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Found 19 results

  1. I’ve eaten Gluten all my life and never had noticeable issues- or so I thought. I’ve had lots of bouts of bloating after drinking beer, certain foods, but doesn’t everyone? I’ve also struggled with anxiety my whole life, but it runs in my family and I have a very stressful job. This fall, I got a terrible case of the flu that turned into pneumonia and took strong antibiotics and Prednisone. Ever since then, I’ve had more gastric issues. A few weeks after getting over the flu, I was eating at a restaurant and immediately after eating had to run to restroom and almost didn’t make it. I projectile vomited and then had diarrhea later that night. I’ve also had serious vertigo for the past few months for the first time ever. I get headaches often and also chest pains which I contribute to the anxiety. My stomach gurgles a lot, and I feel hungry all the time. A few days ago after eating a really gluten filled meal, I got really bad heartburn and loose stool. I’ve been sick ever since- using the bathroom immediately after eating, stomach pains and gurgling, etc. I thought it was a stomach bug, but after talking with a friend she suggested I get tested for Celiac’s. It was so surprising, and now that I’ve been reading more about it- it seems like a possibility. I can’t get in to see my doctor until next Thursday due to the holiday, but am considering asking her to do the blood test just to rule it out. Any thoughts or suggestions? As a side note- my six year old daughter has had two serious bone breaks in the past three years, and my sister was diagnosed with lupus (her rheumy is still unsure if she possibly has other AI disorders) and after researching all this I think she has many of the same symptoms of a person with Celiac’s. I did not know Celiac’s was an autoimmune disorder. I always thought it was a severe food allergy, so I find this all very coincidental. Thanks in advance for any insight.
  2. Hi all! I've had invaluable feedback on my first post "Look like DH? Bilateral Itchy Bumpy Elbows" where I've outlined my symtpoms and family history. My elbows are in "remission" following 5 weeks of bumpy rash, just in time for me to attend my Dr appointment on Wednesday. Luckily I have lots of pictures of elbows and other rashes and I've learnt a lot from this forum. My question is now, what blood tests should I request from my Dr as they won't be able to biopsy my rash currently and I can't predict when it will come back next (with a vengence no doubt). Are the blood tests for DH different to those for "classic presentation" Celiac? I've heard it's your IgA and TCG; have I got that right?
  3. Ok, so long story, but I'm hoping some knowledgeable folks can chime in and tell me if a) I'm not crazy for thinking this sounds a lot like celiac and not a lot like anything else and are the tests being run the right ones? I had malabsorbtion symptoms my whole life, rashes on the inside of my elbows and knees, chronic constipation, chelisis, brittle cracking nails, my hair sheds a ton, irritation on the edges of my scalp, blistery rashes on my hands, low iron, migraines, low blood sugar, bloating, painful gas (like bring me to my knees type). I pretty much just accepted it as my normal, and when I went to get the skin issues checked out in my early 30s, I was just told it was eczema and sent away. The rashes on the insides of my elbows and knees went away when I was about 15 or so, but in my 20s I started seeing a blistery, itchy rash on my elbows occasionally. Also in my 30s, realized I had infertility issues. It took us four years to get pregnant. Fast forward to 2015, and I have a terrible outbreak of GI symptoms (always constipation with me, with the occasional horrible D experience sprinkled in) along with a pretty bad itchy rash on both elbows. I start researching and find that a lot of what I have experienced sounds like DH/celiac. By the time I get my referral in and appointment to the GI doc, I've decided to cut milk out of my diet. I thought back to when I had the last period of time where I had no GI symptoms, and it was when I was last deployed. The dairy in the chow hall was either expired or near it, so I lived on eggs, rice, and chicken, and hot sauce. ;p. I figured it was worth a try because my son can't tolerate milk or soy protien, and maybe it's hereditary. Once I cut out milk, and I saw a pretty impressive relief of most of my symptoms. The chelisis is gone, my rash disappears, bloating is much better, gas pains are gone. I get tested for celiac- negative, lactose intolerance- negative, SIBO- positive. Two rounds of antibiotics 6 months apart and my SIBO (methane type) clears up. Basically they said I had IBS-C and my skin were likely unrelated. I'm pretty sure my issue with milk is casein-related, because my son has the same issues with casein, and I sure have GI issues when I drink it. (TMI... mucousy rabbit poo). So I figure most of my issues have cleared up, no active rashes, good, right? Nope. Since then, I had a couple outbreaks on my elbows, but they went away fairly quickly, My scalp rash thing ebbed and flowed, and my hair still sheds a ridiculous amount. About a month ago, I had another outbreak on both elbows, a couple blisters on my hands, pretty bad migrane, and the rash stayed. After a month of rash, I finally contacted my doc and said "look, this rash is active, please take a look." Just as if it sensed it, the rash started clearing, that same day. :-< By the time I saw her a week and a half later, it was gone, save for a couple scabs. So, good news is my doc disagreed with the GI doc and said it sounded auto-immune to her. I took pictures, and was able to at least show what it looked like. I'm military, so I get what I get for referrals, labs, and doctors, but she's luckily very good and knowledgeable. She ran the following tests: Complement Panel: Awaiting results C-Reactive Protein: Awaiting results Celiac Disease Ab IgA Panel: Awaiting results Tissue Transglutaminase Ab IgA: Awaiting results Gliadin Ab IgA: Awaiting results Endomysial Ab IgA: Awaiting results Rheumatoid Factor: NEG Comprehensive Metabolic Panel W/eGFR: Normal with the exception of a higher than normal Urea Nitrogen/Creatinine (indicates poor kidney function or bleeding in intestines (ding ding ding) My GFR was normal, so kidneys are probably okay. ESR: 9 (normal is 0-20) Indicates inflammation Here are a couple of pictures, although you can't see the little clear blisters very well. Obviously, I was scratching. These are same rash, 1 month apart. It's been lots worse. I'd call this a mild outbreak.
