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Found 41 results

  1. Hello, I recently got diagnosed with Celiac disease and I'm off to Rome in a few weeks. I gather Rome is generally easy to find gluten free food but if anyone has any particular recommendations it would be great to hear. Also one thing I have been missing most since diagnosis is beer and I was wondering if anyone know any great pubs that serves gluten free beer there, particularly on tap. I know Brewdog serves beer on tap and also Mangiafuoco but if anyones knows of anywhere else it would be great to know! While we're at it if anyone knows where else can get gluten free beer ON TAP in London that would also be great to know! Cheers!
  2. Hi everyone, Just a small introduction, I am 26 years old male from England, London and am a newly diagnosed Celiac that is struggling very much with foods and I need you guys' help. I have lost alot of weight so I'm quite skinny too at the moment. In addition to being a Celiac, i am also lactose intolerant (but can eat dairy in small quantities) and allergic to eggs, nuts, peas, lentils and sweetcorn. As you can see, life was a bit tough before, but now its much more tougher since even eating out proves extremely difficult. I have seen many items that are gluten free e.g. Quaker Oats Gluten Free range, however according to this forum alot of these gluten-free products are cross contaminated, so I'm really struggling and confused on what is safe to eat. At present, I am mainly eating potatoes and rice for carbs and chicken and fish for protein. But it is difficult eating the same foods over and over again and struggling to make up the calories with just these foods. It would be great if you guys can recommend me some actual products that are available in England that are safe to eat e.g. Gluten free bread or Gluten free Pasta. Thanks guys
  3. Hello! My names Jen and I'm a new member on celiac.com. I developed a very bad gluten intolerance about 13 months ago. I don't officially have Celiac, but the intolerance I do have is extremely bad. Even a small amount of gluten makes me very sick, tired and lethargic to the point where I can't think or function properly. The systemic inflammation can get very frustrating and make simple everyday tasks feel daunting. Anyway, i've started to learn how to avoid gluten over the last 13 months and feel a bit better but still struggle with it sometimes. I wanted to share a android app I found on the google play store recently, it's the first gluten-free recipe app I've found in the last 13 months that actually looks decent, is easy to use and has good recipes and links to gluten-free websites including this one, that's how I found this site actually. It's called delicious gluten free recipes, here's the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.delicious.deliciousglutenfreerecipes I hope my contribution helps and stay positive, I know how hard it can be dealing with this. It's a constant struggle, before I started learning how to cook gluten-free, I basically ate sweet potatoes and chicken because everything else made me feel sick. Thank you so much for your contribution celiac.com, you really do help people cope with a life changing situation.
  4. Here is a copy of the email I received from ConAgra recently regarding their labeling for food allergies, specifically for gluten. It also lists their gluten-free products. Thought it might be some useful info for the forum. We understand how important it is for people who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity to obtain accurate information about our food to help plan their meals and diets. And we continue to look for ways to meet the dietary needs of our consumers. Since wheat is a major food allergen, if it is used in the product it would be listed in the contains statement following the ingredients list. The flour used in many of our products is wheat flour and you should avoid these products if you have gluten sensitivities. If any ingredient in the product includes rye or barley, it will be listed in parentheses immediately following the ingredient. Oats do not contain gluten, but they frequently have been exposed to wheat or barley and are not recommended for celiac patients. If Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, or Spices listed in the ingredients list contain wheat, rye or barley, these ingredients would be listed in parenthesis immediately following the ingredient. Some fermented or distilled products such as vinegar may be derived from wheat. Most of the vinegar in our products is distilled and through the distilling process protein gluten is removed. Starting January of 2012, we began producing the following brands validated as gluten-free with gluten-free printed on their labels: -Cocoa: Swiss Miss all varieties -Egg Beaters: all varieties -Tomatoes: Hunt's all varieties (excluding Pasta Sauces, Tomato Sauces and Ketchups) -Orville Redenbacher's: all Ready to Eat varieties -Pudding: Swiss Miss & Snack Pack, excludes those containing Tapioca Below is a list of some of our other products that do not contain added gluten* Category/Brand/Items -PAM Cooking Spray: all varieties except PAM Baking -Hebrew National: all items except Franks in a Blanket -Wesson oils: all varieties -Peter Pan Peanut Butter: all varieties -Popcorn: Act II microwave, Orville Redenbacher jar and microwave, excluding Crunch n Munch and Poppycock -Spreads: Parkay, Blue Bonnet, Fleischmann's and Move Over Butter -David Seeds: all varieties -Tomato Sauces: Hunt's tomato paste and sauces excluding pasta sauces -Ketchup: Hunt's all varieties -Reddi-Wip: all varieties -Ro*Tel Tomatoes (excluding sauces) *These items have been identified as not containing gluten. They are not currently routinely tested to affirm they contain less than 20ppm gluten for a 'gluten-free' claim. We always advise consumers who may have sensitivities to recheck the ingredient list on each package. Products are oftentimes reformulated and the ingredients may change. If you have additional questions about your personal dietary needs, please consult your doctor or a registered dietitian.
  5. Don't be a downer. St. Valentine's Day is not a Hallmark Holiday. This holiday has a sociological value and psycho-emotional value of lifting the winter doldrums and inspiring people to be romantic, thoughtful, and profess their love. Plus, there's the candy! See's candy is almost all gluten free. I'd observe and ask about cross-contamination, but I'm planning on getting some! My faves are trinidads, turtles, and carmallows. Here is Celiac Family's list of other Valentine Candy. Russell Stover's is mostly gluten-free (not the obvious items containing cookies and crackers) but read this link re: RS's shared equip. Other faves of mine are Peeps marshmallow hearts, Reese's hearts, and Ghirardelli chocolates. I never begin my summer shapeup/diet at New Year's- I always slowly lean into after Valentine's Day and ramp it up each week until it's full-fledged in March-April-May, until I look fab in June! So, candy, here I come! It's too hard to post pics on this blog so I do it on my other one. Sorry!
