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Found 38 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first post here. I'm a college student and I have to eat most meals on the go, I'm also a nanny and have no choice but to cook and eat in a mixed kitchen for work. I also live in a home with HEAVY gluten eaters. It is not financially viable at this point in my life for me to buy my own pots and pans, utensils, etc. I have two main parts to my problem: 1. It is so overwhelming to be gluten free when I eat most of my meals on a college campus where they don't pay any mind to if the food is being cross contaminated. I try to bring lunch and snacks, but I am out for 15-18 hours a day and forget or get hungry and need to buy additional food while I'm out. What are some meal prep tips y'all can give me? How can I ensure these meals stay gluten free when I'm stuck living in a home with a mixed kitchen? I don't have a dishwasher, so even washing the dishes makes me nervous. I'm trying to learn how to cook but my anxiety over gluten is at the point where I don't even want to be around the kitchen. 2. I've been gluten free for a year now, since my diagnosis with both celiac and hashimoto's disease. I'm VERY sensitive to cross contamination. I work at this so hard, I'm hyper vigilant, I annoy restaurant employees asking them to change utensils and wipe surfaces and change gloves, I annoy everyone in my home about cleaning up between prep, I obsessively read labels. I feel like being gluten free is a full time job, and I STILL get severely glutened regularly. It has happened twice just this week, and I get so sick every time. What else am I supposed to do? How much hidden gluten is there? On this one, I really could just use some support and maybe quick tips on how to keep this from feeling so difficult. Thank you so much in advance. This whole thing is so difficult. I'm young and want to be able to enjoy meals out with friends, cook for the kids I watch, eat on campus, enjoy my life, and just to not be sick half the time.
  2. I was speaking with someone, and thinking this could be very helpful for newly diagnosed people. Especially if it's for your child. To figure out what is OK in your kitchen, how to read labels at the supermarket, how to eat at restaurants, kid's parties, schools, travel, etc. I hope the poll works - curious to see what people think. Thanks!!
  3. Celiac.com 03/24/2017 - Does it meet the FDA standard for a gluten-free product? Is it safe for people with celiac disease? Starbucks' new Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich looks yummy. But, why does Starbucks' website feature a disclaimer saying the company cannot guarantee the absence of allergens, including wheat? The sandwich itself is pretty standard fare, consisting of two slices of cherrywood-smoked Canadian bacon, an egg patty and reduced-fat white cheddar on a gluten-free roll. The company website uses boldface type to tout the "gluten-free"-ness of the new offering, noting that the sandwich uses a "gluten-free roll," is "prepared in a certified gluten-free environment," and sealed "in its own oven-safe parchment bag to avoid any cross-contamination." Sounds good, so far, perhaps even safe for celiacs. But then there's this little disclaimer at the bottom of the page saying that Starbucks "cannot guarantee that any of our products are free from allergens (including dairy, eggs, soy, tree nuts, wheat and others) as we use shared equipment to store, prepare and serve them." Wheat? This product may contain wheat? Wheat contains gluten. Things that contain wheat are not gluten-free, and usually cannot be labeled as such. So, what's the deal? Is the sandwich gluten-free or not? Is this a bit like when Pizza Hut offered a gluten-free pizza crust, but wouldn't guarantee a gluten-free pizza? How much wiggle room is built into Starbucks' disclaimer? The questions are basic ones. Is the product gluten-free? Is it safe for people with celiac disease, or not? If it is, then Starbucks has been unclear in declaring the suitability of their product for people with celiac disease. If not, then Starbucks has been equally unclear in declaring the unsuitability of their product for people with celiac disease. Also, if the company can't guarantee a gluten-free product, and won't recommend it for people with celiac disease, then who is this product for? The Starbucks website features lots of talk about the "gluten-free," aspects of the product, and the serving process, but there is no language stating that the sandwich, as served is "under 20ppm" gluten, which is the FDA standard for advertising package goods as "gluten-free." There is no claim that the product is safe for people with celiac disease. The Starbucks Gluten-free Breakfast Sandwich sounds very much like something that many people in the celiac disease community might welcome…IF it's actually gluten-free. Let's hope it is. Let's hope this was just a mix-up by Starbucks, perhaps the result of an over-zealous legal department. Otherwise, it would seem that, without more clarity, people with celiac disease could be confused or mislead by the claims, and maybe influenced by the ubiquitousness of Starbucks and their promotional campaign into trying something that might harm them. Celiac.com is reaching out to Starbucks for comment. We look forward to sharing their reply. Until it becomes clear that this product is actually gluten-free, and suitable for everyone, Celiac.com urges celiac sufferers to use caution, and to follow the story here for more updates. Source: Starbucks.com
  4. Hi, I am a 24 year old male , with no family history of Celiac. I have low testosterone. they did a Biopsy today and during the scope the Doctor said I have Gastritis in upper stomach. My lab are as follows: Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 132 90-386 (mg/dL) F Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgA 3 0-19 (units) - Negative 0 - 19 - Weak Positive 20 - 30 - Moderate to Strong Positive >30 F Deamidated Gliadin Abs, IgG 2 0-19 (units) - Negative 0 - 19 - Weak Positive 20 - 30 - Moderate to Strong Positive >30 F t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgG 21 H 0-5 (U/mL) - Negative 0 - 5 - Weak Positive 6 - 9 - Positive >9 F Endomysial Antibody IgA Negative Negative F t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA <2 0-3 (U/mL) - Negative 0 - 3 - Weak Positive 4 - 10 - Positive >10 I am wondering the probability that I have celiac?