  4. Hello all, I'm a new member here but have lurked for a while. I'm looking for some advice regarding my medical history, possible symptoms of celiac and next steps. General info: female, low level smoker, drink alcohol, aged 32. I started having bad gastro issues when I was around 17. Since then I've consistently suffered from chronic diarrhoea, frequent discomfort in the tummy area, feelings of dehydration despite drinking at least eight glasses a day and frequent fatigue for no real reason. In 2008/9 I visited the doctor as my diarrhoea was having an effect on my studies at the time. The doctor tested me for allergies; eggs, fish, gluten and lactose and did a "standard" blood test. Everything came back fine except my liver results, which were elevated to double (I did not the see the results for myself so can't say which enzymes etc). I was told to drink less and take Imodium. The doctor implied that perhaps I was stressed and / or anxious and, still being young plus a student who regularly went out drinking, I accepted this advice and carried on with my life. I would here add that I am not an unusually stressed person - in fact, learning to deal with my unpredictable bowels has forced me to be quite a laid-back person! Fast forward to 2016. I had been living with my partner for two years by this point who had noticed my bowel habits and informed me that this was definitely not normal. He encouraged me to try out a gluten free diet since I was apprehensive about visiting a doctor only to be fobbed off with Imodium again. I did the diet as strictly as a newbie can for around two months before we set off travelling. During the diet I noticed that after a couple of weeks of extreme tiredness I felt quite a lot better - I kept a food journal at the time which showed that I almost immediately had diarrhoea once after eating an ice-cream, i felt bloated and unwell after an attempt to make oat muffins (maybe i didn't cook them very well though!) and I felt bloated and had diarrhoea after eating some fish fried in flour (We made a mistake in ordering them but I didn't want to complain). My partner also reported that my mood swings (which I admit can be a little unpredictable) were much better. Once we started travelling I gave up and ate what I was given as we were staying with friends etc much of the time. Toward the end of our trip I started to feel extremely tired, to the point of having to stay in for "rest" days, and my guts were very unhappy. I chalked it up to irregular eating patterns, too many beers and late nights in general. During the trip I also had an extreme hangover after drinking wheat beer. And, while of course I accept that any overindulgence can make you ill, I really felt that that level of hangover was quite out of the ordinary. Finally, I developed a strange lump under my armpit during this period. Now back at home, I decided to go to the doc and check out the odd lump under my armpit. The doctor was pretty confident that it was nothing to worry about cancer-wise but she ordered a battery of blood tests just to be sure. The lump is fine (good news) but the results showed elevated GGT, high-ish ALT and normal AST liver enzymes plus signs of dehydration in red bloods / higher (but not concerning) levels of white bloods. I'm scheduled to go back for another blood test to double-check liver function and discuss results - if it is again high she will send me for a ultrasound. Does this history chime with anyone here? I know that the correct course in basic health terms is to stop drinking for some time (easily done) and stop smoking forever (easy to say...) but I cannot help but think that something else is going on here. I will discuss this with my doctor and make clear that my bowel issues have not been resolved and that the initial IBS diagnosis wasn't based on any thorough testing so to speak. In the meantime - does anyone have any advice for me in times of avenues to research or experience of similar symptoms? Gluten remains in my diet but in all other respects it could be regarded as very healthy, I think anyway... (pescatarian, plenty of fruit and veg, little to no sugar on a daily basis, not much dairy to speak of...) Thanks in advance and sorry for bending everyone's' ear about this... I guess it's just taken a long time for me to admit I might be sick and I need some help. Jen
  5. Good Evening, I haven't had any testing done for allergies to gluten, but I have a strong feeling that there is some connection to symptoms and ailments I have had at various points in time. I'm a 37 year old male in the UK and any comments on this post will be most welcome. Symptoms I think are related: * Rashes/Skin issues - I can remember having bad skin at school (weak etc) but skin issues worsened a lot at 15+. At age 22 after being bounced around doctors for years I was eventually diagnosed with Rosacea. I had flushed cheeks and an inflamed nose on left side with an enormous fluid filled blister that would keep coming back (really confidence destroying) - I have seen some pictures of Dermatitis herpetiformis blisters that looked the same. At the same time I had a sore itchy rash under both armpits and frequently on upper thighs..... to top it off I also had a lot of warts on my hands and toes. Fun times. I still get flushed cheeks and, my nose sometimes feels sore but after taking Roaccutane thankfully the blister on my nose never returned. I have however had rashes on my hands alot and also about three times last year I got lots of little fluid filled blisters lining the sides of my fingers that look like pictures of Dermatitis herpetiformis ... and one has just appeared again. * I have been getting a lot of headaches, migraine types for years. * Nasal - sinus problems predominantly right sided. * Psychological - OCD and probably depression. Not diagnosed but I did I try to get help but it was not easy. I have obvious issues, and it has caused me no end of problems all my life. My brother has these issues too (other family members seem ok). * Gastro - Often found I was gassy and frequently had poor stools etc. * Beer/Lager - When it was typical to go out drinking during college years (16-18) I felt abysmal and physically ill (bones would ache, shaking etc) with bad bowel movements after drinking beer and lager to the point after a few years I stopped drinking totally. I assumed it was just a hangover at the time. However I started drinking again a few years ago but wine instead, and although if I drink enough I'll get a hangover and feel sick if I've had an excessive amount it doesn't feel like I've been poisoned as with beer. Two years ago I was at a friends 'stag party' and ended up drinking beer and lager instead. I was the one in the fittest condition at the end of the night getting people back to the hotel etc etc yet I was the one up at 5 am feeling cold, shaking and having to sit rocking in the shower. Just seems a big difference. * I also had Gynaecomastia . * I look really, really young for my age. Hard for me to see as I think I look tired, and it's not like I can't grow stubble. It's a bit of a problem. It's like my face just looks young, way it's formed, bone structure etc. Not good.... because of this and having gynaecomastia I wonder if gluten caused me issues during puberty. I've tried to cut out gluten these past few weeks, though I have eaten foods that may be cross contaminated. I've noticed my skin feels a little better, I'm not gassy and bowl movements are better and I've had far fewer headaches and I haven't noticed nasal issues as much. Does this sound like it could be gluten related? If it was a gluten issue then could being celiac cause issues of development in puberty, such as facial structure, that continue into adulthood such as that what I described? Thanks for you help and sorry for the essay.
  6. Hey guys. I recently visited a GI for some original gastritis diagnosis due to excessive alcohol use turned digestive issues. The digestive issues include bloating, gas, diarrhea from the gastritis diagnosis and then a few days of normal stools and then flip flopping between diarrhea and regular stools but then recently i had a few days of constipation and now I think I'm back to diarrhea. My concern started with me seeing clear undigested food in my stools that got me really scared and then I just kept seeing food and it was terrifying. Doc doesn't suspect celiac and thinks it might be IBS and the PPI from the gastritis but did tests nonetheless. The results came back and everything was normal expect for my MCHC, MCH, BUN, and Creatinine levels. He also did an endoscopy and said my stomach has mild inflammation and the duodenum appears normal but took biopsies as he has to have them looked under a microscope to actually see damage. I'm really really scared about the biopsy results which I won't know for another week or so. All this is happening so quickly and I've been suffering since my gastritis diagnosis two months ago with all these different problems. If someone could help me out with how likely you think that I do have celiacs or just learning to deal with this stuff it would be so so great. I'm in my freshman year of college and I'm so scared. Here are the numbers for these four as well as my TtG and IgA: MCHC: 31.3 g/dL MCH: 24.7 pg Creatinine, Serum: 0.53 mg/dL BUN: 5 mg/dL IgA: 239 mg/dL TtG: <2 U/mL Both the IgA and TtG were reported as "normal". They said that the MCH and MCHC levels were not so drastically low so there was no need to worry. I noticed that other people's posts about the blood results contained some GDP tests? The IgA and TtG were the only celiacs related tests on my blood report. Please help me as much as you can. Thank you so so much!
