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Found 35 results

  1. I am currently searching for a Doctor that can help me monitor multiple health issues. I have Celiac Disease, Hashimoto Thyroid, Vitiligo, and Pernicious Anemia. I am looking for Tri Cities, WA, Walla Walla WA, or Spokane, WA. I need someone who understands the complications each of the diseases can have themselves as well as the potential combination of issues. Someone who will monitor my bloodworm etc. but can think in gray, not just black and white. I take Levothyroxine and have had monthly B12 injections for about 16. I take Vitamin D supplements to keep the level up. I take numerous other supplements and have been on a strict gluten-free diet for 41/2 years. I do have other food allergies too. I do not absorb Iron well at all and have had a Hematologist monitor my Ferritin etc. It began about 6 years ago. I was having trouble with a constant dry cough and was sent to a Pulmonologist, who determined I was not getting enough oxygen to my lungs. My PCP did a lot of blood work and found I had a Ferritin level of basically 0 and Hemoglobin of 5.5. Tried mega Iron supplements with no change in level. The doctor told me to throw them away and had me begin Iron Infusions She helped me get it leveled out after a few years and now I don't need them as often. The Hematologist was the one who suspected Celiac Disease and sent me to be tested. (Please note I had been scoped up and down numerous times, swallowed a camera and still the Gastro could not find anything wrong. Never did a biopsy. He attributed my issues to IBS....) About a year ago my most excellent Hematologist left the practice and moved far away. She was very intelligent, keen, and thought outside the box in many ways. I could count on her to test, evaluate and analyze my bloodwork. She was an excellent communicator and would research for additional information. It is difficult to explain how comfortable I was with her managing my care. I no longer feel that way and for the last year my Ferritin has been between 8 and 10.8 and the Saturation has been hovering around or below the low level. And I have not had any infusions. Thank you!
  2. have Hashimotos hypothyroidism. was whole foods vegan for 5 years. in January I went to get blood panel ( because I couldnt digest properly and was having depression come back and weakness) and ldl was high and omegas low, decided to start eating meat again. for the last 6 months I've been struggling with hemorrhoids and possibly anal fissures. went gluten free once again (prior to all of this I had started eating gluten again for about 3 months) and mostly AIP and hemorrhoid has improved but not gone and still bleeds. if I eat certain things my stomach from below my belly button feels swollen, I thought possibly sibo but last weekend I ate pizza (not gluten free) and ever since then my stomach has felt super swollen . is this possibly just a gluten issue? It's not gas but literally feels like my intestines are swollen, and it lasts for days after eating gluten or other foods that I suspect had gluten contamination. The swelling typically only happens the next day or several hours later that night and lasts 3-5 days.
  3. Hi all, This is my first post here. I'm a college student and I have to eat most meals on the go, I'm also a nanny and have no choice but to cook and eat in a mixed kitchen for work. I also live in a home with HEAVY gluten eaters. It is not financially viable at this point in my life for me to buy my own pots and pans, utensils, etc. I have two main parts to my problem: 1. It is so overwhelming to be gluten free when I eat most of my meals on a college campus where they don't pay any mind to if the food is being cross contaminated. I try to bring lunch and snacks, but I am out for 15-18 hours a day and forget or get hungry and need to buy additional food while I'm out. What are some meal prep tips y'all can give me? How can I ensure these meals stay gluten free when I'm stuck living in a home with a mixed kitchen? I don't have a dishwasher, so even washing the dishes makes me nervous. I'm trying to learn how to cook but my anxiety over gluten is at the point where I don't even want to be around the kitchen. 2. I've been gluten free for a year now, since my diagnosis with both celiac and hashimoto's disease. I'm VERY sensitive to cross contamination. I work at this so hard, I'm hyper vigilant, I annoy restaurant employees asking them to change utensils and wipe surfaces and change gloves, I annoy everyone in my home about cleaning up between prep, I obsessively read labels. I feel like being gluten free is a full time job, and I STILL get severely glutened regularly. It has happened twice just this week, and I get so sick every time. What else am I supposed to do? How much hidden gluten is there? On this one, I really could just use some support and maybe quick tips on how to keep this from feeling so difficult. Thank you so much in advance. This whole thing is so difficult. I'm young and want to be able to enjoy meals out with friends, cook for the kids I watch, eat on campus, enjoy my life, and just to not be sick half the time.