  6. To see what I'm planning to cook for Thanksgiving this year, with links to recipes, click here. I got ideas from magazines as well as from the Gluten Free Expo in Norcross, GA, last weekend. I'm throwing my first Halloween Party, and these are the gluten free Halloween snacks I'm serving: Chocolate tombstones and witches fingers I'm making from molds where you melt and put food coloring in the chocolate to paint different parts of the design various colors. Gummy worms and candy will make up the cemetery Maybe??cute gluten-free ice cream cone cupcakes frosted with chocolate sprinkled with Butterfinger for an orange note gluten-free pretzels dipped in chocolate, dipped in Nerds candy creepy mice (a different version than the one I made in the past)- see recipe & picture here. Chee-tos pumpkin hummus from a gluten-free magazine recipe, served with celery and other veggies red hots reeses pieces Laffy Taffy some kind of savory prosciutto-wrapped appetizer wondering what creepy c%$#$tail I can come up with hot spiced cider As for costumes, I'm just going to use an old one. Perhaps Dolly Pardon or USO girl. Was also considering Shotgun Bride (pregnant, trashy). Happy Fall, Y'all!
  7. Dating Island Boy encouraged a couple trips to L.A., so I multi-tasked...got to taste goodies from The Sensitive Baker (everything was frozen, which was disappointing), but I tried several things, and the only things I'd repeat are the cupcakes and the cookies. I also tried Mani's Bakery and Cafe, which is supposed to carry gluten-free selections in the bakery, but all they had were peanut butter cookies, which were fair. Crumbly as all get-out. So, I walked down the road, chatting on my cell, and discovered a manicure/pedicure for $19.99, and followed it up with a facial and a visit to Whole Foods. Each WF carries different things and I was annoyed that this one didn't have my french bread loaves and a couple other items, but they did have a whole row of gluten-free goodies. Chill bumps appeared on my arms and I got all woozy. Just for kicks, I grabbed ice cream sandwiches, which were amazing. They are made with glutenfreeda's cookies. Figuring I should try things I wouldn't normally try, I snatched some ice cream cones (the plain cone version).They did have a faint aftertaste of rice, but they were great! They didn't crumble! The company that makes them is called Goldbaum's in a blue box and I forgot the name. I took the box and a bucket of strawberry Breyer's ice cream to my celiac support group meeting (aka the meeting down the hall from the AA meeting, where the people look much more colorful, lol- even when people knock on the wrong door, they immediately know they're in the wrong spot...as in, we never get mistaken for the AA's. I kind of take offense to that!) and everyone ate a cone and loved it! Many grateful thanks and one woman even wanted her picture taken, it had been so many years since she'd had an ice cream cone.[/color]********************* So, time for some updates from the MALEbox: Traveldude hasn't been in contact for 3 weeks. My friend, whom he rents a condo from says he's 3 months behind on rent. I'm worried about him. TwinAbs and I went dancing to a recently opened club, and it was pure elation. We met there, so I was looking for him, and I noticed this really hot guy, and when he turned, it was him! I forget how amazing he looks. So, we cut a rug for several hours and I enjoyed every second of it. He kept telling me that women keep staring at me and I told him to not bring it up, but we figure it must be because I wore my 5" heels, which makes me 6' tall. They are comfortable, because they have like fabric, not constricting leather uppers. Then we stopped at a diner for breakfast, which is perfect since I can eat eggs and fruit w/o too much trouble. He eats eggwhite omelet. No wonder those abs are so lean. mmmmm. We might plan a trip to Jamaica soon. While out at the dueling piano bar, my buddy noticed my exbf circa 2006 the Irishprogrammer this summer, and eventually I accepted his invitation to dinner. I printed out a list of places near his house that could accommodate me, and he chose Carino's Italian, and I had like fish and veggies and really good wine. Anyway, since we had so much fun, I decided to keep seeing him, except to keep in mind that he is not long-term/serious material, due to his Irish temper. We've done the beach (I ate nachos after), the fair(corn and baked potato), the pool, market night, etc. He put a couple things together at my new house. The bad part is, although I am forthright and let each dude know that I am part of the dating world(as in, not exclusive with them), IslandDude abruptly stopped contact and it came to my attention that he evidently drove an hour to my house without warning and saw me kiss IrishProgrammer outside. But, I must say, I have plenty of opportunities to snoop or surprise the people I date, but I don't want to go there. So, if you "go there", then you must be ready to handle what you find. When not in an exclusive relationship, men focus on the part where they feel ok to be dating freely themselves , but they never truly allow themselves to believe that the woman is. They always assume she's sitting home, waiting by the phone. Which usually plays to my advantage.... Anyway, I better go. Drawers to organize, outfits to choose for the week, pineapple to slice....
  8. I found a house to buy, so since I'm moving out, might as well mess up the kitchen here....So I tried the beer batter onion ring recipe on this site, but the first "test" rings came out without the batter on very well, so I had a brainstorm and after dipping the raw rings in batter, I coated them in gluten-free Orgran bread crumbs. They turned out crunchy, greasy, and sweet. So savory! They looked and tasted so good, I think non-gfreople would eat them! Traveldude was feeling under the weather so I invited him over to rest and I took care of him. I had banned cooking for a week to rest my wrists (tendonitis) (it worked-they feel much better), so I used coupons all day to get us Jamba Juice for breakfast (I tried the pomogranate one and it was fan-tabulous!), salads for lunch from Portillo's, and I dragged him to Z's Pizza when he had to go to a nearby coaching function, to finally get my gluten-free pizza and it was AWESOME! Crunchy, thin crust and fresh toppings. I ordered the "California", which is veggies, plus pepperoni. I'm going back soon! I wasted no time to bake the Betty Crocker yellow cake mix for breakfast (I couldn't wait) and it was good. It had a slightly undone spot in the center, but the edges were so done, that I didn't want them to get crunchy. Perhaps my oven doesn't cook evenly. It only lasted 3 days around here! oink! Since being off work I'd been house-hunting, organizing my life and apartment, sunbathing, floating in the pool, reading, card-making, watching Wimbledon, cooking, doing yoga, volunteer matching, applying to be an event organizer in my free time, and skyping my mother on the other coast. I was getting a little bored, and as I was shopping, I was approached by a cute, friendly man with an accent. Let's call him Island Dude. So after talking and emailing, we met at a museum and he ate lunch uncomfortably while I watched (I'd purposely eaten earlier-I didn't know it would bother him) and have done several things like the botanical gardens, the beach, watching tennis, dancing, watching a parade, and then...DUN-DUN...DUNNNNNN!...eating out. He's very kind and concerned about my food issues, so we went to a place in L.A. recommended online. It was a Thai place with a waitress who sternly insisted she knew about gluten free and told me I couldn't have any of the meats or shrimp because they are all marinated in fish sauce (which is usu. gluten-free, unbeknowingst to her) and she recommended the fried calamari because "it doesn't have sauce, it's just battered in flour." Island Dude's eyes got wide at that, because even tho he's a rookie player on the gluten free team, he understands about no flour. --He's the first dude to correctly presume that he would need to brush his teeth after eating or drinking gluten-y stuff if he wanted to kiss me! ---Anyway, I ate a side of steamed rice and a side of vegetables. I.Dude pretended to not be sad for me, and after he brushed his teeth, he showered me with kisses. The next time we went out, he said, we will keep going places until you can have something decent! We agreed on a Cuban hole-in-the-wall and I asked lots of ?s, (surprisingly, when I opened my mouth, it all came out in espanol), and the waitress LISTENED!! like "Is there flour in the beans? I'm allergic to flour. Is the rice cooked in anything besides water? I'm allergic to chicken broth. etc. I enjoyed a savory, flavorful meal of salmon and rice and beans. I was going to get plantains, but Island Dude said his seemed like they'd been reheated. So I'm looking forward to spending more time in L.A. with Island Dude and trying all the restaurants and bakeries that I researched today from a gluten free food reviewer. I'm going to fry more onion rings and try to make hot wings. And since I'm going to buy all new appliances for my kitchen, and they'll never have touched gluten, I have to ponder my gluten policy for my new home. I'm leaning toward, gluten outdoors only. Leave your shoes and gluten by the door. Menu for today: Breakfast: Celiac Specialties Cherry Streudel (yum-oooh) LUnch: egg salad on toast with corn on cob (must eat it b4 it's too late) and grapes. Dinner: Z's pizza. Dessert: homemade onion rings.
