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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am new here. I went to urgent care for nerve pain last week (hands and feet going numb, tingling, burning etc) My doctor did not want to see me and told me to go to urgent care. I thought the pain was caused from my back because I have a ton of back problems. Anyway, at urgent care the doctor asked if I have celiac disease. I said "No but my grandma does." she straight up said "you have it." no tests nothing, but she has it and said my symptoms reflect the disease. Anyways it makes sense to me and I think I might have it. I have a lot of symptoms and I would like others input. Here is a list: I am a 24 year old female. I am average weight and height. Migranes every day since I was 14. I had to get a cat scan after I fainted in class. They found nothing and put me on meds that didn't work. When I was 15 I had anemia. At 16 I was vitamin D deficient. I got blood work done a few months ago and no longer have anemia After that I had terrible anxiety and depression. Put me on meds that didn't work. Back problems for no reason (started when I was 18) herniated disk, multiple bulging disks, my disks are loosing fluid, scoliosis, Stomach problems, 2 years ago I started to feel nauseous every day, worse in the morning, I'd dry heave every morning or puke. Some days I'd puke up bile. This is still going on. They ran tests on my liver (high liver enzymes and fatty liver) and a gallbladder test, came back normal. I go poop 5-10 times a day. The stool is always loose. Once in awhile it is solid. Sometimes I go so much, when I wipe I start to bleed and it is painful. I have 3 breaks at work, I go before my break and right before it ends. Its embarrassing. So some days I go number two at work 6 times in one day! I always feel like I am on my period, I have skinny days where I can wear a size 9 but somedays for no reason I swell up and my size 11 pants are tight and hurt because my pelvic area is tender. I had an ultrasound, they found one cyst. A few months back I lost 15 pounds in two weeks, I could barely eat I felt so sick all the time. Then a few months later I gained 20 pounds in two weeks. I till wasn't eating. I went up multiple sizes and it just hurt. I never have an appetite. I started to get a random rash, my scalp itched, my knees and my elbows. It went away it was just weird. It lasted about a month and my doc said it was ecsema. Now I can't loose the weight. I am vegetarian, tried working out but can't loose anything. (by working out I mean walking. I literally don't have energy to do anything else) I get puffy eyes. Bad allergies, and sinus pressure every day of my life. On allergy meds that kinda help. I noticed a lot of these symptoms get worse after I eat gluten. I just started keeping track after the doctor mentioned this. I also have just been getting nerve pain, my arms and legs cramp up, my feet cramp up and get stuck, my hands and feet go numb, tingle, and BURN. I am tired all day every day even if I sleep 10 plus hours. Everyday I feel like I lifted weights and did full body work outs and everyday I feel hungover even though I did not drink any alcohol. I get tired from folding laundry and can barely function. All I want to do is lay in bed. Some days I drink 5 cups of coffee and an energy drink and I'm still tired. I also have brain fog and bad memory problems lately. I am messing up at work with the way I feel. I literally feel like my body is telling me something wrong. Sometimes my body aches so much I think I have fibro or (cancer) thats really how bad I feel. One day after my legs were cramping all day I had weird red patches all over my legs. I was freaked out. Any input would be great. Of course having celiac would suck but I feel so bad every day an answer to my problems would be amazing. I can't keep living like this. I noticed after I eat gluten, about an hour after, I feel depressed for no reason. Sometimes I cramp up and my stomach is tender. I don't know what to do.
