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Found 14 results

  1. Hello everyone! My mom recommended this site and I already feel comforted and not insane anymore reading what you guys have said about your experiences... so let me introduce you to my hell. So I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 7th grade and completely ignored it... not even knowing what gluten was. For example, one year my friends got me a huge box with 48 packs of pop tarts inside and I ate every single one in about a month. Let's just say I'm a pig. I always took pride in myself for being able to eat like a monster and still be skinny and an amazing athlete. I was an excellent swimmer and always went to States and Nationals with my school team, mind you while not being on year round teams at all. I think it was 2 years ago, yes, April 22, 2016, the doctor told my mom and I and that I have Crohn's disease and that I need to go on drugs immediately. Of course I was in denial for the next 6 months and still am to some degree and kept eating gluten in sadness, fear and denial. I went on Imuran for about 3 1/2 months but of course, the lovely teen that I am I didn't take many of the pills. My mom and I "doctor shopped" a lot because she has always been into the natural route and I love and trust her fully so I listened to her. I had a colonoscopy done and didn't eat much of anything. I remember there was a period of maybe a month where all I could keep in was white rice with butter. It felt like candy I'm not kidding. Anyways, we bounced around from 4 different doctors till we finally found an integrative medicine doctor who was willing to help and was certain he could heal me. I was finally ready to accept Crohn's and do what I could to heal myself naturally. I'd seen too many documentaries on our current food (What the Health and Supersize Me for example) and read too much online about the effects of long term high class drugs--the biologics like Humira etc. and was scared that my little body would't be able to handle it so why not try the natural route. So my current doctor did blood work and collected stool--as most do, and it came back that I was severely allergic to 60 out of the main 61 types of gluten or whatever the number is...I was a rare case for him and very severe. I also presented allergies to rice, eggs, most meats--I can eat cooked chicken and pork , allergic to most vegetables and most fruits, and seafood--I can have raw and cooked salmon, cooked sea bass, trout and raw tuna. So now I am left with not many options and a million supplements to take. So I have some questions for anyone willing to help me... 1) Does anyone else have severe food allergies like me and can you make any suggestions for recipes? I take SeaCure--a fish protein supplement in between meals but I need some protein to eat! I love to eat and have already lost yet another pound because I am just not getting enough nutrients even though they are gluten free and safe foods. 2) How long till my hair will get thick and beautiful again?? I read that Imran affects hair and makes you lose it and thin it out...how long will it take to heal that?? 3) My skin, especially my hands crack really badly and the lines are white with rawness and dryness. Help me! I use Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula which is gluten-free and because I can have coconuts. Anyone have any other good recommendations for gluten-free lotions? My hands are painful! 4) Has anyone been so severe like me where you haven't been pregnant but have hemorrhoids on the outside of your butt?? Super weird and uncomfortable...Have they ever gone back in? Also, what should I do to relieve the burning sensation they give me? Or that area in general? 5) I am only 19 but long to have a family one day and lots of children. If I healed myself by the time I was let's say 26, do you think I could have kids?? 6) Speaking of kids, I haven't had my period in over two years. When should I expect that to come back? 7) Does anyone else crack their hands, neck, fingers, back, knees, or toes? I do and I'm wondering if that could be related to joint/skeletal discomfort.. 8) When will my irritability go away? I used to be the happiest person on earth and never cursed but now it seems like it's all I do. I hate feeling this way!! 9) Do you have any recommendations like meal prepping or anything to help me? I am in college and have no time to do anything already...Have any fast and easy meals to make that will last the weekdays? 10) I have talked your ears off so I am so thankful if any of you read this far. I appreciate any advice and am so thankful for this website!! I attached my the list of foods that I can and cannot eat if any of you can make recipe suggestions off of the green and yellow foods. Yellows can be tried once a week or every few days if I can tolerate them. Otherwise they go on the red list--which are no-no foods. Thank you so much!! List of Food.docx
  2. Hey everyone, My doctor recently prescribed me methylprednisolone and sulfasalazine but the pharmacy flagged the medications as potentially containing gluten (I now love Wegman’s Pharmacy). Has anyone one here taken either of these with success? I'm looking for brand names that don't have gluten. Thanks
  3. I got cross contaminated some time ago & the rash came back pretty badly. I've attached a photo taken on June 11th of my back. It was also in my scalp, around my neck, on my front, shoulders, inner wrists and more. Tonight I am not itching at all! I haven't itched all day long!!!! I can't take Dapsone because I'm allergic to sulfa drugs & Dapsone is a sulfa drug. Obviously that means I also can't take any of the other sulfa drugs that are used to treat dh after Dapsone is not an option. After those comes tetracycline. I really needed some relief! I began researching the dosage & particulars on tetracycline for dh. Extensive & exhaustive research did not pan out. The best I could find was treating Bullous phemphigoid. That said something like 500mg of tetracycline 4 times per day and about an equal amount of niacinimide. I really didn't want to take that much medication and in such strong doses. So my doctor (my PC doc) & I began experimenting. We tried Doxycycline 100mg twice a day. It seemed to be helping some but it just wasn't enough. Then we upped it to 200mg Doxycycline twice per day. It has taken about 5 days of that & I sit here not itching all day for the first time in a long, long time! This may not work for everyone. I did want to post it though as it is, at present, working for me. I am not thrilled at taking it but I have toughed this rash out before for years with no meds and I just couldn't do it again.