  7. Story starts when I was young, feel great. kindergarten, first, second, but slowly getting more and more fatigued every year. Top student, interested in everything, never sleepy. Always stayed up during nap time and past bedtime, and never had to study because I would pay so close attention in class. Genuinely excited most of the time, but then come the later years. Past second grade, everything felt slow, but fast at the same time - every day would go by and I would not be able to express much of an opinion about it. I slept through MOST of every single day, especially in school. I told my mom I felt like I had a brain tumor repeatedly, year after year, something was always draining my energy and productivity. Constantly distracted. I cared less and less about everything, every year a little bit more, and a bit more, more still until... I barely invited friends over, went to movies, left the house, etc. Too much trouble, WAY too much effort when I could just sit in a chair all the time and look at a screen without much work involved. Sounds like depression? Well, maybe. Problem is, it never stopped. I had some emotional events in my childhood, everyone does, but honestly I recognized and dealt with them very fast. I am a very positive person, and I always find both sides of a problem to look at because I know not everything is just bad or good for me, I have great parents to teach me how to deal with emotional stuff, and I'm a resident assistant at my current college I attend (junior year), so I help other students deal with these issues as well. Considering that, still, I have the SYMPTOMS of depression - anxiety, fatigue, sleeping all day, trouble waking up, apathy, EXTREME MIND FOGGINESS, etc. Doesn't check out to me. I tell a nurse practitioner about these issues that I feel like I have absolutely no reason to have, and she prescribes me Lexapro, just to try it. Well, haven't tried it yet. That stuff is pretty terrifying, as it can lead to even worsened depression and suicide in young adults, as well as ED and lowered sex drive, (which I really do NOT desire, especially considering I have a romantic interest right now) so I have held it off. My mother has mentioned she has really intense joint pain and she thinks she might have Celiac disease because the doctors cannot figure out what's wrong with her in any other aspect. I look it up, and there it is. Absolutely everything that is and has been wrong with me that I can't explain. Everything. When I was younger, I would have ridiculously painful, gut demolishing hour-long pains in the middle of the night - this went on for years. I and others couldn't explain them, they just told me to stop eating so much cheese. So, that night, we have a gluten free dinner. I wake up feeling like seventy-trillion bucks. Not a million - at least seventy-trillion. I haven't felt this good since kindergarten. I only had four hours of sleep as well, usually I require at least seven. I immediately get up, shower, eat a gluten free sushi lunch, (I was at the dentist getting a cleaning) get coffee, and then come back home. I have a project to do over winter break, and I had been kind of procrastinating on it as I always do, but not that night. Noooo sir, I hopped on the computer and within two or three hours of straight working (which I NEVER do), I got everything done I needed to. Usually that work would have taken me at least 6 hours, but man I was having FUN while working! Not a care in the world, just enjoying my process... that's weird for me. I don't usually do that. I don't usually enjoy doing anything work-wise. In fact, I never realized it, but I always had extreme anxiety while working. I didn't have any of that then, not a trace. I continue with my evening, and things only improve. I feel like I'm on cocaine, or at least what I'd imagine it to feel like. Seriously, I couldn't stop having fun! I didn't sleep that night, either. Not because I couldn't, I just really, really wanted to have more fun. I hadn't been that productive in... ever. I was so productive that I was genuinely scared of what kind of person I had become. Well, here I am today and after a few days of gluten free and also having tonsillitis (have had it for weeks, medicated), I'm starting to feel sluggish and foggy again. I have been eating out a lot, so perhaps cross contamination is affecting me getting my gluten-free meals, or maybe it's the tonsillitis, or perhaps I completely imagined the effect of eating gluten-free and I'm just bulls$#&ting myself. TL;DR: Ate a gluten free meal for the first time, all depression, anxiety, and fatigue went away the next day, but slowly going back to a sluggish apathy ridden me after a few days. Have no idea what's wrong, am I just fooling myself into having a gluten sensitivity? Either way, I'm going to contact my doctor tomorrow, hopefully she is familiar with it and can help me work through this without just prescribing me more antidepressants. Just really curious as to anyone else's experiences and if someone can identify with me in the feeling of having some sort of tumorous drain physically and emotionally at all times of my life? I didn't even know things could be this good, but now that I do I really don't want to go back to the old, horrible me. Sorry if it's too long, thanks in advance!
  8. Hi there- we feel like we are trapped in a "no mans land" on a possible road to diagnosis... my teen son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, and ever since then they screened for celiac every year. His numbers have slowly crept up from 17, to 21, and now 27... which now puts him in what his Endo called a "weak positive" range and isn't quite sure how to approach it since he said celiac usually presents with those numbers "off the charts". We've waited for over a month to finally get in to see a GI specialist who will help us decide if we should pursue an endoscopic biopsy. I guess with kids they hesitate to do it "too soon" because if it's a weak positive, the biopsy may not show anything yet... meaning we have to wait until his numbers are higher and send him back in for another one. They don't like doing multiple biopsies on kids because it carries more risk I guess. Anyway, I'd be willing to wait if it wasn't for the following concerning symptoms he's had, the most prominent being: 13 pounds of unexplained weight loss in 3 months, fatigue, and chronic leg cramps mostly in both calves. I would really like him to feel better, but worry they'll go in there and not be able to diagnose yet because his numbers aren't off the chart. Thoughts? Are these red flag symptoms for celiac and should we push for a biopsy at this point? Thanks for your insight...
