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Found 8 results

  1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998, and over the years have developed serious insomnia problems. I've heard that many celiac sufferers have trouble sleeping - true? By trial & error I've found that if I avoid certain foods or supplements I sleep much better. For instance, I don't sleep well (or at all) when I consume foods with high tannin (polyphenol) content (pecans, pistachio nuts, tea, blueberries, etc). Also foods containing high amounts of vitamin A and E (oil base vitamins) as well as certain inactive ingredients in supplements. My sleep sensitivity could be related to the leaky gut condition but I don't really know. Any other celiacs have problems with insomnia?
  2. Been about 5 1/2 months since diagnosis. For the last few weeks I've been waking up around 2 or 3am from a dream and can't get back to sleep. Anyone had luck beating insomnia? And what did you do to beat it. Doing yoga didn't help. I have a tweeked back and can't run.
  3. Has anyone ever had insomnia related issues with Celiac? The timing of me being diagnosed and the insomnia are around the same time. I’ve had sleep problems before but this is brutal. Already had a sleep study done.
  4. I've tried going gluten-free several times over the last 10 years, and every time I get just a few days into it, I can't sleep for love or money. After a few days I'm so zonked that I eat some toast, and sleep deeply and lusciously. I've had sleep issues in the past, so I know all the sleep hygiene rules, have a closet full of sleep aids, can track my sleep with a first-generation Zeo, tried sleep restriction, and am hyper-sensitive to caffeine, so I avoid it (in all forms) like the plague. My sleep is very, very sensitive to chemicals; a whiff of MSG keeps me awake, face creams that "rejuvenate" cells keep me awake (even when used in tiny amounts in the morning), etc. It's crazy. But, I manage with melatonin and tryptophan (better than 5-HTP for me), and Zolpidem when I travel. I had blood tests done, and am very reactive to gliadin (and eggs, cow milk, peanuts, almonds, among other things). I've also got a "leaky gut" that needs to heal, so I want to get serious about eating gluten-free. But, I'm really worried about the no sleep thing. Has anybody had any positive experiences with overcoming this gluten-free insomnia? I suspect that there is an amino acid or some other tiny trace compound in gluten-containing products that enables sleep for me. Thanks, Jenny
  5. Okay well don't want to make this into a long story or post but I do have a lot of questions and information to share with you lovely people. If you want the main reason I seek help you can skip the 3 big paragraphs but they are very informative of my lifelong struggle with metal illness. Soo.. I ended up smoking Cannabis for many years of my like (14 years ) and I am now going to be 30. I found that marijuana really felt good and helped me feel a lot more calm and helped me sleep through the night everynight. I have always been a go go go person with too much energy. And as child I would always get very irritated and had some anger issues (temper tantrums), those went away perminately when smoking weed and just growing up and out of them i think. I would also drink a lot of beer on top of that. I have been on antidepressants (pristiq , Citalopram not at the same time ) for about 7 years since I noticed started noticing anxiety tremors and unbearable anxiety and social anxiety, and an anti-Psychotic for sleep for about 5 years ( Seroquel) . I hated being on these things but they were my only way of coping with the outside world. About 7 months ago I was still smoking marijuana and drinking almost daily while on Pristiq and Seroquel ( I know really bad ) but I barley any side effects besides brain fog in the morning till about 1 or 2 everyday from the seroquel which I found bearable and livable until I noticed the anxiety returninga and my crazy go go go hyperactivity. So back to 7 months ago researched magnesium glycinate which I noticed worked very very well making me feel almost normal again when I took very high doeses (600 -1000mg a day ) I used this amazing feeling from the magnesium glycinate to take advantage of stopping and getting of my meds that I was on (pristiq 50mg and Seroquel 50mgs) and I weened off them perfectly and slept fine with the help of marijuana. Then one day I had a magnesium overdose and was throwing up and having diarrhea all day. Magnesium wasn't working for me anymore as I assume I was deficient when it was so beneficial but wasn't deficient anymore hence the reason it stopped working . So I then went to a naturopath to help me check my levels of everything. First he tried some vitamins that usually help anxiety disorders before doing all my blood test and they seems to work for a bit then made my anxiety worse ( I was still smoking cannabis everyday and then started to notice it wasn't helping anymore but making me very hyperactive , increasing my anxiety and heart rate). When I decided to quit marijuana because it no longer was helping me but making things worse THIS IS WHERE SHIT GOT REAL, the withdrawal effect from stopping marijuana after 14 years of daily use made me have such crazy anxiety and I couldn't eat was loosing a pound a day and I need to eat a lot everyday to even maintain weight and not get scary thin. I am a male and want to put on muscle and not be skinny. ( I am a ultra rapid matabolizer as said from my genetic testing i just got done) which makes sense why i would loose weight so fast and why i need to eat so much to maintain weight. My stomach was hurting so bad and I have never had stomach pains like this just always had D after eating pizza and fast food which left me thinking i'm just a little lactose or can't handle fatty foods very well. My anxitey and stomach pains brought on my