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Found 14 results

  1. I went gluten-free over nine years ago. I was always thin - 5'9" and roughly a size eight. After years of chronic pain and mood issues and insomnia a doc caught the celiac. Soon after quitting gluten all symptoms subsided but I quickly gained A LOT of weight. It's been many years, many docs and MANY different diets. I can't lose the weight. I've tried every variation of diets and it doesn't budge. I exercise regularly and eat a fraction of what others eat. I'm so tired of people telling me "calorie in calorie out." It's BS! I've seen tons of docs, most of which don't believe my diet log. I did crossfit for five years. The more paleo I ate and the harder I exercised the more with I gained. Doc told me I blew my adrenals so I stopped and stuck to walking for eight months. I recently took up yoga and I'm gaining again. I like to about about 90% paleo, organic with minimal red meat. I also don't eat soy and I never drink coffee. My thyroid tests are normal and I've tried all the thyroid meds and they don't do anything. I'm about 40 lbs over weight and SOOOOO tired of it. I'm covered in a very fatty layer and look full of cellulite. I do supplements, cleanses, you name it. If I eat fruit, it's low glycemic. I only eat minimal nuts to avoid calories. It just doesn't add up. I'm pretty sure, whatever anyone suggests, I've tried it. I've seen the best docs in the area and they are baffled. I have high insulin but I'm not prediabetc. I have gorgeous blood work - It appears I'm very healthy. I've monitored my blood glucose and... normal. My A1C is 4.6! I have a team of naturopaths and no one can figure it out! Anyone else have this problem!?!? I'm fat as hell and I shouldn't be. If anyone wants to tell me I don't eat enough... I tried that route too (more food, more frequently to boost metabolism - nothing). IDEAS!?!?!?!?!?!?
  2. Hi All, I really need your help. I have been suffering from this strange disease. It started 1 year ago when my weight was 56 KG (32 years, male). I started having bloating and started pooping (absolutely normal) pooping 3 to 4 times a day. I lost 16 kgs weight over the time. Now after this 1 year, all my problem has subsided. I have almost zero bloating, no pain anywhere. But sometimes I poop 2 times a day and that is more than what I eat I think. The main problem, my weight is not changing no matter what. One doc is saying I have IBS, another is saying I have celiac and the 3rd and the last one is saying I have Crohn's. What could be the reason I am unable to gain weight no matter how hard I am try. Currently, I am taking only lactobacillus pro biotic to heal my gut. Any help, any suggestion will be immensely appreciated. Should I buy a plant-based protein supplement? Kind regards deb
  3. Greetings fellow Celiacs! I was first diagnosed while living in Prague, and following an AIP diet and the advice of a Functional Medicine Naturopath there, I went into remission (ttg markers below 6) and lost 30+lbs, which allowed me to feel like my best self (and the weight was a sign of inflammation in my body in my case). There was less strain on my joints, more mental clarity, better memory function, more energy, etc. And I was happy. I had surgery and an IUD added to my life a year into that remission. It brought on a horrendous flare and I ended up in hospital with pneumonia. I lost more weight while sick, and ate a lot of (safe) carbs while I was trying to recover a healthy weight. I also moved back to Victoria, BC in the midst of that. I've added thyroid meds and LDN to my treatment since then, and swapped around a few supplements, and added in foods that weren't available in CZ. The first 1.5 years here I also lived adjacent to the kitchen ventilation of a busy gluten serving restaurant (I have reacted to airborne gluten in other situations too so that's not what's up for debate). I have been over my diet, supplements, and medications with a fine tooth comb and cannot find a source where gluten is getting in. And yet my ttg varies between 13 and 23 (it was 20 at preliminary diagnosis, 59 after eating a small portion of gluten daily for 4 days leading up to testing, which also made me violently ill for 6 weeks+++). I have also gained 35lbs+ and have experienced a relapse of almost every symptom I had prior to diagnosis/starting Autoimmune Paleo. I'm baffled. My care team is baffled. So I thought I would put this out there just in case somewhere in this forum there is another human dealing with similar things who has magically figured out the answers I need. Many thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site. Can anyone shed some light on a.) why I am not gaining any weight? I'm 5'6 and weigh 90lbs and still loosing. This is what I eat in a day. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for breakfast. 4 sweet potatoes with cooked veggies for supper. Snacks a cucumber or an apple. Drinks: water. The potatoes and veggies are nutrient dense and the former aid weight gain. This has been my diet for about 3 weeks but I am still loosing weight and fast. I also keep getting crazy heart palpitations. What could I be doing wrong? b.) Does anyone know if Celiacs can consume potatoes? I heard Celiac's should avoid potatoes because they can feed the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut but I find them so soothing to my stomach. c.) Also my haemoglobin is at 7.3. Range is 12-14. I have been taking iron tonic but I am getting chest pains and heart palpitations. I had a dream that something was applying a lot of pressure on my chest this night. Don't know if that was taking place in real life while I was asleep and then came up in my dream. Should I be concerned? I recently did a PET Scan of my heart and ultrasound and both results came back fine. So I don't know what's going on with the heart. d.) Lastly I am so weak despite going off gluten and playing it very safe with my foods as you can see from my diet above. What am I doing wrong? Should I go for drips? Is there a particular weight where I would need to be hospitalized? Your advise/tips on how to stop further weight loss and weakness would be welcome. Thank you.
