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Found 2 results

  1. Do you need to be eating gluten for a Gliadin blood test? My doc says you don't but I'm not convinced? Basically I had a Tissue Trang IGA test which came back negative. I then started eating gluten-free while waiting for test results for EMA IGG (as was low in IGA) as I was convinced it would come back positive and it took weeks to hear anything... but it came back negative. I have been awfully ill with weight loss, abdominal pain, fatigue, joint pain, burning all over and my symptoms have mildly improved on a gluten- free diet but I don't have a diagnosis and realised now that I could have had a Gliadin test too. I'm not sure what to do because I'm severely underweight and don't want to do my body more harm by eating gluten again? Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hi everyone I'm new here, but not new to 'possibly' celiac or gluten intolerance. I live in Canada so it's been a difficult road. I'm 46 years old now, and oddly, I've read that this is the age when testing is finally underway. My family physician just on Tuesday refused to test me for celiac because my iron was normal. Here's a bit of history. I started having IBS symptoms at 16. Felt like fight or flight, butterflies, diarrhea after eating no matter what it was. At 23 I was diagnosed with no testing or bloodwork with IBS. Told I was too young to have anything wrong. (not sure if this was the doctors mentality) - by 26 I had tried every elimination diet there was, except wheat and the rest of the gang. At 28, I started having wicked pain, started in my hands, went into my kneck, knees, lower spine, shoulders - and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and migraines. Lost my job over this. Roll forward to 31 still with constant pain, fatigue, diarrhea, bloating, gas, depression, anxiety, skin problems, ah but I was pregnant with PCOS. How did that happen? I had the worst pregnancy, threw up every single meal I ever ate, being extremely careful, nausea 24/7, very low iron, then constipation. - I lost 41lbs. Healthy, little small, baby girl. Had my gallbladder removed 7 months later. Not related to gluten (or perhaps it is?) had a hysterectomy at 34, followed by major spine surgery. Still, the diarrhea continued. At 38 I had a second spine surgery, this time, a bigger surgery and I bled out needing a massive blood transfusion. I was sick for about 18 months following this and recovering. (a triple fusion). I had discussed the possibility of this being celiac with my doctor recently, who is relatively new to our family, having not taken much interest in my history, (except the fact that I had had gallbladder removal, and she blames this for my diarrhea, plus I am overweight, so she doesn't believe its gluten at all causing my issues) I was very skeptical this was going to work out. She seemed on board, but due to the iron being normal went on about the cost etc. as this is covered by our medical system. So now, I am stuck seeing a gastro on May 6th. She wants him to go ahead and do the biopsy without doing bloodwork first. (which costs more, I'm dumbfounded) She was very huffy with me, so I got online and ordered the test from a company online. Has anyone else done this kit? I had quit gluten for some time, everything within 4 days got better. I hadn't felt that good in years. I continued but realised to test, I will need gluten for the test, so here I am with horrid pain, gas, diarrhea, migraine and a general feeling of being run down. Fingers crossed the test will come to at least tell me yes or no. Thanks everyone for listening. It's nice to get this on paper. Ember ps - I also have lactose intolerance as well.
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