  5. Celiac.com 09/11/2017 - The FDA has granted clearance for Immco Diagnostics' ELISA for celiac disease, and for Roche's Benchtop Analyzer. What does that mean? Immco's test is conducted as a solid phase immunoassay and is intended for the qualitative or semiquantitative detection of IgA or IgG antigliadin antibodies in human blood, and thus to aid in diagnosing patients with celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis in conjunction with other laboratory and clinical findings. In other important diagnostic news, a benchtop analyzer from Roche Diagnostics and an immunoassay system from Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical was among the instruments and tests cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration in July, according to the agency. The FDA granted 510(k) clearance to Roche's Cobas b 101 instrument platform, as well as the Cobas HbA1c test. The fully automated and self-contained Cobas b 101 uses a single-use reagent disc to measure HbA1c from capillary and/or venous whole-blood samples, according to a document filed with the FDA. The Cobas HbA1c is an in vitro diagnostic test for detecting the presence of glycate hemoglobin, which develops when hemoglobin joins with glucose in the blood, becoming 'glycated'. By measuring glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), clinicians are able to get an overall picture of what our average blood sugar levels have been over a period of weeks/months. For people with diabetes this is important as the higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. The HbA1c assay is designed for use with the Cobas b 101 platform, which is not a portable home test, but is intended for a clinical laboratory or point-of-care setting. Other instruments receiving FDA clearance in July include a new flow cytometer from Becton Dickinson; an expanded version of Bruker's MALDI Biotyper; and expanded indications for BioMérieux's Vitek MS MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometery System. The FDA recently cleared the Maglumi 2000 automated immunoassay analyzer from Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical, which uses chemiluminescent technology for running IVD tests on clinical serum samples. The firm's Maglumi 2000 TSH assay for the quantitative determination of thyroid-stimulating hormone in human serum also received 510(k) clearance. The assay is for diagnosing thyroid disorders. These are just a few of many new tests and analysis devices that are changing the way doctors diagnose and manage celiac disease, diabetes, and other diseases. Look for tests like this to have a profound influence on the way diseases are diagnosed and managed in the future. Read more: 360dx.com
  6. Celiac.com 08/12/2017 - The latest research report from HTF Market Intelligence Consulting is titled "Global Celiac Disease Drugs Market 2017-2021." The report offers detailed information and analysis of the competitive market landscape, forecast and strategies. The report covers geographic analysis that includes regions like Americas, APAC, EMEA, along with important players, including F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer. It provides information, market insights, future trends and growth prospects for forecast period of 2017-2021. The report presents a detailed picture of the market by way of study, synthesis, and summation of data from multiple sources, and research analysts project the global market for celiac disease drugs to grow at a CAGR of 24.22% during the period through 2021. The primary treatment for celiac disease is still a completely gluten-free diet. There are a small number of anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressant drugs and nutritional supplements that are used as off-label, secondary treatments in celiac disease, but as yet, no drugs approved for primary treatment of celiac disease. Development of such treatments for celiac disease offers huge potential for profit to any company who can get a drug approved for the commercial market. The growth projections attempt to reflect the data behind a fast growing global market. Request a sample report at: htfmarketreport.com
  7. Hello everyone. In a nutshell: I'm being tested tomorrow and I'd like to know exactly what to ask for. I know the phrase "full celiac panel", but is there more technical talk I can use to ensure the doc tests thoroughly? long story: (I'm typing on a phone, so won't get into too much detail!) I'm 40. I've had stomach and digestive issues since I was a young teenager. Bloating after meals, constant constipation. Over the counter meds for the C never helped. Once I would finally be able to go there would be loose stools, but not exact D. Ive had chronic anemia since I was a teenager. It was blamed in heavy periods, but even when those would level out a bit I could never really get much footing with my iron counts. A few years ago my iron level dropped to 6, ferritin was 2. Hair loss, fatigue, depression, anxiety, are all the constant backdrop to my life - which has often been attributed to anemia. Oh, vitamin D is also always low despite