  9. Travel Dude looked online and found that The Original Pancake House serves gluten-free pancakes! He drove me 30 minutes away to try them. They gave me six (WAY too many), and only AFTERWARD told me I could order a half-order. They were ok. Travel Dude (who's finicky and usually hates gluten-free food) tried them and said he'd eat them himself. It was cool that there didn't have to be much fuss or weirdness when I ordered and I got to eat something fairly tasty. The lingonberries were pretty good (they ship them in from Sweden) and really cool that the latest Janet Evanovich book I had been reading at the time, has a main character named Lingonberry! Z's Pizza restaurants have gluten free pizzas. I haven't tried them yet, but they are all over So.California. They even have single-sized ones. In Kauai, we were delighted to discover in a tourist guide an article on a gluten-free bakery called Sweet Marie's Hawaii Inc. I tasted her passion fruit cake (similar in texture to cheesecake, but better ((since I hate cheesecake))because it's made with passion fruit mousse and a thin cake layer at the very bottom about 1/4" thick), it was good, not great. The muffins were her forte! I loved the banana chocolate chip the best! I bought half a dozen of a variety of tropical kinds and took them along on our boat excursions and places that I might need food on our trip. Still had some to take home and they kept great! Yes, she ships in $10 flat rate boxes. I also enjoyed a wonderful meal at Smith's Luau. The pork was amazing (I'd never eaten it on previous trips to Hawaii since I had been vegetarian! LOL) The fresh fruit, mashed potatoes, and rice pudding was great (I hate tapioca, so this was surprising), upon asking, I learned it had sweetened condensed milk, rice, and I forgot the two other simple ingredients, but I'd love to recreate it! Everything at the buffet was in large containers separated well with separate tables for several items and separate utensils. I DIDN'T get glutened on the entire 11 day trip! We brought our own Garvin GPS along (she speaks excellent Hawaiian!) and found a Costco on the island and bought pre-cooked shrimp and c%$#$tail sauce platters, tortilla chips, and mango salsa and avocado, which I kept in the hotel room mini-fridge and packed portions in tossable tupperware in a soft-sided lunch-sized cooler with ice we'd brought from home (one pkg of shrimp and stuff each lasted up to 3 meals for me, even with sharing some). It was very romantic feeding each other tortilla chips with mango salsa and a giant shrimp on top to each other on the beach. We also had lovely brunch and dinner at the gluten-aware fancy restaurant called Gaylord's on a plantation in Kauai. I enjoyed pork with wine sauce and salad and I forgot what else. Yum. We also frequented Duke's (named after the famed surfer) burger joint (excellent burgers (sans bun) and nachos (sans nothing!) and the Beach Shack that had great eggs and omelets that we could pick up to go before our day trips. New things I tried in Kauai (my first time to this Garden Island, but I'd previously eaten Hawaiian dishes in Maui and Oahu) were apple-bananas (yum), papaya (ok), rice pudding (good), and the pork they steam in the pit (fantastic). Old favorites from prior Hawaiian trips: Shave ice (I love lime and mango or orange), mango, pineapple, Blue Hawaiian drinks, and chocolate macadamia nut ice cream, and various pinapple and coconut versions of normal foods.
  10. Aloha! I'm back on the blog and back home. I went to Jamaica in Jan. and again in Feb. and just returned from 11 days on Kauai! I also went to the Super Bowl. I've been having tons of fun, as well as tons of stress, and not much gluten! Let's get you up-to-date: I flew to San Antonio over Turkey Day 2008 and the city was kindof a letdown. The RiverWalk seemed to be the only draw and I wasn't too impressed. I was shocked that my best friend (I hate the acronym bff) whom I like to call MyChineseSister (she's half Chinese, half Jewish, all American) and her fiancee (She's 35 and he's 28) were bickering the entire 5 days. I had been nervous that I'd feel like a 3rd wheel around them and feel a longing for a boyfriend, but not the case!ugh. I take his side, she was being mean and nitpicking him. This trip made me even more relieved and ecstatic to be single! Think of all the drama, consoling, analyzing what I did and his reactions, trying to please him efforts, disappointments in him, and arguing that I've avoided! Right on! GLUTEN-FREE HEAVEN ON EARTH: The Lil'Aussie Bakery in San Antonio! MyChineseSister (MCS) who is a natural hostess and stocked up on gluten-free stuff to prepare for my arrival and loves to taste-test it all herself, found this place online and took me there, sight unseen. I got chills when I realized their entire restaurant menu and bakery are gluten free! Uncharacteristically and uncontrollably, I teared up when the waiter arrived at our cute table on the front porch of an old renovated home-turned restaurant with a basket of warm gluten-free bread! He asked who was gluten free and I said "me" and he said, You don't have to tell me anything! I was speechless, which is rare for me. MCS took my picture with her cell phone because I was shaking and trying not to cry. I had Texas brisket sandwich and coconut cake. We brought three other slices of cake home, they were all as divinely delicious as they were lovely and appealing. We returned one more time on my 5 day trip. Amazing! Over Xmas, there was a really juicy situation that occurred where the FBI guy (my friend whom I began dating) got jealous and texted my ex (The Detective) with my phone, and The Detective ended up coming right over-thinking the text was from me (remember he moved into my friend's condo last year and lives one fwy exit from me)...so I STOPPED dating the FBI and re-started dating the detective (but since he lost his job and is mysterious about it and claims to sell travel now, I guess we can rename the detective to Travel Dude.) I also met a nice dad online who is in awesome shape, and I'll call TwinAbs. He has twin daughters and is very soft-spoken, but he works nights so I only see him about once a month.