  4. Hi guys! My doc recently prescribed to me Voltaren Gel 1%.... For joint pain because I'm still in the healing process. I can't seem to find much info about it, and I do feel sorta funny after applying it, anyone have any idea? Would it even matter if it had gluten in it given it's a gel?
  5. Hi, guys! I'm a 21 year old female and I've had anxiety (GAD and SAD) and hereditary depression for my whole life. I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy January of 2015 after five years of shot-in-the-dark diagnoses. I've had a very difficult time finding a medicine that eases my symptoms but does not send me into a full on gluten attack, if you will. I was wondering if any of you had similar experiences and could offer up any suggestions! A few more details that might be helpful: -I exercise regularly and along with being gluten free, I eat organic and non-processed foods (with the occasional cheat day). -Medication is absolutely necessary. Going without is not an option. Thanks in advance! Disclaimer: I'm new to this website and this is my first post, so please be kind
  6. I have just been prescribed Vimovo and am curious if anyone else has had to take it and had good success with it as far as actually working and being gluten free. I am coming up empty handed and it will be tomorrow before I can call the mfg regarding it gluten content (if any). I saw a post from back in 2014 about Vimovo and it was somewhat saying it was OK, but was wondering if anyone else has had any success.
  7. Medication….. What a dreaded word, surrounded by stigmas and scapegoats. I have been on over 35 prescription medications since I was 13. I am now 19, almost 20, and the list seems to just keep growing. Between My eczema, DH, allergies, and now my un-responsive celiac, I have been a mess of a teenager; but seemed to have grown quickly into an adult. A lot parents are quick to take their children to the doctor, pop pills in their mouth, rub creams on their asses, and expect a result; but that is not how it works. Both my mother and I learned the hard way that standing up agents your doctor is the best way to get the results you want. Now I’m not saying to march into your doctor’s office cussing and making a seen (though I have done that once….. or twice), but to ask the question you want to know. Too many people walk out of their doctor’s office not understanding a world that was said. Not understanding what they are taking or the side effects, and unable to do any research themselves on the effects this might have. So where is my rant taking this conversation? Well, sometimes it’s ok to tell your doctor no; maybe suggest your own solution. Numerous times I have walked into my doctor’s office with a better solution than the doctor had. It’s hard to imagine sometimes, but some doctors think they know EVERYTHING about you, about your body, and how to heal you. You know your body better than anyone else. Fight for that right. I had a very bad reaction to prednisone about 3 years ago, and my doctor at the time told me that I was lying because he had never heard of these side effects. He said that it must have been cause by something else. Really? Yes, because peeing my paints in my seat, at school is totally something a teenager goes through. It must be “just a phase”. The bull s$#& that patients have to go through when they don’t have the right doctor is just plain painful. As a patient, don’t expect your doctor to know and do everything they can to help you. Do your research! I could never emphasize that enough. Don’t become the stigma of medication, the “pill popper” that solves all of their problems through every single medication they are prescribed. Become your own person, and do not let your medication define who you are.
  8. Hello Celiac friends, I could please use some advice. My father was diagnosed with celiac disease a few years ago and has been getting used to the diet. He just had a knee replacement a week ago in hopes of relieving chronic lower back pain. His knee is heeling well, but laying in bed for a week had wrecked his back. In addition his stomach is really upset. Even though hydrocodone is technically gluten-free, can it still set off celiac disease? Do you have any celiac disease friendly pain relieving remedies? And any suggestions for helping calm his tummy down since he's unable to move around and get the gas out. Can surgery and anesthesia also set off celiac disease? He's pretty miserable folks and is still learning about celiac disease. I really appreciate any advice you can give!
