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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, hoping for advice. I am a woman early 50's who is generally healthy and active. However, I have had 25 years of various health problems most of which have not had a satisfactory diagnosis. I am lactose intolerant (that one was easy).Chronic microcytic anemia that does not respond to iron therapy (including two intravenous iron therapies) , but not thalassemia trait, and normal numbers of red cells. A bleeding disorder (prolonged clotting time and excessive menstrual bleeding). Food allergies-shellfish, bananas, undercooked fish. Joint pain especially in the hips and lower back in the last ten years. Periods of anxiety/depression (now on Wellbutrin) and fatigue that come and go. Gastroesophogeal reflux treated with pantoprazole. Very low blood pressure (have to be careful standing up). My brother had Chrohns disease and died of a cancer of the small intestine at age 48. His son-my nephew-also has Chrohns. My other brother has psoriatic arthritis and our father had juvenile diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. My 23andme results show heterozygous for HLADQ2.2 (I think I got that right...). I am normal weight. No skin symptoms. Have had two bouts of unexplained pancreatitis that resolved by themselves. Have had digestive problems off and on through life-mostly urgent needs to defecate especially right after breakfast that makes me late for work because I can't leave home until I've gone, but only rarely diarrhea. SOme days have 6-8 bowel movements with mucus but other days are fine. Definitely tend towards being gassy but usually blamed this on having milk that I wasn't aware of. I had a negative anti-transglutaminase test about 15 years ago but have not had other tests or biopsies, except had a normal colonoscopy after my brother died 6 years ago. My doctor has all this info but because of the negative anti-tGA says it can't be celiac. Should I just try a gluten free diet, and if I do would the anemia and reflux maybe clear up, and how long would it take? Thanks for any advice and sorry for the long post...
  2. Hi This will probably be a long post, but I will try to keep things concise! I should preface this by saying I can be somewhat hypochondriac and the anxiety makes me sometimes skeptical of my own instincts Have had increasing GI symptoms for the last two years. I have two family members with IBS symptoms and I know stress can flare it up so thought maybe I was developing IBS. I had a few months of being very broke (I'm a postgrad student) and eating a lot of $2 pastries and pork buns, cheap bread etc. and during that time my symptoms got a LOT worse. My symptoms were bloating, gas, D, and a feeling of my abdomen being very tender. This was worse after eating a big meal or drinking a cold glass of water, and would start ok but get worse as the day went on. I was unable to wear many of my clothes and mostly wore loose dresses. I cut out wheat(but not gluten), dairy and eggs as these are known to be common triggers for food intolerances, I also avoided foods like beans, garlic and cabbage that I know can cause gas. I was resistant to the problem being gluten as I know it can be a fad, lactose intolerance or IBS seemed more likely. I felt a bit better after cutting these three things out but not 100%, and still had a tender tummy a lot of the time. Eggs turns out is no issue although dairy was, I do not consume any dairy anymore. I then reintroduced wheat by eating one toasted slice of brown bread at breakfast for one week. After three days I felt MUCH worse, my abdomen felt very tender and hurt if I walked too quickly. Seeing wheat is obviously an issue, I started to read more about food intolerances and celiac disease. After one week of eating the toast, I went to see a GP through uni, I explained my symptoms and that I had family with IBS, and I thought that it may be to do with gluten but wasn't sure. She said that because my previous iron levels test was ok I probably didn't have celiac disease but ordered a Celiac Serum and iron levels count. My celiac serum came back as "unlikely", and blood count, ferritin and B12 as mid or normal ranges. I decided to try going gluten free anyway. After a week or so with no gluten, I felt a lot better. The symptoms came and went but as I got better with checking for gluten the symptoms seem to be consistently kept at bay. What has made me write this post is that on Friday I ordered a gluten free burger from a takeaway place for lunch and also ordered fries. I had doubts about the fries as I know there can be CC from the oil but thought I would risk it as I don't have a celiac disease diagnose and felt too hypochondriac to make such a fuss. I just thought, "don't be so precious, you do not have celiac disease, you're just anxious!" I felt fine for a few days, but last night (Tuesday) felt a pang in my tum in the evening. I felt a bit bloated after dinner but fine in the morning, went out for breakfast and about 15 mins after eating had to run to the loo. Feeling symptomatic all morning: nausea, tender/bloated abdomen, foggy brain as well as emotionally miserable, back to where I was pre-gluten-free diet. My thesis is due at the end of next month and I can't afford a few days off feeling yuck and not being able to concentrate. My questions are... does this sound like celiac disease? Is it normal for it to take so long for symptoms to show after eating G? I don't think it could have been anything but the fries as I keep a very careful food and exercise diary and very rarely eat out. How long do I have to eat gluten for before I get the celiac disease test? Should I ask for a specific test? How relevant/accurate were the previous tests? I am very cautious about this mainly because I can tend to be hypochondriac and have suspected myself of many illnesses before but wondered if celiac disease would explain some of the "imagined" symptoms I've had for years like tiredness, sleepiness, light-headed, brain-fog, etc.