  4. So a couple years ago I was tested for celiac... Ttg IgG/IgA were all negative DGA IgG/IgA were all negative AGA IgG: Positive AGA IgA Negative HLADQB1*02 Negative HLADQB1*03:02 Negative HLADQA1*05 Positive Biopsies have all been negative. I suffer from Hashimoto's thyroiditis and I just feel miserable with all the body aches and brain fog. My son was born back in July and I'm just so tired of not feeling well and I really want to finally feel good and enjoy life to the fullest. I'm thinking of asking for my labs to be repeated again and see. I'm just wondering if it is possible for me to still have celiac or if I'm just looking for something that just isn't there because I'm desperate for answers... Appreciate any input!! Thank you
  5. Hello! I have read many forums on this site over the past few months and it has been incredibly helpful. I am here now because I am basically in a "resource desert" as far as services and doctors in my area and I desperately need advice. Question & Concern #1: I have been gluten free for about 6 months now due to problems that started about a year and a half ago including constipation, gas, bloating, anxiety & depression. After going gluten free my symptoms quickly resolved themselves and I have been happily gluten free ever since. However, my doctor (I have had no previous medical issues and so I trusted her opinion without doing my own research -believe me I learned my lesson) does not connect those symptoms with Celiacs disease so even though I thought that there was a connection and voiced my opinions, testing was not done. I was told that it "didn't matter" if I had the diagnosis since the treatment either way is eating gluten free. I have learned from this site that was 100% wrong. Although I may not have Celiacs, even if there is a 1% chance that I do, I feel that I deserve to know. I have a doctors appointment this week and I really need advice for what to fight for, so far I have heard of these options: 1. Eating gluten for 90 days and getting a blood test done (although I have heard this is not the most accurate way to diagnos Celiacs and I dread the thought of eating gluten for 90 days) 2. Eating gluten for 2 weeks and getting an endoscopy - am I allowed to request this?? 3. Genetic testing - sort of what I am leaning towards right now because if I do have the genetic disposition I would just live the rest of my life like I have Celiacs. Is there any reason that I NEED the actual diagnosis? If you were in my situation what would you recommend? Question & Concern #2: I was tested for hypothyrodisim because everyone in my maternal family has been diagnosed with that but they all were diagnosed later in life (early 40s, I believe my mother went through premature menopause becuase it was undiagnosed for so long). Nobody in my family has heard of Hashimotos but when talking with my friend who is a nurse who has Hashimotos she said that sometimes the TSH test that I was given won't pick up on that. My TSH result was a 2.6 which I believe is slightly higher than the ideal range although the normal range on that result was considered up to a 5. I am going to go in and request to make sure that I don't have hypothyroidism of any kind including Hashimotos. Does anybody have any relevant advice for what tests I should request? I have been googling it but I was wondering if anybody went through that and has personal experience for the tests. I also really need to know: - Can going gluten free help cure Hashimotos/Hypothyrodism symptoms? (I also am FREEZING cold all the time which is another indicator of that and most of the reasons I went gluten free could be indicators of Hashimotos as well - I do know there is a connection but I really didn't know if eating gluten free would help alievate the symptoms). -Will going gluten free affect getting a diagnosis for Hypothyroidsm/Hashimotos? To add on to it - My husband & I were planning on trying to start a family in March so I really pray that all this can be resolved quickly so we can start our family in the next year because I don't want to start trying until I have some answers. ANY advice/websites/articles/books would be incredibly helpful for me right now. If you know anybody on the site who has experience with Hashimotos and gluten sensitivity or Celiacs I would be super appreciative if you could reach out to them to get me some help. I am in the process of finding a new doctor but it is a slow process (no appointments in my area until February) so I am keeping my appointment with the doctor who doesn't want to do the Celiacs testing so I want to be as informed as possible so I can really stick to my guns and insist on what is best for me (and my future babies!!). I feel lost & not sure what information is reliable so I'm just looking for people who have more experience than I do to help! Thank you all so much ~Shannon
  6. Hi All - I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos. My doctor said TPO AB 76 is above range. I initially went to the doctor because since graduating college 3 years ago I have gotten a significant number of gray hairs (25% of my hair I would say) and I just turned 25 and am an African American woman. She put me on OMP Thyrotain. Has anyone used this? She has also advised me to go gluten free. Has anyone seen any reversal in the grey hair? I don't consider myself a shallow person but at such a young age, without any family history of this, it's really impacting me negatively. Any advice or experiences would be so helpful.