being outside quite a bit and taking supplements fir years and years. Over recent years I've restricted my diet a lot. Never suspecting Celiac. I just came to know that eating "light" felt better. I've subbed corn for flour products, cut out crackers, etc. still far from gluten-free, but it was obvious that cutting back in bready things and pasta and the like agreed with me. i don't know how it struck me recently, but a lightening bolt hit me that the one thing all my "bad foods" had in common was gluten. So on a lark I cut it out. Three days later my belly was flatter than I can ever remember it being. I was also comfortable (though still constipated), I felt light and cheerful and my mind felt very sharp. I had abundant energy and felt worlds better than I can ever remember feeling. Honestly, I was FLOORED. This went on for a few more days of me feeling on top of the world for the first time in my whole adult life. Only then did I read up on what all the symptoms of celiac can be and it was practically autobiographical. So I see you have to be in a gluteny diet for testing. At this point I was gluten-free for only a week. I made an appointment and requested to be tested. That appointment is tomorrow. I've been back on the gluten train since Tuesday evening and I'm miserable. I've probably been overdoing it, having about 3-4 servings a day. I look pregnant and feel ready to pop. Do you all think the testing should be fine despite that one week of gluten-free? The doc thought it would be okay, as long as I started eating it again in the meantime (3 days). Ive always assumed I had IBS, so this new possibility is overwhelming. I imagine that I'll be giving up gluten after testing either way bc the relief I felt during my tiny trial was emmense. Something else gnawing at me is the symptom of pale yellowish stool. While that is not something I experience, one of my children does.
  8. Celiac.com 04/28/2017 - The global market for new drugs to treat celiac disease is set to surge strongly by 2021, according to the latest market report from Persistence Market Research. The company's Celiac Drugs Market report offers in-depth analysis of overall market trends, macro-economic indicators, and governing factors, along with the projected strength of individual market segments. The report also offers geographical breakdowns of the various market factors and the specific market segments they influence. Key factors influencing global market growth of celiac drugs include increased healthcare expenditures, changing lifestyles, growing healthcare awareness, and an increase in incentive by various governments and government associations. However, complex regulatory frameworks govern drug approval in most countries, and could limit or slow the global market growth for celiac drugs. That global celiac drug market is currently dominated by North America, in part due to rising celiac diagnosis, coupled with limited treatment options. In the next five years, the Asia-Pacific region will emerge as a major market for celiac drugs, with China and India seeing the bulk of the growth. Key forces driving the celiac drug market in developing countries include the large pool of patients, increasing awareness about the disease, and rising government funding in the region. Rapid innovation of drugs to effectively treat celiac disease presents tremendous opportunity for the global drug market. The major companies developing celiac drugs for the global market are Alvine Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Alba Therapeutics Corporation, ImmusanT, and the Institute for Protein Design. These are among numerous companies looking to develop, perfect market drugs treatments for celiac disease over the next few years. View more of the report at: PersistenceMarketResearch.com
  9. Hey guys. So I was newly diagnosed with Celiac last month and was recommended to this site by my doctor for your helpful guidance to those struggling with this diagnosis. I just had some questions about some concerning symptoms that I have been having that will not go away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a 23 year old very active male. I have been gluten free for over a month now eating a very strict diet. I have had extremely fatigued muscles with shaking in the hands. Its noticeable anytime I try to do something that involves fine motor skills. Also I have been very exhausted with extreme hunger cravings, especially sugary item (Despite eating a high protein, veggie diet and eating more frequently than I have in the past). The shaking concerns me and I had my resting glucose levels and resting thyroid levels tested with negative results. I am at a loss at what is causing this and it is pretty scary at times. Anyone have similar symptoms that won't subside or have any idea of what is causing it? I also had my B vitamin levels checked along with calcium and they both came back normal. The shakiness is visible slightly and was brushed off by my physician. I just want to feel at least half way normal again as my social life and schoolwork have taken major hits due to feeling sickly.