  11. Had fun at the celiac support meeting. You can pretend you went- a virtual meeting- here: One lady had amazing pumpkin bread (light and moist and fluffy and SOFT) that she made out of her Vitamix (some fancy blender) recipe book that she modified for gluten free. Said it was easy. She traded me her leftover cake for my leftover peanut butter cookies from Whole Foods A college girl told us about some cookie ice cream from Good Karma she loves-it's soy based? Another one said she's had great experiences eating out at Olive Garden, that they'll make special salad gluten free and cook gluten-free pasta you bring. I had a bad experience there when a last-minute restaurant change for a bday party landed me there. I had chicken and veg and got sick years ago. Never been back. And she's going to Pizza Fusion, an organic pizza place that just opened in Temecula over here (it's a chain), so she's going to tell us about it next time. Another lady brought Trader Joe's brown rice krispy bars and they were not good. they had an aftertaste. People were already getting excited about the Christmas party. And the alcoholic anonymous meeting down the hall looked kinda fun, and eerily had people in there that looked like my uncle. Plate Update: I'm really into "super foods" berries, quinoa, spinach, etc. So, I've been eating bison burgers from GreatRange brand. Very tasty and a soft texture that I really like. According to a blog, Whatdidyoueat, "It's much lower in saturated fat, calories, and cholesterol, but higher in protein, iron, and Vitamin B-12 than beef, pork, or chicken. It even beats salmon in every area, except Vitamin B-12. And bison are given no antibiotics, and spend few punishing days in feed lots. Of course, they do give their lives to us, so it's not perfect." I bought mine at Clark's Nutrition, and the blogger got it at Whole Foods Market. I made the baked acorn squash with apples (from last blog) and it was SO YUMMY! And PRETTY! Today I'm going to find a pumpkin cake or cookie recipe and make it. And I've decided I'm going to take my graham cracker crumbs (gluten-free) from Celiac Specialties to my friend's house for Thanksgiving pie, and I have to email her Naturally Preferred broth is the kind I can have so her fiance can make turkey soup for us for leftovers. There's another pie crust recipe in our celiac support group's recipe book that all the ladies swoon over, so I'll email her that one. Another guest is diabetic, so we're having a gluten free/sugar free Turkey Day! The hosts (normal diet) have gained weight recently, so they've already sworn off bread and so I guess they've been over-feasting already and won't mind a "different" holiday meal. It is SO generous of them! I'm so lucky!
  12. I broke down and paid $30ish for the downloadable gluten free food list. Last winter I got a used palm pilot online for $30ish, so I could try out this program and see how much easier my gluten free life could be. So, now that I finally did it and have been using it for a month or two, I'll tell you how it is. It's not too great. It was quick and easy to download. The palm is easy to use. It lists restaurant foods, too. The foods listed show whether they have gluten or not, how they were verified, and are in easy-to-find category format. You can download a "trial" version for free. But, the bottom line is: lots of foods and drinks are not on the 2008 version I bought. Many items say "company did not respond in time to list". For example, when I was in a new Irish pub, I had my date run to the car to get the Palm Pilot out to see if this kind of cider alcoholic beverage was ok for me. I know I can have Woodchuck Cider, but it was a different brand. Well, it wasn't on there. Neither was another liquor thing. Neither were Cadbury candy products, and lots of stuff. I think it might be better when I figure out how to ADD my own products that I've discovered to be gluten-free to the list. I don't use it as much as I hoped. I don't even bring it to the grocery store anymore. I just keep it in the car and go get it when I need it, which is about twice a month. I still use the 3-ring binder I made with plastic sheet protectors. I have lists, recipes, and celiac articles in there, as well as wrappers and labels I cut out from products I really love, to help me remember what they look like so I can find them in one of the 4 grocery stores where I shop. I also keep lists of where I ate in cities I've traveled to that I plan on going to again. I keep a file folder in my car of gluten-free menus from restaurants I like and things I've ordered successfully. "Coo-kee, Sill-ee, Glut-Free, Chef's Corner": I marinated London Broil (cheap) in gluten-free soy sauce, spices, etc. per a recipe that was highly-rated online, and I hated it. Too salty. Too strong of a flavor. ugh I LOVE Gluten Free Pantry's Decadent Chocolate Cake Mix. I used Buttermilk in it. Didn't frost it. Yum. I tried Bakery On Main's gluten free Apple Raisin Walnut Granola. It's ok. Not the same crunch as gluten-y granola used to be, back in the carefree, spontaneous, nonchalance of my good-ol' gluten days of old. Blue Diamond Nut Thin Crackers: Three of five stars. Edible, but not like a "real" cracker. Serves its purpose as a cheese barco to float into the lake that is boca mia. Update on my Grandma: The six month prognosis is looming correct. She is on oxygen now, bed-ridden, and there is "nothing they can do", so she left the hospice care place and went home. I'm so lucky I had that long visit with her this summer, when she was still climbing ladders, gardening, and garage-saling like crazy. Random Rants:Who on earth keeps buying that GROSS Food For LIFE fruit juice-flavored, dense, heavy-like-a-brick gluten-free bread on all the store shelves? Ewww. Stop buying that nastiness and then the stores can stock the good stuff! AAAaahhh-NO-old! Arnold Schwartzeneggar is annoying the heck out of me! HE got elected (not my vote) by saying he'd ALWAYs pass the budget on time. YEAH RIGHT! Plus, the paper said he accounts for the goodies he receives from special interest groups "orally". Whaaa? Plus, he BLEW the huge budget surplus we had from our housing BOOM! And now my classroom budget isn't even enough to buy paper! Just to make copies, I literally have to carry paper (a five minute walk from my classroom in a trailer to the office) and load it into the copier, make copies, and then take the rest of my paper out so nobody else uses it and put it in my mailbox-where teachers 'borrow' it w/o permission, or take it back to my room. GIMMEABREAK. Well, at least I haven't been complaining about gas prices.
