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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. Can anyone shed some light on a.) why I am not gaining any weight? I'm 5'6 and weigh 90lbs and still loosing. This is what I eat in a day. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for breakfast. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for supper. Snacks a cucumber or an apple. Drinks: water. The potatoes and veggies are nutrient dense and the former aid weight gain. This has been my diet for about 3 weeks but I am still loosing weight and fast. I also keep getting crazy heart palpitations. What could I be doing wrong? b.) Does anyone know if Celiacs can consume potatoes? I heard Celiac's should avoid potatoes because they can feed the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut but I find them so soothing to my stomach. c.) Also my haemoglobin is at 7.3. Range is 12-14. I have been taking iron tonic but I am getting chest pains and heart palpitations. I had a dream that something was applying a lot of pressure on my chest this night. Don't know if that was taking place in real life while I was asleep and then came up in my dream. Should I be concerned? I recently did a PET Scan of my heart and ultrasound and both results came back fine. So I don't know what's going on with the heart. d.) Lastly I am so weak despite going off gluten and playing it very safe with my foods as you can see from my diet above. What am I doing wrong? Should I go for drips? Is there a particular weight where I would need to be hospitalized? Your advise/tips on how to stop further weight loss and weakness would be welcome. Thank you.
  2. Hello I am on gluten free diet for 2 months and recently my vitamin tests results came. Vitamin D (7.36) ng/ml Deficiency = less than 20 sufficiency = greater than 30 Iron (71) ug/dl Range= (65 - 170) Ferritin (33.3) ng/ml Range= (22 - 322) B12 402 pg/ml Acceptable= greater than 201 Folic Acid 6.30 ng/ml Range = (2.6 - 12.2 ) What amount of D3 should I take? Iron and Ferritin levels are in the lower range. Should these numbers lie in the middle or at upper range? Please suggest the vitamin brand also. Thanks
  3. I was just recently diagnosed with Celiac. I have low iron and vitamin D because of the Celiac. It is my understanding that even though I've been on the vitamins for awhile now that until my small intestine heals, I won't have normal levels. I have extreme fatigue which they have chalked up to the vitamin definciencies. Does anyone know of anything that can help until my intestine heals through my gluten free diet. I have four kids and I am a teacher. I have no time for no energy!!!
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum and am new to celiac as well been gluten free for a year now. In that time i have had a couple of glutenings (2 as a test and one accidental) and recently I realized after gradually feeling crappier and crappier for a month (as in all my muscles flared up, previous injury killing me, irritable, anxious, emotional/depressed) when I realized it was this big container of taco seasoning i bought at Sam's Club (Tone's taco seasoning IS NOT GLUTEN FREE). Totally my fault i didn't look at the label. Anyways, after feeling pretty crappy and one bad hangover I was even sicker. Nauseous every day, felt hungover even though i wasn't, couldn't drink any alcohol (which is very unlike me) and still with the irritability and what not. Just not good and not myself. That continued for about a week and now i am mostly better but still experiencing muscle twitches, spasms, generally very uncomfortable and feel like i have to massage my arms, neck, shoulders constantly for relief. I really screwed myself up here... slowly glutening myself at least once a week for 8 weeks. Has anyone done this before? Not just a one time incident but a repeated exposure? When will i stop feeling so WEIRD?! I am wondering now if this has really flared up the celiac and i am not absorbing my vitamins and that is perhaps whats causing me the muscle issues. ANY thoughts, advice or questions welcome. Thank you lmj