  10. Hey guys I know i've asked like 1000 questions and I probably getting annoying! So sorry!! But this is a question I cant seem to find the answer to. How do you know if you have been cross contaminated? Since I've only been gluten free for about a week I don't think I know what it feels like to be well yet so it would be hard to tell this early on right? How do you know if you just have an occasional stomachache/headache or you are eating something that was contaminated? I feel like this is going to be really hard to tell for me. For example I tried a new drink that "golden milk" for inflammation... I made sure everything was gluten free but I got a really bad stomachache after. I'm not sure if the new recipe just didn't agree with me or maybe the cup/pan/spoon I used was contaminated? I guess I'm going to be more diligent with actually cleaning the utensils and stuff I use before hand so I can tell the difference. Also while I'm at it I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on leaky gut? I have read books/articles about this before I even knew I might have celiac disease and they say that if you have celiac you most definitely had a leaky gut first. How do you guys treat your leaky gut? Do you not worry about it? Did you talk to a doctor? Again thank you all for being so helpful and I'm sorry if I'm being annoying with all the questions I'm posting. Kathleen
  11. Hello, I am a college student and I was diagnosed with Celiacs about three months ago. I have been doing okay with the new diet. The first month was rough figuring out what I can eat and anxiety about gluten crumbs being everywhere, but starting to get the hang of it. I was feeling better, but I went on spring break a week ago and ate out a lot. I was very careful and vetted my waitress and only have a few "risky" meals. I had a few days of feeling 'blah' and one day of diarrhea. Ever since then I have been quite constipated and have been feeling like I did before my diagnosis (before diagnosis I yo-yoed between constipation and diarrhea a lot). It is possible I could have had some cross contamination or some gluten somewhere in there. Any recommendations on how to get gluten out of your system once you have had some? and how to get back to a health state after exposure?
  12. Hi guys! I'm new to the site - apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place or something Female, 18, diagnosed about 4 years ago now. I was a completely silent celiac, and while I had problems with other foods, pasta and gluteny foods were pretty much the only thing I trusted to not cause me any symptoms. Obviously I was very wrong, and I've been keeping gluten free ever since! However, a couple months ago I started having some pretty odd bowel movements. (Here comes the tmi stuff, I'm sorry in advance..) At first it was constipation, and when I did poop it was small, loose, floating, greasy, and yellow. I was also having some upper abdominal pain so I thought it was a liver problem and got checked out - doc said my liver felt inflammed but an ultrasound showed nothing was wrong. Then after a while ito became more solid and less greasy again, but the switching from constipation to loose floating and non-floating stools remained. I still experiended a lot of yellowish mucous however. Now, the last few weeks, they'very turned much much paler. Sort of a light beige-grey. The yellow mucous is still present. I've been having intermittent abdominal pain as well. Both near my liver on my upper right abdomen wrapping around a bit to my back, and a little further down on the left side just above my hip bone. I've also had quite a loss of appetite, and I have nausea that comes and goes. Today, it's sort of turned into a pale yellow/grey mush... there is still yellow mucous present. My stomach feels rather sick, but it doesn't feel like a flu or anything like that. I'm not going to the bathroom all that frequently, but again it's either a constipated feeling or an urgent need to go, back and forth (though the stool is always soft). Sorry about the grossness of all this. Basically, I was wondering if it's possible that I haven't been careful enough recently? Even though I never had any symptoms from gluten before, is it possible that I'm being contaminated somehow and it's causingredients all theset symptoms? I've also been incrediblyou fatigued and weak for the last few weeks but I'm not ill in any other way. And i've been drinking plenty of water. I should also mention that my other food problems don't cause this stuff either. The other intolerances cause severe pain that starts in between my lower ribs and then just kind of spreads throughout my whole body, makes me very very weak and lethargic, makes breathing pretty difficult due to pain, causes my whole abdomen to swell, and lasts between 1 hour and 8 hours. (Triggered by any green vegetables, leafy or not, as well as bananas, pineapples, tofu, lentils, and avocado. I'm also a pescatarian) Anyway... thank you for taking the time to read through this, and any advice would be very much appreciated. I'm getting pretty concerned, and, though I haven't checked, I seem to be losing quite a bit of weight. It's just so terrible to feel so weak and sick all the time, every day... I'm glad to be part of the site now, though! Thank you!
  13. Hello. I'm new here. I realize this is probably something that's asked way too often, but waiting is difficult. For the past three months it has felt as though my IBS has gone insane, and I've had fatigue, confusion, and general inability to function for the pain. On a hunch I started eating gluten free for two weeks before my doctor had a Celiac panel run. It came back positive with these results. GLIADIN IGA AB (DEAMIDATED) 153.7 UNITS <20 UNITS H STRONGLY POSITIVE GLIADIN IGG AB (DEAMIDATED) 99.8 UNITS <20 UNITS H STRONGLY POSITIVE TISSUE TRANSGLUTAMINASE IGA AB 92.5 UNITS <20 UNITS H MODERATE TO STRONG POSITIVE IGA 195 mg/dL 70 - 400 mg/dL Now I'm back to eating gluten and awaiting biopsies next week. It's been an interesting slog. With these results, how likely is it that I have Celiac's? At this point I'm almost hoping I do just so that I can do something to help myself. Can I go gluten free immediately after the biopsies are over or must I await the results? Any words of advice from those more experienced? How much gluten should I be eating before the biopsies? Thanks for your help!