  9. I am a 42-year-old woman. For the last fifteen years I have had near constant 4+ pitting edema in both of my ankles which tapers off when it gets to my knees. I have also had thinning hair (not like alopecia areata - just thinning all over); very thin brittle, flat fingernails; constant gas and diarrhea; and depression/anxiety mixed; general malaise; and constant fatigue. I have also been obese with a bmi that has ranged from 35 to 43. Five years ago when I went to a nutritionist, a vitamin D level was drawn and found to be at 8. I was given high level supplements and then told to take a vitamin d supplement daily. Two years ago, a mental health counselor requested that my primary care doctor draw a B vitamin panel and my B12 value was found to be low (I don't remember the actual value) and I was prescribed vitamin B12 shots which I received for about a year and now I take a sub-lingual supplement. I have been to many different specialists regarding the swollen ankles - I have had to echocardiograms and an ultrasound of my legs. Nothing out of the ordinary was found. At one point, about ten years ago, I went to dermatologist about my thinning hair. He had a blood test for Lupus drawn. The first test came back with something that had him send me for a second test. The second test confirmed that I did not have Lupus and it was just determined to be some idiopathic hair thinning and to use rogaine for women. (I didn't like it and stopped.) None of the many internal medicine doctors or specialists ever suggested I see a gastroenterologist. They all told me I need to lose weight. I tried unsuccessfully many times. In June of this year, I started seeing a doctor for help with weight loss. I was put on a protein sparing modified fast. This diet drastically cuts carbohydrate consumption. I ended up not staying on that diet but I did go with a ketogenic diet and cut carbohydrates way back to under 50 grams per day which totally eliminated anything with gluten in it. I have lost close to fifty pounds and have the energy to exercise and feel so much better. The reason I started considering that I may have a gluten sensitivity is that since I have been on this diet my ankle swelling is GONE completely, my hair has not stopped falling out and I have so much energy. One day, I worked out a lot in the morning and was so busy I didn't have a chance to eat. I was really hungry. I stopped doing the ketosis part of the diet but I hadn't eaten any added sugar or bread or rice. This particular day, I went to KFC. There is a meal at KFC that fits into a ketogenic plan which is grilled chicken and green beans. I always ask for no biscuit but the server put the biscuit in my bag anyway. I added the calories into my fitness pal and figured, what the heck I have more than enough calories to account for it so I ate the whole biscuit. When I got home from work I had terrible diarrhea and by the time I went to bed that night, my ankles were swollen. I started googleing all of my symptoms and celiac kept popping up. Now I am wondering why no doctor has ever sent me to a gastroenterologist. I don't drink alcohol very often and I eat meat so it makes no sense for me to have a vitamin B12 deficiency. One of my maternal aunts has celiac sprue. She was wasting away and looked very malnourished and couldn't leave the house due to diarrhea when she was diagnosed which is one of the reasons I never thought of it for myself because I have always been overweight. Part of me is very excited that I may have found an answer to all of my myriad of ailments over the years. The other part of me is nervous because I have always felt that doctors treated me like I was just a big fat hypochondriac even though they could see the swollen ankles - which they always blamed on me being obese but I know plenty of obese people who don't have swollen ankles. My appointment is not until mid-February (there was a doctor with an earlier appointment but I looked at his press ganey scored and feedback and they were horrible so I rescheduled with a doctor who had better feedback. Should I eat wheat until the appointment so I am ready for tests? I didn't stop eating wheat to be gluten free but because of the weight loss diet. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello everyone, this is my first time posting, but I've really learned a lot from these forums and they've really helped me get through the past year. Skip to the bottom for my question, but I thought I'd give a little background. My story definitely isn't as bad as some. About a year ago I started having some GI issues following a mild virus and through trial and error I figured out that I seemed to do well if I avoided wheat. At first I thought it was a FODMAP thing, but that didn't really pan out. I was gluten free for about two months before I thought it might be good to get tested, my well meaning doctor said a one week gluten challenge should be enough to give me antibody levels. I have no idea if two months is long enough to wash out your antibody levels, but if it is, I know one week certainly isn't enough to bring them back up. (I also wonder if it it's possible that my celiac, if its celiac, was in really early stages, so I might not have built up enough antibodies in the first place for it to be detectable.) Anyway, the test came back negative and I decided to keep avoiding gluten because that one week of gluten made me feel awful, my avoidance isn't perfect though: we didn't clean out our kitchen, and I never worried about cross contamination. Fast forward a couple months, I was still having some GI problems. I've developed what would later turn out to be an ulcer, I've got chronic alternating constipation and diarrhea (super fun: I wonder which one it will be today?) and never mind the bloating and gas. I finally got an appointment with a GI doc (if anyone needs a recommendation in the Ann Arbor, MI area this guy is AWESOME and totally worth the wait). He ran a bunch of tests checking for autoimmune and inflammatory markers, as well as a couple hydrogen breath tests. The only things that came back were that I'm lactose intolerant and my liver enzymes were elevated. Because of the liver enzymes were up, he had me get an ultrasound, and my liver is fine. My ulcer pain was still pretty bad so he did an endoscopy. They found the ulcer, but it didn't look to bad and appeared to be healing, and I had intraepithelial lymphocytes in my gut (I believe this correlates with MARSH stage I on the celiac scale, but it's not exclusive to celiac). Skip forward another couple of months, I've been taking omeprazole and the ulcer pain is mostly gone, but I still get GI distress often enough that exercise is out of the question (which is driving me nuts) so I send another message to the doc. He repeated a lot of the blood tests. Nothing unusual, by liver enzymes are back to normal, but he decides that he'd like to do a colonoscopy to rule out occult crohn's (crohn's that doesn't act like crohn's). Then he said (and I love the language here), "While we're in there we might as well do an endoscopy and see how that ulcer is healing." So I've got a dual procedure coming up May 1. I'd been wondering if maybe my previous celiac test results weren't really valid, so I explained the situation to my doc (that test had been with a different doctor), and asked if he thought I should do a gluten challenge before the procedure in order to really rule out celiac once and for all. I'm worried that incomplete adherence to a gluten-free diet may be responsible for my continuing problems. He thought that was a great idea (I LOVE this doctor. He LISTENS), and just to be sure, ran a celiac genetics test on me. That came back positive for the predisposition so I embarked on a six week gluten challenge. I did not realize how amazing I'd been feeling until I started eating gluten again. I'm in graduate school, and immediately pre-gluten challenge I was working 12 hour days and feeling good about it. I was feeling clever and productive and I thought I'd just finally hit my grad school stride, or the end of winter was having a positive impact on my mood. Then the gluten challenge and I'm back to the days where I schedule my experiments so that I always get done by 5, because the thought of staying later is agony. So no, It's not that I finally developed the mental fortitude or the drive or the motivation, it's that I was finally healthy enough for those things to come out of the closet. So: my symptoms that I've noticed since it all began. Did you know that it's NOT normal to get a headache EVERY day? I DIDN'T. Not until I went gluten free. Once back on gluten I get a low grade headache at least once a day. For the first week, it was constant. I've also had a lot of aches and pains: arthritis-like pain in my knees, hands and shoulders. Strange muscle spasm/cramps in my neck that would require me to lay down for a while until my muscles had calmed down. My hamstrings hurt like I've been working out, they feel super tight. I even got a super fun and mildly terrifying chest pain that radiated up in to my face when I breathed. It was short lived, only once or twice over a couple of days, but from what I've read I'd guess that it was pleurisy (inflammation of the chest lining around your lungs). Also, pretty sure my hair is shedding faster than normal, but that might me all in my head. If I eat my daily dose of gluten too close to bed time, I can't sleep because I feel like I'm going to vibrate out of my skin. Best way I can describe is that it seems like restless legs syndrome, except it's "restless whole body". Then of course there's my stomach. I don't have diarrhea persay, but I do have to make multiple trips to the bathroom a day. I feel the desperate urge to go, but barely anything comes of it. I'm ridiculously constipated, constantly bloated, and occasionally I get stomach cramps and/or nausea. And I'm gaining weight like it's nobody's business, which I DO NOT need. The aches and pains were the worst early on in the challenge, though they came back yesterday and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck (maybe I gluten OD'd?). The stomach stuff didn't get really noticeable until about two weeks in. Exhaustion and brain fog has been ongoing and unpleasant. So finally, to get to my question: does anybody else get random symptoms who's only common thread is inflammation? Does gluten just seem to trigger inflammation all over? Anybody have any ideas? Thank you! Two more weeks of this. Celiac or no, I know that I'm cutting gluten out of my life and I am EXCITED. Or I would be if I could get up the energy.
