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Found 11 results

  1. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease back in October 2009. I seem to be OK as long as i stick to a strict gluten free regiment which can be challenging at times. It is difficult to know if a product is truly gluten free when its labeled as such. I only buy gluten free labeled products and i'm still having problems with my stomach, specifically pasta. In the past year i switched from Tinkyada brand pasta to Barilla. I had heard and read that the taste and consistency of the Barilla gluten free product was not much different from traditional pasta. Being Italian, we typically have pasta every Sunday so this was great for me. In the past few months my body has been rejecting the Barilla gluten free pasta and i'm not sure if its due to a cross contamination issue. I'm tired of feeling sick and being in pain and would like to get to the bottom of this ongoing problem. Has anyone else had any problem with the Barilla gluten free brand?
  2. Hello all, So, long story short, in 2011 I started getting really really sick, with no discernible cause. Violent vomiting daily, rapid weight gain (40 pounds in one month) unbelievable exhaustion, depression, social anxiety to the point of not being able to leave the house, hives, acne, rashes, brain fog, and my LEAST favorite, the all-over bruised body feeling you get when you have the flu (that horrible bone deep aching that makes it uncomfortable to move at all, and any clothing touching you hurts.) Oh, and monstrous swelling of my face and stomach. I wound up figuring out through elimination of certain things in my diet that what was doing it was gluten and dairy. So, over the years I've cut them out (at first, after I cut them out, I was still getting horrendously sick, just less often and it took me too long to realize CROSS CONTAMINATION WAS A THING) So fast forward to now, I'm able to function like a human again by being INCREDIBLY strict with my diet and making almost all of my food myself and NEVER taking any chances with anything that was "processed in the same facility with..." etc etc I've also recently started going back to school, which means I have to be EXTRA careful, or I won't be able to attend classes or study because my brain, and my body just don't function when I've been exposed. However, I've always been a do it yourself girl, so after having endoscopies and colonoscopies years ago, and having a doctor tell me I had "acid reflux" (way to diagnose the symptom, not the cause, ya jerk) and having no doctors know why I was getting so sick, and eventually figuring it out myself, I never was tested for Celiac's Disease. So obviously, I'm scarred for life, and terrified to death of gluten and I was wondering; does anyone know of some way that I could be tested for it WITHOUT exposing myself to it? Thank you so much in advance
  3. I made this account to ask this question and i dont know if this is the right place but please help Someone I know was diagnosed about 1 year ago and she’s getting worse I think. Everything she eats she vomits whether it’s glutened or not. I’m really worried!! Always feeling pukey which she says is normal but this pukey!!? she cant even take pills please please PLEASE someone help!! edit: she’s taking b12, d3, and a few others that aren’t for main things just like side affects. - sa
  4. Hi guys. I really need help/someone to listen/someone to understand. Today was absolutely horrible. I started out feeling fine this morning just a little tired but by noon or so an incredible headache washed over me and I've been sick the rest of the day. The headache wouldn't stop and along with it came stomach pain and worse joint pain than I normally have. I came back from class and basically passed out on my bed for hours and woke up to even worse joint pain and a nonstop gurgling uneasy stomach. Lately I'm so thirsty nothing quenches my thirst and I cant even sleep through the night because I have to pee so many times the amount of water I'm drinking. I've been trying so hard to be careful and not contaminate myself. I'm not sure if this is contamination or healing. Can recovery really be this painful? I'm 2.5 weeks into recovery. I couldn't stop crying this afternoon I just wanted it all to go away and I don't know if it's from me not being careful or this is just part of the process. I feel so defeated I have no energy, I don't even remember the drive back home today from classes. If I had the choice to stay in bed all day today I would have and probably slept the entire time. I eventually mustered up the strength for a quick shower and to vent on here. I just don't know if I'm even doing anything right...I read all the books I got and asked the forum questions and I follow all the wonderful advice given to me... I just feel pretty down today because I just want to be better already I can't live this way everyday.. It's especially hard around this time of the year since I have finals which are especially important since I'm a senior and need to pass because I'm graduating in May. All day today I just wished someone was here to take care of me which is very unlike me since I'm way too independent for my own good. I'm just very overwhelmed