  13. I rode the Silly Yak and avoided a gluten attack. As I suspected and expected, my midwest jaunt to spend quality time with my grandma (and mother and aunt- all of us traveled from both coasts and gathered in one tiny house with my grandma's mentally disabled brother- in support of my grandma's terminal diagnosis with cancer) did turn out to be ultra celiac-friendly. The marvelous trip to Bunky's Pizza (Madison, WI, area) where I indulged in fabulous gluten-free pizza-I chose shrimp and swapped broccoli in favor of spinach- and gluten-free beer in a chilled glass, was great fun, as my family loved their food as well, and the atmosphere (lots of Morroccan decor with mirrors and beads and hats covering the walls and displayed in the restroom) was fun, too. A waiter sported a headband that looked as if he had a meat cleaver through his head whilst singing happy birthday to a celiac? girl there. I got some great gluten-free chocolate mousse pie "to go". Every Tuesday, I was lucky to have my gram (who won't let anyone drive her anywhere) transport me a mile down the road to the farmer's market, where The Silly Yak Bakery had a table set up. The table contained gluten "grainiac" items, but behind the table in a cooler marked Gluten Free, there were the "anti-grainist's" gluten-free goodies. (Also available for shipping.) I kept all of it in fridge, not freezer, as grandma (although she has 2 fridges) has NO FREEZER SPACE for me. I heated it all in the microwave usu. for 25 seconds. I also took it along to meals in restaurants and asked waitstaff to microwave it without touching it. This was successful. Here is my evaluation of gluten-free baked goods from The Silly Yak Bakery: Cinnamon Roll $2.50- Tasty when heated. Texture more like bread than a wheaty sweety bun Tomato Parmesan Spinach Bread- $7.00 loaf- Excellent. I heat it. Denser than gluten bread, of course. Turtle Muffins-$1.75- Fair. Too sweet to eat for breakfast. Tastes like a sweet cupcake. Has a Rolo candy inside. Lemon Poppy Seed Scone-$1.75- Not a scone. Not crumbly. More like a sweet bread. Dense & sweet. I eat 1/2 only. M&M cookies- 2 for $2.50- Excellent. Not too crumbly. Tastes like a buttery, soft, sugar cookie with M&Ms. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies-2 for $2.50- Fair to poor. Crumbly and crispy like with too much oil. I didn't eat them. Brownies- 9.95 box- I liked the first one, so maybe they must stay frozen not fridged. Good, not great. CFGF Cinnamon Swirl Bread- Excellent with butter. Not too sweet. Could argue for more cinnamon, but I enjoyed it. Chocolate Cherry Muffin- Excellent. I wasn't going to get it, but Gram got it for me. Yum. Dense like a muffin is. Sesame Sunflower Millet Bread- Good and seems healthier than regular gluten-free bread. Denser than gluten bread, of course. pizza crust- was used at Bunky's restaurant where I ate it- great fresh, not good-mushy- reheated the next day. Peanut Butter cookies- good. Somewhat crumbly, somewhat chewy and soft. In sum, I'd say they have a niche with bread. Excellent bread, although somewhat dense. The rest is hit and miss.
  14. Tried the prairie bread everyone loves, and I'd give it 3 stars out of five. The texture and flavor are not as good as the frozen white Kinnickinnick (Kinn)breads I eat. (I have found out how to prepare the Kinn bread just the way I like it. I either defrost it in the microwave or fry it in the pan.) Anyway, the prairie bread earned three stars because it is edible and the seeds make it seem healthy in some way. I can only eat one slice- no sandwich. I got glutened the first night at my grandma's. She and my aunt and my mom made steak and potatoes and broccoli so I could join them for dinner. It was delicious, but I got really sick. The funny thing is, none of them noticed I was sick. I have friends who can tell, but my mom can't? Nobody noticed my unusually long and frequent bathroom visits? Or how I flinch when I turn in my chair or get up or sit down due to the back pain? I don't know what made me sick. My grandmother is usually meticulous about cleanliness, but I noticed that has waned since she became ill. I think it could be just a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. So, how to be a gracious guest? Kinda impossible. So, I just firmly said, "I'm not eating anything from this kitchen, I can't let myself get sick again. I'll just eat the food I brought. Sorry." And that's it. I can tell that my grandma was annoyed, but people just have to accept that gluten free isn't something a person can just give a shot and make it go. It ain't that easy. Even when I brought my own gluten-free sandwich to eat with them, my mom tried to HAND me a paper plate, right after she'd made her whole wheat sandwich.You've gotta be kidding. My mom was so perfect about everything at her house for Thanksgiving--but I think she's overwhelmed with my grandma right now. The silver lining is that my grandma was right about the fact that there is a gluten free pizza place, BUNKY's (AWESOME!) here AND the Silly Yak baking place is here also! We're gonna buy stuff there soon! Right now I'm living off gluten free cheese puffs, cantelope, bananas, pb&j on prairie bread, M&Ms, and gluten-free cookies.