  11. I have about 19 of the symptoms in the short list or have done over the last 30 years, much more on the long list. My daughter is 3 and a half and is starting down exactly the same road as me at the same age. I am trying to figure this all out so she doesn't have the same unjointed and undiagnosed medical history as I do. We had bloods taken and these are the results. Any help in pointing out if there is a potential we both had a false negative or any ideas of any other tests at our next GP appointment would be welcome. We have had a few weeks being gluten free based on the food intolerance IgG results and it has improved things to some extent but we have found when it is removed we are very sensitive to low level cross contamination & topical use (not intentional!) which seems my steepest learning curve it is always hiding somewhere just when you think you've cracked it. There are lots of other results which I'm sure would be relevant if I knew what I was looking at! I have been trying to research as much as I can but it is all a little overwhelming after a while. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give. Here are my DD results including a couple of the out of range anomalies from the blood sheet:- 25 OH Vit D 75mmol/L (50-200) Gliadin Antibodies IgG 0.0 (Negative: <7u/ml Equivocal: 7-10 u/ml Positive: >10 u/ml) Gliadin Antibodies IgA 0.1 (Negative: <7u/ml Equivocal: 7-10 u/ml Positive: >10 u/ml) Tissue Transglutaminase IgA 0.00 u/ml (0-10) Reticulin Ab"s (IgA) Negative Endomysial Ab"s (IgA) Negative Total Immunoglobulin E 36 kIU/l (0-60) Folate serum 4.9 ug/l (4.6-18.7) Active B12 185 pmol/l (25.1-165) Bicarbonate 19 mmil/l (22-29) Aspartate Transferase 38 iu/l (0-31) LDH 329 iu/l (135-214) Phosphate 2.07 mmil/l (1.45-1.78) HDL Cholesterol 1.1 mmol/l (1.2-1.7) Platelet count 500 x10 (150-400) Monocytes 0.64 x10 (0.7-1.5) TSH 3.16 mli/l (0.85-6.5) Free T3 5.6 pmol/l (3-9.1) Separate foodprint test IgG Gliadin 70 (>30u/ml elevated, 24-29 u/ml borderline, <23 normal) Separate foodprint test IgG Milk 127 (>30u/ml elevated, 24-29 u/ml borderline, <23 normal) And my results including a couple of the out of range anomalies/same as above from the blood sheet:- 101 OH Vit D 75mmol/L (50-200) Gliadin Antibodies IgG <0.0 (Negative: <7u/ml Equivocal: 7-10 u/ml Positive: >10 u/ml) Gliadin Antibodies IgA 3 (Negative: <7u/ml Equivocal: 7-10 u/ml Positive: >10 u/ml) Tissue Transglutaminase IgA 0.5 u/ml (0-10) Reticulin Ab"s (IgA) Negative Endomysial Ab"s (IgA) Negative Total Immunoglobulin E 53 kIU/l (0-100) Folate serum 6.7 ug/l (4.6-18.7) Active B12 78 pmol/l (25.1-165) Bicarbonate 21 mmil/l (22-29) Aspartate Transferase 24 iu/l (0-31) LDH 243 iu/l (135-214) Phosphate 1.23 mmil/l (0.87-1.45) HDL Cholesterol 1.4 mmol/l (1.2-1.7) Platelet count 222 x10 (150-400) Monocytes 0.41 x10 (0.2-1) Separate foodprint test IgG Gliadin 70 (>30u/ml elevated, 24-29 u/ml borderline, <23 normal) Separate foodprint test IgG Milk 100 (>30u/ml elevated, 24-29 u/ml borderline, <23 normal) So for the symptoms hope I have got the gist of our symptoms down below but as a 'brief' summary over the years on and off I have had:- Floaters/spots & black lines in eyes & burst blood vessel, bloodshot eyes White flecks on teeth Mouth ulcers Joint/muscle pain Stomach pain Reduced growth Wind Indigestion Constipation Slight blood on toilet paper when wiping Asthma diagnosis but it wasn't Increased pulse Palpitations Blood pressure highs & lows Lethargy Fungal Infections Bruising easily Irritability Iron deficiency Dizziness Light Sensitivity Headaches Cold hands & feet - Raynauds Skin pimples - not itchy Itchy skin Runny nose when in tractor Sleep Issues Bloated stomach Sodium deficiency Mind fog Memory issues Lack of concentration Large nose bleeds sometimes every day for a week or more Back pain Nail ridges Cravings & huge appetite Vomiting Weight Loss Immune Issues I've had gastric issues for as long as I can remember including terrible wind - sorry for TMI in this post but diagnosed with ME while I was still at school when they had no other ideas so just been living with the on off issues, I was thinking this was as good as I could get for me. When I was 5ish I often had a very small amount of blood following a bowel movement, really itchy and probably had thrush never wanted to discuss it at that age really but I think I just assumed everyone did and I had really erratic bowel movements either constipated or quick. For years I was under par and picked up pretty much every infection going. Had continual fungal infections huge verucas on my feet. I had chronic anaemia - sat in school nurses office frozen with layers of clothes on while they tried to warm me up by an electric fire. The doctors eventually tried to draw blood which was so thick they struggled to and then when the results came back ordered me down to the surgery immediately to take iron tablets otherwise I would have to go for a transfusion. They never established a cause. Now I look back came out in a red itchy rash on my neck when I used the wheat shampoo that I loved the smell of, was also addicted to bread, had near enough constant lethargy, dizziness & brain fog. The times when I have been 'better' have been coincidentally when I have been eating less bread and trying to keep fit! My diet over the last 10yrs has never been high in processed foods really (other than a loaf of bread, baked beans & oatibix). Had some IgG tests done and Gliadin, Wheat, Barley etc all came up along with Dairy and pretty much most foods with high levels of natural glutamates. At the same