  5. Ever since I got real sick a few months back and finally got diagnosis with celiac I haven't been able to eat anything without pain. The pain varries, I cooked my food tonight I made a sweet and sour chicken recipe I found online and I've made it for the passed few months, I'm now starting to realize that every time I eat this dish my stomach feels like it's been punched a thousand times. Same feeling I had when I eat onions, any kind of onions I used to be able to eat onions can't anymore, I can't drink milk or soy, and it's getting expensive to buy all this gluten free stuck which I'm not even sure is with the whole Cherrio thing my doctor told me that even though it said gluten free that it was cross with some kind of gluten product I don't know. I don't know why my stomach gets sore after eating this, I cut out the soy and I cutout the garlic, I don't use any seasoning maybe it's the apple cider vinegar and the pineapple may be too much, whatever the case is I'm never eating this again. This is the r recipe I used http://mygluten-freekitchen.com/sweet-and-sour-chicken-gluten-free/ (sorry if we're not allowed to share links.) I also can drink coke out a can but not out a bottle if I drink any soda out a bottle it makes my stomach hurt as if I can drink coke out a can and i'm fine. I also can't put sugar in my tea as it makes my stomach cramp up. I've cutout pork, and hamburger meat, I only eat chicken right now thinking about cutting that out too. I don't eat sea food, I used to throw it up everytime I ate it when I was young so I'm kind of turned off by it now. I'm just tired really, of hurting every day I suspect I have IBS, I've been to about 5 different docs all say I'm fine ask if I'm eating any gluten. I make sure I'm not there only two resturants where I live that have gluten free things and when I eat out I go there and make sure to talk to the person preparing it. Make sure they aren't blending anything. Ever since I got so sick a few months back and had to go to the ER it has scared me, I've been so cautious of what I eat now, everyday I read every little thing and get almost triggered when I see someone eating a sandwich (ha.) I don't know it's like getting sick and cutting out gluten has messed up my body, i was sick before but now it's just all the time. I think it's IBS because of the gas the bloating and the constpation but the doctors just say it's GERD. I don't know guys...thanks if you read all of that I know I'm rambling and have a lot of typos just looking for someone to relate to.
  6. After 6 years of having many many medical issues (I am now 20), I finally got tested for Celiac and it came back a big fat NEGATIVE. In the past I have been scoped in upper and lower but all the doctors could find was gastritis causing my episodes of acid reflux. Years have passed..a topical ointment for this rash...a migraine medicine for that migraine headache....that sinus surgery...here's a steroid...I just don't understand why you need all these root canals...you have many swollen lymphnodes...the asthma...the dizzy spells....the weakness....I am only 20 and needing to take supplements for a Vitamin D deficiency when there was no reason for me to even have it in the first place! So after talking to my GI doctor, we decided it was IBS and nonceliac gluten intolerance (which he has yet to put on my chart but he said it was that if it wasn't celiac). It has been a week since that diagnosis and quite frankly, I just don't know how to feel. Like it's like one day you just walk in your doctors office, they give you a diagnosis, expect you to make this big change, and just send you on your way forever with no follow ups. So I feel quite lonely but okay. I am pretty sure another reason why i feel lonely is because my family just doesn't believe me. It is plain and simple like that. I tell them I can't eat something and they will say "well I worked hard to make it after working all day so just have a little bit" ... and then they wonder why I am in my bed all night long with the ice, heating pad, and meds that don't work. Ever since the diagnosis I was not taken seriously at all. The gluten free diet has made me feel FANTASTIC!!! But they don't see it. They think I "just need to chill out" when I explain that I will literally get heart palpitations if I were to eat gluten. They think my gluten driven rash (which my GI doc said is the gluten rash) is just some form of STD or something. The other night my chinese food was contaminated and I was so nauseous for 2 days and my mom just couldn't wrap her brain around that cross contamination bothers me and blamed it on "sleep deprivation". The list goes on people. After tonight I was just done with it all. I live with my parents because I am in nursing school and it is the most convenient. My mom made me dinner and swore it was gluten free. I ate it and felt off. I had worked a long day and was just like "well okay". My brother brought home breaded chicken wings which I was very attacked for not eating. Then around 20 min after my consumption of dinner, I broke out in my rash, got stomach cramps, diarrhea, nausea, a headache, acid reflux, etc. I told my mom I think her dinner had gluten in it and she was just walking around and huffing as if I had actually ruined her life by stating that. She even dug through the garbage ready to prove me wrong until she found the soup can...yes it did have gluten. And all she can say was "oh well sorry" and barely even spoke to me for the rest of the night regarding any of it. Didn't even turn to me to talk when i was speaking to her. Why does my family act this way and how can I deal with this? Why do they act so annoyed because my body is reacting to something? I explained to them millions of times what will happen if I ate it but they honestly don't care about it. They just don't. I dont have celiac but gluten obviously makes me react to it, even in very severe ways. So why should I have to eat gluten and suffer because of them? Why would they even be expecting such a thing? Non celiac gluten intolerance is real right? I just feel silly for doing something for me for once instead of taking care of their needs like I usually have to do. In the past I have gotten called hypochondriac by them to the point where I dont wanna even see the doctor for a sinus infection because I am afraid all doctors think the same of me. If anybody has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it!