  15. The Whole Foods Market finally opened (about a 40 minute drive...we do minutes, not miles over here)!! AND I TRIED AND LOVE SO MUCH OF THEIR FOODS ALREADY! I had read and heard about lots of it from people who had been to them. I was so excited to go and my expectations were exceeded. I have not tried everything yet. It's been a little over a week. Here are the things I tried and LOVED: FROZEN meals (heat & serve): 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese Ian's french bread pizza Chicken Pomodoro Spinach & Feta pizza Whole Foods Market (WFM) brand cherry pie with lattice top WFM peanut butter cookies (crumbly but good) WFM pizza crust (like boboli but browner- just add toppings and heat for 15 mn.!) WFM cream biscuits NONFROZEN: Glutino pretzel sticks (small and skinny) Ian's chocolate chip cookie buttons (tininess minimizes crumbly factor) Things I did NOT LIKE: [*]Frozen Mushroom and potato au gratin by Whole Kitchen [*]Frozen Tandoori Chef Pad thai THINGS I HAVEN'T TRIED YET================= Frozen: Ian's chicken patty (I love the nuggets) Ian's fish patty (I love the sticks) WFM baguettes Amy's black bean tamales (I've had other Amy's frozen meals) Nonfrozen: 365 Pancake and Waffle Mix 365 Chocolate Brownie Mix 365 Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  16. gluten-free foods I've tried lately: GlutenFreeda's frozen cookies- forgot the name of the flavor- something w/pb & ch chips- Ok, but 140 cal/ea. and I think they taste better frozen, just the dough, which is probably how I'll eat the rest of them. Ian's frozen fish sticks- excellent! Addictive! Very crunchy! Ian's frozen turkey corn dog bites- very good Large gluten-free pasta shells- haven't tried them yet. I despise the gray-looking rice pasta for the mushiness and the bluish color. I got brown rice ones. Haven't tried them yet. I plan to stuff them with ricotta and spinach and cover with Prego. Been eating lots of my favorite soup: Amy's potato leek Also eating shrimp pad thai from the thai restaurant-another favorite Also eating celery and avocado-not together- a lot lately
  17. I've been venturing out to dine a lot lately, eluding the Gluten Fiend and his cohorts, the Cross Contamination Crew (knock on wood). Devoured tantalizing ribs at Tony Roma's (all sauces & meats are gluten free) and corn on cob and potato. At Chili's (I often go there and eat ribs with no ill effects), I discovered a little trick. If I'm going somewhere afterward (the play, Atlanta-3 of 4 stars, I'd say+we saw the guy from HEROES that wrote the play there-my bf watches the show-it's too fakey for me)..anyway, going somewhere after din-din... meaning I don't want leftovers, then I can just add a half rack of ribs for $5.99 onto my companion's entree! I also got a side of corn on cob, and voila! Finger lick'n good! Last night we saw Chris Brown (we saw him at the AMA's and were mesmerized by his performance as he and his dancers decended from the ceiling and danced while suspended in midair- which was the impetus for the purchase of these tickets) and he did not disappoint! He sang (with some lip synching when the dancing got heavy. He did a break-dance "challenge" and showcased his moves against a 3D image of himself, and danced with very talented 4 year olds. We were also treated to a performance by SoljaBoy and the dude who sings Bay-bay-bay, and Bow Wow, and Sean Kingston-love that Tropics song. The young crowd was extremely Live!, and not annoying as I'd anticipated. they waved their cell phones more than other concerts, too, which was really cool looking. Funny the line of parents there to pick them up afterward. No wonder valet had no line! It was at Universal Studios. So that's why we went to Tony Roma's. My first time there. Very pleasant. Then, we hung out and danced at a restaurant-bar in the Universal Studios Citywalk. I wore my rabbit shrug over my skinny jeans and boots and a really cute puffy sleeved top the bf got me for Xmas. Tonight we are hanging out at a friends' house where we will crash, so no driving in the drunk danger zone. The husband there is ANAL about cleanliness, lucky for me!, and so I do eat there without getting sick. They are aware of my issues, and ask me what I can have. They have made me ribs in a separate pan, and they let me serve myself and keep everything clean and uncombined. The funny thing is, although I LOVE the pork dishes, my bf nixes pork entirely, so HE leaves hungry! Funny switcharoo there, yah! The treachery at their tidy abode it their CATS! Call in the zyrtec. Got both things I'd asked for from bf 4 xmas! Love the Guitar HERO! I'm only on medium level. I don't play much. I bought him Wii. So relieved he loved it! We had fun with that- bowling! I got good! He tricked me- he had ONE wrapped gift laying out for me, which I thought was the Coach watch. I opened it and it was that ipod penguin thingy. cute, but not a watch. Then he brought out another gift, and another and another.... I am spoiled. Growing up getting underwear for christmas, this was just too much- it hurt my stomach to open so many things. And he wrapped them all himself. One favorite is the Bebe scarf and hat I wear with a light coat in the cold mornings-45-50 degrees! brrrr for californians (sp?)
  18. Making a list of what to cook, eat, and do for my 3 weeks off work: Order from Celiac Specialties: especially Dr. Schar's crackers and apple streudel and donuts. Buy Woodchuck Cider, Ian's Chicken Nuggets, Cravings Place Pancake mix Go to Whole Foods (far away) Find a Brazilian Restaurant Try to make Chile Relleno Make poppyseed coleslaw again Make pie with gluten-free graham cracker crumb crust Make bananas foster again Try to get rid of my lactose intolerance like I did before Try the day spa where you go in the mud bath Go to the Getty Museums again Find a video editing course to take later Try again to teach myself to crochet and ask the lady at work for help if needed (asking 4 help is foreign 2 me- I recently looked through my baby book and my mom had written that when I was 2 I'd grunt when frustrated but wouldn't accept help) All the women in my family crochet. It's a midwestern/scandinavian thing. Download music to my computer (I don't have an ipod) Plan my Hawaiian vacation for January week3 Plan Spring Break vacation: New York or Yellowstone Plan summer vacation: Alaska or Europe Finish charitable donations Do creative things I don't normally have time for Display my handbags with holder thing (I'm done with xmas shopping and mailing- just need one gift) What I hope to get for Xmas: Coach bangle watch and Scrapbooking Computer program Blog about what I got for Xmas-I'm old now & like giving best- people at work (22) liked the SuperSoft Microfiber blankets I got them Find a way to get my students on a field trip since gas prices drove the price up and it got cancelled