time blood test for coeliac was done and came up negative. At this point though I had cut back on bread perhaps having it every other day which was my only real source of gluten but was eating oats for breakfast so possible contamination there together with all the other stuff you don't realise. I thought I had been off gluten for longer but due to identifying other sources it is probably now 4 weeks (together with dairy & eggs). Brain fog has lifted & have lost 2 stones in weight but keep losing it so a little concerned about that. Had plenty of other food sensitivities that have appeared over the years but have been able to reintroduce some with no issues. Have not tried to reintroduce gluten but had a possible contamination issue a week ago - I got really itchy forearms wrists and neck, face eyes and scalp, lethargy, brain fog and needed to head to the toilet pdq. Identified this to be a cake tin contamination. The second was three days ago a supposedly gluten free buckwheat cracker (my only current 'processed food' labelled gluten free and containing only buckwheat & sea salt) which again gave the intense itching, lethargy, stabbing pains like needles poking below belly button and needing to be near the toilet. I didn't realise this was the cause until yesterday when I gave them to my daughter too and my symptoms worsened in an hour and she started to itch, lethargy etc. The itching disappears after 24 hours or so as does the lethargy the digestive issues take a little longer 2-3 days. Now I have lost the weight on these occasions I can see that I am bloated too. I had forgotten the itching of my youth and I would think my body just gave up displaying it as a symptom but now having been gluten free it is more severe when it does happen. My underarms had been looking a little yellow which had disappeared after being gluten free however it has returned in one underarm after these two occasions. I lived on bonjella as a child and on these two occasions I have had mouth ulcers. I also bruise fairly easily and always have done. I am happy to stay gluten free as I can see for me that is perhaps the key to all my unexplained health issues over the years but thinking I need a diagnosis for the sake of my daughter. I don't want to put her through any unnecessary stress. Even my verucas are reducing in size - bonus. Her changes in temperament have settled down following the elimination of gluten, dairy etc she has increased her vitamin intake slowly and is tolerating them. In the incident with the buckwheat crackers she had a visible purply red rash on the inside of her elbow which is where she had been getting eczema as on the back of her knees. The times this got worse were when she started toddlers & pre-school and coincidentally started eating bread sticks and more sandwiches - I had blamed the oils and preservatives! This itching has subsided and she has not had any visible dermatitis type issues until the contamination incidents. When she was a baby she often had a rash around her mouth and on her wrists if the weetabix at breakfast was not wiped off immediately I always thought it was the milk. She became addicted to bread, as did I when I was young and hence one of the reasons for cutting down on this considerably as I could see it was an issue as her tummy looked overly bloated but was thinking more of it from the preservatives, carbs etc angle. We moved to oatibix then porridge a year ago and although we had a slight improvement I can see now that this was not the best of ideas! I now make everything we eat fresh and am enjoying my time in the kitchen. This week she came back from school lethargic and pale and was unable to sleep, something we both suffer from when there has been gluten contact. After a lot of detective work she had fed the ducks with bread on a school trip to the farm.
  12. I know nothing about Celiac's. My blood test was 'quite positive' and I have been referred for an endoscopy, but I have no major symptoms and would prefer to go gluten-free instead. Thoughts?
  13. After two months of adominal/stomach pain and increased lack of appetite, nausea, anxiety, panic attacks, I had a colonoscopy/upper endoscopy last week with biopsies. They came back showing inflammation of both upper and lower GI. I'm going in tomorrow for blood tests for Crohn's, IBD, colitis, celiac... I am hoping for celiac at this point honestly! It is far preferable to the other options. I'm wondering if my symptoms sound like celiac to others "in the know." My abdominal pain came on quite suddenly after a bout of stomach flu but I'd had a couple of "twinges" in months prior, like it was just getting ready for something to set it off. Since then it's been pretty constant, sometimes better, sometimes worse. My doctor's first diagnosis was diveritculitis, and the cipro and flagyl made me feel oh, so much worse! My ovaries got an A+ at the GYN's office so I went to a gastro specialist. CT scans all clear - colonoscopy looked perfectly fine - it took the biopsies to find something definitively wrong. I haven't had much diarrhea - more constipated than anything else - except this past week when I've found it particularly hard to eat, so I drink a lot of my calories. A few times, though, I have noticed my stool (sorry, but it's that kind of forum!) has smelled oddly, strongly sweet. Does this ring any bells with anyone? I'm sure it's strange to have someone in this forum hoping for a diagnosis of celiac, but please tell me I could be one of you. I'll give up bread. I can drink wine and sorghum beers. Just say it ain't IBD...