hypochondria so I needed test done. I did the barium swallow and my xrays just showed some indigestion. Then I told my doctor I wanted a test for celiac as my bowl movements have never looked this way (floating ). So my blood test results are Total iga 1.71 igG 24.8 * positive Iga AB 11.4 So I have celiac . It made sense as to why I always had D after eating fast food or pizza. The main reason I type this is that my anxiety has been way worse now that I have been gluten free for about 4 or 5 weeks. I have new insomnia which I never had before only sleeping 2 out of every 4 days (the days I don't sleep I don't get one second of sleep) I really don't want to go back on meds but it seems like that is the only way to get my life and sanity back. I'm hoping my life long anxiety and hyperactivity was because of gluten and after 6 months to a year i will be rid of it or be the person I feel I am inside my mind. I have been seeing my doctor ever two weeks and she seems to be getting fed up with me and ask why are you here (me- i'm here seeking help and opinions before I jump back on these life threatening meds). I have been seeing my naturopath every week even twice a week and have tried all the herbs and vitamins there are for me. We did all my blood test to rule out thyroid, testosterone, cortisol issues. We only found that i had high magnesium level not to my surprise, and low vitamin d (60 nmol/L) . Thankfully I am absorbing all my nutrients very efficiently still. So the past 3 weeks I have tried passion flower, valarien , pharma gaba, kava kava and this one 3 in one called neuropas balance (obviously on different days) and it seems like I am getting worse, sleeping eludes me and my anxiety has made me lose touch with all my friends in the past 3 months. Lavender oil pills 80 mg 2 a day has been one the main thing besides some benzos I was prescribed when going to the doctors 3 weeks ago as a mess in complete panic for no reason. Taking benozos as needed has helped me actually live, but i don't want to have to take them because the withdrawl can be worse then the actual reason to start them . Tried vitamin d for a week or so but something has been increasing my anxiety and insomnia that I stopped all of my suppliments ( vitamin E was in my vitamin d drops , doesnt vitamin E have gluten in it ?) I am also trying to sleep at night so i was taking life brand gravol , which i now saw it has Sodium starch and maltodextrin ( very suspect ingredients for gluten). So maybe I have been getting glutened every night just trying to sleep. I saw a therapist who prelims for a psychiatrist and said I have mild depression as well when I said I have lost interest in things I use to enjoy (music, activity's, friends, games.) I am at the last of my will and I would hope someone here has some insight or maybe have the same type of symptoms from gluten. Here are some questions .... Will being gluten free for 6 months to a year help me see some relief from this hell I am in? ( anxiety , insomnia and depression ) I have read some good stories on how people get relief from metal illness after 3 or 6 months to a year or two. The longer I ate gluten means the longer my mental recovery will be ????? I really don't want to be on any meds but at the moment I am so debilitated that I need some sort of help somehow right now or else I am just wasting my life and living in mental pain. Would going on meds while being gluten free help me with the time it takes for my gluten related mental illness to go away ( I hope to god it is because of gluten because if it isn't I will be doomed and will have to take horrible meds my whole life and have side that later in life will be horrible . ( Seroquel and benozos lead to early Alzheimers and dementia as an example of horrible side effects, not to mention blood clots and other horrible things ) What should I do? as I am out of ideas and drive on how to better myself and after trying so much and getting nowhere or getting worse in the process. Thank you very much to whomever read my whole story and thank you very much to who replies with positivity as I am in great need of support right now. and thanks to this great site , it has helped me very much ! Edit - ( okay anxiety and a little depression is one thing but my main worry now is NOT SLEEPING. Eveynight that I can fall asleep I don't feel like I'm sleeping at all, no rem sleep at all and only for max 4 hours a night and I wake up totally energized and unrested. Those hours I am supposeably sleeping I hear and feel my dog move on my bed and I'm never in a deep sleep. So I even question mysef if I am actually asleep for those hour. Is this gluten withdrawal real and even at 5 weeks gluten free? I need to get a real nights sleep so I can feel rested. It's been 3 weeks without any "real" sleep. )
  6. Hi to all. I'm new on this, and i want to share something: Male, 29 years. Right now i'm on a non-gluten diet. Feeling relatively well. Healthy. Lots of tests, all of them went normal. Before this, i was living for some time with an array of 'strange' and 'unrelated' symptoms. Strange and unrelated, because at that moment i didn't have information about the celiac thing. So: 1) Acutte anxiety, some kind of generalized-anxiety-disorder. Panic attacks, from time to time. 2) Abdominal distension, with strange noises. Diarrhea, with mucus, 2-3 times per day, alternated with constipation, every few weeks. Lots of belching (a lot) 3) Uncomfortable and disgusting palpitations after dinner, on a daily basis. Specially after large meals with carbs. With no pain, thankfully. Just the akward sensation. 4) A little overweight. Around 11 KG. 5) Mild insomnia. 6) The most notorius: Acid reflux, pyrosis, after every meal. All of this disappeared very quickly, after the first 10 days on the diet. The mild overweight also, after a few weeks. Thoughts on this? Anyone going trough something like this? It feels strange.
