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Found 22 results

  1. Celiac.com 12/17/2018 - A 39-year-old woman with possible celiac disease was left brain dead after a dangerous internet “soy sauce colon cleanse” caused critically high levels of salt in her blood, which led to organ failure and death. The medical YouTube channel Chubbyemu, says that the woman, identified only by the initials, CG, arrived at the emergency room with a rapidly deteriorating mental status. Earlier that day, CG had performed a “soy sauce colon cleanse,” a dangerous internet fad in which people drink an entire liter of soy sauce in two hours. CG had been unwell for weeks before the incident. She had begun a diet made up exclusively of white bread and canned fish six months prior, and had lost 11kg, nearly 25 pounds, in the three weeks leading up to the soy sauce incident. Additionally, CG had been recently diagnosed with untreatable paranoid schizophrenia. She suffered from a psychosis that caused her to believe the government had poisoned her. Somewhere online, she read that the soy sauce colon “cleanse” would purge the toxins form her body. There are indications that CG may have suffered from celiac disease. Soon after drinking the highly salt-laden soy sauce her heart began to beat rapidly, according to a person identified only as Bernard, who claims to be a U.S.-based medical doctor, and who runs the popular Chubbyemu channel, which features videos on medical issues like kidney disease and cancer. After resisting all attempts to get her to drink water, CG began to stumble around and and mumble unintelligibly until she collapsed. She was rushed to a hospital and while en route went into cardiac arrest, before being resuscitated. Eventually, though, CG died as a result of acute hypernatremia— extremely high levels of salt in the blood. Bernard believes the woman had undiagnosed celiac disease, which manifested as psychosis and delusional disorder. He adds that a microscopic examination of her cells revealed “marked villous blunting and atrophy”, a common sign of celiac disease. Bernard argued she developed gluten sensitivity, became delusional and was misdiagnosed, and later falling victim to internet misinformation. If that is true, then the story is a sad one, indeed. In any case, the dangers of drinking large amounts of soy sauce or any other salty substance can hardly be overstated. Be very careful and always seek out the advice of a doctor before beginning any type of “cleanse” or “purge” meant to rid the body of “toxins.” See the video on the YouTube Channel Chubbyemu. Read more at: News.com.au
  2. Looking for a benadryl I can take thats soy and gluten free, about to take some antibiotics, like to have something to ease the side effects if I have any allergic reactions to it.
  3. Soy destroys my life entirely. I know what has soy and what does not, by touch taste or smell. I can tell if it contains soy in a few seconds. Being soy free is a acquired lifestyle. Everything I eat, I make from scratch, candy, chocolate,cookies, crackers,chips, flavored drinks. I do no t wear deodorant, can't. Cant drink most sodas, most contain soy now. Handshakes are a thing of the past after shaking a hand of a doctor and getting a soy contact, must have used moisturizers (vitamin E) manufactured from soy. All my meds are compounded. My neosporin is one my most expensive drugs, on 7$ tube runs me $80 compounded. My Ibuprofen 200mlg $1 a pill. pain meds a ton more. Going to a store, any store is adventurous. The air fresheners contain soy. makes a bad day for me real quick. I've left stores in a hurry due to the soy contact that overcomes me. Today, I'm looking into air mask so I can go into stores with out risking a soy contact, also finding gloves are hard. most of the easy fit gloves contain a soy powder. I have a facebook page dedicated to being soy free (Soy Lecithin) crossbones for a pic. My life of becoming soy free was a real adventure. I feel great, until I mistakenly come in contact with it. Soy starts With brain Fog, memory loss, then the panic attacks start. get overwhelming fast. Some days I feel trapped in my own body. Outside is land mines just waiting for me to eat, taste,smell or touch. In the past I would have been fine, but all these regulations has made it easy to have soy in everything manufactured. Its the cheapest thing to use, so was asbestos, maybe one day they will realize what soy does to your brain, as its doing to mine 100 fold. Soy is in almost everything, If you cant make it your self than its in it. My start in going soy free, the day I realized it was soy,soy lecithin killing me slowly. I was suicidal, a few days at best before I realized it was soy. There is no info out there about i. If there is, Soy manufactures have snuffed it out.
