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Found 6 results

  1. I was diagnosed with Severe Celiacs last November plus 2 forms of glaucoma and recently degenerative arthritis. I'm only 22 and finding all this out is exhausting and stressful, well recently I decided to take a break from the gluten free diet and ordered a stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut, a few things from taco bell and a buffet at golden corral! And I have not gotten sick! Maybe I rash but the rash was there before hand, now I'm concerned my doctor was wrong and misdiagnosed me somehow? Before I started the gluten diet I was severely sick, throwing up and couldn't eat, I thought I had cancer, can someone help idk who else to go to, is this normal? Getting sick and then not getting sick? Oh and the rash has been there for weeks doctor has no idea what it is gonna see specialist, auto immune diseases are in family, I did have pelvic inflammatory disease could that of caused something?
  2. Hi Everyone, I believe I have had SILENT celiac for years but have been putting off a test because it is a very scary, very restrictive diagnosis to have. (all I know is that SOMETHING is up with my health) Specs: 30 yo Female 5'7 117lbs I will list the reasons I think I have it in bullet points, starting from the beginning. 0. It starts here: As a toddler, suffered from extreme constipation. Very painful.. sometimes would not pass stool for days. but would TRY. very small thin child. 1. As an 8 year old child, I could sleep for excessive lengths of time. I often missed school because I felt too exhausted to get out of bed.... after sleeping for 9-10 hours. Would lay still for days/hours at a time. (tough to reference time.. but it was a long time) I was tested for mono and scanned for tumors. this is how lethargic and I thin I was. 2. On the contrary, at other times, I would obtain excessive bursts of energy. Running jumping shouting, laughing. (this is obviously when I would go to school). Teachers loved me. 3. Diagnosed with ADHD at age 12. Mom would not medicate me until my teens (what a saint). 4. Somewhere in my childhood I listened to my parents talk about how my paternal uncle was diagnosed with celiac. His children were tested and a male cousin tested positive at 6yo. My dad was tested. his test was negative. his children were not tested. 5. 13-16yo suffer from extreme COLD urticaria. Walked a long way to and from school and had awful ITCHY ITCHY hives on my thighs when I arrived home to warm up. 7. 18yo, rapid hair loss. Had thick hair andlost about 3/4... it's still OK.... but was concerning when I was watching it wash down the shower drain. 6. No symptoms from 18-23 (aside from constipation, which has been lifelong ... so NBD) 7. 26yo Develop a really nasty rash on both my elbows..... looks like eczema... so that's what I think it is. tried to treat it... the "eczema" last 3 years, worsening during the winter, but persisting during the summer. Suddenly dissipated a year ago.... skin all around is very dry...no sign of strange nasty itchy rash for some time. (I didn't even notice when it went away... I think it was sudden. one day I just realized it was gone.) 8. 27yo-PRESENT Toe next to my pinky toe frequently goes numb for no reason. when I look at it it's WHITE. No blood or nutrients there. 9. Sometimes hear a buzzing noise in my ear. ringing and buzzing and popping.... not frequent enough to be invasive... but frequent enough. 10. Developed Cold Urticaria again... hives on face after cold exposure.... not itchy like the hives in my teens.. but unsightly. I know the hives are caused by cold exposure. 11. lost 15lbs without trying... but will admit my appetite declined. 12. Opposite problem with my bowel movements. soft and plentiful. (lol) frequent urge to urinate. Important notes: I have rarely vomited in my life, I have never had heartburn, and aside from energy inconsistency, poop stuff, and skin stuff, I have had no other health issues.
  3. I've posted about this before, but I'm about 14 weeks in and have seen very little improvement. Did any of you take a long time to feel better, and do you think I should cast my doubts aside?
  4. Hello everyone I was diagnosed as gluten sensitive a week ago. This was not totally a surprise as 3 of my aunts, my mother and my sister all are gluten sensitive as well. The biggest issue I am having currently is I can't find gluten free food to fit my lifestyle. I work 3 jobs 7 days a week and am out of the house from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. As a result I am always eating on the go, in my vehicle going from job 1 to job 2. Every kind of bread I have tired either tastes like cardboard or disintegrates by the end of the day leaving me unable to eat the sandwich I had made for myself. And because I'm driving foods that need 2 hands are not an option. When I get home at 10:00 and then cook (normally just warming stuff up as I bulk cook for 2 months on my 1 day off in 8 weeks) for myself its 10:30 at the earliest I am eating dinner and my stomach starts hurting from eating so late. I know its not the food cause everything is gluten free and I have eaten it at my parents house with no problems before. I need some realistic suggestions of food items that will make my life easier. No i can't give up a job, no I can't cut back my hours. I already bulk cook and make lots ahead of time. I am deathly allergic to nuts and peanuts so most gluten free snack food is not safe for me. What I need is gluten free fast food that you can eat with 1 hand (realize this is probably a pipe dream but I can wish right). Has anyone else done gone gluten free with a lifestyle like mine? If there is please I need your advise, my family can't help as they all work 1 job Monday to Friday 9 to 5. Thanks everyone, sorry I was venting but I'm at a loss for what to do and getting really frustrated (to the point of tears) as a result. Diamond Woman
  5. Okay so basically it was a year ago when I started thinking that I had IBS. However it was about two months ago when I found out that I had a blood test and I am vitamin D deficient and anemic. I do have restless leg syndrome, (which is a symptom for Celiac). I also found out that whenever I ate gluten and wheat, my IBS symptoms were worse. So I went on a gluten free diet for a week and it was amazing. I didn't feel any cramps of bloating... My doctor suggested that I might have Celiac. I had a blood test and it came out negative but she said that they can't rely on just a blood test, so she suggested an endoscopy... At first I was willing to because if I do have Celiac then, I should get diagnosed. However, I am only 16 and I'm not really keen on the idea... I decided that I would have the endoscopy later on when I'm ready but if I do have Celiac and carry on eating gluten, then I could end up with type 1 diabetes and cancer... and that really scared me... I've been eating gluten for a year now since I found out that I might have 'IBS' and so if it is Celiac then... ahhhh I'm so scared. I've decided to go on a strict gluten-free diet but do you think I'm worrying too much or am I doing the right thing? Also... should I have started the diet earlier on? (I'm such a worry bag, I'm so sorry) Thank you so much
  6. I am not sure if I have Celiac or Crohn's. I am a 15 year old male, and I weigh 82 lbs and about 5 feet tall. I have noticed symptoms of delayed growth and chronic diarrhea. I was tested for Celiac with a blood panel, but the results returned negative. I am now scheduled to have some type of biopsy to see if I have Crohn's. At this point, I'm hoping I have Celiac. I read about Crohn's, and it made me very nervous and scared. Please help me!!!
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