  7. I have been gluten free for over 2 years on the advice of my endo. I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and leaky gut. As soon as I went gluten free my alkaline phosphotase levels were low (not while eating gluten) and now my liver enzyme lab ALT is high. Should I start eating gluten? Am I harming myself by not eating gluten?
  8. Greetings, I was diagnosed with Celiac back in March of this year. I have been gluten-free for almost 3 months and while I am beginning to have better days, its been quite a battle. After 6 months of bouncing around to various doctors and receiving a plethora of blood tests, I finally ordered my own IGA antibody test and hit the mark with Celiac. However, while in pursuit of this diagnosis, I had my thyroid tested a number of times as well and received some peculiar results. I wanted to provide those numbers for the more experienced individuals who may be able to interpret my results as I am perplexed by them. * Note that the reference ranges listed are the same for all. TSH - (0.4 - 4.5) FT4 - (0.8-1.8) FT3 - (2.3-4.2) TAB(glu) - <1 or =1 TAB(per) - <9 Actual Results (blood NOT drawn at a consistent time) 11/16: TSH = 5.22 FT4 = NA FT3 = NA TAB(glu) = NA TAB(per) = NA 01/17: TSH = 2.48 FT4 = 1.2 FT3 = NA TAB(glu) = NA TAB(per) = NA 02/17: TSH = 7.54 FT4 = 1.2 FT3 = 3.3 TAB(glu) = NA TAB(per) = NA 02/23: TSH = 2.72 FT4 = 1.0 FT3 = NA TAB(glu) = <1 TAB(per) = 1 I understand that stress can cause a fluctuation in your TSH, however I have also read that oscillating TSH can be an early sign of thyroid problems. I have not attempted to schedule a meeting with an endo because the last test showed no issues, especially with the antibodies. Does anyone have any advice on this matter? All help is appreciated.
  9. I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping someone else out there has a similar story and can provide some encouragement or guidance. So I'm diagnosed with Celiac despite a negative biopsy. My gastro made the diagnosis based on being positive for the celiac gene and having elevated levels on the TTG test. A decade ago I also tested positive two times on the TTG but had negative biopsies. At that time the gastro I was seeing just shrugged and diagnosed IBS. Fast forward to 2 months of being gluten free and having my symptoms continue to worsen and I happened upon someone who mentioned Graves disease. Not knowing what it was, I looked it up and had a lot of the symptoms (eye pressure, chronic diarrhea, palpitations, weight loss, anxiety, etc.) I asked my PCP to order a full thyroid panel, which showed normal thyroid levels but elevated thyroid antibodies (not sky high, but higher than the normal range). He said I have Hashimoto's, then told me that wasn't the cause of my problems because the antibodies weren't high enough for me to be having any symptoms, and once again gave me the "you're just depressed and you have IBS" speech. I'm sick of being anxious all the time and absolutely am struggling with depressive moods the last few months after 2 years of worsening symptoms with no relief and no answers, so I accepted his prescription for a low dose anti-depressant. I also scheduled a second opinion with a new doctor. There's a part of me that wants to believe my PCP. Just take the pill every night and stop searching for answers and work on my mental health. But I feel like nothing is adding up. I have a lot of the symptoms of Graves, but he diagnosed Hashimoto's and then told me the symptoms I was experiencing were all psychosomatic and were not related to the Hashimoto's. I have a lot of symptoms of celiac, but being gluten free isn't helping (and yes, I am being super careful - not eating out, replaced kitchen utensils and equipment, I tried dairy free for 2 weeks and saw no improvement, I avoid gluten-free products with lots of gums in them, etc.). I'm wondering if the celiac is actually a misdiagnosis and the TTG was picking up my thyroid autoimmune. I'm also wondering if I could be having such long-lasting and life-impacting symptoms of Hashi's or Graves when my antibody levels aren't super high. I know nobody here can diagnose me, but I'm really hoping someone with a similar story will read this and help me out. Has anyone else had low level thyroid antibodies and an otherwise normal thyroid panel but LOTS of autoimmune thyroid symptoms? Has anyone else been diagnosed celiac despite the biopsies being clean (and no DH)? I just feel like all my doctors are taking stabs in the dark and I'm sick of it.
