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Found 7 results

  1. have Hashimotos hypothyroidism. was whole foods vegan for 5 years. in January I went to get blood panel ( because I couldnt digest properly and was having depression come back and weakness) and ldl was high and omegas low, decided to start eating meat again. for the last 6 months I've been struggling with hemorrhoids and possibly anal fissures. went gluten free once again (prior to all of this I had started eating gluten again for about 3 months) and mostly AIP and hemorrhoid has improved but not gone and still bleeds. if I eat certain things my stomach from below my belly button feels swollen, I thought possibly sibo but last weekend I ate pizza (not gluten free) and ever since then my stomach has felt super swollen . is this possibly just a gluten issue? It's not gas but literally feels like my intestines are swollen, and it lasts for days after eating gluten or other foods that I suspect had gluten contamination. The swelling typically only happens the next day or several hours later that night and lasts 3-5 days.
  2. Hello, I am a 22 year old female - normal weight and height. When I was 20 years old I started waking up with a swollen lip, or swollen face - to the point where I was no longer recognizable. Sometimes both lips swell and I literally look like plastic surgery or injections gone wrong. Doctors couldn't find anything and allergist came up with nothing. I went to the naturopath and they tested my sensitivities and told me to cut out a long list of foods including gluten. I cut out all foods and started bringing them back in except for gluten. I went gluten free for about a year and I had only swelled up once while I was gluten-free. (before this diet I was swelling up 2-3 times a month). I am a student and when the reactions happened I couldn't leave the house, but I am beginning a job in January and I cannot be taking off work for these random episodes Sometimes I have swelling in the ball of my foot and it gets VERY ITCHY and hot. A few times I had swelling in my wrist and the next day when the swelling went away, my wrist was still very sore. Other nights I wake up and my throat feels like it is swelling and I have a hard time breathing. I started eating gluten again here and there. A beer here and there, a burrito from time to time, and I have had no swelling - but today for the first time I had real pizza and my foot is swelling and I feel my face about to swell. NOTHING helps the swelling go down other than just time. No allergy pills help. My doctor told me to take allergy pills every night for the rest of my life basically. I don't have any digestion issues or other pain so I am not sure what I have or what is going on. My doctor also doesn't want to test for celiac, as too many times it comes back as a false positive....... Has anyone else had these symptoms or heard of them?? Any advice will help! Thanks!
  3. The Dr's say its a contact allergy, but I stopped everything found in my allergy tests and the symptoms are still there. I do not have stomach pain but do have constipation issues and bloating. This is all mostly on my face but the skin on my body is sensitive and tingles a bit. My face has swelled up bright burning red a few times in the last several months. Itching started then but I don't remember itching when this first started with my lips over 4 months ago. Does this sound like just an allergy or could it be a gluten allergy?
  4. Hey, so I have been diagnosed a year now this aug, this part month i have had swelling in my throat, I thought I had scratched it trying to get a popcorn kernel out (also very bad choice) but it just got worse. Every time I eat it feels like it's swelling till I can barely breath. It's been a few days now where I have basically had water or a snack here or there some soup or very soft fruit. I went to clinic, hospital then finally family dr who sent me for an ultrasound since she thinks it is a cyst or nodule on my thyroid. She also gave me meds for silent reflux but they havnt dont anything, can barely get them down. Has anyone else has this?? Help please.
  5. I am a 23-year-old male that has a life long rare anaphylactic allergy to dairy but other than that am in shape and based on doctors analysis "healthy." This all started a year and a half ago or so, throughout the experience people had told me I could be celiac but I never really considered it. So a couple years back I developed this issue that caused inconsistent intestinal pain, inconsistent bowel movements (mostly diarrhea) and most uncommon a sore what I now believe to be "lymph node" in my groin. At first, I thought it was just intestinal issues, I was going through my third year of college and had just gone through a couple years of crazy partying and thought it was maybe coming back to bite me in the behind. I had a period for the next six months where it lasted but was inconsistent, the lymph node would feel better after bowel movements and things were okay. I was starting my first job and kind of put it aside for a bit. About 8 months ago now, the pain in my lymph node turned to swelling in my groin and left testi (the side with the affected lymph node). It then starts when I got erections that it would cause a pain in my testi, almost like a pulling feeling and would eventually lead to myself having to stop any activity in that area do to pain. It was inconsistent, but it was definitely there ever 1-3 days and flared up very bad at times. the bowel movement issues and uncomfortable stomach feeling continued to get more chronic (I had other weird signs too, uncalled for fatigue, severe rashes, breathing issues). After months of tests for hernias, infections or other issues through blood, urine stool nothing was coming back. I finally went to see a very decorated allergist who is a legitimate doctor allergist, with degrees. She says I could be a celiac again, so before going for tests I stop eating gluten completely. Two days later my testi and groin swelling disappears, now 12 days later it is still gone, hasn't come back and this is not in my head everything feels SO loose, not even one sign or incident. My energy feels great, however, I did suffer from a rash and the stomach and inconsistent bowel movement issues are still somewhat there (although getting VERY better every day). I had a colonoscopy done a few days ago and I have nothing serious (crohns, colitis etc) but for the bio results to come back, it takes weeks (the bio tests can show signs pointing to celiac). I am now paranoid it's some weird form of IBS or something, but the swelling in my groin, testi and lymph node pain, rashes and fatigue doesn't make sense for IBS and there is NO DOUBT that many of them have essentially disappeared since stopping gluten. I am just wondering if anyone knows if it is common for it to take some time for the stomach/bowel symptoms to clear up and if what I have sounds like a potential form of celiac? My body has always been very strange with food allergies (hence my dairy allergy), oh and I have completely stopped drinking for essentially over 6 months so that isn't an issue (sorry about the length).
  6. Hi, I have a rare condition I guess (as I do not know what is going on) and need your help. Please read my post. 6 months back I got abscess on lower back\upper buttocks. There was hard swelling around abscess area. It popped on multiple places on the swelling and started discharging blood and pus. After 5 months on antibiotics, my doctor said it was fistula and did a fistula surgery. He scraped all the hard tissue, closed fistula tracks and placed a seton. 3 weeks after surgery, swelling came back. It popped on multiple places and started discharging. This time only blood. I was getting buring sensation in anus after BM ( before and after surgery). After surgery, I went gluten free and the burning sensation stopped. I was surprisesed! I am thinking that my strange swelling on buttocks is also some kind of food related allergy. Please advise. Thanks!
  7. I heard that gluten allergies can cause sinus problems. For me, it is sinus swelling, and not mucus. I get my worst congestion at night, usually having one nostril completely clogged. I have just been off gluten for a few days now, and I would like to know how long i should expect for congestion to go away. How many days, in your experience, did it take for nasal congestion to go away? ty!
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