  9. Hey Everyone, I'm 23 and was diagnosed in October, have been gluten-free since March (because I never "got sick" my doctor told me to minimize gluten and not get rid of it until much much later in March). February of this last year I had anxiety attacks on a daily basis, couldn't go to work, etc. OBGYN switched my BC pill and also put me on Paxil. Paxil made me INSANE-it was like I was constantly having an anxiety attack inside my head, but there was no sound for my inner freak-out. And then once my GI Dr. told me to get rid of gluten entirely, my OBGYN took me off all meds, BC pills and Paxil. 2 months go by and I feel great! Even my period comes and I don't notice it coming since before my PMS was insane. I thought I had found the cure! Then i get diagnosed with mild herpes that my dr thinks wont ever come back, but it sends my anxiety through the roof, which then throws my body for a loop. Can't eat, can't sleep, etc. Finally go out with my friends, but eat out all weekend, come home sick for a few days which triggers my anxiety. Just spent the last week on a new BC pill and coincidentally (or not) got bad diarrhea all week, and spent today in the ER. Got a Cat scan, blood work, etc. no issues. I started seeing a new therapist in June who has helped, but now all my doctors really want me to be on antidepressants like Buspar or Librax to help cope with BOTH anxiety and my GI issues while I heal. Has anyone dealt with something like this? What did you do? Is it possible to take these meds for a few months while the body heals and then stop taking it? I really really want to try to avoid an SSRI since I had such a bad reaction to Paxil. I've heard GABA is a great vitamin for anxiety, and I've been taking it every day, do any of you take vitamins or natural supplements for this? How long did it take where both your body and mind were normal and linked? Was Also told to try acupuncture, anyone do that? Right now I'm overwhelmed by how many options I have in front of me, please let me know if any of this has helped or hurt you in your healing process. I don't know what normal is for my body anymore, some days I'm nauseous all day, other days I'm ravenous, some days my poop is normal, other days it's the big D. Everything that is different is scaring me right now, and unfortunately, EVERYTHING is different while I heal. Would appreciate all and any advice.
  10. Good article: http://celiac.org/live-gluten-free/glutenfreediet/gluten-medication/#6fZdcHbS3huqElSR.99 "The true chances of getting a medication that contains gluten is extremely small, but as a protector of your health, you should eliminate all risks by evaluating the ingredients in your medications."
  11. Hi All, I am about to start a new prescription, so I just checked with the manufacturer. Online this is their statement: Contains Gluten:Product contains corn starch which contains a small amount of gluten, so it is not gluten free. However, it does not contain gliaden gluten, the type of gluten associated with celiac sprue. I called to talk to someone, which was of no further help. How can something contain gluten that won't affect me? I asked if they tested the product. She said no, but again that the corn starch contains gluten. If corn starch doesn't bother me (which it doesn't) then I should be able to take it. So are there trace amounts of gluten that are below the detectable amount (20ppm) or is there something else in this that really doesn't bother celiac patients??? I find their response absolutely confusing. If any of you can shed some light on this, it would be great! The drug I'm hoping to take is a generic version of a known gluten free drug, so I can easily go back to the pharmacy and exchange it. But, with a partner out of work, I'm hoping to save 25 beans Shellie
  12. Hylands hayfever tabs, I'm not sure they are gluten free. They don't say gluten free and there are a small amount of ingredients. Ambrosia artemisiafolia 3x, hpus; euphrasia officinalis 3x, hpus; allium cepa 3x, hpus; sabadilla 3x, hpus in a base of lactose, USP. I am lactose intolerant but am not having a reaction like that. It is defiantly a celiac reaction in my gut.
  13. Hi, This is my first post so hopefully I've read enough before posting! I was recently diagnosed with celiac after a multi-year saga. I have a lot of neurological and joint pain which they think will be solved by the gluten-free diet, and are hoping I don't also have fibro! I've been gluten-free for a week and have started feeling better, however, this morning, late morning, I started feeling really ucky again -- gas pains in my stomach, foggy head, etc. This is about the time that my pain meds (I take oxycontin because I absolutely cannot tolerate anything else -- I wish I had other options!) would be hitting my small intestine. The only other thing I'd had to eat was coffee with half and half and certified gluten-free/non-contaminated yogurt. How terrible if the pain meds I depend on are going to exacerbate the problem. I looked at glutenfreedrugs.com but they only had information on oxycodone (which is 'quick release' instead of 'extended release,' and tends to get me more "high", not exactly something I can take at work), and my GI and pharmacy seem not to know of any brands that are certified gluten-free for oxycontin either. Help? If I get a brand name, I can have it dispensed as 'medically necessary' and the pharmacy will order it, but I can't find any reliable resources and I wouldn't know even which manufacturers to call... Thank you!
  14. I'm about to start my two day prep for a colonoscopy and enoscopy. I read that red food dye should be avoided because it looks like inflation when in your intestines, but green and yellow (lime or lemon jello) is okay? Does anyone have suggestions on food? I currently have power-aid, jello, broth, apple juice, and Popsicles. It looks very sad for two whole days worth of food. Also, can I take my medications during this 2 day prep? adderall - ADD medication dicyclomine - For stomach pain, anti-spasm i think Narco - from ER for severe pain Xanax - sleep/anxiety It's really hard to get a hold of anyone at my GI office, so any information on the procedures would be welcomed. I was originally scheduled for 3 weeks from now, but got moved up thanks to my ER visit. I don't want to do anything to mess up my prep and have to do it again.