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Found 3 results

  1. These are nice new news articles explaining why gluten and lactose can be found in medicine and what the common contamination rate is. Just saw it tonight and thought it would help someone else to post them. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/why-do-pills-have-gluten-ingredients-medications-may-trigger-allergic-n982876 https://www.yahoo.com/news/gluten-lactose-drugs-study-raises-194717603.html I hope this is helpful but it is not medical advice. Posterboy,
  2. I haven't browsed here in a while so there may be other threads about this but thought I would share a recent event. I have been using "assist/defense" pills for years. I never have been brave enough to truly "test" them to see if they really would keep me from getting sick if ate glutens. I am VERY sensitive and travel alot so I have to trust that things I'm eating have been made with TLC. When my local store quit carrying the Gluten Defense that I've taken before every meal when I'm not in control of the food preparation, I tried Me+My Gluten Assist from Wal-Mart (scary in itself). I know my local Wendy's has some CC issues on their fries due to the oil overflowing between nugget and fry vats. I was really craving their fries and sent through their drive thru. I came home, took 1 Gluten Assist and began eating. Within about 15 minutes I could tell I had CC fries as my gut started to turn inside out. The package from the pills says to take one before consuming.... an additional pill may be taken if needed. We always laughed about that as if needed meant in my case that it was too late. Well, I took a second one and within 15-20 minutes my gut had settled and balanced itself out and I did not have the massive reaction that I get when I eat glutens. Having been dx'd in 2005 I've been at this a long time and do realize that I could be harming my villa even if I'm not "getting sick" but considering the FDA allows companies to label things as gluten-free if they have less than the 20ppm, I feel that the minimal CC from the fry vats can't be doing too much damage for the occasional splurge like this night. I say all this to let you know that there is some validity to the "assist" pills that can help avoid a horrid reaction from the occasional CC. I can no longer find it at Wal-Mart but CVS has been carrying it near me. It was about $12 for 30 pills. I feel it's worth the $.40 per meal to have that little bit of help when I'm not in control of my food.
  3. Thought this was interesting: http://sciencelife.uchospitals.edu/2014/04/01/can-glutenase-pills-help-people-with-celiac-digest-gluten/ "Dr. Guandalini: Surely it would be nice to be able to swallow a pill and go about eating without worrying about any gluten on your plate. This is more or less what these products are claiming. But my opinion is no, they cannot be trusted to help digest gluten......"
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