  14. Hi there!! I'm new to this forum and interested in meeting other gluten free folk I'm 26 and live in NJ and have been gluten free since 2014. I do not have Celiac's disease, but I have IBS-C and adopting a gluten free diet has been helpful for me in decreasing my symptoms. I'm also dairy free! I am actually in the process of creating a breakfast/brunch meet-up for people with gluten allergies/intolerance and other food allergies in my area....let me know if you're interested!! So, yeah, I think that's it. Hello!!!
  15. Hello, Most of my life I have stomach issues. I have been on a rollercoaster for as long as I remember. In my 20s I almost died from dehydration and still no one discovered what caused the diarrhea and stomach issues. In my late 20's I started getting hives. Until I was 35 I had constant hives. Then that calmed and just kept red blotchy. Now I am in my 40s and the 2 years ago my joints started hurting progressively getting worst and just tired exhaustedly tired. The last Month I almost passed out and once at work. I ended up in the er. They think I have Pots -Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Every time I would try to eat I would get sick with those symptoms of heart pounding like nuts and feeling like I would pass out. I was so nauseated and sick even the littlest amount of food was bringing it on... so I did not eat. I also had a problem keeping balance on walking like my legs felt like jello. Some days are worst then other and some are not so bad with the balance shaking. 1 week of not eating - just taking a centrum to keep up with water. Then I noticed something. Here I was starving myself-- AND I FELT THE BEST I EVER FELT IN MY LIFE!! My joints felt better! My energy was alright not 100 percent but alright. My aches felt better. My sore body felt better. So I posted on my facebook... I just don't get this how can I be STARVING myself and FEEL the best I felt in my entire life!! Someone said wow with all the things you been through it sounds like you have a problem with Gluten I bet it. So I read up on gluten and and celiacs. So I watched what I tried to eat to be no gluten. I started feeling better and the first week I could eat little. Then I could eat more--- all gluten free. I just email my doctor and he said it sounds like I had good questions for him and to make an apt to figure out what testing we need to do. I almost want to cry because all these years....all these freaking years!!! I am just crying not because I am said part because I am angry that we could not figure it out sooner and part because finally figuring it out. Dr apt 6.23.16 and I am just overwhelemed that I may get real help finally. I also have a cardiologist apt for the 28th because they are confirming the pots which they already believe it is. I have had a stress test already as well. Has anyone else been through it like this???? I had problems as a kid even ending up at 7 in an ambulance for pain in my stomach.... and they blamed it on a kid who kicked me a week before said I was probably bruised internally. Seriously!!! Ugh I will update but has anyone had any of this for soooo long with no one knowing what it was? I pray this is finally it.... because I know keeping off the gluten has made me feel so much better.. My joints and energy and everything is getting better slowly!!! Do you know what testing will be done? I had 4 colonoscopies trying to figure crap out and why didn't they figure it out with them- other then polyups???
  16. Went to my doc with: digestive problems, bad gas and bloating, stomach ache, constipation/diarrea. She did internal exam, said I was fine and prescribed tranquillizers. My doc's typical response is to assume problems are all in my head. After a bit of research I decided to stop eating bread products and within about a week started feeling better. About a month later I was traveling and faced with limited menu started eating bread again. OMG! Very bad case of same problem. I can't wait for a diagnosis (assuming my doc would agree to tests anyway) so will just start gluten free diet. My q: if it is gluten, how long till i start to feel better?
  17. Hi my name is Alex and I am 23 years old. I am suffering so badly right now in life. Everyday I have multiple, very severe panic attacks. I have called 911 many times in the last 6 months. I am suffering with vertigo, intense weakness and pains, I can not digest anything, I have terrible acid reflux, I can't sleep, I can't relax, my heart constantly palpitates, my breathing is "forced labor" all day. I am suffering in a mental fog. I have been from doctor to hospital to doctor and every EKG comes back normal, every doctor says the same thing, I am struggling with anxiety and they write me whatever prescription of the week they are offering I recently took it upon myself to cut gluten out of my diet, and wallah! I felt like I did in high school within 2 days. I work in NYC and many times it is nearly impossible to find something containing no gluten, and many times when I ask they tell me "No Gluten" and I eat whatever food I ordered (probably salad w/ dressing) and i find myself driving home in a terrible panic attack. Panic is my main symptom. I have not been diagnosed yet, but the difference from how I feel and how to the people around me tell me I act I am 100% convinced. The question I'm having is, what do you think? Is it possible I have Celiac? Can panic be the main symptom? I'm telling you right now, my anxiety is unlike anything anyone has ever seen. I lay on the ground for 2 hours with numb limbs feeling like I am having a stroke unable to talk to anyone. I have 2 of these a day. Please let me know your thoughts. I truly am a novice with all of this. I am suffering and I need help. Thanks
