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Found 20 results

  1. Bec the Lemon

    Gluten free in canada

    As I am very new to the gluten free lifestyle I was hoping there were others on this site from Canada that may be able to suggest places we can eat safely? Restaurants and grocery recommendations are highly appreciated. I also know pretty much nothing about what foods are and arent gluten free. Ice cream? bubble tea? chili? cheesecake? are any of these safe? What are the best gluten free (or places that accommodate gluten free well) restaurants in Canada?
  2. Does anyone on here know if the cake batter frozen yogurt from places like Racetrack, Red Berry, etc are gluten free? It doesn't appear to have any pieces of any cake in it or anything, so I always figured it was just a flavoring, but now I'm scared because I just had some and I don't want to be sick tomorrow Any knowledge that could alleviate my fears would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't find anything through just a google search or on Racetracks website.
  3. Hello, I dont know if this is the correct way to post and get replies I hope it is if not sorry ? I'll start from the beginning a year ago I fell ill and couldnt shake off the nausea I went to the doctor they thought I was bulimic because I'd lost so much weight they did a celiac and hpolyri test they both came back negative so I was diagnosed with ibs and anxiety ? Anyway through the years I kept cutting out gluten on and off but not bothering with cross contamination because it made me feel less nauseous ? But I still had stomach pain ?So about 4 months ago I cut out gluten for good and I thought even though I have bad flares of nausea evey now and again and the fact I can eat in the morning due to nausea I thought I had got on top of my weight but between november and january I lost another 6lbs? I did accidentally eat barley at christmas time I swelled like a balloon but didnt have nausea ? My question is there a chance I could still have celiac even though my blood tests were negative and I have pains even though I'm gluten free? ? Also if I have to start eating gluten again before a biopsy is there a chance my body will react to the gluten quicker than 6 weeks? ? Can celiac cause dark hard stool and constipation as well? ? Thank you
  4. Hi everyone! I got diagnosed last August after suffering from Mono. Since then things have been okay but not great. Still an icky stomach, started taking pre/probiotics and some vitamins. Now after a year a few months..for a week or two I’ve been getting migranes, sinus pressure and body aches? (Which is weird)..I’m currently putting myself on a dairy-free diet to see if it will help. I hope it does but the other part of me hopes it isnt dairy and maybe ive just glutned myself somewhere in the past week lol. I love my cheese, I can live without milk but cheese is my thing! Any sugguestions or help if anyone is dairy free and these were also their symptoms? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I am new to this forum and i have few questions. First, when i go to school or to an resturant and eat there. What if it comes a very small portion of gluten like dust or something like that, and i eat that food will i die from it after a while? I eat in school everyday and once few weeks i eat out at resturants. Should i be worried? Second, Is there any people that have lived with this disease for like 80 years +, and still got "Glutened" once a while? I am super clean at home, my whole family have this under good control and everything. And i do not cheat. I always think that i will die, or get problems with my bones or starve to death. Or even get a poop bag. So Should i be worried? Btw, sorry for my English.
  6. Hi to any & all who read my post, and an advanced thank you to those who reply, My post may be kind of robust & lengthily, but please read until the end if you are able. To give a sort of "back story" here, I'll explain my situation in a nutshell. In November of 2014 I was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance by my allergist after recurrent, severe mouth ulcers and a bodily rash. I had a blood allergy panel, but NOT a Celiac specific panel, which ruled out other food allergies completely - corn, pea, chickpea, chicken, tomato, egg, milk, etc. My allergist suggested a gluten-free diet, which I adopted & have been adhering to since then. Recently, I've been acutely sick since August of 2016, so we're talking a year plus now. My symptoms began with a burning abdominal sensation, pain after eating, premature and uncomfortable full feeling, bloating, etc. My internist referred me to my current GI doctor where I was diagnosed with GERD (chronic acid reflux) , and prescribed Omeprazole, which I still take daily. My next appointment in February had me still feeling awful & my GI doctor decided to perform an upper endoscopy, which I did in March. He was looking for ulcers, evidence of bleeding or infectious disease, and Celiac. Mind you, I had informed him that I've been eating strictly gluten free for almost three years now. He claimed this really didn't matter? This has left me wondering. Anyway, the results came up empty, but I was found to have evidence of gastritis. Then came the rest of my symptoms - frequent diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, extremely greasy stools, stools that float, mucus in stools, unable to "wait" to use the bathroom (I.e. Urgency), alternations of diarrhea and constipation, weight loss, low grade fever, EXTREME fatigue, poor concentration, memory loss, cognitive decline, and my mouth sores have reared their ugly head once again. After I first went gluten-free, the ulcers probably cleared up for a good year at least, which was heaven on earth for me. Now, they're back with a ruthless vengeance. As we speak, I've barely recovered from one for a day or so, and I'm down with two more. You can't even make this stuff up. After I addressed these new symptoms with my GI, he was concerned I may have had Crohn's Disease or Colitis, so he performed a colonoscopy, which ruled out both conditions through gross observation & biopsy samples. Since colonoscopies can only read so much of your colon & terminal small intestine, I then had a PillCam to see the rest. The only results he could suggest was that I have a "slow bowel transit," so I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The umbrella term for all intestinal and abdominal suffering with no definitive cause. Summary of my bible here is that I'm still suffering greatly. The intestinal issues are really giving me poor quality of life, and these pervasive mouth ulcers are more than I can bare anymore with the pain, inability to eat, weight loss, etc. it's all a sick and harrowing cycle that I am caught in the middle of. In saying this, I'm almost curious that I could have Celiac disease that was horribly missed. If I had already been gluten free & a biopsy was taken it would appear as though I'm a healthy individual, no? I was informed you had to be eating a strict gluten FILLED diet prior to ANY testing. ALL of my testing was performed after I already went gluten free, which could have altered results horribly. I'm almost crazy enough to think that if this is the case, I'm going to eat gluten just so I can be re-tested because I can't go on like this anymore. Can anyone please clarify and/or suggest something?