  19. No fried alligator for me! I really did want to try it, even tho it probably tastes just like chicken! My mother and I cooked our own Thanksgiving for Two. She was upset that I said I hate Thanksgiving. My brother is allergic to poultry, so it's not like I'm the only one who doesn't like this holiday. So we made it "our" way. We loved it. My mom didn't have ANY bread! She ate a gluten-free muffin Kinnickick Frozen blueberry- and she liked it. She couldn't believe the texture was so normal. We had chocolate mousse instead of pie. She has always made gravy with cornstarch, waldorf salad, and cranberry sauce-- all gluten-free anyway, too. So it was so special. We were invited to the neighbor's, but they were out by the time we recovered from our turkey coma, so we did card-making crafty stuff all night and it was so fun. I found out my brother, who hosted the meal in the midwest for his in-laws, was so perturbed that the guests literally ate and ran, that he says he'll never host it again! My mom lives across the country from me, so the gluten free items she stocked up on for my visit were new to me. Two great discoveries: First, Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps (Sea Salt & Pepper) were SO crunchy and flavorful--I ate them on the plane, while the "normal" passengers ate gluteny peanuts and biscotti. #2 The Kinnickick blueberry muffins- yum! Also... The GLutano Chocolate Cookies were ok, but they must've looked good because these adorable red-headed little girls in the airport asked me for some, but I didn't want them to have them, because I KNEW they wouldn't like them. They have a strong rice flavor...and so I didn't want them to have to spit them out. I explained that they weren't normal, and then their mom helped me distract them. Poor girls. I saw a baby alligator in my mom's neighborhood. It was so cool! Then we went on an airboat ride in the lake (swamp) and saw tons of them, all shapes and sizes, and it was so amazing! I highly recommend it. I dined at Bonefish Grill (gluten-free menu) and ate mussels, scallops w/mango sauce, and mac nut brownie. yum-o Liked it so much, went back another night, tried butter sauce on grouper, got a bit of the "d". the butter? dairy is the devil Poor mom, had made gluten-free brownies b4 I arrived and they were uncooked except for at the edge. AND she made seven layer bars...with only 4 layers. They were ok. *************** Boyfriend and I went to the American Music Awards, and it was SO GREAT! I loved Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Lenny Kravitz (he was singing to ME!) and Rhianna. I surprised bf (and myself) by singing LOUDLY to Duran Duran's Hungry Like the Wolf!! They were shockingly just like they used to sound like! It was nostalgic. so funny to shock the bf- he ate it up, says he'll look for DD tickets now. ha ha Who knew I'd revert to a teenager? Bf liked Celine Dion and Rascal Flatts (new to him) and Beyonce and Alicia Keys. I wore my BCBG sapphire tiered satin halter dress. nuff said.;0 Afterwards, he surprised me with reservations for Dolce Enoteca e ristorante (Ashton Kutcher's restaurant), where some celiac guy online eats and recommended. My waiter was not good. I ordered the tomato and mozzerella, which shockingly, came in a tower of alternating slices that was held in place by...sticks of raw spaghetti!!!! Other than that, my food was dee-lish. I had the seared tuna medallions. To. die. 4. ************** Celiac Group Meeting tomorrow night- gonna make Rice Krispie treats (with Cocoa Pebbles) and bring SnaPea Crisps. Menu Today: B-M&Ms L: Instant Grits, Sfree applesauce, gluten-free cookies D: gluten-free pizza, marshmallows, Crunch N Munch
  20. Detective tried to track down a bakery that would create a gluten free cake, so we wouldn't have a box-cake or a frozen one. I finally helped him out with the name of one, and even that one said they needed 2 weeks notice! What are they gonna do...order it from the midwest where all the good stuff comes from and then pass it off as theirs? Gimmeabreak! So I have brownies that my almost-sister made me. Great brownies, but still not a birthday cake. I don't want to bake my own birthday cake. no. no. no. I guess I'll put frosting on the brownie with a candle. And drink Lactaid...Milk is making me sick lately again. ========================== I've had a great day so far. Singing phone calls, flowers at work, pad thai lunch, gifts, etc. I can't complain...much!
  21. Latest find: Ian's Chicken Nuggets (at Henry's Market) YUM! I dip them in gluten-free bbq sauce Latest flub: bf talked me into buying gluten-free cookies and when I ate them, I couldn't believe how good they were...so much so that I became suspicious, and--they were the regular kind. They had been right next to the Gluten-Free kind and somehow I must've put the wrong ones in the cart. ugh. I waited anxiously for the impending doom, but it was mild, no gastro symptoms, only back and leg pain for a couple days. Today's menu: breakfast: nothing (ooops!) The fires are here and I had no electricity this morning, so it was difficult to get ready! lunch: applesauce and gfbread with turkey and mayo and mustard; water dinner: gluten-free pizza (enerG crust and my own toppings and prego sauce), Snapea Crisps, Namaste brownies, Diet Sunkist Busy October: After the Maine/Boston trip: FIRES! Ashes, ashes, falling on my car. Nosebleeds, hyper students not allowed to play outside, face masks, etc. Detective and I flew to Vegas on a whim and saw Toni Braxton (fabulous!!!), went to a Chargers game, etc. The parents of my students are driving me crazy. Following me around. Trying to meet with me without an appointment. My contract requires 24 hour notice for appointments! hell-o! Do you follow your doctor or dentist around and ask for an on-the-spot appointment? Why would you think that my time is any less valuable? My principal supports me in it, at least! I've had meetings about programs, testing, mentoring, etc. EVERY DAY THIS WEEK. I was at work until 9:30 PM working on the weekly video! THEN we were supposed to go into work on SATURDAY. Get a clue...teachers don't just work 7-3 like when we grew up. We don't have PE teachers, art teachers, or music teachers. WE are with the kids ALL DAY except lunch. Then we have a 45 minute period that we are paid to work after school. AFTER that it's all FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO let us be! If we send you a note, you don't need to CALL US and demand a CONFERENCE about it! The NOTE is what we have to say! Explaining it in person is not going to make your child stop failing! Turn in homework, stop making excuses, and LOOK at the papers we send home! Don't get defensive, we don't have time to dream up things your child does wrong. We let LOTS of it go. By the time we tell you, it's a PROBLEM. Telling us excuses doesn't solve anything. We are not your shrink or your friend. Get a job, get a life, let your kid learn from her or his mistakes. It's part of life! 4th graders who can't tie their own shoes??? Give me a break.