  18. Well, I'm new to the forum- and thankful to have found it! I wanted to be able to share my story with someone who would understand, as my family of origin doesn't really understand or "get it." (I do have a supportive husband, but he doesn't really understand it fully, either.) Well, where to start? I've just finished a rough 14 days of constant diarrhea when I ate anything. I'm talking about ever 15 minutes I was in the bathroom- around the clock- for the first 9 days, and then finally it subsided a bit and while I was still dealing with the bathroom issues, they weren't as frequent. At the same time a lovely rash showed up and I had horrible bloating and cramping. It was miserable. I finally figured out that I had been glutened; I don't know how or where as we keep our entire home gluten free, but it had happened. It was awful. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Thinking about it, my stomach is gurgling and churning. Yuck. It happened right after a really high stress situation - some acute stress, and some a bit more prolonged, but it all coincided. During this most recent episode, I went to our chiropractor for an adjustment, allergy testing, and some supplements to get me through the horrible ordeal. (I am a natural healing practitioner and utilize these methods first and foremost for myself/my family.) He specializes in nutrition, and I asked him based on the testing if he saw anything unusual or that raised red flags. His response was that I really should never have gluten containing anything again, and that I most likely will need to avoid dairy for a long while while I am healing. I asked him about celiac testing, and his response was that if I wanted to put my body through being on gluten for 12 weeks, I would then be able to go and be tested, but that it likely wasn't worth it based on this most recent exposure. I grabbed my supplements and headed home. I have wrestled with his words for a few days. I have been gluten free for 6 weeks, and on a low-fodmap diet because it was assumed I was dealing with IBS issues. Something about the finality of being gluten free forever was difficult for me to digest. But it made sense. I have had issues with gluten my whole life, but they were either ignored. explained away, or they were not connected to celiac disease by medical professionals, or holistic professionals. My chiropractor (and now I) believes it started when I was a little girl: I had my tonsils removed at age 3 because I got strep at least 8 times a year, I had nasty diaper rashes often- but my mother refused to believe that I was reacting to foods; when I was a teenager I had horrible candida in my intestines and gut, I craved breads and pastas but would either be horrible constipated or have diarrhea; as a young adult I dealt with some pretty intense monthly cycles - they were either awful or non-existant, and my candida continued to rear its ugly head into my college years/into my graduate studies; when I was married and we had our first baby, I started to only eat whole wheat or sprouted wheat- and my blood pressure was sky high, but my doctors continued to tell me that whole grain wheat was good for me and that it was better than not eating wheat. I started to get a rash somewhat regularly on my body, and developed "chicken skin" on my arms from a vitamin deficiency- later that year, I saw a natural healing practitioner who said that my on-going depression and awful mood swings were likely caused by wheat but she didn't want to diagnose me yet, she just wanted me to go gluten free to see how I felt. Well, I was scared and panicked and did it for 2 days before I went back to eating whole wheat. I should have listened to her then! After out first was born, we miscarried 6 babied in 3 years. I was devastated. I thought I was broken, and no one had answers for me- except that maybe it was PCOS or maybe it was because we were following a vegan diet. I started to ponder more about what she had said a few years prior and felt it might be time to go gluten free. So, I went "gluten light"- mostly gluten free but I still made (and ate) whole wheat sourdough bread, sourdough muffins, sourdough cinnamon rolls, etc. for another year or so. I tried eating Einkorn, because I was told that people with gluten issues could tolerate it better than regular wheat. We eventually conceived again and my sweet baby girl was born a year ago. I was gluten free (with very few exceptions) during her pregnancy, and after she was born I ended up having to cut out gluten because I was breastfeeding and she would have horrible reactions whenever I would nurse her and I had eaten wheat. She was diagnosed as failure to thrive while I was still eating gluten and they ran so many tests I felt dizzy doing to every specialist they had us running off to. Her celiac panel came back positive but they wouldn't diagnose her without a biopsy and her ingesting wheat on her own for 3-6 months. I couldn't risk it with her- she was just too tiny and below the bottom 3% for growth. So gluten free is was. And I was really good about it, except for cross contamination after she started thriving again. She had gained enough weight that I thought it was okay to start eating gluten again- and being lax about cross contamination. (I swear, it is like a drug sometimes! But what is harder is that I have fond memories of my mothers homemade bread being made and rising and then eating it warm with honey and butter- and giving up having those memories with my own children was more difficult.) Finally, something clicked 6 weeks ago- well, 8 at this point. I was having constipation and diarrhea off and on, candida flare ups (which happened all along, but have gotten progressively worse with the more gluten I ate), and I was tired of feeling so tired and sick all the time. I hated being "that" mom- the sick one who couldn't ever do anything with her kids or family or friends without being wiped out for days afterward. So, I stopped eating gluten. Our house became a ZERO tolerance for gluten zone, and I started to heal. I felt nourished and not constantly hungry all the time- even after eating a meal. My sinus issues stopped. My tummy troubles stopped. My cycles that I have had were normal... and on and on and on. Then, the gluten-ing happened. (Probably from eating out at a restaurant that wasn't so good about cross contamination.) And my chiropractor meeting happened. And the rash, and all of the other things. Bottom line: I don't have an official diagnosis with a stamp of approval from a licensed physician. But I do have my chiro's assessment, and I have my own body's proof. Oh- and my birth family (I am adopted) gave me my family medical history-- that is another piece to this puzzle. Both my birth parents have bowel issues- constipation, diarrhea, bloating (she has been asked when she is due with her baby almost monthly for as long as I have known her-- for 20 years). I've been gluten free for 8 weeks now, and finally feel like I have my life back again- minus the little cross contamination crisis 2 weeks ago. So two questions- is going back to gluten worth the official diagnosis for you? and How do you handle family members who think that this is just a fad and all in your head/made up? My family thinks that this is all crazy and that there is no possible way this could come on so suddenly. It's a bit toxic to be around them sometimes because of the side comments that are made, or being reminded how awful gluten free food tastes/how terrible the texture is from them, or being told that something can't really be bread (or cake or pie, etc.) because it isn't made with wheat flour. I would love to hear you share your stories and thoughts, if you are willing to share.