  5. After two months being gluten free (diagnosed with celiac) I have gained almost 10 pounds all in my stomach. I didn't replace my diet with any processed gluten-free stuff. I am eating very healthy. Healthier than before. Why would I be gaining so much weight? My stomach is also very bloated all the time.
  6. Hello, I was diagnosed with celiac disease 7 years ago and the recovery went pretty well. But: right after the gluten-free diet I started to gain weight. Which may have been welcome first (because of malabsorbtion) but since then I am struggling with it all the time. I tried any diet you can imagine and will end up gaining all again. Tyroid was checked, healthy nutrients and all these things considered. It feels as if the body still wants to "keep" all it can get and is just resisting to loose some pounds. I was around 134lb before and 154lb now... Its so frustrating! Does anyone know that and has an idea what could be the reason? I feel it may have to do with celiac disease. Sorry, if there should be any writing mistakes, I am from Germany. Thank you, Lou23.
  7. HI all. Blood, genetic and 3 biopsies diagnosed Celiac 2007. Spent 10 years on elimination diet of 9 foods to have stable colon and CRP. Never had bad Celiac numbers and my weight dropped 90 lbs from inflamation under control. Great cholesterol. Last two years have been adding foods. Last summer developed sharp pain in right flank, severe. After ultrasounds and MRI no diagnosis. Three back to back bladder infections and high CRP, Westergreen and Cholesterol later I went back to elimination diet for 30 days. Hard with food and starvation fear. Blood perfect again. Just wanted to share that obviously some food I added took me down hard. I am militant gluten-free and my Celiac blood work was normal throughout. Pain is gone. Anyone else experience this. Did you find out what it was and what test or Lab? Thanks to all who share here.
  8. Ok this is going to be a lot of symptoms, but here it goes. I got diagnosed with Celiacs at the end of December 2015. I went 100% gluten free and felt initially a lot better bc I wasn't sick with nausea and vomiting on the regular. I also had to get iron infusions to get my blood levels back to normal. It's now end of March. I haven't changed my diet much besides eliminating gluten, if anything I eat healthier...but I have always eaten healthy. I have gained 10lbs! What in the world?! Even pre-Celiacs before I was sick I never gained weight easily my entire life...so this seems crazy to me. Also my bowel habits drastically changed and I am irregular or if I am regular it's not a lot of poop (sorry TMI). I also have never had back acne before and got that, is this related to my diet change? I still get bloating and stomach cramps in the evenings ALOT. I initially felt better, but now I don't feel good just different symptoms than before my diagnosis. I have been trying to eat clean and add probiotics to be diet, drink Kombucha, I even made bone broth trying to heal my gut in the initial process of going gluten free. I also just started working out again. Anyone else struggle with this a couple months after diagnosis and going gluten free? I dunno what else to do.
  9. I am pretty desperate to just hear from anyone with a similar experience whether it be a parent of a child or an adult experiencing symptoms themselves. Our daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last April. We had her stool tested with Entero Lab which showed extreme gluten intolerance with a plethora of other food intolerances. She also tested positive for both genes associated with celiac. This summer we noticed a bloated belly show up accompanied with an increase in hunger. She did have a rapid weight gain post diagnosis which isn't uncommon due to the drop in weight prior to her diagnosis. I've always been interested in reading about healing foods, I had the GAPS book, Autoimmune Protocol, Amy Myers, etc books before my daughter was even born. She's always eaten an extremely healthy diet with fermented foods, no processed, gluten free since 2, etc. and yet, despite all of that, she tested positive for Sibo in December 2015 after working with a pediatric gi since September. I'm distraught. She's going to be 4 next month, she has a bloated belly, slightly overweight now, fatty stools, gassy, hungry ALL the time (even after eating), and she doesn't seem to be getting any relief. We've done 2 rounds of Flagyl followed by bio Gaia probiotics, but it doesn't seem to be helping. Thoughts? Anyone experienced anything similar? I cannot believe my 3 year old has everything I've tried to avoid with nutrition(leaky gut, autoimmune condition, Sibo, etc) how did this happen? How can I fix it?