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    It was my first trip to New England and I went to Boston, New Hampshire, and Maine. Aside from paddling kayaks (boy, am I still strong!), riding the subway, railroad train, ferries, and water taxis, kissing by lighthouses, getting Witchy in Salem, Mass., and generally being a tourist, I ate at several gluten free establishments recommended by someone on the site. The results were so-so. I ate at Legal Seafoods in the Boston Logan Airport and this was the BEST! They had gluten free menu and I ordered crab caesar salad WITH gluten free croutons! I also had Gluten Free LIght Clam chowder (aka chowdah)! Not really like real chowdah, but a broth with floating veggies and clams, and SOUP all the same. I ate at a friend's house where we stayed and boiled lobster (I grabbed them ((claws had rubberbands still on)) by the top of the back and threw them in the pot), but I got glutened- I think from the homeowner aka bachelor's kitchen. cross-contamination... I ate at a kitchy place in Portland, ME, that touted a Gluten-Free menu, but they were out of most of the items. The dessert was so-so, the sweet potato appetizers were disgusting blobs of orange. ugh. inedible. The salmon, (my 3rd choice, but not sold out) was impeccable. My friend said it was even better than when she was in ALaska! The fine dining place, The Elephant Walk (French and Cambodian cuisines) in Boston was a nightmare. The waiter was SO SLOW he apologized for "abandoning us". At least he acknowledged it! They had a Gluten-Free menu, and it was ok (I had the apple chicken dish that was French, and the chocolate dessert. I noticed my plate was shaped differently than the other plates at my table, but I GOT GLUTENED BADLY! Usually, I'm home or out by the time it sets in, BUT the waiter was SO SLOW that we were there for hours and it happened THERE! I had to go DOWNSTAIRS to the one stall restroom THREE times. Worse, the restroom is down a long hallway, and when I'd exit (p-u), the woman walking toward it would smile at me, and I'd be SO EMBARRASSED that she'd know I was THE ONE... NICE, was the Hilton Hotel that is next to the Logan Airport (rooms were QUIET, not a sound from airport!)--They cooked the corn pasta for me and I never got glutened by it! I just asked for olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic on it. YUM! I felt so special! Anyway, it was great fun! Got yummy blueberry and strawberry/champagne Jam in Maine as well as a t-shirt from Salem that reads "Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go to SALEM!
  23. Hooray for chewing! I'm off the soft- food- only diet! Immediately had the detective transport me to the fair and crunched up some corn on the cob, a PINK'S hot dog (bunless), and I wanted a caramel apple, but detective warned it's too crunchy and too chewy. Oh, well. Off prednasone and on 800 mg of ibuprofen, I got so dizzy at work. Now have to cut the pills in half so I can function. Here's what I ate today: Gluten free and not terribly crunchy:Yogurt diet lemonade drink bacon cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce french fries (designated fryer at Farmer Boys) iced tea (no sugar, no lemon- as always...some people think that's weird??) gluten free pasta steamed edamame homemade (quick & easy) ambrosia M&Ms chocolate pudding cup waterI'm traveling this weekend and I have prepared a list of foods to take on the trip: homemade trail mix (no nuts) gluten-free pretzels pudding pakcs candy gluten-free crackers with cheese or p.b. instant grits hot choc/tea packets dry pasta (to ask restaurant to cook, if I'm ambitious enough) fruit gluten-free wafer cookies lemon Crunch N Munch Toffee flavor
  24. Celiac Specialties sent me the cinnamon rolls finally and they are SPECTACULAR!! SOOO delicious! The tortillas (gluten-free option for flour tortillas) are ok, but defeat the point of a flour tortilla since they don't bend very easily...I made it into a quesadilla, but folding it into a burrito would probably be impossible. I also LOVE the apple streudel from C.Specialties. Perfectly delectable. Since I've been traveling and dating here are some other eating out experiences I've had-- no glutenings! Burger King Angus burger (no bun or pickles) Tastes like Salsbury steak from the old T.V. dinners. Kinda yucky. Spinach and Shrimp Salad at Applebee's- Good. Got V/O for dressing with lemon. It doesn't come with croutons Burger King Chocolate shake- bonissimo! Fatburger- brought my own bun. Baskin Robbins sundaes-yum Mexican Restaurant Cactus Cantina- tamales- good. Mexican Restaurant in USAir Terminal at Phoenix Airport-blue corn quesadillas- excellent Chili's Restaurant in O'Hare Airport- Nachos- good.
  25. They took second helpings! The Japanese Rice Coconut Pudding turned out fine. It looked and tasted like oatmeal with cinnamon in it. I guess, since oatmeal isn't something we get to eat, it was a happy coincidence. Although I did read about some type of oat that has a low enough level of gluten.... I have been dealing with somewhat of a dilemma. The detective calls himself finicky. He doesn't have the affinity for fresh fruit and veggies like I do (lots of men are that way, aren't they? They won't do salad unless it's drowning in Ranch dressing?). However, you've got to be "finicky" if you don't like watermelon! I cooked him a steak once and I felt like he barely could eat it. Which, I have to admit, being new to red meat, probably wasn't my forte.... However, when I worked in a steak house the cooks always rolled their eyes at people who ordered their meat well done (like detective and most men I date)...giving them the worst cut of meat since they obviously didn't have an awareness about it. I like med. rare. So, as you see, it's not really worth it to cook for him. He ate steak tacos the other day, but his reaction is a far cry from most of the bachelors I cook for who are so grateful for anything homemade and even beg for me to reheat leftovers. Even when I made Spanish rice yesterday, I was thinking, "He wouldn't eat this. It has bacon in it." So, he eats out a lot. And, as we know, eating out is a danger zone for "us" people. Hence the dilemma. He always lets me pick the restaurants and I've only been glutened twice (still about once a month) but the other night he picked the place: Wood Grill. They cook EVERYTHING over mesquite grill. The mgr. came out and recommended a steak (no prime rib for me, boo hoo) and they would boil corn for me instead of roasting it. Add a baked potato and croutonless salad, and it was fine. The steak wasn't the best. Maybe I'm just sick of steak. That's all I can ever have. I felt like the server wanted me to explain why I can't have mesquite. I wasn't sure why. I guess I'll look it up. I think that happens quite often. People are so cynical and they want me to explain celiac, and whenever I actually do, it seems like they are sorry they asked. Like the story isn't dramatic enough, like "my eyes will roll back in my head and I foam at the mouth, so I really need to shun gluten because it scares my students" would be so much more entertaining. OOh! I have the TV on and I just heard Martha Stewart compliment the guest she has on for not using flour or thickeners in his lemon curd. He said it deadens the dish. Cool! Maybe I'll have to try lemon curd! Put it in my C.Specialties graham crust. I was SO Disappointed the other day when I went to pick up the package waiting for me and it was an envelope! I had been literally salivating for the Celiac Specialties order I'd placed for the cinnamon rolls, pumpernickel bread, donuts, etc. that I plan on bringing on my weeklong trip to visit family. ugh. Maybe it'll come today....