18 months now. I get severe bloating, gas, and feeling of fullness after eating only a small amount, no "C" or "D", or nausea though. I wake in the morning and feel OK but a few hours after my first meal is when all the symptoms start. By the time I'm in bed for the night, I am so bloated and gassy that I have laid there wondering if it's possible for your stomach to explode from to much gas in it, that's how bad it gets. So about a month ago I went to see the doctor and described my symptoms, she was unsure what my condition was and suggested I try a low-fructose diet, and ran some test. I went on the low fructose diet and cut out a bunch of gluten as well (wheat has the fructans) and felt about 70% better. After 2 weeks I returned to the doctor and told her I felt about 70% better but I wanted a test to make sure it was fructose (because that is a hard diet to be on). She referred me to a GI doctor (still waiting for that appointment), and ran more test for food allergies and Celiac disease. That was two weeks ago. About a week ago, I decided maybe it was just gluten and not the fructose. So I've tried to cut out all gluten from my diet and did not worry about fructose. I started feeling about 85% better. I was thinking great, I can handle a gluten free diet (better then a fructose free diet), and if it is Celiac Disease, at least I will have a better understanding about what is going on. I just got the call from the doctors office and all tests are negative! No food allergies, negative for Celiac disease, no closer to an answer about what is going on with my tummy. Could it be a false negative? Is there any other conditions it might be? I am so lost and frustrated!!