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Found 3 results

  1. I have inflammation as well as Hashimoto’s thyroid disorder and my doctor encourages a gluten free diet. I have been tested and do not have Celiac like my husband. I have pretty much eliminated gluten but wondered if a very occasional meal with gluten is harmful to me? We are 100% gluten free at home and generally when dining out.
  2. A close family member has hashimotos but her doctors have never mentioned gluten to her as a potential trigger. They also have her on a long term course of PPI which I'm very sceptical about. As some of you can imagine I tend to see gluten behind everything and as I had thyroid related symptoms when I was on gluten which have resolved on the diet and know from this forum that there's a lot of evidence that there's a connection: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/search/?&q=hashimotos I want her to request celiac testing and then, if negative (as mine was incidentally), trial the gluten-free diet. Are there any good sources online which I could point her too concerning the link between the two conditions? I found this: https://thyroidpharmacist.com/articles/top-7-hashimotos-food-myths/ but I wondered if there's a good site that anyone would recommend? Many thanks for any advice you can offer or experiences you can relate Matt
  3. Hello everyone! Hope you are having good days. I found this forum while I was yet again Googling furiously today. I do not have diagnosed Celiac disease. I was tested by blood test about a year ago, and although I can't find my test results at the moment I remember it was borderline, my antibodies were high but they said it was negative for Celiac. Before then I had been eating gluten-free for 12 months, reintroducing gluten maybe 1-2 weeks before the test. Anyways, here are the symptoms I have....I'm just at a loss of where to turn next. I've seen so many drs., so many specialists, tried so many medications, so many diets. I'm only 26 years old, Female, BMI 23 (normal weight). I would do anything for just a partial answer on what could be causing all this: Hyperthyroidism at age 15 (complete thyroidectomy due to stage 0 tumor on thyroid), now regulated Very low weight growing up Migraines since age 7 or 8 Frequent headaches IBS-D (IBS-C as a child, real bad) Frequent nausea/bloating/feeling full too fast Severe menstrual cramps, possible endometriosis or cysts Stomach ulcers/gastritis when I take NSAID pain relievers only a couple times Infertility (trying 5 years now) Anxiety (this is kind of a chicken or egg thing, I'm sure it makes everything worse) Hypoglycemia/sharp drops in blood sugar especially after carbs Terrible teeth Frequent sinus/ear infections I didn't start my menstrual cycle until after my thyroid was taken out, so almost age 16. I was also extremely skinny. I rarely had more than 1 or 2 bowel movements a week, despite eating what was probably 3,000-5,000 calories a day. It was extremely painful and caused long term nausea. Although, I don't really notice short term a difference when I cut out gluten. I feel better in general for sure. I can't tolerate hardly any dairy without IBS symptoms, even taking Align (which is amazing btw). My mom found Celiac a couple years ago and that's when I took it seriously but my negative test results sent me back to square one. Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any advice, thank you so much.
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