  2. all of my life I have suffered from migraines. Even as far back as a toddler. At age 15 I was falling alseep in class due to how tired I was and Bc my headaches were hurting me so bad. I recall every evening coming home, excited to lay in a dark room Bc there was never a day my head wasn't absolutely busting. At age 18 they began lasting 5 days and felt like my brain was on fire. At age 20 I began complaining of feeling like I was running a fever constantly, as well as still suffering from the migraines. At 21 my doctor prescribed a seizure medication that supposedly helps migraines. I was hesitant Bc I don't have seizures... So I waited months to try it, but finally caved out of desperation.It didn't help, it just made me stupid Bc I was unable to think clearly. At age 22 I was missing months of my life, laying in the dark, sweating, tossing and turning all with an ice pack on my head, since the headaches still felt like my brain was on fire. I would tell my doctor about this and I was told it was depression. I would say "I would not be depressed if my life wasn't like this." He still insisted it was my thoughts doing this to me. He later prescribed anti depressants. Nothing changed. I missed that entire year of my life. Totally debilitated by these headaches.. Except now they consisted of the room spinning. A nauseous feeling that felt like the worst food poisoning as well as cold sweats. I remember the night I prayed "God just show me what it is. I'm tired of praying to be healed just show me what it is." as fate would have it, I went gluten free on accident that next month. I remember unloading my groceries and realizing everything I had bought was gluten free and laughing about it. I had no idea what gluten even was ! Lol. So that was definitely an answered prayer ! 3 weeks of being unintentionally gluten-free I recall discussing w my mom that my headaches had pretty much subsided, and telling that I wondered if it had anything to do w the fact that I had quit drinking pop. Shortly after that, I ate something that contained gluten. I couldn't even finish it. I felt odd. My heart was beating fast and I felt that inner fever begin to simmer again. And the old headache I had once lived so long with, came back with a vengeance. I some how fell asleep, Still clueless that this was caused by gluten. the when I woke up, i was greeted with a feeling that felt like the worlds worst stomach virus along with food poisoning. When I say I puked... It feels like an understatement lol. I puked until I puked a bile/infection-like looking substance which smelled like infection too!! (Gross I know but, I have to be truthful) This attack lasted for around 25 hours or more. After wards it was like I had fought a war. then as I was laying there...it was like a light bulb hit me... "Gluten ! I ate gluten! what even is gluten ? " so I googled gluten allergy. And I was amazed !! I went gluten free immediately and sense,the Terrible migraine/puking episodes have disappeared ! Unfortunately I didn't know you had to be tested for celiac while you we're eating gluten, so I've never been able to be tested for it. Therefore I only claim to have the allergy. However I suspect it's celiac Bc so much more happens to me than just fatigue and brain fog. I nearly die. I am not exaggerating. I'm someone with a high pain tolerance. I've broke my back and walked home ! lol. But these attacks literally have me begging for mercy!!! I have been gluten-free for 5 months now. This week I was glutened twice ! so as you can imagine I'm a mess. The first time was from a little bit of gluten containing alcohol (Smirnoff was falsely advertised as gluten-free. Don't ever make that mistake of believing their website!!) you guys, I literally couldn't take care of myself. And This was 15 hours after drinking so it wasn't due to being drunk. Once again, I puked till I had nothing else to puke except for green/yellow infection. I puked almost half a small bucket full of that stuff alone! :/ My mom had to come take care of me and I am 23. I couldn't even go get myself a cold rag due to how dizzy I was. It truly feels like the room is spinning! The second time i was glutened, was two days after that. I assumed that all Soda was gluten free, by mistake .(I rarely drink soda, so I shouldn't have assumed that, but needless to say, I paid for it.) I took maybe 3 sips of mr. Pibb and felt that fire headache spread across my head. I immediately googled and found out its one of the sodas that aren't gluten-free. Just my luck lol. I didn't puke bile that time Bc I'm assuming I didnt consume enough for it to be that bad, thank God. But now my stomach doesn't want to hold food. I feel sooo worn out and every time I eat I nearly fall asleep. I did a liquid diet for a few days to let my gut heal but it's still thrown off. I feel so out of wack and emotional !! I've only been glutened 4 times in 5 months but the last two was this passed week. I've never been contaminated so close together but I'm telling you guys, I don't know what I'm going to do. I so badly want to be diagnosed with celiac so then Atleast I'm taken seriously by my doctor . But as of right now I just sound like a hypochondriac :/ thankfully my family finally believes me. But it still bothers me not to know for sure. I'm sorry if I bored you guys but I guess I just needed to vent lol. I was also wondering, do u all think I have Celiac or am I just gluten sensitive?? can gluten sensitivity be that intense? Thank you for taking the time to read about my story. I wish you all health and many blessings ❤️❤️❤️Kayla
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