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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there! I am looking for insight from anyone that may have insight on what is going on in my body. I have had 6 years of fuzzy head and GI issues (bloating, constipation, nausea, pain, discomfort). I cut out gluten 3 years ago. Then did a IgG mediated food allergy test with a holistic doctor and did a food elimination diet based on those results. So I now avoid dairy and gluten and tomato. I notice i have flare ups when I consume corn so I am trying to be more strict about it lately but I get a week long of nausea/heartburn/acid reflux when i do eat it. I also started following a low fodmap diet a few months ago due to still not feeling great and when I follow all of these things (gluten free, dairy free, corn free, low fodmap) I feel the best I ever have, although it is very hard to sustain. Also, i still have random spouts of horrible heart burn and nausea occasionally and cannot pinpoint it. I also am on a PPI for this. I have had a hydrogen breath test in 2015 and it was negative. I also have had multiple EGD's and Colonoscopies that have been unrevealing besides a stomach ulcer which is now healed and some esophagus irritation most recently. I am now scared of eating so many foods because I have had so many days of not feeling right. I have considered getting more strict on the corn restriction or maybe considering nightshade free because I am not sure what to do/if Fodmap is really helping since it isnt all the time and I am stressed about what I can even eat anymore. Any suggestions or thoughts are appreciated! Thanks in advanced, Sara
  2. Hello, I dont know if this is the correct way to post and get replies I hope it is if not sorry 😮 I'll start from the beginning a year ago I fell ill and couldnt shake off the nausea I went to the doctor they thought I was bulimic because I'd lost so much weight they did a celiac and hpolyri test they both came back negative so I was diagnosed with ibs and anxiety 😮 Anyway through the years I kept cutting out gluten on and off but not bothering with cross contamination because it made me feel less nauseous 😮 But I still had stomach pain 😮So about 4 months ago I cut out gluten for good and I thought even though I have bad flares of nausea evey now and again and the fact I can eat in the morning due to nausea I thought I had got on top of my weight but between november and january I lost another 6lbs😮 I did accidentally eat barley at christmas time I swelled like a balloon but didnt have nausea 😮 My question is there a chance I could still have celiac even though my blood tests were negative and I have pains even though I'm gluten free? 😮 Also if I have to start eating gluten again before a biopsy is there a chance my body will react to the gluten quicker than 6 weeks? 😮 Can celiac cause dark hard stool and constipation as well? 😮 Thank you
  3. Hi everyone, Once again I am here looking for your help. I was diagnosed with Celiac less than a year ago. It took quite a while to find out because I didn't experience any particular symptoms after eating gluten. I was always tired, had memory problems and was frequently ill; sometimes I had gastrointestinal issues, but they came and went. Last night I went out for dinner, to a Thai place I trust(ed). Later, I could hardly sleep, I had horrible nightmares, those where you can hardly tell apart when you are awake or not. I expected to have high fever but nothing! Today all my body aches, I am very tired and was nauseated all day. A little bit gasy and bloated as well.. Was I glutened?? Did I already clean my body enough that I now start to react in this fashion? If so, why does that happen? There is also gastroenteritis going around, that would be the alternative explanation. I thought I excaped it. I also didn't vomit or have diahrrea like the rest. What do you think?
  4. Hi Guys, I am still kind of new to this whole gluten-free thing. I had been really sick earlier this fall. Weight loss, cramping, diarrhea, fatigue, anxiety. I had a colonoscopy in August with nothing present. Then Had went to the ER and had a normal CT scan. Normal blood work, no celiacs. Then a week before my scheduled upper endoscope I went gluten-free and my symptoms drastically decreased. I spoke to my GI doctor and he said I was probably NCGI or possibly had celiacs, but since I was gluten-free a week before the endoscope I probably wouldn't get an accurate biopsy. He told me to avoid gluten and I should be fine, and to come back for the upper endoscope if things got worse. I am still trying to figure out what I can and can't eat. I was still getting the symptoms when I had corn, so cut that out. Then was only having left rib pain and silent reflux, so I cut out processed gluten-free food and bread. Now all I really eat is meat, fruit and veggies. For the last 5 days I have had slight nausea, not gurgling or anything like that, just very minimal nausea. This started after I ate gluten-free chicken strips and a gluten-free microwave meal last Wed., then had some Red wine and cookies with almond flour on Saturday (which I think messed me up). It is now Mondsay and I still feel a slight bit of nausea. I basically went gluten-free On Oct. 1st. Has anyone ever had this happen to them this far out from going gluten-free? Also, has anyone ever tried going gluten-free without having a positive blood test or endoscope? I am wondering if I should just get the endoscope. I was so worried before it may be stomach cancer, but maybe I should just rule it out. Just want to know if anyone else has experienced this. I have gained back about 10 pounds ( I was down 20), its just the light nausea that bothers me know, Thanks for your input!