  4. Hi Everyone, I would like to move somewhere in Central/South America to study Spanish for a few months but am concerned about food availability, allergy awareness and ingredients used at restaurants. I get sick when I eat Gluten, Dairy, Corn, Soy, and a few others but those are the worst ones for me. I usually eat meat, rice (as my grain source), potatoes, and fruit/vegetables. I'm concerned about being able to eat out at restaurants and shopping for food. Even in the USA, gluten free can be a challenge if one cannot eat corn, which is the most common substitute. Does anyone know which Latin American country will be easiest to manage? Right now I'm thinking that learning Spanish in Spain might be my best bet but I really want to go to Latin America. There was a similar post in 2010 (only for gluten), but now it's 6-7 years later so I'm bringing the topic back again because times change fast in the allergy world. Thanks so much for your help, Ori
  5. Are all soy ingredients similar when it comes to allergies? In other words, if you are allergic to soy, would you react to all types of soy?..ex)soy lecithin, defatted soy flour, etc? I'm asking because my daughter doesn't react to those 2 types of soy(defatted soy flour is found in kinnikinnik's gluten-free pancake mix and soy lecithin in other types of gluten-free food), so would it be safe to have her try foods that have other forms of soy? ex) soy protein. Excuse me if these questions seem silly or have obvious answers but I'm still somewhat new to what to look out for and learning every day!
  6. Hi all, I have a vegan and gluten-free cheese sauce recipe that's absolutely amazing. One of the ingredients is 1 cup of soy milk powder. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but recently I've noticed a correlation with me ingesting soy and me breaking out in acne, rosacea, and additional GI issues whenever I have soy similar to how gluten affects me. I'm experimenting right now with being soy-free also, so now my vegan gluten-free cheese sauce has to be vegan gluten-free and soy-free. Soy-free is new to me... anyone have any recommendations or advice on soy milk powder alternatives? Thanks all
  7. I haven't been officially diagnosed with celiacs, but I don't think I need any kind of test to tell me I have intestinal damage due to foods. I really watch my intake of dairy, gluten, wheat, (and now, soy). After 2 years I'm still uncertain about the gluten, since I rarely mess up on that one and it's usually coupled with an ingredient of soy or dairy, leaving me not knowing for sure. This last episode felt like I had lost a few years of my life. I had been eating some beef jerky that I had made with gluten free soy. I must have been exhausted because I ate a granola bar with dairy and wheat in it, and I NEVER just eat something without thinking. I think it was the soy though, because I've had other episodes of a soy and gluten contamination. Anyways, it happened so fast. Within 2 minutes, I my upper stomach and intestines (just under my sternum) was in so much pain. It was hard and swollen. I started sweating profusely and my back radiates intense pain. I tried sitting up in a bathroom stall but I couldn't control the pain. I was so out of my mind with pain I laid on the floor in the bathroom on a nasty dirty concrete floor at a sports arena and someone found me. I passed out during that time. I came to on my own and dragged myself to the toilet where I made myself throw it all up and started getting some immediate relief. I've never passed out before from the pain. Is there anyone out there that has symptoms like this for soy? I also have eczema across my eyes and in my ears. Not sure if it's related too.
  8. My son had blood work done Cyrex Labs. The array 3 & 4. I didn't start having him eat grain foods until around noon the day before the test. They took his blood around 11:30 am the next day. My son felt his usual gelatinized symptoms but not as extreme as usual. By that night though he was full on sick and took over a week to fully recover. I'm worried that he did not eat enough and long enough before the test for it to give accurate results. Does anyone have any experience or feed back for us. We are still waiting for the results.
