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Found 2 results

  1. Lately I have had really bad bone pain, sometimes in my right wrist and forearm, in my ribs, but the worst is in my left leg. It started out as a dull ache in my knee that comes and goes. It was worst at night too. I totally freaked out when I saw that a bony knob on the side of my knee was sticking out more compared to the other knee. I do suffer from health anxiety but I got other people to look at it and they all agreed that it definitely was poking out a lot more. I started to get shin pain on that same leg and went to my GP. Around this time I had stomach pains and later found out that I tested positive for celiac disease (my ttg iga was above 250, normal is under 20). She said that bony bit was normal and was not much different to the other side. Went back to her again because I was in a lot more pain and she thought that it could be related to celiac disease since I am still eating gluten while I wait for my biopsy appointment. I didn’t think it was because she checked for vitamin deficiency’s and they were all normal. After a couple of weeks the pain got even worst and went to a different GP who agreed that my bony knob was sticking out and looked a bit swollen. She gave me vitamin d because it costs $60 to test for that deficiency so we thought that if I was deficient I would feel better after taking it. She gave me stronger pain relief and referred me for a X-ray and blood tests for other autoimmune diseases. All came back clear. The pain relief hasn’t worked, the pain has moved to my hip and thigh as well. I have another doctors appointment in a couple of days since I am worried about that knob that I think has gotten slightly bigger and I know that MRIs are better for looking at the soft tissue in legs than X rays. So I guess my question is, have any of yous had pain like this in these places? I think I’ve pretty much convinced myself I have cancer.
  2. I have a pain in my lower right leg that has been occurring randomly over the last few months. It almost feels like my bone is about to split or theres a ton of pressure on the bones. I'm concerned that it has something to do with osteoporosis but I think I am just psyching myself out. I know there is a heightened risk with celiac disease so that is why I am concerned. I guess I should mention that I am only 20 years old and have been gluten free for about a year and a half now. Should I get anything specific checked out by a doctor or should I just mention that my leg feels this way? Has anyone else had this pain?
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