  5. ok today is officially one week i've been gluten free and i haven't made any noticeable differences in feeling better. my first question is: how long should i wait to expect changes to occur? am i not giving it enough time? prior to going gluten free one of my issues was constipstion, as well as other health issues usually involving an upset stomach, nausea or an uneasy feeling in my stomach. but since going gluten free i have had a bowel movement different from usual. and today it was more loose and diarrhea like and it is very rarely like that. oh and about half way through the week i got a random rash pop up on one ankle???? advice or suggestions??
  6. I have been strictly gluten free for 90 days now. I went through a detox for two weeks after being gluten-free then started to do better but then 4 or 3 weeks ago I just got very very sick again. All my symptoms came back, but worse plus new symptoms. I have had diarrhea for 3 weeks every day now. I am in so much pain all I can do is sit in bed and go to school. Doctors won't see me because they don't know what is wrong. I am out of money for other docs. I don't know what to do or if celiac is really is my issue. So much fatigue and pain I had to quit my job and sit in bed all day. I am just getting worse and I don't know where to go for help.
  7. I have been strictly gluten free for 90 days now. I went through a detox for two weeks after being gluten-free then started to do better but then 4 or 3 weeks ago I just got very very sick again. All my symptoms came back, but worse plus new symptoms. I have had diarrhea for 3 weeks every day now. I am in so much pain all I can do is sit in bed and go to school. Doctors won't see me because they don't know what is wrong. I am out of money for other docs. I don't know what to do or if celiac is really is my issue. So much fatigue and pain I had to quit my job and sit in bed all day. I am just getting worse and I don't know where to go for help.
  8. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in May 2016 and have been following a strict diet since then. Some of the symptoms have been relieved with following the diet. For instance, I have gained 8 lbs back (out of the 25 lbs that I lost) and my stomach symptoms have become less severe. However, I still have nausea on a daily basis and I still have episodes of an irritable bowel 2 or so days out of the week. I have gone to the doctor and got an EGD as well as multiple breath tests for a possible food intolerance. They haven't found any other problems in my stomach and are trying to label my persistent stomach issues as IBS. In addition to this, I have terrible migraines once or twice a week that the doctor has left unexplained. I am concerned about this because I can sometimes pinpoint certain (gluten-free) foods that trigger the severe nausea I experience every day. For example, I get very nauseated after I eat my (former) daily breakfast of greek yogurt with honey. I also noticed an extreme feeling of sickness when I ate some baked kale chips I bought from the grocery store. It is obvious that these foods are causing me to be ill, but I cannot find a connection between them and Celiac. Does this sound familiar or common to any experiences anyone has come across? I don't feel confident in my doctor's diagnoses of IBS and want to know why I still feel sick after being gluten free for so long.