  9. I know there are many people on here who have soy intolerances in addition to Celiac, but I'm wondering if anyone else (non-intolerant) is concerned about use of soy in substitute foods, etc. I know it's wiser to eat whole foods and not processed, but as a busy working mom and one who likes to eat gluten-free versions of what my family is eating, I admit to eating quite a bit of processed gluten-free pasta, breads, etc. As a result, I've often wondered if I've been increasing my intake of soy (estrogenic) and brown rice (arsenic) to dangerous levels, whether in soy/rice flours or other ingredients. Well, now I'm facing a biopsy of something that may very well be the result of too much post-menopausal estrogen and I'm a bit worried that this is the due to higher soy consumption since my diagnosis 2 1/2 years ago. Has anyone experienced this? Or looked into it?
  10. I have been gluten free for 6 years now and was doing really well until I got a bad glutening about 6 months ago. Since then I have gotten better only to get sick over and over again. I would get sick for about a week then feel better for about a week and get sick again! This has been happening for months now. I went to my wellness dr and he suspected I have a soy allergy now so I have been avoiding soy for a week but I'm sick again! I have been eating some processed foods but I always make sure it is certified gluten free and I check for soy now too. I don't think it's cross contamination, I'm pretty good about that. I also wonder if it is my anxiety. I get bad anxiety when glutened and since I have been sick so much I've been have lots of anxiety. Do you think my anxiety is causing my diarrhea? I'm just so sick of being sick now and miss the days I felt healthy and happy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on what I should do? How many of you developed a soy allergy years after tolerating soy ? For now I'm going to eat clean, no processed food, and talk to my shrink about upping my anxiety meds.
  11. For those of you who don't eat soy....why? What were your symptoms? What are your symptoms if you've been "soy'ed?" I'm trying to figure out if I need to drop soy as well....many thanks!
  12. I had purchased this item a week ago, used it on half of a watermelon and a honeydew, and had bad reactions to both after I ate them when I removed the plastic, was fine after I originally ate the half to begin with.
  13. Is the a site or program we could just put in that we are allergic of, and it pops out what we can eat in the world?
  14. The answer I keep getting, is Natural flavoring. I did mention the site that describes there is a vegetable stated under the description of Natural Flavoring, all I got for a response is, I should not drink it from the manufacture. I was told the Natural Flavoring is used to cover there ingredients because there is no way to copyright ingredients. there has got to be a law about this, at least put down the top allergies that are in the Natural Flavoring they use.
  15. Here Is a kicker, I had started a diet the 80/10/10 kind of, read half the book, and went full into the breakfast and lunch diet. Unlike most or maybe some of yall. Had a good diet before finding out you had a gluten or soy or what other issues. I lived on a Fast-food diet for 20 years. Some home cooked, but that was mostly box meals, processed foods. Finding out my pain for the past entire lifetime was because of gluten and soy and god forbid something else. I resorted to few foods, and starved myself the first 2 weeks until I could figure what foods to eat. IM NOT RICH. I'm averagely poor. This Gluten and soy had ravage my body so badly I Had lost My Business that supported me and my family. Now I’m just picking up the pieces of my life. I FEEL GREAT, hope the go back and get things running again soon and get my Biz back up and running. Until then. I have to make due what I got and buy what I can afford. So getting back to the Topic. I lived on a fast food diet, moved to home cooking after finding gluten and soy. The new diet included corn chips meat eggs and beans, soda. Can’t say that’s very healthy. So I looked for anything that could help. They raise you on a diet in school. its all you know. Cutting out gluten and then soy, cuts out 95% what’s in grocery stores. That 5% sucks. So I started eating the basics fruits and vegetables. The second day I thought I’d cross-contaminated something so bad, as if Id eaten a pizza or drank a glass of soy milk. I do realize now I'm detoxing. OMG I can’t believe how bad I feel, the fog everything hit me. But one thing was out of place. I had allot of energy. But still have knots in my stomach.