  10. A close family member has hashimotos but her doctors have never mentioned gluten to her as a potential trigger. They also have her on a long term course of PPI which I'm very sceptical about. As some of you can imagine I tend to see gluten behind everything and as I had thyroid related symptoms when I was on gluten which have resolved on the diet and know from this forum that there's a lot of evidence that there's a connection: https://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/search/?&q=hashimotos I want her to request celiac testing and then, if negative (as mine was incidentally), trial the gluten-free diet. Are there any good sources online which I could point her too concerning the link between the two conditions? I found this: https://thyroidpharmacist.com/articles/top-7-hashimotos-food-myths/ but I wondered if there's a good site that anyone would recommend? Many thanks for any advice you can offer or experiences you can relate Matt
  11. Hi Celiac community, I got a stress fracture and then went to a bone doctor, who tested me for Celiac. I was surprised (but not really, I had terrible symptoms to wheat as an infant but that is another story) when my blood test results came back. Anti tTransglutaminase, IgA was >250 (normal 0-13), and Anti Deaminated Gliadin, IgG was 68 (normal 0-13). At the same time, my TSH was a bit low so I was advised to drop my thyroid dose, which I have done. A week later, I left for an internship overseas, and have to wait 3 months to get scoped. Due to my stress fracture, my doctor advised me to eat gluten-free anyway, which I have been doing (with a few mishaps, argh, and I am still eating oats). I feel like I am sitting in limbo--do I have Celiac's or not? I realize this is not somewhere I can get a definitive diagnosis, but what is the probability that these tests were false positives due to my thyroid medication being too high? I will get scoped next month or do a genetic test, or both.
  12. Hey there just wanted to warn anyone that has other allergies- these crackers may not be a good choice! I'm mildly sensitive to MSG- I only react if there's a giant amount like in Chinese food or Ramen noodles, etc. I literally have a to eat TONS of a the offending food before reacting. Anyway, I was excited to try these Trader Joes pumpkin crackers, kept hearing about them on the radio .... and they're gluten free! (I have Hashi's). I ate about 3/4 of the box last night. Woke up this morning with a red itchy face and nasal congestion, headache, anxiety. Hallmark symptoms for me of high MSG intake. (It does say yeast extract on the side but it's pretty far down the list). So if you're sensitive.... stay away! Apparently these particular crackers are loaded with it.
  13. Hi All- new here and new to all of this. Quick info: I have hashimoto's disease and was hoping that trying gluten free might help with some ongoing symptoms that have not been relieved by levothyroxine and liothyronine (synthroid and cytomel). Well- one my main symptoms has been weight gain and an inability to lose weight and in the past couple of months since reducing gluten I've lost 30 pounds without really any other change to my diet/exercise. In the past month I've done my best to remove it completely (using apps etc. to scan my food) but since I am new at it there have of course been some misses on things that it is in and times that I've fudged it thinking it wouldn't matter. Additionally, I've always struggled with GI issues on and off. There have been times where I've seen the GI doctor for frequent diarrhea and mid-stomach pain without anything being resolved in terms of diagnosis, and then periods where I haven't had as much issue with these things. Since going gluten free I was feeling things were more regular, but having some out of town visitors and eating out more led to less meticulousness on my part. I was still getting gluten free items but not checking all the time if say fries were not coated in something, etc. and noticing more stomach upset and sometimes a cough/sneezing/nose congestion- which has also been an issue for me (I don't know if this is typically something that goes with Celiac or something else entirely, but something I've noticed when I eat often nonetheless). Anyway, I saw my regular doctor and mentioned this all to her and she did the bloodwork for Celiac, which came back negative. I've read that if one has been on a gluten free diet for 2+ weeks it can lead to inaccurate test results. I am wondering if anyone has had this experience and is something I should continue to pursue? Or if considering the information I've laid it is probably the case that Celiac is not to blame for whatever is going on and maybe I just have some kind of intolerance related to my hashimoto's as I'd originally suspected. Either way I surely have seen a benefit from eliminating gluten and my body has an issue with it, I would just prefer to know if it may still be Celiac that is causing GI and other gluten related problems for me! I've kind of gotten to that point with things that I'm worn down from pressing doctors about my thyroid and getting nowhere, don't want to do it with this one too if it's not going to be worth it. Thanks in advance!