  9. If I eat wheat bread or even whole wheat goldfish, a headache will flare up, my allergies will worsen, and I'll get some nausea. Is this characteristic to a specific type of gluten/wheat intolerance? I still get moderate symptoms with regular enriched flour products, but they're not as extreme or fast. Maybe it has sometime to do with eating poor breakfasts... I usually just avoid whole wheat because it makes me feel so sick. I read that white flour products have more gluten, so I'm kind of unsure what it is my body's reacting to. Also: we suspect I have PCOS (two of my aunts have it, so it's a high possibility considering my symptoms), so any relevant thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I'm new to this site but have been using a lot lately trying to solve the mystery of my illness. I've been sick for over 4 years. I've had stomach problems my whole life but 4 years ago I woke up one morning sicker than I've ever been in my life and all these years since I have not fully better. I was tested for everything the doctor could think of, I went for tests twice a week for two months. But I don't remember them ever testing me for Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance, or even mentioning it's existence. The doctor told me that the stomach problems were being caused by anxiety and he referred me to a psychiatrist. I was put on Lamictal, Remeron, and Ativan and they helped with the anxiety, but not with the stomach problems. Going back to the doctor they ran more tests which all came back negative, and they said I may have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The symptoms I have are much more severe than any IBS sufferer I can think of. I gave up on doctors and decided to try a gluten free diet to see what would happen. It definitely changed the way I'd been feeling, but I can't tell if it's better or worse. For 4 months after going gluten free I got worse. Much worse. So I did some research on gluten free food and realized half the stuff I'd been eating wasn't gluten free. I also have lactose intolerance, so that makes things more difficult food-wise. I also realized that I needed a separate toaster and microwave and cookware, etc. to prevent cross-contamination. So I've been truly gluten free for only a month or two. But then a few weeks ago I ate some candy I assumed was gluten free but was not. I lost 20 pounds in 4 days and I was so sick I couldn't do anything but sit and watch TV. So sick I couldn't sleep for two nights straight. I've been better from that gluten poisoning for a couple weeks but every so often I get a wave of symptoms that lasts a couple of hours then goes away. The other thing I noticed when I went gluten-free is that I don't get sick immediately after eating anymore (most of the time anyway). I can eat a meal and not feel horrible afterward. The downside is that since I've gone gluten free I've woken up in the morning and started dry heaving a few times. That never happened before I went gluten-free. I also can't seem to get rid of a constant feeling of hunger that sometimes gets to the point of making me feel ill. I don't know if all these symptoms are normal, but it can't all be caused by anxiety either. No doctor can find anything wrong with me in the past 4 years. The gluten-free diet is my last hope of getting better. I'd love to hear suggestions, comments, shared experiences. Wondering if anyone with Celiac has experienced these problems. Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Hey everybody, so I have a friend (female, 20 years old) who has NOT been diagnosed with celiac and does not think she is allergic to wheat but is having severe tummy issues. symptoms and factors: shooting stomach pain immediately after eating anything nausea and pain for almost 40 minutes after eating unintentional weight loss (30 pounds in 1 month) high stress environment on medicine from doctor (to coat her stomach throughout the day) long term, 8 months... Whenever she eats anything, for almost 8 months now, she experiences nauseating shooting pains that go through her stomach immediately whenever she eats anything. Her doctor put her on a medicine that coats her stomach throughout the day, so she takes it every morning before she eats, and it is the only way she is currenty able to eat. Since this began she unintentionally lost 30 pounds in a month and continues to loose weight. She is in college and taking many hard classes so stress could be a factor. She has not had a scope to look at her stomach to check for ulcers because she can't afford it right now. I got her to start trying kefir and see if that helps. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions!? It would be super appreciated, any imput is really awesome! Thank you!!!!
  12. Folks, can we talk about nausea relief? Nausea is my #1 symptom and I am tired of just riding it out during those times I gluten myself. I've been experimenting with ginger tea (simmer slices of ginger for 10-15 minutes) and it seems to be somewhat helpful. In fact, I tried putting a piece of ginger in my mouth and slowly chewing it and that helped too. Wondering about the efficacy of gravol, since it's ideally introduced to the system before nausea starts. Of course, also have to make sure the pills themselves are gluten-free. Tried the wrist pressure points; not a lot of relief there. Does anyone have any other methods that work for them? Thanks for your time and thoughts.