  14. Hey folks, A pre-emptive thanks for your consideration. I'm a 22yo male living on the East Coast of the USA. I've had quite an interesting medical history, and I've recently had the lightbulb moment that much of it might be linked by Coeliac Disease. I'd love to hear anyone's input, as I have a GP appointment coming up in a couple weeks, and any help is appreciated. My story begins about 22 years and 302 days ago... I was born with a 'malrotated intestine', which required emergency surgery, and I'm now 'half citus inversus'. Over the years, I've also had about 4 hernia surgeries (among many handfuls of ER visits for bone breaks, fractures, cuts requiring stitches, dislocations, concussions... I was quite the problem-child. Ha.) I also had quite a many problems with digestion for as long as I can remember. Most often, this would present every couple months in extreme, paralyzing stomach pain. Doctors often just assumed I was having bouts of extreme lactose intolerance, and I drank a lot of milk, so I would be placed on goats milk for a few weeks (this never seemed to help). In the last four years, things have gotten worse. In my first year at university, I got mononucleosis and swine flu, simultaneously (problem-child, remember?). Ever since then, I've had terribly poor immune functioning. When I get sick, I get *SICK*, and I get sick at least every three months. In addition, my spleen becomes incredibly swollen and painful at the slightest sign of sickness; I had been experiencing depression and anxiety, and was actually diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, which I've at least been able to manage well with therapy and medication; and on top of it all, I often experience a weird tingling and numbness in my back and arms, which I just attributed to poor posture. After researching Coeliac Dz, I'm not so sure. My digestive symptoms really became unmanageable in the last year. The full laundry list: chronic nausea, chronic diarrhea, stomach pain, bloating, gas, total lactose intolerance, inability to gain weight (I actually don't mind that last one, but I'm 6ft tall and 154lbs)... Anyways, I always attributed this to stress, poor diet (college lyfe, for the win), and recently, started thinking it might be some kind of IBS. However, more and more events are pointing to something more reactionary to my diet, and I think it's gluten sensitivity of some kind. A good example: just three days ago, I went out on a date and had a great dinner. Sweet fuji apples and gorgonzola, with fig jam, on walnut raisin wheat bread, with sweet potato fries. I had 4 beers over the course of 6 hours -- 1 lager, 2 belgian ales, 1 IPA. It was heavenly for my taste buds, but it was one of the worst nights for my digestive tract in a long time. I'm still feeling the effects, even waking up in the middle of the night from stomach pain. I drink beer about once a week, generally about the same amount, but I've never had that severe of a reaction. I admittedly had been eating more junk food than normal -- Nilla Wafers are the bain of my existence -- but I definitely could rule out food poisoning (my backpacking in China and Nepal taught me how to recognize those symptoms well) and the lactose intolerance (gorgonzola is lactose free). FINALLY, my question: Could this be all attributable to Coeliac Dz? Does anyone have similar problems, or has anyone had years of untreated symptoms? I'm not planning on going gluten free until after the doc's appointment, knowing it might mess with the testing... Thanks so much everyone!
  15. Hello! I am a 34-year old, female. I was recently tested for Celiac in addition to several other autoimmune diseases due to some problems I've been having. I was hoping you could help me interpret my "Celiac" results because I am not confident the doctor was correct in labeling me as only "possibly gluten sensitive." Gliadin Iga: H29 (abnormal) Gliadin IgG: 2 (normal) Transglutaminase Iga: <1 (normal) Transglutaminase IgG: <1 (normal) She stated that if the Transglutaminase vales were abnormal, she would probably label me as Celiac since the Gliadin Iga is also borderline abnormal. She said that I might be gluten sensitive and to try a gluten-free diet for about 3 weeks to see how I feel. I started this a couple days ago. Symptoms: - Intermittent stomach issues (sometimes diarrhea, sometimes constipation, oftentimes normal). This has been going on since probably my mid-twenties, but from my late teens to mid-twenties, I had more severe stomach issues (more frequent diarrhea). - Memory issues. I feel like I can't remember what I was doing from one second to another. This is actually one of the items I have been the most concerned about (and why I was seeking testing). I used to have such a great memory. - Attention/focus issues? - Sometimes I feel like my brain is spinning from so many different thoughts that I can't focus. Maybe I'm just addicted to the internet and Pinterest - Fatigue. This and many of my other symptoms might be related to other autoimmune disorders that I will give a little more detail on later. - Somewhat low B12 (358, if that means anything to you) - Slightly low WBC count (L3.77). This was also slightly low about 3 years ago, but they didn't think anything of it at the time. My iron levels are fine, as are my thyroid, potassium, and calcium. The doctor is going to check my folate, Vitamin D, and MMA. Other Autoimmune issues: At the same time they ran my celiac blood test, they also did lots of other bloodwork on other autoimmune diseases. They found that I likely have Scleroderma. I am making an appt with a Rheumatologist to get a confirmed diagnosis. They suspect this because my ANA Titer came back Positive (1:160) with a Centromere pattern. My SSA AB also came back positive with H 8.0. I am also planning to ask the Rheumatologist about Sjogren's since I have had about 3 salivary gland stones per year for about 5 years now. Other than Raynaud's disease, fatigue, salivary gland stones, chapped lips, and heartburn, I luckily don't have any other symptoms of Scleroderma or Sjogren's. Anyway, the "other autoimmune" paragraph is really beside the point. I don't really expect anyone to try to interpret those numbers with the exception that I know that there is some preliminary research regarding undiagnosed Celiac and possibly even non-celiac gluten sensitivity being the culprit or environmental insult to cause other autoimmune disorders. Also mostly beside the point... but my 4-year old son has Autism. I have seen some recent research suggesting that any inflammation in the body during pregnancy (caused by any autoimmune disorder, including scleroderma and uncontrolled celiac) may cause Autism. Luckily, my 2-year old daughter hasn't been affected. My son has been gluten and dairy-free since January. On occasion he has had gluten accidentally and the only thing I have noticed is that he wakes in the middle of the night more often after consuming gluten. He is possibly more hyper too, but he is so up and down anyway that it's very difficult to interpret the behavior. Any thoughts on my Celiac panel numbers? She did not say anything about endoscopy nor did she refer me to anyone for the Gliadin IgA being "weak positive." She did refer me to someone for the other autoimmune issues. Do you know if the Rheumatologist would evaluate me further for celiac or is he going to concentrate on the Scleroderma only? Thanks! Elizabeth
  16. Hello everyone- I have been reading this forum for the past couple of weeks and wanted to post while I wait for my blood test/Enterolab test/DNA test. It's been very helpful. I'm beginning to suspect I am intolerant or sensitive to gluten, or possibly have celiac. I have not stopped eating gluten. Yet. Here are my symptoms: - Ferritin level of 4. Four. For several years. - Bloating, extreme gas, large stinky stools that float, uncomfortable feeling in abdomen for hours (not after every meal, but many meals). - Vitiligo that has emerged in the past year - Irregular periods - Asthma - Geographic tongue - Dry skin (I live in Florida where it is humid) - Fibroids Does anyone have any thoughts? I would appreciate any feedback. I'm preparing to do a gluten-free trial very soon. Thank you all for your help and have a good evening. Tam
