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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all! I'm new to the community, and would love to hear about what I can expect as I enter a new gluten-free life and begin recovery. I understand that everybody's experiences are very different, but I'm interested in hearing a range of experiences. For those of you that had lived a gluten-filled life until diagnosis, what was your experience when you started a true gluten-free diet for the first time in your life? The bads and the goods? Thanks for sharing your stories with me! I'm excited to (hopefully) start recovering and enjoy a life of energy and happiness and less pain!
  2. AnneR

    7 year old and biopsy

    Hi everyone My 7 year old daughter was juat diagnosed 2 days ago by a celiac blood test (after over 2 years of constant stomach aches, constipation, unexplained anemia and headaches). Should she have a biopsy done as well? I'm on the fence as it can be a little invasive and the bloodwork already indicated that she has the disease. Her GP doesn't think it's needed. We put her on gluten free right away so she has been gluten free for 2 days now. If we decide to to the biopsy, does she need to go back on gluten or will the short time she's been off not make a difference on the biopsy? Part of me wants her to have the biopsy to see what kind of damage is already done. But I don't want to put her through that if it really isn't needed. Does it make a difference for her medically? Thanks in advance This is all so new and the more I read the more scary it seems.
  3. I was diagnosed with Celiac October of 2015. I was very unhappy when I received the initial diagnosis and spent a few months angry and frustrated as I adjusted to a gluten-free diet. I managed to change my diet and my attitude as I slowly became thankful that I had a disease that could be treated by just avoiding gluten. Fast forward to this week, I was diagnosed with Diabetes* (they think it's Type 2, but we're still testing to see if it's Type 1 or Type 2 or a hybrid) and I feel like I'm right back where I was when I first received my Celiac diagnosis in 2015, but worse, because now there's a whole universe of foods I have to be careful with (in addition to having to take medication with gross side effects, change my physical activity, and test my blood glucose levels). Many of the gluten-free substitutes I relied upon are now unacceptable (because of their high carb content) and items that used to be completely safe (fruit, vegetables) now have to be monitored and recorded. I'm frustrated and sad and feel like I'm back at square one. My initial internet searches for Celiac Diabetics haven't turned up much in terms of community. When I was first diagnosed with Celiac, these message boards were really helpful. I'm hoping to find other people who have the co-diagnoses and to learn how they coped and what recipes and products they rely on. *I received an initial Diabetes Type 2 diagnosis (based off one in-range A1C, which is not the standard for diagnosis, but the doctor had erred on the side of an early diagnosis to get me into the diabetes management classes) when I was diagnosed Celiac, but my A1Cs went back into normal range once I went on a gluten-free diet, so the diagnosis was rescinded (with the thinking that the insulin resistance was attributed to the cortisol and adrenaline of a gluten-eating Celiac).
  4. Celiac Nutritionist

    The first pages you joined

    I thought this would be a good resource for the newly diagnosed! What were the first celiac/ gluten free related pages you joined on Face book after being diagnosed???
  5. Quick recap--- 4/5 years ago my doctor had me stop eating gluten. I felt great 3 months later. This is when we did my gluten tests. all came back high normal, but normal. So my doc said that I had a sensitivity. I took this to mean that I could just eat less gluten or stop when I felt bad etc... Well I have been having some very major symptoms lately; Feeling like I worked out (muscle pain etc..) when I did nothing Major abdominal pains Heartburn/re flux 24/7 that nothing helped These were the three most worrisome. I am seeing a new GP but she has access to all my records. In about 5 minutes she listened to me, looked through my records , saw my weight gain, and said " stop eating gluten or you will die." She basically said that because I was tested without eating gluten for so long, My numbers indicated strongly for Celiacs. I could redo them of listen to my body. I do not need more testing, I believe! I have gone gluten-free completely for 5 days. This does not mean I went carb, or bread free. I love to bake. We just bought all new pans and bowls etc.. and I bought many flours, downloaded so many recipes I have a binder and off I went. I have lost 4 lbs. I hope that trend continues since I am 5'4" and 180 lbs. Enough back story. I am seriously PARANOID about the CC. How far do we have to go? The family will be gluten-free at home completely (part of the baking spree is hubby and son are BREAD<ROLL eaters) At work I see crumbs from the day shifters on the desk, keyboards etc... I have stuffed myself in a back room closet to avoid. I wont put my food on the break room table, in the fridge etc.... for fear the crumbs will contaminate my food. I drag a rolling mini cooler with my food and drink into work ( to the chuckles of many). I went to a friends house and there were so many crumbs on the counters etc... I literally had to leave from the panic ( I wasn't even eating) Am I going crazy? Is this level of fear normal? will It subside? One last question---- How safe can my gluten-free flour be sitting on the shelf right next to the Bad flour? MY Kitchen table is wood topped, Do I have to get rid of it from past contamination?
  6. DiamondWoman

    Does It Get Better?