  13. Hello, everyone! I've never done anything like this, but it has come to a point that I need some advice. Since early last week I have been having the following symptoms: stabbing (sometimes dull) pain in my upper right abdomen going into my back, nausea, acid reflux, fatigue, diarrhea, and an occasional headache. The pain has not went away and sometimes gets worse. I'm a 23 year old female that hasn't really had anything serious medically. I have been to the ER twice, a gastroenterologist, a surgeon and a family doctor in the past week and a half. They originally thought it was my gallbladder, but after a HIDA scan and ultrasound, it showed there was nothing wrong with it. When they finally did a CT scan it found inflammation in my large intestine, which made my doctor do a colonoscopy. As you might guess since I'm posting on here, the colonoscopy came back perfectly normal. Parasites and infections have been ruled out... They cannot figure it out and I still have the same pain and cannot eat without either throwing up, having acid reflux or really bad nausea. It's getting so frustrating. As any other person on the internet, I googled other possible things that could be wrong with me since I cannot get rid of this pain! This made me think of the symptoms I have been having the past few weeks, not thinking they could be related to a pain in my abdomen: tingling in my hands and face, I cannot get enough sleep, having a harder time concentrating than normal. Does this sound like something any one of you went through? I'm so tired of not having answers and I'm frustrated that they cannot figure it out! I've missed work, had to withdraw from grad school because I've missed too much from being in pain and have to cancel a vacation to Denver for Wednesday... Please let me know if you've had the same symptoms. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi everyone. My name is Aimee, I'm 19 and I live in Ohio. In May 2013, I began throwing up. It started out randomly but soon began to happen daily. In September 2013, I went to the Cleveland clinic. They said I had some type of virus and did not run any tests. In October 2013, I went to a local gastroenterologist who ordered an upper endoscopy. It showed I had celiac disease. A blood test confirmed it. The diarrhea I’ve had for years finally stopped after I began eating a gluten free diet, but the nausea and vomiting continued. In February 2014, I had a gastric emptying test; the results were normal. In April 2014, I had a HIDA scan, which showed that my gallbladder contacted abnormally. In June 2014, I had an ultrasound of my abdomen, which showed my gallbladder full of stones but everything else was normal. In July 2014, I had a laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery. The first day or two after the surgery I was not nauseous, but by the end of that week it was as if I hadn’t had the surgery at all. Later that month, I went to the emergency room because I vomited 6 times in a day. I had a CAT scan of my abdomen in the ER which was normal. In August 2014, I had a small bowel series and an MRI of my brain done, both of which were normal. In October 2014, I went to another hospital. They did not feel any of the tests that had been done were worth repeating. They did not conduct any additional tests either, except for a blood test that showed by BUN levels and BUN/creatinine ratio were low. About a week ago, I vomited blood. There was also blood in my stool. I went to the emergency room. They did a rectal exam which was normal. They also put a tube down my nose into my stomach to apply suction to check for blood in my stomach. That test was normal as well. There was no internal bleeding. They determined that the blood I threw up was from a small tear in my esophagus. The medications I have tried for nausea/vomiting include Phernergan, Reglan, and Zofran. Phernergan helped slightly, Reglan did not help at all, and Zofran helped the best out of the three but still did not help very much. I am about running out of hope. I don't know what to do and I'd like to know if any other celiacs have similar symptoms, even though they are following a gluten free diet. Also, for some reason the nausea/vomiting is more prominent in the morning. (No, I'm not pregnant.)
  15. Hi all, I am new to this forum and am new to celiac as well been gluten free for a year now. In that time i have had a couple of glutenings (2 as a test and one accidental) and recently I realized after gradually feeling crappier and crappier for a month (as in all my muscles flared up, previous injury killing me, irritable, anxious, emotional/depressed) when I realized it was this big container of taco seasoning i bought at Sam's Club (Tone's taco seasoning IS NOT GLUTEN FREE). Totally my fault i didn't look at the label. Anyways, after feeling pretty crappy and one bad hangover I was even sicker. Nauseous every day, felt hungover even though i wasn't, couldn't drink any alcohol (which is very unlike me) and still with the irritability and what not. Just not good and not myself. That continued for about a week and now i am mostly better but still experiencing muscle twitches, spasms, generally very uncomfortable and feel like i have to massage my arms, neck, shoulders constantly for relief. I really screwed myself up here... slowly glutening myself at least once a week for 8 weeks. Has anyone done this before? Not just a one time incident but a repeated exposure? When will i stop feeling so WEIRD?! I am wondering now if this has really flared up the celiac and i am not absorbing my vitamins and that is perhaps whats causing me the muscle issues. ANY thoughts, advice or questions welcome. Thank you lmj
  16. Hi there, I haven't been on in a while. Back in November my 9-year-old daughter was diagnosed with celiac. We cut out all gluten, though it took another month or so to cut out everything as she was still eating a few things with gluten that I didn't realize. I am confident that she is gluten free now (though I worry about vinegar, caramel color, etc., so don't let her eat those often). Things seemed to be improving some after we started seeing a naturopath in about March. She prescribed a bunch of supplements including glutamine, pancreatin ox bile enzyme, high dose probiotics, Cortine, fish oil, and Vit. D drops. Then, about a month ago my daughter got a sinus infection and took a 10 day course of augmentin. She is much more nauseated again now (her main symptom since the tummy aches have gone away). We doubled up on the probiotics but, two weeks after finishing the augmentin, she's still no better. Her nausea seems to be worse at night as she goes to bed. This is not a stall tactic. I can definitely see that she's queasy. Anyone have insight for me? I feel so sorry for her and don't know what else to do. Thanks for any feedback you can give.
