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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I'm a 23 years old male and I've been suffering from severe reactions to gluten for about 5 years. My symptoms immediately after eating gluten (proportional to the amount ingested) are: Heart palpitations. Strong anxiety. High blood pressure. Belly bloating and strong indigestion. Strong water retention (depending on the amount ingested, anywhere from 4-6kg), seen on the scale in a day approx. Lots of energy, probably due to the high blood pressure or anxiety. Insomnia. Inability to rest. Whenever I eat gluten, I feel very energized and euphoric (and somehow very motivated to work and do stuff, and focused), but these comes with anxiety, heart palpitations, restlesness, bloating, etc. The problem is, I have done a gluten free diet for 3-4 months and my digestive issues, anxiety, etc were immediately and totally relieved, however, I got back to eating gluten because I was feeling very depressed, unable to enjoy any activity, very low mood, very strong brain fog, extreme fatigue, low sex drive, I had really low blood pressure and I was VERY hungry. I was never satisfied by any amount of food and I was gaining lots of weight, plus I felt very depressed all along. Whenever I eat some gluten (e.g. 1-2 slices of bread), I get instantly energized but the anxiety is strong and I retain many kilograms of water (alongside the big swelling of my lower abdomen), which makes me look quite fatter without actually eating more. What do you suggest I can do? It seems like a gluten free diet is not viable, and, after sticking to it for almost 4 months, I had to give it up as I was severely depressed, always hungry and tired, and could not keep going on with my daily life anymore. I feel like there's nothing I can do to feel completely good, since either eating gluten or going gluten free has its own set of side-effects. (Eating gluten keeps me mentally sane and going gluten free does not) Last, it seems that gluten-containing products, mostly bread and cookies, are the only thing that can reduce my hunger and make me feel full and energized. Note: I have done blood tests for celiac disease and got negative, but it was after I was 2 months into the gluten free diet so the doctor told me it might be a false negative. Any thoughts and help you can offer is greatly appreciated, I am very desperate about this. Thank you.
  2. Hi I am new as a writer to this forum, although I have been reading for several weeks every now and then. I had thick legs all my life. Intuitively for the last 10 years I have been eating very few wheat, I had corn crackers, corn noodels, corn spaghetti. Two or three years ago I started eating out for lunch - and gained three kilos within no time. I felt it was water. I haven't lost this water since then. In the restaurant they always serve you slices of bread with the meals. Now I know: This must have been the cause. This Summer I decided to change from corn to wheat spaghetti. At the same time I discovered, that the bakery in the nearby town made excellent rye-bread, 100% pure, no wheat added, really dark an crusty. I loved it. Two months later my health was ruined. My legs were swollen, I had problems walking and standing. I had an excema that turned out to be DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis) as I found out thanks to a book and pictures in the internet. I spent hours surfing the internet and reading books and articles to find out, what was going on. As soon as I realised, what it was, I stopped all gluten. That was six weeks ago. The DH has nearly resoved. The thick legs, I found out, must be Lipedema. I found a therapeut, who takes care of them. She does not the ordinary lympatic drainage but a much more intensive therapy. I still have water retention in my tissues, not only the legs, but the arms, too and all over the body. It ist not just a lymphedema - it must be a changed, watery, "fatty tissue". I haven't lost any water until now. I have been walking around with compression stockings, I had my legs wrapped; but there ist no resolution to my problem until now. Has anyone experienced something similar and did it resolve by eating no gluten? How long did it take? My tissue ist much softer now, but I guess I still carry around about 10 kilos of water, if not more. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  3. HI all. Blood, genetic and 3 biopsies diagnosed Celiac 2007. Spent 10 years on elimination diet of 9 foods to have stable colon and CRP. Never had bad Celiac numbers and my weight dropped 90 lbs from inflamation under control. Great cholesterol. Last two years have been adding foods. Last summer developed sharp pain in right flank, severe. After ultrasounds and MRI no diagnosis. Three back to back bladder infections and high CRP, Westergreen and Cholesterol later I went back to elimination diet for 30 days. Hard with food and starvation fear. Blood perfect again. Just wanted to share that obviously some food I added took me down hard. I am militant gluten-free and my Celiac blood work was normal throughout. Pain is gone. Anyone else experience this. Did you find out what it was and what test or Lab? Thanks to all who share here.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm a recently diagnosed ceoliac. I'm 25 (female), and I've been free from gluten and dairy for 4 days and yesterday the pains from withdrawal hit me - aching joints, sharp pains, foggy mind, etc. Yet yesterday night my stomach felt good and unbloated for the first time in so long. Today, however, I've woken with a tender lower stomach and swollen legs that have increased as the day progressed - swollen legs having been a nightmare for me throughout this entire time. My hands are also prone to swelling and I get bad water retention. My upper stomach isn't TOO bad. I'm still feeling constipated, too, which isn't helping. How long do these withdrawals last? Does anyone know how to overcome them or at least ease them? Especially the leg swelling - I work on my feet all day so it's hard. Did anyone else suffer from the leg swelling? I feel really lost and confused because no doctor has given me any guidance other than "don't eat gluten and dairy". Please help! I feel so out of control and low!
  5. Yesterday night, by accident, I ingested gluten. I am very bloated and have water retention especially my face (looks very bloated) and my tummy. What are the best remedies for water retention please?
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