    Hello everyone I was diagnosed as gluten sensitive a week ago. This was not totally a surprise as 3 of my aunts, my mother and my sister all are gluten sensitive as well. The biggest issue I am having currently is I can't find gluten free food to fit my lifestyle. I work 3 jobs 7 days a week and am out of the house from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. As a result I am always eating on the go, in my vehicle going from job 1 to job 2. Every kind of bread I have tired either tastes like cardboard or disintegrates by the end of the day leaving me unable to eat the sandwich I had made for myself. And because I'm driving foods that need 2 hands are not an option. When I get home at 10:00 and then cook (normally just warming stuff up as I bulk cook for 2 months on my 1 day off in 8 weeks) for myself its 10:30 at the earliest I am eating dinner and my stomach starts hurting from eating so late. I know its not the food cause everything is gluten free and I have eaten it at my parents house with no problems before. I need some realistic suggestions of food items that will make my life easier. No i can't give up a job, no I can't cut back my hours. I already bulk cook and make lots ahead of time. I am deathly allergic to nuts and peanuts so most gluten free snack food is not safe for me. What I need is gluten free fast food that you can eat with 1 hand (realize this is probably a pipe dream but I can wish right). Has anyone else done gone gluten free with a lifestyle like mine? If there is please I need your advise, my family can't help as they all work 1 job Monday to Friday 9 to 5. Thanks everyone, sorry I was venting but I'm at a loss for what to do and getting really frustrated (to the point of tears) as a result. Diamond Woman
  7. I had an endoscopy 12/2013 and was diagnosed as a Celiac. I guess I was a "classic case". I actually felt better on month 4 of gluten-free but have been having some issues again. So I am due for my follow up endoscopy. I feel like it's a test I am not ready for and could fail. What are they really looking for at this point? If I don't have a perfectly healed gut, what does that mean? No more babies? Also, I am trying to read through the site, but anyone up for telling me how long it took for the dry skin and leg bruising to stop? Maybe if you had hair loss, when did you get it back? (Biopsy diagnosed with T.E. 2010.) How about itchy skin? Did you heal your acid reflux? (Doc says I have two diseases, Acid Reflux and Celiac but how can Acid Reflux be a disease??? I thought it was a symptom.) Did you get pregnant? Healthy Babies? Thanks for your stories and any advice you have. (gluten-free, DF, SF, no oats since Jan 2014. No Gluten in body care except the occasional makeup. Not sure on cross contamination. Mixed household. Still learning.)
  8. Hi everyone! I just joined. I'm in the process of being diagnosed and after my last test I will be on the gluten-free diet/lifestyle. My question or my appeal for advice is that I will be traveling for business not even a month into my new lifestyle change and I'm afraid that going away on business will make what is already a hard task (finding things to eat that are safe/allowed) will be even harder. Does anyone have any suggestions for flying/traveling gluten free? I figured I can bring some snacks for the plane they are offering food service. I also notified the hosts of the conference and they are aware of my special dietary needs for the few meals they will be providing. What do people suggest? I just read that carrying a card with what I'm "allergic" to is helpful (different forum). I feel like when I ask people about food prep and other things they look at me like I've grown two heads even if they are like ... ah, yeah gluten free. Thanks in advance!
  9. I started eating gluten free 5 weeks ago today, and although my doctor told me that I should feel slightly better after a few days gluten-free and then much better about 4 weeks into a gluten-free diet, I am still feeling awful. I have had occasional "not so bad" days, but even then I still have a lingering nausea. The last week or so, I even think it has got worse and I am feeling very nauseous whenever I eat or drink anything, be it a bowl of brown rice with vegetables, or a cup of tea. Is this all part of the healing process or am I doing something wrong? I've also limited my dairy intake and am now only having yogurt in the mornings for breakfast but take soya milk in tea/coffee. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  10. I was diagnosed with Celiac Nov. 2012. I began the gluten-free diet right off. I am still having a lot of GI issues and I have to run to the bathroom a lot for a sick stomach (D). Any recommendations on foods I can eat that are easy to digest and will help with the healing process? I am keeping a food journal to try and figure out what is agreeing and disagreeing with my body. Also, I gave up dairy, coffee, and alcohol to try and help promote the healing. I am also taking a special mulitvitamin that has probiotics and digestive enzymes formulated for people with Celiac. Thanks for any and all help.
  11. I am newly diagnosed (1 month). I am iron deficient, as well as all the regular deficiencies Celiacs have. My dilemma is iron supplements cause constipation and that is what I am trying to get rid of. I just want to be "regular." My doctor advised me to wait to take iron until I am "regular" and take a multi vitamin, vitamin D, and Calcium. But I am worried about the iron. I am so tired and borderline anemic. I think iron would help, right? Any suggestions?