  3. Hi Gang, I am new here. I am a 24YOM with no pertinent medical history who just had a positive celiac screen on a gluten free diet. I can not get in to see the GI specialist for 6 weeks. What should I eat between now and then? Back story: Last October I did my first "Whole 30." The Whole 30 is an elimination diet where you do not eat added sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, or dairy for 30 days then you reintroduce each group one at a time to see how it may effect you. I got to day 23 then my dad died. I had all of the above (and more) in the ensuing days and did not get to properly reintroduce anything. So, I wanted to do another proper Whole 30 and am now on day 24 of 30. Last day is next Monday. Ever since my first Whole 30, I have not pooped right at all. I've consistently had lots of cramping, diarrhea, constipation, etc. I've been suspecting either lactose or a gluten sensitivity, so I figured a new Whole 30 would help me figure it out. Mentioned the above to my new PCP at my yearly physical last week and she did a celiac blood test. She told me today that it was "positive for serological markers for celiac" and something about GPDs, and referred me to a GI specialist. 1) My first question to you guys is, what should my diet be from next Tuesday until the end of March? From some reading, it seems that I should go back to eating that true?!? and that I may get pretty sick next week when I reintroduce it...? 2) What can I expect at that first GI specialist appointment--in 6 weeks? I am very dedicated to diet/health (so, I can hold my own in sticking to whatever diet you say I should) but do I need to be more pushy and get that appointment moved up? Just to better help me get educated, if you have any sources for your information, I would greatly appreciate it. Technical journal articles are fine. For the record, I do have 5 immediate family members with moderate-serious autoimmune illnesses and some do have UC and diverticulosis. Thanks all! Purdue
  4. Hi everyone. I'm a nineteen year old female. A year ago I began to get lots of stomach pain, constipation, and diarrhea. I also experienced an increase in fatigue, anxiety, and depression. I also have autism, diagnosed at age thirteen. A few weeks ago I got blood test results that strongly suggested the possibility of having Celiac disease. My endoscopy and colonoscopy are scheduled for July 11. I'm so nervous. Hoping the doctor will be able to tell me that they know what's wrong. Looking for support, but if anyone else is going through similar stuff, feel free to message me or post on this thread- either way.
  5. My 19 month old (G) daughter's pediatrician today suggested it's time to see a GI specialist and to eliminate gluten until she can be seen. A long story short, G started daycare full time 6 weeks ago and has been having diarrhea problems since. Brief timeline.. May 19th- Daycare begins, loose BM begin shortly after. May 23- Daily loose stools and personality shifts begin. We attribute this to daycare bug. Loose bm's continue. June 6th- Called at work, G has bad diarrhea and needs to be picked up. June 10th- Pediatrician feels diarrhea is viral. June 13th- ER trip. SEVERE abdominal pain, severe bloating, screaming holding her stomach, low grade fever. Shaking and clenching during explosive BM's. Rushed by ambulance to children's center for suspected intusussception. Ultra sound ruled that out. Diagnosis, Mesenteric Adenitis (swollen lymph nodes on the intestines). No stool culture, no blood work. Chex and banana diet for the weekend, seems to be on the mend. Normal diet resumes shortly after..loose BM's on and off for two weeks. Two follow up apt's with PCM. Virus thought to be cause. June 28th- Explosive diarrhea. Bloating. June 30th- Vomiting, explosive diarrhea. Low grade fever. ER trip. Stool cultures taken. Blood work drawn, CBC comes back fine. Celiac panel not performed. Chex and banana all day on the stools. "Preliminary" stool test come back negative. My daughter has gained 5oz since January, and lost 3oz since May. Doc suspects food allergy and put in a referral for a GI specialist, we hope to have an appointment within a couple of weeks. She has suggested that since her growth has been SO slow since being fully weaned in January, that we can't risk her getting any sicker and to start a GFD until we get in to see if that helps (since that has seemed to turn things around over the last several weeks.) She's right, we need to get her healthy STAT..but my concern is that I know they can't do accurate testing if she's off gluten. My mind is set on getting her strong and healthy in the mean time, but I am hoping to connect with other parents who have had to go this route. I would greatly appreciate any input or experiences. Thanks in advance!