  7. Hello today I'm just back from my gp. Following over 7 years of bloating and looking like I'm pregnant my gp done a series of blood tests one including coeliac. The results came in that I'm not celiac but my iron levels olthough I'm on iron tablets is low. My iron always drops then I'm put on tablets for 3 months then go's back to normal then falls again. I'm also hypothyroid so really at times I just feel Bloo£@ awful. my doctor now wants me to refer me to a gastroenterologist to look into other testing becaus aparrently he can do more for me. He also said that I should go onto a gluten free diet but when I questioned him if this was wise incase it may effect any tests giving a false result he said it will be fine as he's already done the blood tests. He said it's good to go on it because the gastro will ask me to go gluten free at my first visit and this will saves me being sent home to do this and will buy me some time... im a bit confused what I should do now. Do I start a gluten free diet now like my gp has suggested or should I just wait until I've seen a gastroenterologist?? thanks in advance.xx
  8. I bought Spicely Organics Chili powder from Whole Foods in Bellevue, WA. I got very sick after eating it, so I tested it with three separate gluten tests. They all came up positive for >10ppm, which is what their "certification" says they test below. I just wanted to warn everyone away from them. They clearly have quality control problems and are not safe for celiacs.
  9. Hey all, I am noticing much more stringy / mucus with my poop now that I have gone gluten free (about four days now). I know it can take a while to reverse the effects of gluten, so is this normal? To have more of that mucus than before?
  10. I'm currently searching for a brand of rice that is safe for even the most sensitive. I saw posts on here from around 2009 (I believe) and was just curious what everyone ate without issues lately?
  11. I was diagnosed with celiac 2 years ago and since have been gluten-free. When I started my ttg was 88. I just recently visited the doc because I still seem to suffer from almost daily stomach pain. My ttg came back at 4. The doc suggested I try Metamucil and next week give lactaid a try as I still eat dairy. The metamucil I took one day and I had such bad stomach pain and loose bowel movements I felt too miserable to try it again. I haven't tried the lactaid yet but in the past I have and didn't see much difference. Heres the other thing: I do eat out a lot. I try to stick with safe places but every now and then I play the odds. So I usually manage to get sick once a month (lately it's been more) so I went to the doc and had my ttg level tested to see if my body is still getting gluten and this is why I still feel horrible. But my levels came back at 4, so now I'm just wondering... what the heck? I'm feeling super discouraged and doomed to a life of unexplained stomach pain. The annoying part is all my dr did is give me the results. Like "oh you're continuing to improve." Ok, but I'm in paid so what's going on? No answers, ever. It seems like I get suggestions, but they never do anything and I'm so fed up with my body. I'm tired of waking up frequently wondering what I could have ate that is bothering me. I had no idea two years later I'd still be struggling. Lately the stomach pain has increased and it's daily now again. I've been taking pepto for it and it helps a bit, but I don't want to live life digging in my purse for pepto everyday. any advice or suggestions from anyone who has been through this are appreciated. I get that celiac may not be the only problem but I don't know where to go anymore as I've been searching for 2 years.
  12. We will be headed to San Antonio next month and while I know a lot of restaurants have a "gluten free" menu, my concern is cross contamination. Are there any restaurants that are gluten free with little to no chance of cross contamination? Typically these options are prepared in a separate part of the kitchen. Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. I have recently heard that John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo and bed head dumb blonde are gluten free. Is this true? Has anyone used these products and have they been safe?
  14. Hi guys! I have been reading this message board for the past month, but never posting but its now my turn to post I guess. I am a 27 year old female who woke up one day and just had diarrhea for almost a month straight 7-8 times a day. It was just water. I went to a GI doctor. My blood work came back completely normal and not even a chance of Celiac's. So he told me he thinks I am gluten intolerant. I stopped eating gluten and dairy (which i was allergic to) and its been since February 2nd. Having diarrhea every day stopped completely once i went gluten & dairy free..but still have been feeling off since then. I had gas really bad for a while that smelt absolutely disgusting and i couldnt help it. My doctor told me to get on a probiotic for that. That has kind of cleared, but every day my stomach just feels funky. Like almost like you have to poop. And it rumbles, and I still have gas a LOT, just not as much. And I poop quite often but its not water anymore. Also, I have always drank wine, and now even when I have one or two glasses, the next day I poop a ton. Can anyone tell me if this happened to them? Is my stomach just regulating itself? Is this normal? I asked my GI doctor again and he said "if you really want to do an endoscopy or colonoscopy we can, but its unlikely theres anything else wrong" I never had blood in my poop or anything like that. Please give me some advice here. I am feeling completely defeated. It is super frustrating, I just want my life back. I can't go out to eat with my boyfriend cause its always so complicated & now I cant go out and get a drink either? I have to worry about if I have to poop or not or if my stomach will hurt. Side note: I have a naturopathic doctor appointment in two weeks which I am excited about..ive heard good things..anyone have experience with this also? SOrry for the long post, i just need to talk to people who get it! Thank you in advance.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm new here but hoping you can all help me. A bit of background: I've recently been referred to a private gastroenterologist for stomach pains, blood in stool, and a constant flux from constipation to diarrhoea amongst other things. The only other time I've experienced this was 5/6 years ago when over the space of 18 months to 2 years I lost a lot of weight and had extreme bouts of anxiety, skin changes (rashes across my cheeks), mouth ulcers and other disconcerting symptoms. Rather foolishly, despite never having heard of coeliac disease, I thought my best treatment was to simplify my diet, which meant I cut out gluten in the process. I did go to my GP about the weight loss and rashes but no treatment was given and coeliac disease was not mentioned. I've now been strictly gluten free for 4/5 years with no reintroduction - I tried but felt awful. Fast forward to now and I've been having bowel pain since the summer. My gastroentorologist took the following blood tests all while I am still eating a strictly gluten free diet. He said this is a negative for celiac disease, but I'm interested in what each part means and whether these shed any other insight into my poor bowels! Grateful for any view you can provide. Results: Anti Endomysium (IgA) = negative Anti- Tiss. Transglutaminase IgA = 3.7 units/ml (Range <3 u/ml = negative; 3-5 u/ml = borderline; >5 = positive) Deamidated Gliadin IgA = 1.0 u/ml (Range <10 = negative; 10-15 = borderline; >15 = positive) Deamidated Gliadin IgG = 11.2 u/ml Range: <10 = negative; 10-15 = borderline; >15 = positive Appreciate any input you can provide - thank you in advance!
  16. glutenfreegirlfriend