  16. I just found out I'm have to be gluten free and just recently narrowed down that soy was wreaking havoc on my system as well. I have swelling from a tooth ache and am in need of Ibuprofen for swelling. I took two Advil and felt like I poisoned myself. I called the Manufacture, and they stated that all pills made by Advil had some sort of soy in it. ugggg. I have not had fast-food in a month. That was an interesting withdrawal I was not expecting. All my food is prepped at home from scratch, finding out almost anything in a jar or box has soy or gluten in it. I remember the first day I felt it, 6 years ago. I thought I had a stroke. Nope that was soy and gluten letting me know I was allergic. 6 years I felt like crap, and it was only getting worse, up until a month ago I was on a fast tack to shooting myself. I saw a show about gluten on cable show, and cried, fit most of my symptoms. Fog,Aniaxiaty,Panic attacks,my gut turns into knots. feel sick and out of touch with everything. Sort term memory was all but almost destroyed. Most doctors looked at me like I was a head case. my family and friends just kinda knew I was the son or friend that was always sick. I lost my Business because of it. It has been hit an miss on products,Ive had reactions to all kinds of stuff that say there gluten free, even with the soy not in the ingredients. I have to do a Veg wash on all my fruits and Veggies to get the Soy wax off of it.
  17. Feeling a little overwhelmed and sorry for myself today. For the past 3 years I've been learning about my gluten intolerance. I am intolerant of gluten, soy, dairy, corn (and corn products such as vinegar and citric acid), gluten-free oats, quinoa and nightshades including tomato and potato. This even includes liquor like potato vodka. I know I'm SUPPOSED to be able to tolerate this....but I cant. So, basically, I've been strictly gluten free for about 1 1/2 years now. I have severe heart burn. Better with medication. Most of my gluten symptoms such as numb limbs, face, etc. and severe stomach upset and gas has gone away. Its magic as long as I stay away from gluten and the other offenders. At this point though I'm just angry. I smile and say its no big deal. I get by and there are lots of foods I can still eat. I put on a brave face most days. I am truly happy to have my health. I keep holding out hope that some of these multiple intolerances will go away as I get better but........ A part of me wants to say screw it, eat a bunch of gluten and call it a day. I get really frustrated and sick of being "ok" with it. Some days, it sucks! I hate that I can't go out to eat anywhere like every other normal person. I hate that people think I'm being picky. I hate the sympathy I get from decent people. Multiple intolerances SUCKKKKK! I also hate that sometimes I get sick from foods that AREN'T gluten. Not fair! It makes me so angry at my body. So, I just needed to b%$@# everyone. Needed to whine and throw a hissy fit! Thanks for listening!
  18. Hi everyone, I've been strictly gluten free for about 1 year. I do not have diagnosed celiac disease but I know I was very sick before I cut it out. When I went gluten free I noticed I felt much better but about 3 months in noticed a soy intolerance. Then came lactose then casein and most recently chicken, potato, Certified gluten-free oats, quinoa and corn. Corn has been the bane of my existence. I can not tolerate even distilled white vinegar (derived from corn). That said, I feel so much better. Normal and healthy most of the time. I am shocked and amazed by how healthy and happy I feel after having years of debilitating migraines, IBS, and neuropathy. These foods gone, I feel great! So, I am by no means complaining but seriously....did anyone ever get their foods back? Obviously gluten is NEVER reintroduced. But I do miss potato. I miss soy (tamari please!). I realllllly miss cheese! I know one year is not that long for healing but I have to ask, have you been able to reintroduce your intolerances? How long did it take for you? Also, for those of you with other grain intolerances, ever reintroduce those? I am really curious as to other grain intolerances like corn. Would be nice not to worry about salt (iodized table salt has corn as a binding agent). Thanks everyone!
  19. My food issues began several years ago. I am a self-diagnosed celiac. I have been tested for allergies and have none. I first discovered gluten was a problem a few years ago then discovered soy, casien, corn, chicken, coffee and even peanuts made me sick as well. The best part is that I feel the best I've ever felt. I know I am finding my health again and I feel normal most of the time. I've learned how to find/cook really well and am happy most of the time. Here is where I need some help: I really miss eating in restaurants but I am terrified of doing so. Corn is in EVERYTHING. I can tolerate very small amounts (talking vitamins) but I have trouble with things like iodized salt. I am very scared to eat out but I really miss it. I am 28 and live in Chicago. Best city for food ever! I am very happy but it feels fairly isolating not to be able to go out. How do those of you with similar intolerances do it? Do I just need to wait a couple years for my gut to heal? Do you bring your own food? I'm feeling hopeful enough to try new things. Help me figure it out?