  7. I got in to see a new gastro, and the visit really didn't amount to much, but at least he seemed somewhat interested in finding a solution to my issues, but he wanted to see what would happen if I added metamucil into my diet for a while, I had never actually tried anything like that for fear it would hurt me. He assured me it wouldn't but low and behold it is causing issues. The first week wasn't to bad, it seemed to make me go more at 1 teaspoon a morning, it wasn't ideal but the discomfort after going seemed to lessen quite a bit, I was enthused that it was working. Then however for whatever reason, my Dermatitus hepiformus started raging at me, hair got super oily despite just showering the day previous, really itchy, the scalp blisters, you know the drill if you have DH. To be honest I was willing to cope if it was going to really improve the bowels but then when I went up (following his little metamucil guide sheet) to 2 teaspoons a day, 1 morning and 1 night I got wicked constipated and learned online you need to drink a TON of water, so I basically drained our well doing so, and no improvement. I then went back down to 1 teaspoon a day and lots of water and there wasn't much improvement so after 2 days constipation I stopped taking it. I've noticed now when I try it, it will mess up my sleeping pattern, like I wake up in the middle of the night and then it's insomnia and a broken sleep. Has anyone ever had Insomnia or a broken sleep pattern from taking Metamucil? I'm taking "Metamucil with real sugar" as it was the only one that had just Psyillum husk and sugar as the ingredients.
  8. Hi everyone, This is the first time I've made a post to a forum like this. Similar to most people posting on these boards I've suffered from undiagnosable and chronic ailments that have severely damaged my quality of life. My main symptoms are neurological but I have reason to believe the root problem is dietary. My mother recently had a bout with Breast cancer. She is in remission now, but the experience has made me want to make the most of my life. I have decided that it isn't enough to just trudge through life going through the motions. I want things to be easy for me like they seem to be for everyone else. I don't want getting out of bed in the morning to be a Herculean accomplishment anymore. I just want a chance, a fair chance to compete out in the world. I feel like I wasn't made for the world that I live in. I want to have a career and a family, but I fear without getting my health under control I won't be able to. It would be vert helpful if anyone said that my symptoms even sound familiar to them. I have been to doctor after doctor and very few have made any comments beyond "I dont know". Basic history: gender: female height: 5'7" weight: 113 lbs BMI: 17.7 Age: 23 Main symptoms: 1. Traumatic birth: I was born about a week late at 11 lbs 4 ounces, a very large baby delivered naturally through a very traumatic birth (forceps were used). Within hours of my mother first holding me in her arms she noticed me moving oddly, as if I was shivering from the cold. This shivering can be seen on home video footage. 2. Involuntary movements and tics: My entire childhood I suffered from severe tics and involuntary movements. I could not sit still for the life of me. I mean I could barely sit for ten minutes to watch a cartoon, and when the commercials came on I would leap from my seat and run around the house in circles. As I got older I got better at holding my tics in, and I would come home from school after a day of holding all that excess energy in and release it by literally sprinting up and down the stairs in my house for hours at a time with little relief. 3. Chronic fatigue: When I was 8 my grandmother passed away. Around that same time I felt that my tics had worsened, and I began to develop severe fatigue. The level of fatigue I reached is almost indescribable. A healthy person would only be able to reach that level of exhaustion after years of physical torture, and I say that understanding the full weight of that statement. I always thought that it was a coincidence that my health deteriorated so rapidly after my grandmother's death, but after reading that emotional upheaval can trigger dietary responses I'm not so sure anymore. 4. Persisting chronic fatigue: I maintained that level of fatigue until I was a freshman in high school. The years between age 8 and age 15 were the worst of my life. I completely lost these years. I was so tired sometimes that I felt like I was hallucinating, and I would intentional hurt myself to know whether I was awake or asleep. It felt like no matter how much I slept nothing changed the way I felt. 5. Diagnosed with Akathisia at age 15: Akathisia is a term for a chronic inability to be still and a feeling of inner restlessness. There is always a precursor for this disorder such as heavy drug use or brain damage, both of which do not apply to me. It's been explained to me that my neurological problems come from deep within the brain. The traumatic birth I experienced would not have been sufficient to cause Akathisia. I would've had to have brain damage to the point that I would not be a functioning human being. However, I was medicated with Clonodine which helped me enormously. This calmed the excess electrical energy in my brain and allowed me to sleep better and get my tics under control. 