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Found 2 results

  1. First of all, thank you for reading. I'm at my wit's end and I desperately need help. I'm a 30 year old mother of two little girls; one is 2 years 8mos and one is 7mos. After my second baby I started to have joint pain in my hands and feet. I thought it was a postpartum fluke and settled the matter on the Mommy Forums: a lot of other women experienced it, were tested for RA, it came back negative, and symptoms went away after breastfeeding. Very well, I had always been strong as an adult (not as a child), I figured this would be the case for me too. Fast forward to 4.5 mos postpartum. Attempted to keep my work from home job (very few hours) while keeping my two small children at home. Burning the candle at both ends. Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, not eating enough calories or food of good quality. Suddenly, the foods I was used to eating began making me very sick. Eggs in the morning gave me debilitating nausea that lasted all day long. Was it my gallbladder, I wondered. I could not eat most animal fats without consequence and could only tolerate small, vegetable focused meals. I lost 10 lbs in 10 days...while breastfeeding (no, I was not overweight). The situation began to be dire; I was getting weak and felt like I was starving but my body would rebel against processing anything that would nourish it. I saw the gastroenterologist: "Acute gastritis." I was put on ranitidine by the gastroenterologist, 75mg, 2x a day. I asked how long, got a vague answer that I could be on "a long time." Months, I ask? Yes, and brushed off. I go home and focus on healing, not suspecting gluten at this point. I develop more symptoms: tingling in my feet and hands starting in April, which has developed into pain and numbness as of May. I had gradually been losing sensitivity in my big toe over the winter this year, but I assumed it was some nail abnormality; now I think it was autoimmune. Random stabbing pains everywhere intermittently, more plugged ducts from BFing, chest tightness when I stretch with my arms over my head. My skin looks less lustrous and a little saggy, and I often have a red tint beneath the surface and especially on my face. There have been a couple of times where I have been good for a couple weeks at a time, feeling almost normal, and that was when I was avoiding gluten. However, recently I feel nearly back to where I started. For the past week, I have dramatically reduced my carb intake and cut out all grains, limiting my food to meat, vegetables, fruit and nut spreads with an occasional glass of raw milk, since I still have some. My chiropractor told me to cut out casein because it is cross-reactive with gluten. I am currently having worse pain in my hands and I'm now having pain in my elbows and stiffness in my knees. My joints pop frequently. It is hard to keep weight on; I'm down to 129, and before I got pregnant I was always 132. I don't know what to eat! I am afraid everything I am eating is poisoning me. I think I am in ketosis. I am constantly thirsty, have dry mouth, my muscles are twitching all over, and without the carbs I had been eating I have been constipated and having very hard stools. I'm trying to drink lots of bone broth and stock every day and stick to the Full GAPS diet. I think my gut has been compromised for a long time: I tested GBS+ with both of my babies. I am hoping that by cutting out the carbs and regularly eating probiotic foods, I can starve the bad bacteria of life. I know a lot of people recommend cutting out dairy because of casein, but I need a good source of strength and calcium and amino acids because I'm a breastfeeding mother. My PCP told me after a slew of bloodwork, "Frankly, I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Aches and pains happen as you get older." My experience in the medical establishment has been enough to make me cry. I have dragged my two children all over creation from appointment to appointment to fight for every test I've had done. I have an appointment with a naturopath who specializes in nutrition in two weeks, but in the meanwhile I really feel like I am in having a health crisis and I do not know what to do to help myself. I have been trying to come off of the ranitidine for a long time, unsuccessfully. I will come off of it for a while and then my nausea will return. I recently learned this can be because of people who have been on PPIs for a long time can require a taper drug: https://ndnr.com/gastrointestinal/neuropathy-long-term-ppi-use-a-case-study/ And also that I shouldn't have been using the stuff much longer than 6wks: https://chriskresser.com/fda-sounds-alarm-on-dangers-of-antacid-drugs/ When the stomach irritation kicks into high gear, this seems to be the only way to calm it down. I've been tested for ANA (lupus, RA, etc.), rheumatoid factor, CRP, diabetes, Celiac's disease and everything has come back normal. I don't have double vision or problems with strength, balance or coordination. I have an appointment with a neurologist and with another gastroenterologist, and I'm hoping to have an endoscopy done. I was exposed to gluten last weekend and that seems to have kicked my body back into high gear, but I'm really not sure that's what's going on. I saw a neurologist in my early 20s about a motor and vocal tic I had, and she told me about the gut brain connection and that I might be ingesting something I was intolerant to. I was young and blithe then and it was all Greek to me, so to speak, and I didn't understand my immune system then. I did do a paleo diet then and felt better than I ever had, but because of the social restrictions it placed on my life I gave it up. As a child, I suffered from constipation, allergies and hyperactivity, which now that I understand the autoimmune concept does sound a lot like Celiac's. I am struggling both practically and emotionally, I feel like Celiac's disease is a social death sentence. I can never call a friend to meet me at a restaurant again because of the possibility of cross-contamination causing my body to enter its self-destruct sequence. I don't know what to eat. Just a couple of weeks ago I felt like my health was returning, I was regular, good energy, now I feel like death. If you've read this long into my post, God bless you, and seriously, thank you.
  2. Background: I was having very few true GI issues, although I have always gone back and forth between constipation and loose stools (one or the other over 50% of the time). I went to the doc with depression, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, and really bad joint pain. She ran the gamut of blood tests on me and the Celiac panel came back today. She is recommending I go to a GI, but they can't see me for three weeks! I was hoping you guys could share some advice here, bc I am scouring the internet and not loving what I am finding... that I have to keep eating gluten to make myself sicker or the biopsy could be negative (I had just started a low carb diet >:[ ), that the biopsy could even have a false negative...And to make it worse, it's not my IgA levels that are high, it's my IgG. Here's my results: (reference range is <20 units for all of them- is that weird?) Glialdin IgG: 48 Glialdin IgA: 3 TTG IgA: 16 TTG IgG: 33 Is there anything else that causes IgG levels to be high? Searching the web is not finding much besides celiac... Any advice or help would be appreciated!
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