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  1. Hi gang. I'm sure everyone can relate to that wit's end moment with dealing with Celiac and I feel like I'm finally hitting mine. I was diagnosed 15 years ago and through that time have had lots of ups and downs teaching family, friends, partners, loved ones and restaurant staff how to safely make a meal for me (or anyone else with celiac for that matter). I've definitely had moments of feeling like a paranoid freak and like I have to be overly anal about issues, especially in dealing with cross contamination, but typically people have figured it out and we can all have a laugh and share a meal. This has also led me to become rather self conscious about the level to which I have to remind people about my sensitivity and feeling like a nag at times. But again, 15 years worth of boyfriends and others have figured it out without too much of a headache and I've always been grateful for the extra steps being taken to keep me healthy. Until now. I just moved in with my boyfriend of a year and his 13 year old son and it's like a gluten bomb has gone off in the house. I've had a few talks with the BF about keeping things separate but I am still getting sick after almost each meal prepared by him or his son. We've talked about having a clean grill, keeping the cutting board clean, condiments....you guys know the drill. Last night I had to quietly (and awkwardly) ask him to wash his hands after eating a soft pretzel as he was about to prep dinner. It led to a big discussion after and I'm not sure it's really resonating other than he feels terrible (and I somehow got glutened again). On top of all that I just witnessed his son prep a bagel and immediately unload the dishwasher without washing his hands. This sounds like such dumb stuff but we all know it can get us sick, and I've pretty much been getting sick weekly since moving in (whereas I used to get sick 1-2 times a year)..... I guess my questions at this point are.....is this a lost cause? Without making this whole house gluten-free (which I'm not advocating for nor is he prepared to do) how can things like this be prevented (which I already seemingly know the answer to, it's just a matter of getting it to happen)? Do any of you have suggestions on how to have these conversations with confidence and not feel like a total freak in trying to explain how sick you get from a single crumb? Or how to get this across to a 13 year old without sounding like a crazy evil overbearing stepmother? I thought, after 15 years, I really had this dialed but clearly I have been proven wrong. Any and all suggestions welcome, including dumping boyfriend, moving out, tazing anyone who walks in the house with glutenous foods, and just getting over it in general.
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