  14. Short background - I was formula fed at 8 months old and ended up in the hospital. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me but I was in there for 6 weeks. I came home weak, low weight, and still sick. Childhood was spent relatively normal but I did have a lot of bowel issues. As a teenager I was diagnosed with irritable and inflammatory bowel syndrome. They put me on meds to help with the flare ups. I had a biopsy done of some polyps in my intestines and they came back normal (not cancerous). So, I just kept taking meds. A year later I was passing out on the basketball court, haveing muscle spasms, seizing up if I spent too much time playing sports (I'm a huge sports lover and distance runner), and was just sick every day. Finally I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis at 13 years old. By 16 my thyroid had completely shut down and I produce nothing on my own now. In my late 20's I had a baby and almost didn't survive his birth and ended up in a coma. I had a hard time recovering and was then diagnosed with yet another auto-immune disorder (Addison's disease). Finally my husband did a rotation on non-infectious diseases (he was in medical school at the time) and came home saying I might have celiacs. I had a colonoscopy and biopsy done of a few polyps again. This time they came back with a diagnosis of celiacs. I was devastated (a long distance runner needs carbs, man!!). However, I was so sick I had no other choice than to go gluten free. I was doing great! Then, I thought I could have just 1 dinner roll. I spent that night vomiting, shaking, shivering, seizing up, in pain, and absolutely miserable. So, I vowed never to eat gluten again. And I don't anymore. I even have separate containers for my peanut butter, honey, and nutella labeled with "MOM" on it so the kids don't use it. I was feeling great and doing very well. Fast forward to 3 years of gluten free and I'm back to feeling sick and miserable. My muscles ache, my stomach hurts, I'm exhausted, I wake up nauseated, I have body aches, I've vomited, etc. It's like I've eaten gluten, but I know I haven't. The ONLY two things I have changed is that I 1) added Bob's Red Mill's Gluten Free Oat Flour to my diet after a friend showed me how to make cakes, dinner rolls, and bread with it. It says it is certified gluten free. It's made in a gluten free facility and 2) I started eating gluten free oatmeal in the mornings to fuel up for my long runs (training for a 50k and I need food). This also says certified gluten-free. I didn't think anything of it until my husband suggested that perhaps the oats are causing me issues. But - I can't find any substantial data showing that oats and celiacs don't mix. It all says to make sure the oat flour and oats are produced in a certified gluten-free facility - which I have done. Do any of you experience the same symptoms when eating certified gluten-free oats/oat flour? Is there any evidence or data showing that it's unsafe for celiacs to eat these? Or, is this just a far-reaching hypothesis and do I need to just schedule a dang doctor's appointment? Any advice is so appreciated. Thank you!
  15. My IgG is 37.6. B12, D3, and iron deficient. Hashimoto's thyroid. Do I have Celiac?
  16. Hi There- So, It's been 3-years since I was diagnosed and unfortunately, It's been all downhill since. Symptoms seem to be multiplying, not abating. Most recently, I was diagnosed with the early stages of hashimotos and prescribed a low dose of tirosint, which has made me feel very spacey, non-functional. I'm wondering if the extreme fog is any indication of pre-diabetes (have had slightly raised blood glucose level, in the 100 - 110 range for sometime) or adrenal (raised ACTH) function? Anyhow, instead of trying to dig a little deeper, my endocrinologist recommended that I see my primary care physician. WTF? Is it so difficult for practitioners to pull-up their sleeves? While I have heard very good things about my endocrinologist, I'm disturbed that he is so willing to punt. This is is all new to me frankly, as up to 3-years ago, I rarely saw a doctor...which is maybe why I'm in this bind in the first place. Anyhow, I have been to numerous specialist, none of whom have been able to provide a top down understanding of what the heck is going on here. They all (maybe understandably) operate within their own little tranche. So, I'm thinking of seeing an integrative/alternative/naturopathic doctor(s)...hoping that they can diagnose and treat what the other practitioners have not. Thoughts?