  17. Hello! I am a 19 year old girl who has been dealing with stomach issues for years. However, recently it has seemed to get worse. I have always thought I had a little bit of lactose intolerance, so I stay away from milk usually and take lactaid when i do. I started adderall at the beginning of the summer, but this has been for years. I have always had frequent bowel movements, but in the past two years it has gotten worse. I must go to the bathroom within 10 minutes of eating. I often pass just small stools, usually with mucus or just small fatty stools. I have lost about 30 pounds in a year or so, and have little appetite. I do not know if that is from medicine or something else, as it started before the medicine. I have always had "brain fog" often forgetting what i am saying half way through a sentence, and forgetting things short term VERY often. I have diarrhea alternating with constipation, and can sit on the toilet for a while before even producing a tiny stool. I have always been very fatigued, blaming it on being a college student, but it gets to the point where i dont want to do anything. I am on zoloft for anxiety and depression, and this is not helping. I spend all day on the toilet or waiting to see if I need to use the bathroom. I also urinate VERY often and have issues sleeping or doing anything if I have not immediately before used the bathroom. Please help and let me know if anyone thinks this looks like celiac! I now can eat pretty much anything and not gain weight, but have little appetite usually. My stomach constantly gurgles and rumbles, as well as constantly having small mouth sores for a large part of my life. My menstrual periods are irregular lately, and it is just all over really not fun. Please help me stop this. symtpoms- mucus/liquidy stool or diarrhea alternating with constipation frequent small bowel movements and urination 30 pounds weight loss no reason no appetite depression irregular menstrual periods rumbling of stomach mouth sores lactose intolerance
  18. Hi all This is my first post after using this site countless times for research. On one of my visits to celiac.com someone suggested writing down everything to give to your doctor at an appointment, so that you don't forget important info. I have a GI doctor's appointment next week, and the following is what I was going to give him. Please share your thoughts, whether I sound like I indeed have celiac or gluten intolerance, and if I should add or take out anything. There are so many factors, but my biggest complaint is the constant bloating and constipation. Be warned...I put everything out there in this letter It is lengthy, but I appreciate any feedback you can give Primary Concern: Do I have celiac or gluten intolerance? Background: Lost fifty pounds in six months in 2010 through healthy diet and exercise change. During this lifestyle change, I began eating a lot more whole grain and whole-wheat products than ever before. During December 2010, I suffered a severe sinus and ear infection. Since the infection, my body has not been cooperating. Symptoms: Main Symptom: Constantly dealing with extreme bloating, gas and constipation, which were not a problem before the infection. Even if I am able to go, I often feel as though my bowels aren’t completely empty. -I eat plenty of fiber and drink between 60-100 oz. of water everyday. The standard line of “increase your fiber and drink more water” brings me no relief, and actually creates more intestinal distress with increased gas. -I have tried every laxative in the hopes to keep me regular. My GP recommended Miralax to me as safe for long-term use. Miralax is ineffective for me and creates even more bloating and gas with no relief. I have to take 5 Dulcolax to get minimal relief, and in the past I have drunk a whole bottle of magnesium citrate hoping for relief and nothing happened. A whole bottle and nothing! The only thing that seems to give me any kind of relief are high doses of highly absorbable magnesium supplements. I eat plenty of magnesium rich foods (almonds, avocados, bananas), so I am wondering why my body is so lacking in magnesium? (After researching, I discovered celiac and gluten intolerance can lead to the malabsorption of magnesium.) Other Symptoms: Recurring angular cheilitis (contact dermatitis), which was finally determined to be caused from my silver French horn mouthpiece. When asking my GP why I only developed contact dermatitis on my lips, he said it was from the moisture while performing. However, now I also have developed an allergy to other silver items such as jewelry, which creates a rash and redness on my skin. I had played for years on a silver mouthpiece with no problem. Since my bouts with angular cheilitis, I have switched to a gold plated mouthpiece with no problems. -Can sleep for 8 hours and still wake-up feeling completely exhausted -Have suffered from bouts of extreme joint pain (right hip especially), rib pain, back pain, headaches -Heartburn -My iron level when giving blood was 13.0 -Eye and toe twitching -I was diagnosed with depression by my GP in October 2011 and took Wellbutrin until February 2012. -In March 2012, I developed a severe allergy to a cavity filling material that had been used on my teeth before. My dentist said that although it’s very rare, people can have allergies to materials, but he found it very strange that I had developed one to a product he had used before. He replaced the filling with another company’s product and it has been doing much better, but I notice the gums are still somewhat swollen, but when I’ve experimented giving up gluten, the swelling and inflammation go away. -Stomach and intestinal gurgling/popping -I have extremely dry chapped hands that bleed if I don’t constantly reapply lotion in the winter -If I eat a lot of gluten I can “gain” 5 pounds overnight -Absent or inconsistent menstrual cycles. *See additional information *Additional information: I began taking Yaz in October 2009 was switched to the generic Gianvi in January 2011 and then back to Yaz in July 2011, and discontinued its use in December of 2011. This was the second time I have stopped taking a BC pill and the first time my period came back with no problem. When I ended Yaz in December 2011, I went 5 months without a period. My OB/GYN requested blood tests, which I have attached, and everything came back normal with the exception of very low estrogen, which research says can be affected by gluten intolerance. I took 20mg of Provera and finally had my first period in May 2012! In has been somewhat sporadic since May, and I completely skipped my period in October. For me, constipation takes a huge hit on my energy level, and when I am constipated and bloated, I don’t exercise as frequently, which is why I have gained some weight back. Also when dealing with my depression, I also enjoyed a fair amount of sweets which temporarily elevated my mood, but it wasn’t until my gluten-free experimentation that I discovered my bloating, mood, joint pain, twitching, chapped hands, exhaustion, etc. all improved. After talking with a friend who has been diagnosed with gluten intolerance, he suggested I make an appointment with a GI specialist. All this time I was under the assumption that all celiacs and gluten intolerant people are thin with diarrhea, but now I’ve come to realize through my research that many are constipated and overweight. Also through research, I’ve learned that for many, an infection causes their celiac and gluten intolerance to surface. I’m tired of trying products and medicines in the hopes they give me some normalcy. When I lost the weight before getting my infection, it was the best I’ve ever felt, and I want to return to having that great sense of wellbeing! Test requested: Pill Cam endoscopy *Forum Members: Any feedback is much appreciated
  19. After living with bloating, upset-stomach, gas, and a bunch of other symptoms for probably a few years now I came across celiac disease and this site about two weeks ago. I never really thought of my symptoms as anything that could be wrong with me. I am a college student and as this semester started coming to an end I found myself really stressed out with finals and other assignments. My symptoms got A LOT worse and I realized that they have always gotten worse at certain times of the year when I find myself stressed (before i go back to school, beginning and ends of the semester, act). So I did a bunch of research online and figured I might have celiac. After basically not going to any of my classes during the last week of school I came home and went to the doctor right away. My doctor thinks its either IBS or celiac. He ordered 4 different blood tests, gave me a prescription for ibs meds and also told me to try not eating gluten for at least a month. I am still waiting for the results from the blood test to come back but have recently learned that the blood tests aren't always reliable. Since I'm pretty sure that what I have been experiencing are symptoms of celiac disease I had a few questions. If my blood test comes back as negative, what should be my next plan of action? Would I be able to get a biopsy even if my blood test comes back as negative? Any advice or insight is welcomed!