  20. Hello!, I am new to this forum and I hope I am posting in the right place. LONG story short, I have had a panic disorder that doctors called PTSD so shoved pills down my throat for years, got to the point where I spent 2 years in bed. Could not even get to my mailbox. 2 years not one step out the door. I found out I have these allergies and I still struggle but I am out again...absolutely amazing! After being told time and time again that a food could not contribute to it by Doctors. I am allergic to gluten, casein, soy, and corn. I eat hummus every day for the protein, etc...but lately it has been making me very tired. I see people saying they cut out legumes from their diet, I was wondering why they cut them out? Is there evidence that Celiacs can't always stomach legumes? -Josh
  21. Hello guys, I haven't been on here fr a very long time now, but your always here and ready to help so i'm asking for help. I've been strictly gluten free for a year and a half since my diagnosis. I also cut out all dairy, soya, tomatoes and peppers. I'm a vegan by proxy. I havent eaten meat since i was 4. Most mornings I wake up, and within 10 mintues I have bad lower stomach cramps and urgency to go t the bathroom.... Were getting to the TMI bit and i apologise. Its usually a dark brown (I take iron) and i don't know how else to put it but it is like the consistency of soft ice cream, or a cowpat, now formed except a few pieces and so soft but not watery. Its horrible to be blunt. Some mornings i don't have to go at all, which is delightful, and usually after I've eaten white rice with peas and brocolli the night before. But if i keep eating rice i become constipated and thats not good. So here is my diet Morning: Breakfast cereal made from rice which is the only cereal i can have. Lunch: 6 rice cakes, two with avacado and four with sunflower spread and organic peanut butter. Snack: Apple, Banana or a handful of almonds if i have them. Dinner: Rice with peas and brocolli, Mashed potato with peas and brocolli, gluten-free pasta with gluten-free/df/sf pesto with brocolli and cucumber. I also do not drink any caffeine, i drink herbal teas and water. Occasionally elderflower cordial. I have cut most corn out of my diet as i was having sweetcorn and it improved things for a little while which i was super excited about but it came and smacked my smile off my face. The only remaining corn in my diet is a small section of my pasta is made with it. I was thinking maybe it was the potato as i can't tolerate any other nightshades, but tbh my gastro issues aren't much better anymore from not having them so i don't even know anymore... All my hair/make up etc are wheat free/gluten free etc. I'm so careful about CC, it basically isn't possible. I never eat out. I don't even generally go out! I go to the gym every day because i have osteopenia at the moment and they don't want me taking calcium tablets because of possible heart problems that run in my family. So I'm doing weight bearing excersises to increase my bone density instead which apparently is better for you anyway. THIS SUCKS. I'm open to all suggestions, please anything... I'm so sick of feeling this way. Of my stomach controlling my life.
  22. I get ill from eating gluten, milk and soy. I was tested for celiac disease and have no antibodies in my body suggesting I have that. Also I have been tested for milk intolerance and was ill at the time of testing, but no intolerance was found. My guts were tested with a camera and nothing was found there except a small part directly after my stomach was irritated because of a hiatus hernia. I don't have a bacteria in my stomach causing problems. I was tested for vitamin B12 shortage but I seem to have enough in my body for a healthy person who isn't on a diet. I do need to be on a gluten, milk and soy free diet and have vitamin B12 shot once a while. My guess would be that my body doesn't react to the allergens found in gluten, milk and soy but somewhere further in digesting it goes wrong. I also get ill when I consume Fantomalt from Nutricia which is a energy supplement for people who need more energy than a regular person does. I don't react bad to regular sugar or dextrose from grapes. Does anyone know what could cause the problem?