  10. I'm 18 weeks pregnant (19 weeks tomorrow). I've been on a gluten-free diet for nearly 2 years, and last year I found out I was also sensitive to dairy, corn, and several grains (tapioca, teff, millet). I also have Hashimoto's but I'm on medication and my antibodies have gone way down since going off of the foods I'm sensitive to. I'm 5'1" and right now I weigh 103.5 lbs. I weighed 100 before I got pregnant and I gained 3 pounds in the first few weeks of pregnancy, but then had horrible morning sickness for about 3 months straight, causing me to drop down to about 95 lbs. Then I got hit with a stomach virus about a month ago which caused me to drop again down to 92 lbs. So I'm glad I've finally passed 100 again, but I am just not gaining much weight at all--maybe 1 pound every two weeks. The thing is, I have been eating like CRAZY. According to a calculator I used, I need to be eating at least 2500 calories a day to gain a pound a week. I'm eating over 3000, literally stuffing my face all day, and I hardly notice a difference. The baby is healthy and growing quickly, but I'm not! Any advice for me? If anyone's wondering, my typical diet consists mostly of meat, fish, seafood, eggs, quinoa, rice, lots of fruit and veggies, nuts (I have to be careful with nuts because they cause sinus congestion if I eat too many--I've already been tested for nut allergies and have none), seeds, smoothies, and occasional snacky foods like chips and chocolate. I've also been adding powdered gelatin to smoothies and soups for extra protein. My midwife told me I really needed to gain 5 pounds in the next 2 weeks. Help! I've seriously never eaten this much before in my life!
  11. girl_with_tired_eyes

    Weight Gain After Recovering

    Its been nearly 4 years since I went off of gluten. Last year in January I suddenly put on 15 lbs in about two weeks. That might not seem like much, but I could never put on weight and always looked gaunt and sickly from the time I was a child. I've been working out, eating well, and haven't been poisoned too often lately, and yet this extra weight still remains a year and a half later, not growing, not shrinking. I have a theory that maybe I've healed to the point where finally my body can absorb nutrients and fats again and its adjusted me to a proper healthy weight. My doctor thinks the stubborn weight gain is from a thyroid issue, but I exhibit no other symptoms of such a thing. If anyone has had a similar experience after being off of gluten for a few years I'd love to hear about it!
  12. I was diagnosed 7 months ago at the age of 40 and I have gained 60 lbs. Little more complicated. I also was diagnosed with anorexia because I did not like food this is how they found out that I was celiac. I am eating more. Very diligent on the no gluten. Working on gluten in bandaids and make up and such now. But I am so frustrated and depressed about the weight. I have been added on iron for low iron, I have been put on a multi due to low nutrients, I have been put on vit d 5000 a day, I have been put on fiber and a stool softener because I am constipated all day. They have checked me for my thyroid it is just fine. They are now also checking my heart because I have developed an arrhythmia and either have signs of just had a small heart attach or on the verge of one. How long does it take a body to heal before I can start leveling off on the weight and feeling better. ANy thoughts. Oh I just had double food surgery in Feb. so the exercise has been a slow process but I move more than I did when I did not have the foot surgery.