  19. i am recently diagnosed and have had a really hard time find baking mixes that taste good. a friend shared bag of mix she got after reading a review from celiac.org - the mix is called versameal genesis 1 baking blend. It made a real difference in my life. It seems like something that's really different - it tastes like regular whole grain really amazing. just wondering if anyone else has tried this - it really seems like something new and different - this is the review i was talking about http://www.celiac.com/articles/23702/1/VersaMeal-Whole-Grain-Gluten-Free-Baking-Blend/Page1.html would love to know if anyone else here has tried it - i have the baking blend and just ordered the bread blend - it made a real difference for me so just wanted to pass it along
  20. New Here

    Hi everyone! My name is Becky and we are from Alabama. I just discovered this site, and I believe its a God send. I spend countless amounts of time just browsing about this new adventure in going gluten-free. I have a 10 year daughter that tested positive 2 months ago with high numbers according to the doctor. Her numbers were TTG IgA >100, Gliadin IGA 148.8, Gliadin IGG 112, IGA antibody- positive titer 1:160. She had a biopsy this past Monday and Dr. saw significant damage and we are still waiting biopsy results but pretty much know what it will say. I can't help but feel overwhelmed, sad, and confused. I figured this was a normal reaction. I hope to find friends here, as I've never been a part of a forum before but I feel so lost and alone in what to do. I just wanted to introduce myself, and say how excited I am to be here.
  21. Hi everyone, A few years back my doctor told me that he believed I might have Celiac disease and to start trying to remove gluten from my life. A month ago he confirmed that I have Celiacs. He also told me to remove processed sugar from diiet because it doesn't help with the disease So now I am trying to figure out this new lifestyle and I have all sorts of questions that I need help with. Food wise: It is very hard to find gluten-free foods that don't have sugar in them. How do you tell the difference between good sugar and bad sugars? I understand the difference between natural and not, but some products seem to be all-natural, but have a high sugar count. Does that make sense? I pretty much eat on bananas all day because they are the easiest thing to grab and go with my busy lifestyle. Does anyone have any tips on things that stay well and can be eaten quickly [like in a minute or less]? Depression: I have been suffereing depression for a few years now as well. Has anyone experienced their depression improving after removing the gluten completely or does it get worse? I finally had mine under control and now I feel depressed everyday. Does it get better? Fatigue/Forgettfulness/ Lack of caring: I am constantly tired and just not there anymore. I forget things like not other; I also have frequent blackouts where I don't remember what exactly I was doing. I also have lost interest in a lot of things. I don't know whether this is the disease or something else. Beauty Products: I know they say to avoid gluten in beauty products. Does anyone have any brands they can recommend? From supermarket brands to salon products, I would like to get a grasp on what i can use. Lip Balm in particular because I"m a chapstick addict. Cross-contamination: How worried should I be about this? I suppose those are the questions I can think of right now. Besides that, does it get better?