    Gluten Free and No Appetite?

    Does anyone else have issues with appetite and a gluten free diet? If so, what do you use to help yourself? Is there anything out there that helps with your appetite that is LEGAL? Please help!
  17. Hello all, I'm a newby to this so hopefully I'm in the right section. I have just had my tests done for celiac and they came back negative. I'm now a dead end of what to do so I'm wondering if I should just go gluten free to see how I feel and if it makes me feel better or is there other tests I could do. So really it's just a few questions. 1. If I go gluten free will the effects be instant as in within a few days just so I'm aware? 2. Are there any further tests I should be doing or asking the doctor for? (I've requested he calls me back today before I get fobbed off again) 3. are there any good books I could get in the UK as a intro / beginners to gluten free I know we have websites and things but sometimes prefer to have a book to go from and carry round I know these questions probably get asked so many times so apologies if I should be in a diff section. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello, I have been recently diagnosed w/celiac (blood tests and endoscopy). It was a complete surprise, I have no digestive symptoms at all. I have had untreatable anemia for at least 15 years (I'm 43). I have had "bad knees" for as long as I can remember. (I also developed asthma and allergies when I was 31 years old.) I started gluten-free on March 1st and have been VERY VERY strict. Cleaned out the house, and have made all my food at home. My question is, is it possible to start treating celiac, and then have your symptoms get WORSE? My knees have never hurt for no reason, just while exercising and going up and down stairs. I haven't done either of those things for 2 days (did elliptical machine 2 days ago) but my knees hurt way more than usual! It's not normal for my knees to ache for no reason. Could it be because of some kind of detox or something??? Thank you for your time. Julie
  19. Hi! I've been recently diagnosed with celiac disease around 2 months ago. My parents and I have been doing our best to fulfill the needs of a gluten-free kitchen, asking questions at restaurants etc. However, my symptom before I was diagnosed was constant vomiting of my food, I just wasn't able to digest. Still, even when I'm like pretty positive that I'm eating completely gluten free, I still throw up and don't digest some of my food. It's not forced vomiting, I'm not sure if it is because I'm eating to fast or what. My parents will think its "mental", however its not, and I don't know what its cause is. Anyone happen to know? Do you think its due to a sensitivity of something else?
  20. Anyone ever tried them? whole30 approved, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan. darn good to cook with