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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, so the same guy who gave me all that bison a few weeks ago just brought me an elk roast. How do I cook it? I know it's very lean and should be cooked in a crock pot. All the recipes I saw on line include things I can't have. Should I just use carrots seeing I am off nightshades? And they say to sear it in vegetable oil first. Well, olive oil doesn't seem to work for me. Can I use butter? I haven't even tested coconut oil yet but it seems I'm intolerant to so many things, I'd hate to try it and find out I ruined the whole roast for myself. Do I really have to sear it at all? They say to cut slits in the roast and put a bunch of butter in it. I guess I can do that. They also say I'll end up with a bunch of juices to make gravy. I can thicken it with rice flour, right? Because I can't do corn starch. How about spices? I've never had elk before, but I've heard it is the best of all wild game meats. What spices would go good with it? Or should I just cook it plain? He brought me a bunch of ground elk too. THAT I know how to cook - the same way I cook my ground bison.
  2. OK, so I have decided that since I got potatoes back, maybe I can eat tomatoes now too. I want to try making a pizza using the cauliflower crust. The problem is, a lot of cans are now lined with the corn-based plastic and I don't want to take a chance on that. (I got sick from a corn-based plastic water bottle.) So, how do I make a sauce using fresh tomatoes? I DO have a food processor now. What worries me is, Mom used to make her own sauce from scratch and it always seperated. We's wind up with an almost solid pile of tomato on top of our spaghetti, and some orange colored water at the bottom of the plate. She used Roma tomatoes, and I remember it took all day to make it. I need something fairly easy because I'm not a good cook and my time in the kitchen is very limited. I COULD use a jarred sauce, but so far I haven't found one that doesn't have corn syrup in it. And I know I could make a white pizza. But I'd like to try tomatoes, and since there is no chicken on sale here this week, I thought now would be a good time to try it. (I usually eat chicken most of the time, but I refuse to pay full price.) Loves2Travel, I know you could make a FABULOUS sauce, but remember, I am just this side of useless in the kitchen. Even when I follow a recipe to the letter, my stuff usually comes out sub-par. I guess it's like a green thumb - some folks have one and some folks don't. I definitely don't have a "kitchen thumb". Thanks.
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