  22. Hi everyone, This is my first post. I was recently diagnosed with celiac in early December 2013. I finally saw an awesome gastroenterologist in November after an entire year of mis-diagnoses from SO MANY specialists/doctors and ridiculous other ailments...chronic headaches and flu-like symptoms, foggy headedness, sinus congestion, the list goes on and on and on... but I never had digestive symptoms until this past fall. Then out of nowhere I was really "backed up", which I thought was just a fluke for a little while, but got really bad while on a vacation across the country. I came home, saw the gastro doctor, and she added a blood test for celiac onto a larger lists of blood test, which came back (shockingly, to me) glaringly positive. After a gene test (also positive) and a positive endoscopy as well (moderate damage), I was fully diagnosed with celiac, no doubt about it. So obviously right after my endoscopy I started eating gluten free, and have been finding much relief from the headaches and foggy headedness even a month into eating gluten free (I'm frustrated right now with all the changes, but that's a different story). I also feel a LOT less fatigued, and have been feeling more well-rested. MY QUESTION has to do with digestion...My issues with the "c" have not cleared up. At all. For a moment I thought it was getting better/easier, but no, it hasn't. I also had a temporary bout of "d" on Sunday of this week after having a very dairy heavy meal the night before...I'm assuming that's what it's from. But then right away the "c" is back, and worse than ever. Gurgling, belatedness, and...nothing. Ugh. Can anything help? I bought ReNew Life "Fibersmart" supplements that have flax and probiotics....but I haven't tried them yet (just got them tonight). What else can I do? I'm just worried and frustrated, and could use any help you all have to offer. Thank you! -L
  23. Hi All! I've been lurking here for a month, ever since my postive blood tests. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with some of the basics, but now that I've recieved a postive bioposy I wanted to really dive into what's going on in my body, and how I compare to others. Here goes... Current Age: 24 Symptoms: Just general stomach aches and cramps my whole life, I never noticed a particular gluten trigger, and childhood doctors dismissed it. So now as an adult I went to the doctor and mentioned I got a lot of stomach aches, and they reccomended a blood test to check for celiac. I have no family history of celiac. Blood Test Results: Transglutaminase Ab IgG/M/AL Tragl IgM: 3/20/2014: 5.9 U/mL Tragl IgA: 3/20/2014: 11.2 U/mL Tragl IgG: 3/20/2014: 53.5 U/mL (I'm confused if this is the full panel, or what blood tests these exactly are? Are they the Tissue transglutamise tests I've heard about on this site?) Biopsy Results (I can't even begin to interpret these) DUODENAL MUCOSA WITH LAMINA PROPRIA EXPANSION BY LYMPHOCYTES AND PLASMA CELLS, VILLOUS BLUNTING, AND INCREASED INTRAEPITHELIAL LYMPHOCYTES, SEE NOTE. B: STOMACH, RANDOM, BIOPSY: : ANTRAL AND OXYNTIC MUCOSA WITH MILD CHRONIC INFLAMMATION. : NO HELICOBACTER ORGANISMS IDENTIFIED ON WARTHIN-STARRY STAIN (CONTROL SATISFACTORY). : DETACHED FRAGMENT OF INTESTINAL EPITHELIUM, NO SIGNIFICANT HISTOLOGIC ABNORMALITY. NOTE: The findings can be seen in the setting of gluten-sensitive enteropathy (celiac disease), small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, drug-induced injury, tropical sprue, immune disorders, and sensitivity to non-gluten proteins; however due to the patient 's documented history of positive Celiac serology, the findings are most likely consistent with Celiac disease. Clinical correlation recommended. So now I've been one week gluten free, and I'm starving all the time and still have D (only about once a day though) Since my pathology report says the findings could also be the result of other allergies (I have a lot), bacterial overgrowth (I've heard my crazy hunger could be candida overgrowth) or some other autoammune disorder- I'm just curious if there's any chance I have something else going on? How do my results compare with other patients? SO many questions! Thank you!!
  24. Hii...thank you for reading. New to this. Before Xmas I became exhausted and lost about a stone in 4 weeks. Eventually had tests and had low white blood cells, low platelets and low neutrophils. Had more tests and my TTG IGA was above 300. I'm about to have a biopsy....looking for coeliac disease. Sound likely?!, I've now been keeping a food diary and I think I've probably ignored stomach symptoms as life us so busy..... Feel rotten and exhausted all the time.. Hoping the biopsy has the answers...... Another q.....should I choose to be awake or sedated, Thank you
  25. Hi. Newly diagnosed Celiac here, male, 48 years old . . . just looking for direction. The diagnosis came very fast - in December. I saw my new PCP, he ordered blood tests, I had a TTGiGA blood confirmation, and a subsequent GI appt / upper endo intestinal biopsy (and colonoscopy) done and a confirmation of Celiac - all in the space of about 4 weeks! My head has been spinning ever since. My biopsy showed marsh 3, villous atrophy. I’m still just trying to let this diagnosis settle in my brain. I just got the confirmation on Jan 8th. I never even knew what Celiac was, but given my symptoms, I should have known. I knew something wasn’t right for sure. What I’m concerned about now is eating the right foods, and trying to figure out how to work the maze of all the “gluten-free” food out there . . . and what actually still has trace amounts of gluten!! I know for people dieting it’s no big deal to have trace amounts of gluten, but for me, that’s no good. Right? And, I guess, what ingredients do you need to steer clear of when reading packaging?
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