6. Persisting fatigue and low body weight: After being medicated with Clonodine it was like I was being freed from a prison. I was still tired and not able to function as well as my peers, but anything was better than what I had been living with. The euphoria from making some progress on my health problems was enough to keep my concerns at bay for about 5 years. 7. Pelvic floor dysfunction: After about 3 years of searching I diagnosed myself with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Intercourse is excruciatingly painful for me. This is because the muscles and ligaments of my lower abdomen have been inflamed to the point where they are tense and immoveable. Physical therapy has helped me a lot with this however my progress is slow and quick to reverse if I don't keep up with it, $200 a week for physical therapy and 20 minutes of exercise a day. I am so thankful I have the resources to pay for my doctors visits, but for someone like me who is working a full time job (and who has the added full time job of managing my various illnesses) that is really hard for me to keep up with. I certainly have some source of inflammation in my abdomen, I believe it's leaky gut. 8. Low weight: I am very skinny and always have been despite caloric intake or lifestyle. I've been told since I was 6 years old that I was shockingly skinny. Strangers feel compelled to comment on my weight and ask if I'm sick. Teachers and coaches pulled my aside in school to ask me if I had a problem with eating. At every turn my whole life people have iterated to me that I look sickly, pale, and anorexic. I managed to get my BMI into the normal range my senior year of college (yay, haha) by eating 8,000 calories a day, being completely sedentary, and with the help of an illegal appetite stimulant 9. Sinus infections and bronchitis: I would estimate prior to being medicated with Clonodine I got a sinus infection about once every six weeks and bronchitis twice a winter. After being medicated those numbers have about been cut in half. 10. Alcohol intolerance: I have never tolerated alcohol well but as I have got older its gotten worse. I used to simply turn a deep shade of purple when I drank, now I get nauseous and vomit almost every time I drink. 11. Insomnia: I have always had troubles with sleeping, however I am at the point where I cannot sleep without deadening my nervous system. My body only sleeps when I take something that addresses the excess neurological activity in my brain with marijuana, klonopin, opiates, alcohol, etc. I can take heavy doses of sleep medication and not be able to sleep. 12. Indigestion and diarrhea: I have diarrhea about four to five times a day and am always very gassy. I have gas pains sometimes that are so intense that it takes my breath away and I jump out of my seat in pain. 13. Poor concentration and OCD: I can't concentrate on anything very well and I have obsessive racing thoughts constantly. 14. Confusion and cloudiness of the mind: I constantly mess up what I mean to say. I often swap words within the same sentence. I often only say parts of sentences (ex: I meant to say "Where is he from?" but I end up saying "Where is he?"). I have identified this as a problem, however my family is reluctant to confirm this for me because they don't want to make me feel bad I think (more ridiculousness to deal with, although it comes from a good place). I will ask my mother if she notices me doing this and she'll say "that happens to everyone". But when I have a particularly bad moment of faltering with my words I'll ask my mother later what she thought about that incident and she'll respond by saying "I just said to myself you were having a bad day". (Confusion all around! Haha. I'm confused about whether or not I am confused, you gotta laugh at it sometimes!) CONCLUSION: If you've gotten to this point, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time out of your day to try to understand whats wrong with me and offer guidance or helpful advice. It would be nice for someone to even say that they've been in my position. I've always assumed that I was the only human being on the planet walking around with a mysterious disorder called "Generalized Akathisia", but maybe I'm not and maybe theres something more that can be done to help me. At this point my family and close friends think that stress is causing the bulk of my problems, like I'm crazy and imagining this entire thing. I do think that stress plays a major role because every time my symptoms have worsened and health has deteriorated further this has been accompanied by a major stressor. But shouldn't I be able to handle stress the way everyone else does? Breaking up with a boyfriend and taking care of your sick mother are normal parts of life. What am I supposed to do? Move to a farm with no electricity and cut myself off from the world? ps: just ordered tests from Entero Lab, sample will be sent next week. Thoughts? Comments? Doctor recommendations in the Greater New York area?
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