  17. My 9 year old daughter has had type 1 diabetes(t1d) for about two years, and was dx with Hashimoto's(hypothyroidism)earlier this year. She had an appointment with her endocrinologist last week, and had blood work done to check her thyroid levels and screen for celiac. She has no obvious symptoms, it's just done as a routine screening, since celiac is dx more often with people with t1d. Last year her ttg was 3, this year it's 154! She's having a biopsy in a week or so, and I know you can have false positives (I've heard that's more likely if you have t1d), but does anyone know how likely a false positive is? Does it matter how high her ttg is? Thanks!
  18. Hello everyone! I'm back after a year of still no answers. Finally seeing a new group of doctors since I recently got a new job. My new primary doctor thinks I may have celiac and wants me to get another opinion. Going to see the new gastroenterologist next week and I can't wait to go. I'm hoping to finally get some answers to the issues I've been having. Although it will be a huge lifestyle change I think I will be relieved to know that everything I'm feeling just isn't in my head. Doctors are so quick to tell me all of my symptoms are stress-related. Here is a little background about me! May of last year I started realizing I was loosing my eyebrows (Still haven't grown back!!) - initially thought it was my thyroid, all levels were within range though. I'm also not loosing them on the outer corner of my eye but more towards the inner corner (Doesn't really matter I'm sure). Tested my Iron and my ferritin was down to an 8 when in previous years it was around 200 something. No bleeding episodes and my menstrual cycles are light. I started researching hashimoto's and iron deficiency and started seeing stuff about celiac. In the lab I work in I was tested for tTg IgG/IgA, Gliadin IgG/IgA and Total IgA. I was not deficient in IgA and I'm not sure if the testing for gliadin was deaminated or not (don't believe it was). I don't have my exact results for the tTg IgG/IgA or Gliadin IgA but I remember they were within normal limits, but my Gliadin IgG was 3.59IV and a positive was anything greater than of equal to 1.1. I also had the genetic test done and I was negative for HLA-DQB1*02 and HLA-DQB1*03:02 but I was positive for HLA-DQA1*05. I know this isn't diagnostic in itself for celiac disease. I had a endoscopy and the report read as follows: A. Duodenal mucosal biopsies with no significant microscopic abnormality. No diagnostic histology features of celiac are appreciated B. Gastric antral and oxytocin mucosal biopsies showing chronic gastritis. Reactive foveolar hyperplasia is present. H. pylori is negative The material present is partly tangentially sectioned. The villous crypt ratio is about 3.5. There are intraepithelial lymphocytes but they don't seem to be significantly increase in most of the villi. There are inflammatory cells in the lamina propria including plasma cells and lymphocytes with an occasional germinal center. They are normal to slightly increased in number. No histologically diagnostic features of celiac are appreciated. Really hoping this new gastro will shed some light on all of my questions... Trying to eat as much gluten as I can tolerate before going for testing. I previously did not experience any GI symptoms but now I have been experiencing stomach pain (not everytime I ingest gluten but occasionally) The pain comes in waves, the pain builds up then subsides..I'm okay for a little while and then it happens again. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!