  7. Celiac.com 12/14/2016 - Just when you think you've heard everything, something brand new enters the arena. When it comes to non-dietary sources of gluten, I think of things such as lipstick (it's not a food but we still eat some of it), Play-Doh (also not a food but if you've ever seen children playing with it, you'll note that some ingestion occurs), and some cosmetic items like body lotions and shampoos. The skin does ‘ingest' what you put on it and we've definitely seen negative reactions from topical application of gluten-containing ingredients. But prior to becoming acquainted with a recent published paper in Clinical Pediatrics, my list of non-dietary sources of gluten would likely have ended there. This brand new study entitled "An orthodontic retainer preventing remission in celiac disease" gives it all away in the title… or does it? Yes, it turns out that the specialized plastic used by manufacturers of retainers contains gluten. And the gluten can get mobilized into the body of the person utilizing the retainer. The story cited by the researchers involved a 9 year old child with celiac disease. She complained of abdominal pain and was diagnosed via blood and biopsy as having celiac. Upon implementing a gluten-free diet, the young girl's physical complaints persisted and her lab findings also showed an active form of the disease. Brilliantly, someone thought to suspect her retainer, which contained a plasticized methacrylate polymer. It turns out that gluten is a common additive to plastics. And despite the idea that a hard plastic would be stable, it turns out that nothing could be further from the truth. After discontinuing use of her retainer, not only did her symptoms resolve, but so too did her blood and biopsy findings become normal. I did a little digging and this specific form of plastic is used in more than just retainers. It's found in dentures, white dental fillings, hard lenses for the eye in the treatment of cataracts, hard and some soft contact lenses, as a bone cement in orthopedic surgery, in cosmetic surgery as fillers, and more. The history behind the use of this plastic is rather interesting. It turns out that during World War II pilots flew in planes that had side windows made from this particular type of plastic (abbreviation PMMA). When they were shot at, splinters from the windows lodged in the pilots eyes. Unlike glass splinters that did create problems, the plastic caused no rejection by the eyes. This human tissue compatibility was then used for cataracts, contact lenses, etc. If you know of someone who continues to be ill despite a strict gluten-free diet, looking into non-dietary forms of gluten may yield the answer to their problem. I hope you found this informative. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you need assistance with your health, consider contacting us for a free health analysis – 408-733-0400. We are a destination clinic and treat patients from across the country and internationally. You don't need to live local to us to receive assistance. We're here to help! To your good health! Reference: Clinical Pediatrics. 2013 Nov; 52(11):1034-7. doi: 10.1177/0009922813506254. An orthodontic retainer preventing remission in celiac disease. Memon Z, Baker SS, Khan A, Hashmi H, Gelfond D.
  8. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some feedback for some issues I am having. I was diagnosed with Celiac back in February, actually the first time was back when I was 10 but the doctor told me a few days afterwards the test supposedly was a false positive so after basically living in emergency rooms through my teens I decided to pursue the subject once again on my own and whattya know the test was positive after all. Anyways, I have been living gluten free for about 6 months now and although I am nowhere near as sick or in pain as when I was eating gluten as well as my physical and mental health taking a turn for the better including losing 30 pounds I still find myself with a stomach ache or some digestive issues atleast half the time after I eat anything. I've been chalking it up to the fact that I basically poisoned my body for over 20 years so I have no doubt my digestive system would remain sensitive to anything with too much grease, dairy, spice, etc or just large amounts of food in general and it should get better over time as it recovers but I'd really like to know if anybody else had these issues or has any advice on what to do about them because sometimes I feel like I still have to choose between eating and having my stomach hurt or being uncomfortable. I'd also like to know if anybody could explain to me the whole concept of becoming gluten free as far as in your body because I haven't had any real consulting just the diagnosis and I thought you just stopped eating gluten and everything in your body was normal but I see people continuing to get blood tests and watching their gluten levels go down over time which I didn't know was a thing. How exactly does that work and how does continuing to still have any sort of gluten level in the body affect it? Could still having gluten levels in my body be what is causing these symptoms?