  17. I've been off of gluten for 4 weeks now bc I thought it might have been the cause of my migraines. I'm on several meds and still have 3-4 migraines a months that last a few days. May 1st I started Phase 1of Atkins Diet & I have never felt better. This is unbelievable. I'm not a huge meat fan. I prefer beans, etc, so last night I thought smoked oysters might be a nice change. The label said "smoked oysters, salt, cottonseed oil". This morning and all day, I've had a severe headache, queasy, itchy eyes, general malaise... Everything else I've eaten has been the same for the past month. How do I know if there is gluten in the oysters? I basically KNOW IT but how could I have prevented this? I feel so bad. The label didn't say it.
  18. Hello, I am wondering if any of you has ever experienced internal abdominal itching that would cause a lot of nausea, due to celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Also, I have a question. I had a biopsy 9 months ago that showed some inflamation on my duodenum. When I showed the results to my doctor he said that I don't have celiac disease, but because the resoults said: "the finding may correspond to type 1 according to the classification of marsh", since I didn't really trust my doctor I asked a gastroenterologist on line, that told me that I was border line. I don't understand the different diagnose. Still I was on gluten free and lactose free diet (I'm lactose intollerant) but my simptoms have not changed. Can anybody help??
  19. I've been a diagnosed Celiac for 4 years now. I'm gluten free and have been very healthy for those four years. I'm 13 weeks pregnant and my gynecologist told me yesterday that most Celiacs have recurring symptoms when pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? Nausea, constipation, diarrhea. This is the same way I felt while eating gluten. My diet has changed a bit. I am eating more in general and trying to get more calcium and protein which means more eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese which I usually don't eat. Any suggestions. thanks!
  20. I have not yet been officially diagnosed with Celiac, but am currently researching due to several doctors' recommendations. About a month ago I started feeling extremely nauseas and sometimes vomiting directly after a meal. I visited my primary care physician, and she suggested I try an exclusionary diet. Silly me, two days ago I went out for McDonald's and had a beer. About an hour after the beer I started feeling sick. I vomited between seven and ten times that night, then woke up and immediately began vomiting again, nonstop, for hours. I had to go to the ER. Several people are now very convinced this indicates Celiac and that I need to switch to Gluen-free. I am completely fine with this if it stops me from ever having to live though yesterday again! I don't know anyone with Celiac, but do know one person with a gluten intolerance who said he feels lethargic and just "wrong" after ingesting gluten products. That sounds much to mild to be what I experienced over the last 24+ hours. Here is my question. Has anyone else experienced severe symptoms like this before? Or heard of someone who did? I am at a loss here.
  21. I am new to all of this. i have been a vegan since 68 and my blood counts are always good with the exception of low vit. d which I supplement. I now have found out that I have Celiac disease. I have been sticking to a strict gluten-free diet for about 3 weeks now and am dizzy, weak and nauseous. I saw a dietician today and was hoping to get a menu but didn't. When i look on line for a vegan, gluten-free menu plan that doesn't require lots of prep time and expense (I am disabled and on a budget, aren't we all? ) it seems as if you have to either pay for the menus by joining a club or they are recipes that take lots of ingredients. Does anyone know of an easier way that I could go about this? IE How to convert my recipes, and where can i find a decent loaf of bread or a bread recipe that is vegan and gluten-free? Thanks and God bless!
  22. Hi there, I'm new to all of this - 6 months off gluten. I've had a few run ins with gluten since 'going clean' where I had stomach and flu like symptoms which lasted for a few hours, or at worst, a day. This past weekend I ate out a few times (I travel for work a lot) so I'm not sure exactly what I ate that caused the problem, but I've been 'sick' for 3 days now. Day 1 was horrendous fatigue, headache, body aches, serious nausea, grumpiness, and overall feeling like I wanted to die. Similar to my previous experiences, but much more severe. Days 2, and 3 (today) are best described as hanging a hangover - my stomach is 'uneasy', still nauseous, headache, and no desire to eat. I've had white rice a few times, some fruit, and eggs, but that was forcing myself to eat something. Wondering if there is anything I can do, eat, or meds to take to help with this process. Also - any ideas on how long it takes for the gluten to get out of my system? Any advice or personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated! Best, Rachael - Ontario, Canada
  23. I started eating gluten free 5 weeks ago today, and although my doctor told me that I should feel slightly better after a few days gluten-free and then much better about 4 weeks into a gluten-free diet, I am still feeling awful. I have had occasional "not so bad" days, but even then I still have a lingering nausea. The last week or so, I even think it has got worse and I am feeling very nauseous whenever I eat or drink anything, be it a bowl of brown rice with vegetables, or a cup of tea. Is this all part of the healing process or am I doing something wrong? I've also limited my dairy intake and am now only having yogurt in the mornings for breakfast but take soya milk in tea/coffee. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  24. I was tested for celiac 5 or so years ago and do not have the disease, but am definitely gluten intolerant. I now believe I have been for 20 plus years. At that time, the symptom that sent me to doctors was daily vomiting and losing lots of weight. When I finally found a doctor that paid any attention to me, they did all sorts of testing, but I don't think much at all was known about celiac and so was never tested for that and the wheat connection was never made. The doctor finally put me on ludiomil to see what would happen. The vomiting stopped and so I thought I was good! When I went through the celiac testing 5 yrs ago it was discovered that I was negative for it (no intestional damage,etc.), so again I thought the medicine was all I needed. Now I am finding out that my thyroid problems, lack of energy, and other issues I am having is all related to the intolerance. All that to say that I am now one-week gluten free and off the meds (for another long story). My problem is that the symptoms of crampy gas pains, low energy and nausea, low grade headaches are worse now than before. I am wondering if anyone else experienced this right after cutting out the gluten and how long before the good health effects started happening.