  19. Hi all, I had the best Dr's appointment yesterday, with my allergist, and he got me really thinking about what's going on with my body. After we talked about my allergies and how allergy shots were going (I'm so allergic 4+ to everything), I told him that I had been diagnosed with celiac disease in January and that I was still having trouble with bloating, D and fatigue. He says have you been tested for Hashimoto's? That it goes hand in hand so often with celiac. It turns out that his wife has both! This is the first Dr. I've encountered who has actual real life experience with this disease. So, I picked his brain for a while. We talked about how there are no good celiac Dr's where we live. He and his wife have been to see Fasano. He told me if I came up with any questions about celiac to feel free to call because he and his wife have been through it all over the past 2 years. Amazing appointment...a Dr who gets it!! Anyway, I was diagnosed with hypothyroid shortly after my oldest was born 14 years ago. I've never been tested for Hashimoto's. I've only ever had TSH and T4 tested. My allergist said that until the thyroid is working the way it needs to, the gut will have issues. Is that true? Could this be part of my issue? The last time I had my thyroid checked my TSH was 4.65. So, my Dr. upped my dose to 112 mcg. That was 4 weeks ago and I'm supposed to go in 2 weeks from now to have it re-checked. I think it's time that I ask for everything else related to the thyroid to be checked. Anyone know exactly what that is and what levels should be. Almost forgot...When I had my blood work done, both my ldl cholesterol and triglycerides were high...they've always been low before. I've been having so many weird issues lately....beyond the digestive, I've got some issues with my period and have realized thanks to my food diary that all of my digestive issues get much worse from ovulation-period. So 2 1/2 - 3 weeks out of the month I feel bad. Ugh. I guess I'm searching and wondering still, but things made sense yesterday. I guess it could also be female hormones...perimenopause? I will be 43 soon. I'm wondering if anyone knows how this all works together and how Hashi's and other hormonal issues could affect things like digestion, D, bloating and fatigue. Thanks in advance for all input and wisdom!
  20. No matter how strict my diet is, I seem to loose too much weight, it almost always is worse around this time of year...October-November. That happens to be when I was first diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago (I was 20 years old), now I am 30. I have gotten married which supposedly would put on a couple pounds right?? The old saying goes something like, once you settle down your tend to start gaining weight. Well, not for me evidently. I've had two kids too. Got really heavy for me, went from 118-170 with my first, almost that for my second. BUT STILL I have lost my breast fat, they are less than an A cup, my periods are wacky still, I've been trying to regulate this obnoxious phenomenon of turning into a 12 year old little girl again with progesterone cream, applying it everyday. Was suppose to get hormone therapy after cancer treatments but have read many negative experiences of that with unwanted side affects. Then got diagnosed celiac soon after cancer treatments were over, got hormone tests three times since then and they have always been wacky! The only hormones that are not affected are the testosterone and the DHEA. SO I've been reading more, I don't have Hashimotos, I just don't meet the symptoms. I might have Crohns but I'm already doing the best I can for that. My thyroid checked out okay from tests done in the past when I had much worse symptoms then now. I've had a full body MRI when I was 20 and nothing extra was found invading my important organs, e.a. tumors around the pituitary or ovarian cancer. Not really finding a realistic direction to search in here. Anyone have this experience? Anyone have suggestions to research? Anyone been through hormone therapy successfully and what side effects/experiences did you have during/afterward?
  21. Diagnosed Celiac by biopsy 1.5 years ago. After diagnosis & gluten free diet my body started to go haywire. Everyone chalked it up to my gut was healing, and that it was a good sign. Just wait it out they said. It will get better they said... Then things didnt get better. Everything has persisted, and some things have gotten worse. Symptoms: Weight gain (going from 140lbs to 170lbs. 31 year old female, 5'10") Controlled diet, under 1300 calories a day. Active city dweller without a car. Walk 10-15km/day. Minimal processed foods. No cross contamination (believe me, I know, I will vomit profusely with a spec of gluten.) Swelling of hands and feet (and sometimes face) Extreme lethargy, especially in the legs (having trouble going up stairs & lifting feet) Acne Ridges on my nails Anxiety (which fluctuates) Perodic night sweats I have persisted with my doctors, and was told last week that my thyroid levels were within the normal range, and that the only thing they could do to help me was put me on antidepressants if I wanted. I obviously dont want antidepressants as I dont think I'm depressed. I have a big problem voicing myself in doctors appointments, and often will end up in tears. I dont think thats helping them take me seriously. I feel overwhelmed. I am at the end of my rope right now. The only other tests they scheduled me for are a heart echo and a lung xray (they wanted to make sure my lethargy/shortless of breath wasnt heart/lung related.) I had previously had IV iron infusions, and I get a monthly B12 shot.They say my iron is good enough right now. My doctors do not tell me any of my test info or levels. So I have no idea what they are. It took them 3 years to diagnose me Celiac as my only symptoms prior to diagnosis were malnutrition and anemia. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Any suggestions on how to get them to take me seriously? Everything I google comes up thyroid.