  13. Hi everyone, After 22 years of living with my gluten allergy symptoms, I was finally diagnosed at 27 with a gluten allergy/intolerance. Unfortunately I have to wait a year until I can be tested for Celiac disease because I am in the process of immigrating from Canada to the UK to Ireland. Nevertheless, for now I am on a strict gluten-free diet and it has made such a difference in my every day life. For this post, I want to share some of the major symptoms of my gluten allergy as the doctor's have not been able to make a connection until now. Major Symptoms: - Constant, debilitating, stomach aches: my grandad, dad, and brother all get stomach aches, so when I used to complain of them when I was little (started when I was 5) they just wrote it off as a "sensitive" stomach and never took me to the doctors. Over time the stomaches became worse and worse and finally at 18 I went to the doctor. He told me I had an ulcer (never actually checked for anything; just guessed). After months of pills without any results, I went to a new doctor for a second opinion. Without testing (again!) this new doctor guessed I had lactose intolerance. I went off dairy, but I would still get stomach aches after eating. I went back to this doctor who basically said, "I don't know." I gave up and just dealt with it for the next 8 years. - No energy: A constant feeling of being tired. I would wake up in the morning feeling tired. After eating, I would have to take a nap because I just felt so exhausted. - Infrequent BMs: It was not unusual for me to go every 2-3 days. After going gluten-free, I have gone once and sometimes twice per day. - Allodynia (skin pain): Since around the age of 20 I developed a new symptom. I began getting what I called "skin pain" on my legs and arms. It started with small patches that would hurt for no reason for a couple minutes, into massive patches over my legs or arms that would last for days. The pain felt like someone was randomly jabbing needles into my skin. It hurt to touch - even a slight breeze would be excruciating. There was no rash or obvious physical sign. I went to the doctor for this and they said I had "Allodynia" (which means skin pain) and I had to get an MRI. They couldn't find a cause and told me it was just something I was going to have to live with. - Migraines: Since being a teenager, I would get migraines all the time. My mom would just give me a tylenol and make me go to sleep. As I've gotten older though, they have gotten worse and more frequent. Finally when I was getting them once every couple of days, I thought I should go see my doctor. This is the doctor that eventually diagnosed me with a gluten allergy. She ordered an MRI (same doctor who was treating the allodynia) and they found a cyst on the pineal gland - which is apparently quite common and according to the neurologist, has nothing to do with my migraines. I was given migraine medication. - Joint Pain: Arthritis runs in my family with almost all of my aunts and uncles and grandparents (on one side) having it. I was told by the same doctor who ordered the MRI that it was probably the beginning stages of rheumatoid arthritis. I was given an x-ray which showed no problems with my bones yet. She also did blood work which found that I had a non-specific "autoimmune disorder." - Weight Gain: Since around the age of 19 I have put on almost 50 pounds. All the doctors told me that it was my own fault and that I needed to eat less and exercise more. Totally reasonable. I began eating very healthily, having a lot of veggies, fruit, lean meats, nuts and seeds, as well as dairy and things like pasta and bread. I kept track of calories and started going to the gym. While I would see some results at first, I always plateaued and then gained it back. This has been the most frustrating symptom because of the pressures for girls to be "thin"; and with thin = being pretty. I felt like no matter what I did nothing worked. All of these symptoms were dealt with by doctors separately. Whenever I went in to talk about a specific one, I would try to tell them all my issues, but they just wanted to deal with "one at a time" not realizing they were all symptoms of one problem. Finally after 22 years, I was diagnosed with a gluten allergy after going on self-prescribed gluten-free diet, charting my symptoms, reintroducing gluten and tracking symptoms, and then giving all the information to my doctor. It sucks that the doctors didn't think of it, but I'm guessing it was because they are not used to diagnosing gluten allergies in overweight patients - usually the major symptom for doctors is being underweight. After reading numerous articles on gluten intolerance/allergies/celiac, I also put myself on vitamin supplements: vitamin d, vitamin b, and a multivitamin. As well as digestive enzymes with food, and probiotics every night before bed. So what has changed after being gluten-free for the past 13 days? Side effects: - no stomach aches since the second day - no skin pain - one migraine on June 5th (possibly a sinus infection) - very little joint pain - more energy - more frequent BM's Crappy (but probably good) side effects: - spots all over back and arms, and one on hand: I've read this is a result of gluten leaving the body. - slight weight gain of 4 pounds: this one really sucks because I'm eating only whole foods, such as chicken, veggies, tuna, almonds, and fruit; as well as some dairy and coffee. I'm hoping this is a temporary weight gain because my body is healing and starting to get better at absorbing nutrients. But I am using myfitnesspal to track calories, so I don't go overeat. Hopefully my experiences can help those of you who are suffering from a variety of seemingly unconnected problems. And while doctors are great, I've found that a lot of trying to figure out what is wrong with me has been through trial-and-error on my own. Doctors are trained to treat symptoms and sometimes it's hard for them to make the connection between a variety of "vague" symptoms.
  14. Hello everybody, I am new to Celiac.com and somewhat new to being gluten free. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with IBS after two years of anything I ate flushed through my system quickly and painfully. Even after the diagnosis I still sufered with little releif from the medication I was prescribed. A couple of months later someone had recommended that I stop eating wheat and see what happens. Two days late, after 2 years of suffering, it was like I never had a problem. Since then I've stuck to a gluten free diet. The problem I have is that I can't seem to gain any weight. I'm 6'10" and roghtly 160-165lbs (it fluxuates). I was able to gain 15 lbs after the diet change and going to the gym three times a week but I've lost that weight and am back to my origonal weight. Are there any recommendations that someone can offer to gain weight? I'd like to get to roughly 190-200lbs.