  25. A little history...I am 39 years old. I've had belly issues for as long as I can remember. I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome in my early 20's. My symptoms: Nausea (I don't always feel awful, but I never feel good. This is daily. Something I unfortunately considered normal for me. It's all I've known for over 20-25 years). Abdominal cramping Constipation and diarrhea (less C and more D) Stool contains a lot of mucous, floats (fatty stool?) Frequent headaches Fatigue/sleepiness Numb/tingly hands and feet (most intense after eating) Brain fog (feels like "medicine head") I had my gallbladder removed three years ago. I have another autoimmune disorder that caused six miscarriages (I now am the mom to three nine year olds as a result of INVITRO. They administered IVIG and heparin to sustain pregnancy). My numb/tingly hands started just a few months before I had my gallbladder removed. I saw a doctor at that time to discuss the numbness (I had an MRI to rule out MS and stroke, bloodwork and EKG to rule out heart issues). When that came out all normal, he said he didn't know what else could be causing it. He said the fatigue was due to being the mom of three kids. This kind of ticked me off. I get that it's tiring, but there is a difference between being exhausted from life, and SLEEPY all the time. My headaches he attributed to three children as well. Sigh. My constipation and diarrhea due to ibs, and for my nausea, suggested I give up dairy to see if I was possibly lactose intolerant. I gave it up for about two weeks. No change. Perhaps I didn't give it long enough. I was so happy to have MS ruled out, I let it go. I blame myself for not being proactive in getting to the bottom of what was wrong with me. Nausea and these weird numb hands and feet were my new normal. I'm not the person I used to be. I used to be fun, cheerful. I feel like I'm just this lump of grumpy because I never feel good. I guess I could add irritability as a symptom, but I feel of course I'm irritable, I feel like crap! Zoom to now. I've gained 30 pounds the past two years. I can't lose weight. No matter what I eat, how much I exercise, the scale doesn't move. If it does, it moves up. I was playing around online seeing what I could do, and why I wasn't losing. It kept leading me to gluten and celiac. I read the symptoms...nausea, headaches, etc are symptoms to almost all ailments it seems. Then I got to the numbness and miscarriages...and a lightbulb went off. I saw a new doc . She said it could be thyroid, vitamin B deficiency, or celiac. Thyroid and VB came back normal. She did one blood test for celiac (iGa?). It came back negative, but she said it is not uncommon for false negatives, so she recommend I go in for a biopsy to confirm or rule it out. I had my biopsy this morning. I'm frustrated because the GI doc seemed totally aggravated that I was having a biopsy done. He said that since my bloodwork came back negative, I do NOT have celiac. He said the numbness has nothing to do with celiac...unless of course I was malnourished, which I didn't appear to be (yes, I am overweight), and my bloodwork didn't reflect that. He said when it comes back negative (not if, when), we can meet again to look into getting meds to help with my IBS. Good news is that even though he gave me attitude, he did perform the biopsy. I should get results early next week. I told him that if it turns out negative, I still plan to eliminate gluten to see if that helps rid me of my symptoms. He looked at me like I was out of my kind and said dryly, "if you don't have celiac, you don't have problems with gluten." Fine. Whatever. I didn't argue with him. What does it hurt to try? I'm happy I got my biopsy. I'm hoping it gives me answers. If any of this sounds like your experience. If you could give me any advice. I really appreciate it!