  9. Short background - I was formula fed at 8 months old and ended up in the hospital. They couldn't figure out what was wrong with me but I was in there for 6 weeks. I came home weak, low weight, and still sick. Childhood was spent relatively normal but I did have a lot of bowel issues. As a teenager I was diagnosed with irritable and inflammatory bowel syndrome. They put me on meds to help with the flare ups. I had a biopsy done of some polyps in my intestines and they came back normal (not cancerous). So, I just kept taking meds. A year later I was passing out on the basketball court, haveing muscle spasms, seizing up if I spent too much time playing sports (I'm a huge sports lover and distance runner), and was just sick every day. Finally I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis at 13 years old. By 16 my thyroid had completely shut down and I produce nothing on my own now. In my late 20's I had a baby and almost didn't survive his birth and ended up in a coma. I had a hard time recovering and was then diagnosed with yet another auto-immune disorder (Addison's disease). Finally my husband did a rotation on non-infectious diseases (he was in medical school at the time) and came home saying I might have celiacs. I had a colonoscopy and biopsy done of a few polyps again. This time they came back with a diagnosis of celiacs. I was devastated (a long distance runner needs carbs, man!!). However, I was so sick I had no other choice than to go gluten free. I was doing great! Then, I thought I could have just 1 dinner roll. I spent that night vomiting, shaking, shivering, seizing up, in pain, and absolutely miserable. So, I vowed never to eat gluten again. And I don't anymore. I even have separate containers for my peanut butter, honey, and nutella labeled with "MOM" on it so the kids don't use it. I was feeling great and doing very well. Fast forward to 3 years of gluten free and I'm back to feeling sick and miserable. My muscles ache, my stomach hurts, I'm exhausted, I wake up nauseated, I have body aches, I've vomited, etc. It's like I've eaten gluten, but I know I haven't. The ONLY two things I have changed is that I 1) added Bob's Red Mill's Gluten Free Oat Flour to my diet after a friend showed me how to make cakes, dinner rolls, and bread with it. It says it is certified gluten free. It's made in a gluten free facility and 2) I started eating gluten free oatmeal in the mornings to fuel up for my long runs (training for a 50k and I need food). This also says certified gluten-free. I didn't think anything of it until my husband suggested that perhaps the oats are causing me issues. But - I can't find any substantial data showing that oats and celiacs don't mix. It all says to make sure the oat flour and oats are produced in a certified gluten-free facility - which I have done. Do any of you experience the same symptoms when eating certified gluten-free oats/oat flour? Is there any evidence or data showing that it's unsafe for celiacs to eat these? Or, is this just a far-reaching hypothesis and do I need to just schedule a dang doctor's appointment? Any advice is so appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Hi everyone! So I wanted to see if anyone else runs in to this, but when I "get glutened" and become sick, the symptoms can last for a while (and even come and go without warning. one day, it's doable, and the next, it's not). On the not-so-doable days, I have had to call out of work. Nobody wants to be in a bunch of pain and/or going to the bathroom a bunch during work. I got in trouble the other day for calling out, though, which was quite frustrating. I was wondering if anyone else has ever dealt with something similar to this? And how do the rest of you cope with managing your day to day tasks. Mind you, I am very strict about maintaining a gluten free diet, but there's times you ingest gluten without meaning to
  11. I was diagnosed with Celiac two weeks ago and have been following the diet without a problem. Last night I went out with a small group for a friend's birthday and ordered what I thought was a perfectly gluten-free meal, but after eating it was like I had the flu and was sicker than I had ever been before going gluten-free... Here's what I ate: Salad (romaine lettuce and dressing*) Steak (no seasoning, in a tomato sauce* with provolone cheese) Vegetables (steamed and served in butter with no seasoning) * = the chef said these were gluten-free items Before ordering I spoke with the waiter/manager about my condition and they seemed very knowledgeable about celiac and my needs. The restaurant was empty (I hear that's the best time for a celiac to eat out). My food was prepared separately and in a clean area with new utensils (I do not know this for sure, but that's what I was told).... Am I missing something?
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