  22. Im a 32 year old male with hashimotos disease/hypothyroidism.(antibodies for that were in the 2000-3000 range last time I checked a few years ago).As long as I can remember I have had stomach issues, but up until now starting to think I have celiac disease too. One thing that makes me wonder is why am i gonna be on almost 300mcg of levrothroxine soon(seems weird for my age). Was taking 5 grain armour split in half plus 25mcg levrothroxine daily before switching over to levoxyl. I have always had constant gas/painful stomach bloating/(diahrrea maybe once a week or so)when eating meat/eggs/and possibly breads. Have to take probiotics and gas medicine each time I eat something. The thing is I was reading the blood tests aren't really accurate for getting a diagnosis of celiacs disease.I live in a small town aswell so not sure about a biopsy and if that's anymore better or if they can do it.I have just been stuck in a major depression with panic attacks anxiety all my life.The brain fog is horrible as well.Im lucky if I can remember things that happened a few mins ago.Besides that rant, just wondering if this sounds like celiac disease to anyone? Can you not have major symptoms and still have it? Whats the likelihood of getting celiacs disease when you get hashimotos disease?I really don't know what to do.
  23. Hello everyone!! Still on my journey to figure out what's going on with me! I've had a positive gliadin IgG test, negative gliadin IgG, Negative tissue transglutaminase IgG/IgA... Negative biopsy, it showed inflammation and lymphocytes infiltrating the epithilium but no issues with the villi... After I went gluten free for a month and felt great... Reintroduced and all my aches pains and respiratory issues came back I didn't think I had any GI issues but when I reintroduced I realized it made me constipated.... Now I had the genetic testing done and my HLA-DQB1*02 and HLA-DQB1*03:02 were negative but HLA-DQA1*05 is positive. Report says this is rarely observed in individuals with celiac and that it is only mildly supportive of a clinical diagnosis of celiac disease..... I know I should just go gluten free cause it makes me feel better... But I would have really loved a yes you have this or a no you don't
  24. ahhh as soon as I think I'm a step closer to knowing what is wrong I get thrown another curve ball! So here is a little bit of info about me.. 27 year old female with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. I've suddenly developed iron deficiency anemia. After doing some research and seeing my doctor I learned that a lot of people with Hashimoto's can also have celiac disease so we ordered some celiac blood tests TTG (IgG/IgA) both came back normal (however total IgA wasn't tested..) DGP IgA negative, and DGP IgG positive (3.59 IV anything above .90 IV considered positive). After getting my blood test results back I made an appointment with my GI doctor and had the endoscopy done yesterday.. I also work in the hospital laboratory so I know the pathologists and all so I called today and he said he didn't see any signs of celiac but wants to pass it around to the other pathologists to make sure, he did say I have gastritis tho with no signs of H. pylori...told me to come talk to him tomorrow but now I'm stressed out and confused!! :/ any advice?
  25. Had positive DGP IGG... 3.59IV positive is GT .90 Biopsy says A. Duodenal mucosal biopsies with no significant microscopic abnormality. No diagnostic histology all features of celiac are appreciated. B. Gastric antral and oxytocin mucosal biopsies showing chronic gastritis. Reactive foveolar hyperplasia is present. H. Pylori is negative The material present is partly tangentially sectioned. The villous crypt ratio is about 3.5. There are intraepithelial lymphocytes but they don't seem to be significantly increased in most of the villi. There are inflammatory cells in the lamina propria including plasma cells and lymphocytes with an occasional germinal center. They are normal to slightly increased in number. No histologically diagnostic features of celiac are appreciated Opinions anyone??? I'm confused see. Lymphocytic gastritis can be associated with celiac plus my positive blood test!! Ahh maybe I'll just give up the gluten and see how I feel
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